Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 15

Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 15


Daily Fantasy Domination: Week 15

So this week I am going to be trying out a new DFS site just to whet my whistle and feed the monkey. Fantasydraft.com has got my attention thanks to people talking about it on social media and because my podcast co-host, Jake Richmond, mentioning it on our last show. Don’t worry. I’ll still be giving you your dollar figures for the three main sites. If I find that Fantasydraft.com is a worthwhile addition, perhaps they may get some attention in the coming weeks here.

What I have found so far from my early searching is that there has been a fair amount of overlay at that site. Any chance I can increase my odds of winning money, I jump at that opportunity.

This is also the final MM of the season at DraftKings this week. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be money to win in the coming weeks. In fact, next week will be even sexier as the MM-chasers all go into hibernation. You won’t find people putting out 100+ entries into the lower prize pool GPPs. This should leave a higher overlay in those smaller contests than normal. Plus when you make that many entries into these bigger tourneys you are covering more and more possible combinations. However, you also are proving that you are not capable of identifying real value plays. What you are proving is that you have a lot of spare money to throw around.


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