Team Defense Rankings: Week 5
John Tuvey
October 3, 2012
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1 Ravens at Chiefs No team has turned the ball over more than KC, and the Chiefs have also allowed the second-most sacks. It's a turn-back-the-clock game to when the Ravens defense was outscoring the offense... only now the offense is really good, too.
2 Cardinals at Rams What happens when the team that's allowed the second-most sacks hosts the team that has the second most sacks? We're about to find out.
3 Bears at Jaguars You saw what the Bears D can do when they get pressure on the quarterback. The Jags have allowed 50% more sacks than the Cowboys; this should be interesting.
4 Texans at Jets Even money on the Texans sacking and picking multiple quarterbacks in this game. Yep, we're calling for it: Tebow Time.
5 Vikings vs. Titans You saw what Minnesota's return game can do last week; now it's the vastly improved defense's turn against a Titans team that has served up more defensive scores than anyone else.
6 49ers vs. Bills The Bills are a very giving team--as in, they've given the ball away 11 times, third-most in the league. They call him Ryan Pickspatrick for a reason
7 Giants vs. Browns Here's a shot at redemption for the much-maligned Giants secondary: the Browns have thrown the second-most interceptions in the NFL.
8 Steelers vs. Eagles It's a bit of an indictment of the Steelers defense that against the turnover-prone Eagles they aren't ranked higher. Maybe the returning James Harrison and Troy Polamalu will prove us wrong.
9 Seahawks at Panthers Seattle's underrated defense isn't quite as formidable on the road, but they should still give Cam Newton fits.
10 Packers at Colts Andrew Luck, meet Clay Mathews. Lather, rinse, repeat. And please, Clay, use some cream rinse on that mop.
11 Dolphins at Bengals Cameron Wake against a banged-up Cincy Line that's allowed a dozen sacks already this season; would that make this a Wake up call?
12 Chargers at Saints The Saints will get their points, but apparently one of Sean Payton's jobs was making sure Drew Brees threw to the guys in the same color uniform as him.
13 Patriots vs. Broncos Peyton's been picked more than usual this season, and nobody schemes for Peyton like Bill Belichick. Bet he didn't sleep at all this week.
14 Falcons at Redskins The Falcons rank second in fumble recoveries and third in interceptions, and now they get a shot at a rookie quarterback.
15 Eagles at Steelers Gone are the days where Philly blitzed on every play. Kind of miss those days... especially in a week where they face a Steelers' o-line that's giving up three sacks a game.
16 Bengals vs. Dolphins The Bengals have recorded six sacks in back-to-back games--and one of those games was against RG3. Ryan Tannehill is athletic, too, but if RG3 can't escape the Bengals' pass rush...
17 Rams vs. Cardinals Interesting to see how the Rams' aggressive corners handle Larry Fitzgerald--and how Kevin Kolb handles the aggressive Rams' corners.
18 Broncos at Patriots Tom Brady was harassed by the Arizona pass rush, so you have to think Von Miller and Elvis Dumerville can get after him as well.
19 Bills at 49ers It's a bit surprising the Niners have allowed a dozen sacks already this season. Time for that billion dollar Bills defensive line to start earning some of that coin.
20 Browns at Giants The Browns are surpringly in the top five in sacks; that's a stat that, between the shaky Giants' o-line and Eli's penchant for turnovers, might make things interesting.
21 Redskins vs. Falcons In this corner, a Redskins defense that has the second-most defensive touchdowns; in the other corner, a Falcons team that has turned the ball over just twice all year. Something's gotta give.
22 Jets vs. Texans No team has allowed fewer turnovers than the Texans; even if Darrelle Revis were healthy this wouldn't be a favorable matchup for the Jets D.
23 Jaguars vs. Bears It's a science experiment: the resistable force of a Jaguars defense that has the fewest sacks in the NFL against the movable objec of a Chicago offensive line that's allowed the second-most sacks in the league. Make sure to wear your safety glasses.
24 Panthers vs. Seahawks Part of it is a Carolina defense that's generated just three turnovers; the rest is the painfully conservative Seahawks offense.
25 Titans at Vikings It's a battle of the return games; sadly, the Lions aren't around this week to provide a clinic in how not to cover kicks.
26 Colts vs. Packers The Packers have had a bit of a problem keeping Aaron Rodgers upright; maybe it's an opportunity for Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney to hop in the wayback machine and meet at the quarterback.
27 Saints vs. Chargers Surely there must be some way to motivate this defense. If only there were some sort of incentive system...
28 Chiefs vs. Ravens The Chiefs have generated the fewest turnovers in the league, which in turn affords them few if any opportunities to score defensive fantasy points.
29 Buccaneers BYE BYE
30 Cowboys BYE BYE
31 Lions BYE BYE
32 Raiders BYE BYE

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