Team Defense Rankings: Week 6
John Tuvey
October 10, 2012
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1 Ravens vs. Cowboys In the blue corner, Tony Romo--fresh off a five-pick game. In the red corner, Ed Reed--the best ballhawk of our generation. Who ya got?
2 Cardinals vs. Bills Only two teams have turned the ball over more than the Bills; only two teams have more sacks than the Cards. And when you put these two together... boom!
3 Eagles vs. Lions The Lions have allowed twice as many return touchdowns as any other team. Think DJax is asking for a shot at punt returns?
4 Texans vs. Packers Here's hoping Aaron Rodgers is turning that State Farm paycheck right back into insurance, because J.J. Watt could destroy him this week.
5 Steelers at Titans Sure, the Steelers are getting older--but it's not as if Matt Hasselbeck is exactly a spring chicken.
6 Falcons vs. Raiders Shockingly, no team has turned the ball over fewer times than the Raiders. A date in the Georgia Dome is bound to change that.
7 Dolphins vs. Rams The underrated Dolphins defense against a Rams' offense that just lost its best weapon; or, Cameron Wake against a St. Louis line serving up three sacks a game.
8 Vikings at Redskins Percy Harvin in the return game gets you in the top 10; if this is Kirk Cousins or Rex Grossman instead of RG3, Minny cracks the top 5.
9 Jets vs. Colts Andrew Luck doesn't play like a rookie, but that's still a questionable offensive line on the road against a pretty good defense.
10 Lions at Eagles Michael Vick's inability to take care of the ball meets the disruptive force of Detroit's defensive line.
11 Buccaneers vs. Chiefs Not that the Bucs are anything special defensively, but the Chiefs are averaging a shade under four turnovers a game.
12 Browns vs. Bengals Cincy has given up 15 sacks and turned the ball over 10 times; the Browns, with 13 sacks and 10 forced turnovers, are poised to capitalize.
13 49ers vs. Giants San Fran still sports a great defense, and Eli Manning has been known to have a brain freeze or two. Plus, David Wilson is getting more touches; you know where that could lead.
14 Packers at Texans Rod Woodson and Clay Matthews have cause problems for plenty of talented offenses, so don't think the Texans will be completely immune.
15 Patriots at Seahawks New England can bring the defensive pressure knowing they can score points while the Seattle offense is as dynamic as belly button lint.
16 Rams at Dolphins The Rams are playing like a Gregg Williams defense, sans Gregg Williams--and, we hope, the bounties.
17 Bengals at Browns A Cincy defense that leads the league with 19 sacks; a Browns quarterback that leads the league with nine INTs. See where this is going?
18 Chargers vs. Broncos Peyton Manning has shaken off that early-season case of the picks, but San Diego's D could bring on a relapse.
19 Giants at 49ers Alex Smith mixes bouts of competence with that deer-in-headlights look that, against the Giants' pressure, leads to defensive fantasy points.
20 Broncos at Chargers Philip Rivers can make some boneheaded plays from time to time--especially if Von Miller is breathing down his neck.
21 Colts at Jets The Colts still have Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney, and the Jets still have quarterback issues.
22 Bills at Cardinals Matchup to watch: Buffalo's billion-dollar defensive line against an Arizona defense that's been historically sieve-like of late and leads the NFL with 22 sacks allowed.
23 Redskins vs. Vikings Now that Christian Ponder has broken the interception seal, are more on the way?
24 Seahawks vs. Patriots Sure, Seattle has the 12th Man, but really... is that going to bother Tom Brady?
25 Cowboys at Ravens For a team that upgraded its secondary and supposedly has a fierce pass rush, nine sacks and one pick ain't gettin' it done.
26 Titans vs. Steelers Maybe the Titans can get creative in the return game--and the way they're going, they'll have plenty of kick returns to get creative with.
27 Chiefs at Buccaneers The Chiefs have generated four turnovers; the Bucs have turned the ball over five times. Yawn.
28 Raiders at Falcons No team has fewer sacks or fewer turnovers created than the Raiders. That doesn't bode well heading into the Georgia Dome.
29 Bears BYE BYE
30 Jaguars BYE BYE
31 Panthers BYE BYE
32 Saints BYE BYE

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