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The Best Fantasy Football

The Huddle prides itself on being voted the best of the fantasy football web sites every year since 1998 by The Annual Internet Sports Awards. Upon taking a closer look at what we do here at The Huddle, this will come as no surprise. We are committed to offering our members the very best fantasy football resources possible. Offering the latest breaking news, crucial stats, links to every team's homepage as well as their local media outlets and the best message boards and forums available makes us hard to compete with.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all that The Huddle has to offer and see why thousands of "huddlers" will be registering their 2013 fantasy football leagues at The Huddle again this year.

Fantasy Football Articles & Resources

The Huddle works very hard to bring you the latest NFL fantasy football articles covering everything going on in the league. We don't let anything fall through the cracks here. Our comprehensive fantasy football articles and resources are one of the reasons we are the best of the fantasy football web sites out there. We bring you weekly as well as season-to-date statistics by individual player performances as well as by position breakdowns. The Huddle also offers weekly projections and reports brought to you by our own resident experts. We don't bring you canned information from other venues, we provide you with unique original content written by our own team of experts.

The Huddle is the standard to which fantasy football web sites are measured because of our content. Every day we will bring you the latest on what is going on in the NFL as well as what this means to your fantasy team. We will help you figure out how to play your team, who to watch, who to play and who to bench. Our expert analysis, player and team updates, NFL injury report, as well as the latest breaking fantasy football news and information are always up-to-date to make sure you have everything you need to have fun in your league and to perform as well as possible. We not only bring you the news about players, coaches and teams as it happens, but we help you figure out what to do with that information and how it should influence your fantasy team.

At The Huddle, we believe that fantasy football web sites should make it easy for members to find everything they need and to help them make sense of it. Come see the difference the right fantasy football website can make in your fantasy football league today.

The Huddle's Daily Offerings

Another thing that makes us the best free fantasy football web site, is that during the season "huddlers" have access to our daily features which provide the latest fantasy football advice and information to help bring perspective to everything going on within the league.

The week begins with our Monday morning wrap-up, recapping everything that happened including injuries, studs and duds, and a review of the past weekend's games.

Tuesday's trade and free agent report provides you with the resources needed to recognize players on the rise and those on the decline so you can keep your fantasy football team performing.

The Wednesday game predictions and player projections takes a look at each game match up with a fantasy slant and a predicted outcome.

Thursday's start/bench list is the original start/bench list on the Internet, and one of our most popular features. The start/bench list gives you a rundown of all the games with a start/bench rating and analysis for all of your fantasy players. For those fantasy football players that use individual defensive players in your league, the Thursday IDP report is extremely useful. A weekly rundown of the defensive line, linebacker and defensive back positions with starter recommendations and a top 5 ranking for team defenses.

To finish out the week, we have the Friday game prep where you will get several tools and features that will help with your final preparations for the weekend's games. Game predictions and player projections are also updated. The game center is a handy one-pager with links to all the predictions and analysis for each game along with game-times and information like weather forecasts from across the country.

Join The Huddle today and see the difference the right fantasy football web site can make on your fantasy football league performance this year.

The Huddles Message Boards

The message boards at The Huddle are considered the best and most informative of all fantasy football web sites on the Internet. Like with everything we do here at The Huddle, we strive to make our message boards the best they can possibly be for our "huddlers."

Our members have access to view and participate in fantasy football forums ranging in focus. There is our general message board that covers all things fantasy football and is a great place to chat about and catch up on everything going on around the league with other fantasy football fans from around the country. We also have league forums where members of your fantasy football league can meet to cover anything that may be on your minds. You can conduct league business there, like negotiating trades, or just discuss the latest news and events throughout your league and the NFL. We also feature advice forums. These are a great place to access expert advice about whatever may be on your mind and to get tips from fantasy fanatics from around the country.

The Huddle works hard to make our site the way we feel all fantasy football web sites should be, designed with the member's use in mind. We don't hide our content under annoying advertisements like many sports sites do these days. We provide you with the best quality exclusive information possible and we respect your time. This respect for your time has prompted us to be clear and focused with everything we do. From navigating through our site to reading our expert advice and articles, we strive to be straight to the point, without fluff and filler. All of this combines to make us a leader among fantasy football websites on the Internet.

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