Top IDP Rookie Linebackers
Steve Gallo
May 3, 2012


Luke Kuechly – LB

6'3" 242 Boston College
Pick 9, Round 1 (9) Panthers
Twitter:  @LukeKuechly
It is bad enough that has IDP owners we have to deal with losing promising defensive ends to the 3-4 defense, when they have to play an OLB position, so having a promising talent like Kuechly fall into a less than desirable location is like rubbing salt on our wounds.  With Kuechly landing in Carolina, he will be fighting Jon Beason, James Anderson, and even Thomas Davis for tackles.  If you are wondering why the Panthers would select a player like Kuechly there are two basic reasons, one being he was looked at as the BPA when they took him with the 9th overall pick, 2nd, Beason and Davis were both injured last year.  For Davis it was the 2nd time in as many years that he tore his ACL.  The Panthers were so beset with injuries at the linebacker position last year that they ended the season with Jordan Senn and Dan Connor joining James Anderson as their starting linebackers.  Kuechly is rumored to be headed for the MLB spot, pushing Beason out to WLB, but no matter what, his presence will be a plus for the Panthers defense.

Fantasy Impact/Value
Redraft:  Kuechly’s value in redraft leagues is really a crapshoot.  If and that is a big if, Jon Beason and Thomas Davis are healthy, it makes for a crowded and talented group that will be siphoning tackles from each other.  And if it plays out like that then the value of Kuechly et al will not live up to the expectations that many will have.  I am not saying that I would avoid him in a redraft, but I do not think I could draft him as anything more than a LB3/4.
Dynasty:  If you need immediate help and are looking to land an elite linebacker, expecting to find that in Kuechly may be a bit much this year.  However, if you have the ability to sit on him and can have patience, in two to three years he could be that elite IDP LB, but this year I just don’t see it.  He will probably be over-drafted in most leagues, so if you want him you will most likely need to do the same.  Just remember to temper expectations this year.

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