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What Makes a Fantasy Football Pick Great?

Draft day—never has one day been so full of promise and so much uncertainty. This new fantasy football season is an opportunity to either continue the merciless domination of your league, build upon your past fantasy success or your shot at redemption following a disappointing season. We all know that you build the foundation for the season during the draft, but what separates the great fantasy football picks from the flops?

A lot depends on your league's rules and scoring system, but they're some characteristics that all great NFL fantasy football picks share:

  • Balance - Conventional wisdom once said that drafting the best available RBs early and often in the early rounds was the key to success. However, today's NFL RB production can vary so much from season to season that these once can't miss fantasy football picks aren't so guaranteed anymore. Don't be afraid of taking a QB or WR in the early rounds.
  • Don't Waste High Picks - Typically, the big three positions in most leagues are: QB, RB and WR. Making sure that you have quality depth at these positions before drafting team defenses or place kickers is important to the overall success of your team (unless your scoring places an emphasis on defense and kicking). Wasting high draft picks on positions that don't contribute as heavily to your overall success can cause you to fall behind your competition.
  • The Late Rounds - We all know who the superstar players are in the NFL, and once they have been taken drafts tend to get more interesting. Each fantasy team is going to have their stars, but often times it’s the players selected in the later rounds that separate the champs from the chumps. Taking a gamble on an unproven rookie has its risks, but when it works you are left with a truly great fantasy football pick.
  • Value Based - The best fantasy football picks occur when you recognize player value and the right time to make your pick. Taking a player too soon can hurt your team's overall potential , while waiting too long can have you missing out on a this year's fantasy football stud.

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