2018 Average Auction Values (AAV) Tool

It's not always the player you pick, but how much of your auction budget you spend on them that determines your fantasy auction success. Average Auction Values (AAV) are an important tool for your auction preparation as it will help you identify players that are being overvalued and undervalued by the fantasy football nation. The average values below indicate what is currently being spent on the player overall. The AAV rankings below are created from all the league auctions hosted at MyFantasyLeague.com, are updated real-time as they complete and are based on a $100 auction budget. The Huddle is here to help you win your league. Join The Huddle today.

The best auction day decisions happen by recognizing player value and when to make the right move. The Huddle's 2018 Fantasy Football Draft Kit charts the average auction values of players so you know who to select, when to trade up, or when to move down for that sleeper pick.

Take the guesswork out of this year's fantasy football auction with the help of our expertise and years of experience in helping owners succeed in various league sizes and formats. Our fantasy football draft kit and AAV reporting is your tool for getting off the sidelines, and into the action – starting by signing up for complete access before the first snap of 2018.

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