Your Draft Plan: First three picks in 8-team leagues

David Dorey, @DMDorey

This is a sample draft using the current Huddle rankings and what we suggest at each pick. The names are less important than the positions because each draft slot will have its own unique situation. Just as important is what you plan on doing with your future picks and what you must do given where you are at after three rounds. Below uses the three main types of drafts.

Performance Scoring (Non PPR) Leagues - 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 pass yards, TD = 6 except pass = 4.

Point Per Reception (PPR) Leagues - Same as Performance but with one point per reception.

QB Heavy Leagues - Assumes QBs are significantly more valuable than other positions and/or you can start two of them.

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The key to 8 team leagues is that you MUST have all-star players. There is no need for depth. Sleepers count much less because everyone has a good team.

Performance Scoring (Non PPR) Leagues

The scoring here doesn't have reception points so usually quarterbacks and running backs are the top scorers. Wide receivers are not too far behind but almost all tight ends are somewhat worthless after Rob Gronkowski, Jordan Reed and Greg Olsen. If you leave the first three rounds without two running backs you should have a good reason.

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