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Finding Useful Data in Mock Drafts

One of everyone's favorite topics to talk about at the beginning of the fantasy football season is mock drafts. But unless you know how to find useful data within mock drafts and how to turn that information into actionable insight for your draft, there is no real value in mock drafts. Luckily for you, our resident fantasy football experts have the mock draft tips you need to build a foundation for your team's success throughout the entire season.
Below are a few examples of the quality data and information you can gain from fantasy football mock drafts:

  • Average Draft Position (ADP) – ADP can be an extremely helpful piece of data when developing your draft strategy. By analyzing multiple fantasy football mock draft results, you can see statistically when your target players are going to be taken in the draft. ADP is great way of determining when the optimal time to draft a player is. Knowing when star players are likely to come off the draft board is an incredible advantage that can help you dominate your league.
  • Position Trends – This information requires some extra work on your part, but can be hugely beneficial. Keeping track of the player positions drafted for each team can lead to some pretty stellar insights. For example, let's say your draft is in the later rounds. If you know that teams next to you in the draft order have drafted QBs, odds are there will be a good QB available on the other side when it's your turn to draft again. This frees you up to take a player at a position other than QB that is higher quality than a player you would be able to pick at that some position in the next round.
  • Strategy Testing – Mock drafts are an excellent way for you to test out your fantasy football draft strategy. Curious about what type of talent is available in the later rounds for quarterbacks? Do a few mock drafts to get a sense of how your draft may turn out. Obviously there will be differences between your actual draft and your mock drafts, but they can give you a sense of the caliber of talent that will be available in later rounds.
  • Real Time Experience – You've done your research, put your strategy together and are ready to draft. Doing a few mock drafts gives you real time experience, while having to adjust to other fantasy owner's picks. Learning how to respond to unforeseen draft dilemmas before your actual draft can have a huge impact on the overall success of your draft.

Draft preparation is an essential part of any draft strategy, and knowing how to find useful data in 2013 fantasy football mock drafts can be tremendously helpful. Learn how to recognize when players are being drafted too high and when players are being undervalued, by joining The Huddle and gaining complete access to our expert analysis, cheat sheets and more!

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