2017 Player Rankings: Quarterbacks Generated: January 19, 2019

Rank Player Team Bye FF Pts Passing
INT Rushing
1 Aaron Rodgers GBP 8 428 4400 40 8 300 3 4700 43
A mature offense, same coaches for five years, lighter schedule than usual - no reason why Rodgers won't turn in another great season barring injuries to the receivers. Maybe even that will not matter. The same set of wideouts plus added Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks to upgrade the tight ends. Rodgers is still in his prime. 
2 Drew Brees NOS 5 398 5000 35 12 20 1 5020 36
There's not a lot to think about here. Brees has been a top five fantasy quarterback for years and actually gets a much better schedule for 2017 than he did last year when he passed for 5,208 yards and 37 touchdowns (second-best yardage in his career). The loss of Brandin Cooks is concerning but Michael Thomas already led the team with 92 catches for 1,137 yards and nine scores in his rookie season. There's still plenty of talent on the roster and Brees will make any receiver better anyway. He's 38 years old and bound to slow down/retire soon. But nothing says he is slowing down yet and he comes off his best season in seven years. 
3 Tom Brady NEP 9 390 4760 35 6 60 1 4820 36
Brady had an "okay" year in 2016 despite missing the first four games while on suspension. After his antics in the Super Bowl, there is a zero percent chance that he's going to be under-drafted this year. The remarkable part of Brady is not just his enduring success, it is that he's already 40 years old and still playing. In the history of the NFL, only Brett Favre played a full 16 game season after turning 40 - he did it once when he was 40. Only two other quarterbacks ever started more than eight games after turning 40. Warren Moon and Vinny Testaverde who were both 41. It is very rare air where Brady now lives and he claims he will play for several more years. No arguing his talent or success. If anyone can matter after the age of 40, it is probably Brady who has missed games in only one of his 17 years. Coming off a Super Bowl often means a letdown but with the Pats, that's hardly a sure thing. Adding Brandin Cooks and getting Rob Gronkowski healthy makes for a dangerous passing game this year. 
4 Jameis WinstonUpside TBB 11 386 4500 33 16 170 2 4670 35
Winston ranked around No. 13 and No. 10 in his two NFL seasons so far and there is optimism that he's ready to take the step inside the top ten for 2016 and beyond. He passes for 4,090 yards and 28 scores last year though his rushing touchdowns went down from six as a rookie to only one last year. He enters the same offense from last year - something new - and has upgraded weapons. The Bucs added DeSean Jackson and drafted Chris Godwin and O.J. Howard which should make a positive difference. The passing schedule is very good just like last year. The worst Winston should produce is along the lines of that No. 10 placement of last year but there's upside for him to become a difference maker. 
5 Matt Ryan ATL 5 381 4700 34 10 100 0 4800 34
Ryan comes off a career year with 4,944 passing yards and 38 TDs. But that was in the second year of OC Kyle Shanahan's system and he's since left. OC Steve Sarkisian takes over but with the intent of changing little in what already worked very well. The passing schedule is a bit softer this year and all the same skill players return. The change in coaches is concerning but everything else looks the same or even better. 
6 Russell Wilson SEA 6 361 4050 24 10 500 2 4550 26
Wilson has been no worse than the No. 11 fantasy quarterback for the last five years. He threw for a personal best 4,219 yards last year but only tossed 21 touchdowns. He added a career-low 259 rushing yards with one score. Wilson dealt with a sprained MCL and high-ankle sprain that limited his ability to run. He's healthy now and looks to return to his more productive form from 2014 and 2015. Wilson faces a passing schedule that is worse than last year but still above average. All the same starting receivers return and OC Darrell Bevell returns for his seventh season - this is a mature offense with all starters experienced outside of Eddie Lacy. The downside is the offensive line that may be the worst in the NFL. Last year they ranked just No. 27 in sacks allowed and No. 28 in QB hits allowed. All metrics were bad and little done to improve them. A healthier Wilson will have at least an incremental improvement.  
7 Cam NewtonUpsideRisk CAR 11 359 4000 26 12 310 4 4310 30
Cam Newton shocked when he took a team already missing Kelvin Benjamin and yet ended as the highest scoring fantasy quarterback in 2015. He ended with 35 passing and ten rushing touchdowns. But with a better complement of receivers last year, Newton disappointed. He would end with only 19 passing scores and five rushing touchdowns - almost half that of 2015. Newton also played through a shoulder injury that would require surgery in the offseason. Going into training camp, the hope is that he'll be able to practice fully or at least be good to go for Week 1. That is not certain and may not be. That means Newton is a risk this year. Equally as troubling is that the offense intends to change and Newton is on board with doing less and letting others step in more. Newton has been running the ball 100 times per season and racked up a lot of fantasy points. But the Panthers added Christian McCaffrey who excels at pass catching. They ranked dead last in RB passes the last two years and spent their 1.08 on the best receiving back in the draft. They used their second pick on Curtis Samuel as another playmaker. The schedule is much lighter than 2016 but repeating 2015 is still not likely. Newton wants to do less and has the tools to use. There is upside from that schedule, but his shoulder and the changes in the scheme are limiting. 
8 Kirk Cousins MIN 9 358 4600 26 12 60 3 4660 29
Kirk Cousins spent the offseason wondering if he would get a new contract and the answer for the second year is "no". He'll play under the franchise tag. Cousins was the No. 5 and No. 9 fantasy quarterback over the last two seasons but his value to the organization is apparently still in debate. Cousins passed for 4,917 yards and 25 touchdowns last year while rushing for four more scores. He ranked third in passing yardage in the league. The difference is that the Redskins go from an average passing schedule strength to one of the worst. They've added Terrelle Pryor but lost DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon who led the team and gained over 1,000 yards each. The oddity about Cousins is that he throws elite yardage but only pedestrian touchdowns. Losing two major parts of the passing game is going to be harder to compensate with just one notable addition. Of course, if Josh Doctson can make good on his first-round draft pick the Skins may be okay. Bottom line - Cousins has a tougher schedule and that matters along with the loss of two receivers. But he has everything to play for and enough talent on board to still produce similar stats. 
9 Derek Carr OAK 10 354 4350 32 10 80 0 4430 32
For the second season in a row, Carr fell just short of 4,000 passing yards and dropped from 32 touchdowns to 28 last year though he missed one game. OC Bill Musgrave was released in January after two years and QB coach Todd Downing takes over with the intention of not changing much. The move should not be an issue for Carr who already had a relationship with Downing. The offense added Cordarrelle Patterson with the intention of making him a wide receiver though the Vikings failed in their try. Jared Cook as the new primary tight end brings a minor optimism. But Carr has relied heavily on Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper. No other receivers last year gained more than 397 yards. Crabtree has not lost anything at the age of 30 while Cooper is just 23 and still improving. Carr faces one of the worst passing schedules but it is still a little better than last year. For Carr to get past the 4,000-yard hump, he has to expand outside of his starting wideouts. 
10 Dak Prescott DAL 6 353 3900 28 7 280 3 4180 31
Well, that was a nice surprise. Prescott was the eighth quarterback drafted but played like a veteran. Yes, he had a great offensive line and a dominating rushing game. But he also completed 68% of his passes and threw for 3,667 yards and 23 touchdowns despite having a down year by Dez Bryant. No receiver had more than 833 yards and yet four gained over 500 yards. Prescott was able to spread the ball around and scored in all but two games. Prescott rushed for six scores as well. The biggest fear is a sophomore slump after such an encouraging first year. But Prescott is showing great work ethic and leadership in the offseason. The Cowboys will run as much as they can so Prescott will be limited in how much he throws. The Cowboys ranked only No. 30 in passes attempted last year (481). Prescott should manage an incremental increase and there is a chance for more if Bryant can remain healthy and return to form. He still makes just a fantasy back-up but can be started in spots. He broke 300 passing yards three times last year. 
11 Philip Rivers LAC 9 343 4400 30 17 30 0 4430 30
Rivers has been underrated almost his entire career. He's posted top ten fantasy numbers for the last four years often despite extensive injuries to his receivers. He comes off a season with 4,386 passing yards and 33 touchdowns. His lack of rushing stats hurts his potential value but he's thrown for at least 29 scores in each of those last four years. The Chargers lost Danny Woodhead and Stevie Johnson but neither figured into last year anyway. What is most concerning is that the Chargers are moving to Los Angeles which was a disaster for the Rams fantasy production. And Rivers is 36 years old though he claims to intend on playing a few more years. Rivers isn't going to be top five but he's long been a rock solid option deeper in drafts. The Chargers bring back all the notable players from last year and kept OC Ken Whisenhunt for continuity. Once again, consider Rivers a great back-up that can likely play as a starter. 
12 Andrew LuckUpsideRisk IND 11 342 4300 28 12 150 0 4450 28
Luck rebounded from an injury-marred 2015 and passed for 4,240 yards and 31 touchdowns. And he finished around 4th best in most fantasy scoring. When Luck plays all 16 games, he's been a lock for top ten and a decent bet for top 5. He was the top QB back in 2014. The only notable loss on offense was Dwayne Allen and the only add for receivers was Kamar Aiken. Otherwise, this offense remains intact and the offensive line has upgraded from being terrible to about average. The passing schedule is the worst in the league thanks to matching up with the NFL West and AFC East plus the Broncos. But Luck usually has a bad schedule and still prospers. A bit of risk gets thrown in here since Luck played much of last year with a bad throwing shoulder that required surgery in January with a supposed time table of six months. But Luck never threw leading up to training camp and he will be a watch to make sure he is ready for the season. The reports have been that he's healed well and yet had no timetable to return entering training camp. There is speculation that he may not be ready for the start of the year and he will not be seen during the preseason. He's too much of a risk to merit a starting job but an obvious value if he does play. 
13 Marcus Mariota TEN 8 341 3920 29 10 230 1 4150 30
Mariota fractured his leg and ankle last December but had full-team snaps in OTAs and is expected to be unrestricted in training camp. He enters the second season of HC Mike Mularkey and OC Terry Robiskie's offense so the continuity is beneficial. Mariota passed for 3,426 yards and 26 scores in his 15 games played last year and ten contained multiple scores. He also ran for 349 yards and two more scores. The Titans get a dramatically better passing schedule this year and Mariota has upgraded receivers with the addition of Eric Decker and the drafting of Corey Davis. This offense prefers to run but will see improved passing stats this year with the best set of receivers that Mariota has yet used. He's limited to fantasy back-up status from an offense that regularly turns in below-average passes and completions. But Mariota is set to improve and can be useful in spot duty or in DFS play. 
14 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 9 340 4200 32 13 20 0 4220 32
The 35-year-old Roethlisberger considered retirement before returning for at least one more season. He'll play behind one of the better offensive lines that ranked No. 2 in QB hits and sacks allowed. The passing schedule is about average again. And this year, Martavis Bryant returns as the No. 2 wideout which is an immediate upgrade over last year. Big Ben doesn't do much as a rusher but he's been very consistent with around 4,000 yards and upwards of 30 touchdowns when he plays all 16 games. He's missed at least one game in six of his last eight seasons. But having Bryant to pair with Antonio Brown should mean about half of his games will produce over 300 passing yards and at least two touchdowns. He's drafted somewhere after the first dozen and that's appropriate. He's a tremendous fantasy back-up with the potential for start-worthy points every week. 
15 Eli Manning NYG 8 340 4350 30 15 20 0 4370 30
After sneaking into the top ten for two seasons, Manning seemed poised for an even better season in 2016 when the schedule was one of the lightest in the NFL and the team had added Sterling Shepard. But Manning only passed for 4,027 yards and 26 touchdowns and ended around No. 20 in most fantasy scoring. Manning tends to disappoint when expectations climb and surprise when they are lowered. He also has a problem with late season slides and playing in New York in December doesn't help. This year the situation has a lot of upside. The schedule is a bit tougher but not bad. The team added Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard has a full year of experience. Throw in Odell Beckham and this could be as talented of a trio as any in the NFL. But Manning tends to disappoint when it looks the best. He's being drafted close to his No. 20 finish of last year and that's too late for his situation. He's not reliable as a starter but makes a great back-up since he has a chance of posting top ten stats again. 
16 Matthew Stafford DET 7 333 4300 25 11 120 1 4420 26
After eight seasons, Stafford remains about the same - a great back-up who posts solid yet unspectacular stats each week. His last three seasons have all been around 4,300 passing yards and 25 touchdowns. The loss of Calvin Johnson had little or no effect on the overall stats. This is the third year for OC Jim Bob Cooter and there was no real turnover of any skill players. Kenny Golladay was drafted in the third round but that's about it for any changes for the receivers. The schedule is perhaps slightly worse than last year but even the iffy rushing game remains the same. Stafford is a great back-up and nothing more. 
17 Andy Dalton CIN 6 329 4100 24 10 160 2 4260 26
Dalton fell to a career-low 18 passing touchdowns last year though he added a career-high four rushing scores. The Bengals were wracked by injuries in 2016 and it was the first season for OC Ken Zampese. The offense has been reloaded with the rookies Joe Mixon and John Ross and A.J. Green is healthy after missing almost half of his games last year. Dalton usually ranks in the bottom ten for pass attempts and the Bengals prefer to run. He's always a solid backup type but makes a low-end fantasy starter. 
18 Tyrod Taylor CLE 9 325 3300 20 7 500 5 3800 25
Taylor has been only mediocre as a passer for two seasons with never more than 3,035 passing yards and 20 touchdowns. The Bills ranked No. 32 in pass attempts and completions last year. There is yet another new offense in town with the turnover in coaches. OC Rick Dennison arrives having last directed the Broncos offense. Taylor is locked into the starting role and some kind words were given by Dennison. But Taylor is at best a backup fantasy type that derives most of his value from rushing. He ran for 580 yards and six scores last season. This is a new offense and the Bills have almost entirely made-over their wide receiver corps. Taylor is more likely to regress than to improve as a passer this year. The Bills traded Sammy Watkins to the Rams and acquired Jordan Matthews which should offer more consistency but with a lesser talented receiver corps. The Bills have completely remade their wideouts so Taylor has to mesh with all new receivers.  
19 Joe Flacco BAL 10 324 4350 24 15 40 1 4390 25
The Ravens went to OC Marty Mornhinweg in Week 5 last year and Flacco ended with a career-best 4,317 yards but only 20 touchdowns. He'll be in the second year under Mornhinweg on a team that lost Steve Smith and Dennis Pitta. But the Ravens signed Danny Woodhead and Jeremy Maclin who should cover the loss if not more. The passing game should become a bit deeper as well with the intention to use more 3-wide sets instead of two tight ends. Flacco has a great passing schedule but he had about the same last year. He's never worth more than a fantasy back-up but is solid enough for spot duty. Flacco injured a disc in his back which spawned differing reports about his return. Taking the Ravens' party line means Flacco will only need a week or rest or so and this is not an issue. But it will be followed in training camp. 
20 Carson WentzUpside PHI 10 319 4400 22 13 50 1 4450 23
Wentz was thrown into the fire as a rookie and he responded with a credible 3,782 yards and 16 touchdowns while his 607 passing attempts were second all-time for a rookie. He also inherited a marginally talented set of receivers while the team was in their first season with Doug Pederson as head coach. Wentz is sure to see a progression this year as both he and the offense enter their second season of experience. The Eagles also upgraded their offense with LeGarrette Blount, Alshon Jeffery, and Torrey Smith but lost Jordan Matthews. The schedule is worse but this offense should be better. Wentz isn't likely to crack into the QB1 range but he should be a solid QB2 that already threw four 300-yard games last year. 
21 Carson PalmerRisk FA x 312 4200 25 16 20 0 4220 25
Palmer is committed to playing this year but he's 38 years old and won't talk about 2018. Palmer turned in a career- best year with 4671 yards and 35 TDs in 2015 but then declined to just 4233 yards and 26 scores last year - still strong. But he's an injury waiting to happen at his age. The receiving corps is less attractive as well with Larry Fitzgerald also mulling retirement, Michael Floyd gone and John Brown hoping that his hamstring and sickle cell trait issues are resolved. He's more of a risk than ever and he has no more upside. 
22 Sam Bradford ARI 8 296 3990 23 6 40 0 4030 23
Bradford turned in a career-best year when he passed for 3,877 yards and 20 touchdowns after being the desperation play by a Vikings team that suddenly lost Teddy Bridgewater. A lack of any rushing offense forced the need to throw and their 414 completions ranked No. 4 in the league last year - that's sure to decrease if the run game improves as expected. The same receivers return from 2016 so the continuity will help. What's even better is that the offensive line should be improved and the Vikings get the lightest strength of schedule for passing in the league after ranking No. 14 hardest last year. Bradford has likely approached his ceiling since the defense keeps the need to score down and upgrading the rushing offense will pay dividends. But he'll make a solid fantasy back-up that could fill in as a starter if needed. 
23 Jay Cutler FA x 287 3800 24 13 10 0 3810 24
Cutler takes over after Ryan Tannehill tore his ACL again. Cutler already worked with Adam Gase in the past so there's minimal learning curve for the scheme but an entirely new set of personnel to mesh with. He won't step in as good as Tannehill would have, but Cutler can sling it and MIA has the weapons to use. He's only a fantasy backup but will at least produce some good games. 
24 Trevor Siemian MIN 9 263 3700 19 12 20 0 3720 19
Siemian stepped in to start last year after the Broncos lost Brock Osweiler and settled for Paxton Lynch in the draft. Siemian only passed for 3,401 yards and 18 touchdowns but never really offered enough consistency or productivity to merit a fantasy start. He's the starter going into training camp but not a lock to remain so for long. The Broncos want Lynch to take the job and he is showing signs that he is getting closer. Siemian is just a placeholder and has less of a future. It will be a genuine surprise if he does not lose the starting job at some point to Lynch. 
25 Alex Smith WAS 5 258 3400 17 7 140 1 3540 18
Smith enters his fifth season with the Chiefs but it is likely his last. They moved up in the draft to grab Patrick Mahomes with their 1.10 pick as the quarterback of the future and that almost certainly starts in 2018. Smith has never been more than a marginal fantasy backup who has never ranked better than No. 16 in any year. Smith should be safe from Mahomes stepping in this year, but even without a rushing game last year, he only threw for 15 touchdowns and 3,502 yards. 
26 Blake BortlesRisk JAC 8 246 3200 19 14 100 0 3300 19
Bortles was a disappointment in 2016 when he fell from 4,428 passing yards and 35 touchdowns down to only 3,905 and 23 respectively. His rushing stats increased though and he ended as around the eighth best in most leagues. But he was the No. 3 scorer the previous season and is still plagued by turnovers. Even in 2015, he threw 18 interceptions and lost five fumbles while last year it became 16 picks and six fumbles. Much of his fantasy success in 2015 stemmed from a healthy dose of trash yards and scores at the end of games during a 5-11 season. While his big year came during a very light schedule, 2016 presented one of the league's toughest. This season, the Jags are back to having one of the most advantageous schedules and the only notable receiver loss was Julius Thomas who never panned out in his two years in Jacksonville. The Jags have also added Dede Westbrook to the wideout ranks while Allen Robinson and Marqise Lee offer optimism. Allen Hurns stepped back into a slot role but could become a bigger contributor this year. Bortles also has an upgraded rushing game with Leonard Fournette. An upgraded offensive line should also not be a liability. There is upside here to be sure, but his turnover issues remain. Bortles has done himself no favors with his play in camp and preseason games. Bortles was already named as the starter for Week 1 but will be on a short leash if he falters. 
27 Jared Goff LAR 8 244 3300 17 18 50 1 3350 18
Goff gets a much-needed do-over from his rookie season that only produced 1,089 passing yards and five scores against seven interceptions. in his defense, the entire Rams offense melted down unrelated to him. The move to Los Angeles, coupled with a tired and ineffective offense that changed coordinators almost every year. New head coach Sean McVay promises to bring an entirely new and fresh scheme to the Rams and so far Goff as responded well to the installation. But there's much to do in training camp and plenty of new personnel to integrate. Goff is risky even as a fantasy back-up but is worth tracking in this new offense. The acquisition of Sammy Watkins gives Goff a legitimate #1 WR if he stays healthy. 
28 DeShone KizerUpside GBP 8 243 3000 14 15 250 2 3250 16
Kizer only started for two years at Notre Dame so he is considered rawer than other rookie quarterbacks. He's athletic at 6-4 and 233 pounds and his size is considered a big advantage. He's impressed in the offseason and expected to push Cody Kessler for the starting job. That means until Kizer is a successful starter or obviously not, using any Browns quarterback is a huge risk. They want Kizer to start but he has to earn it. Kizer never passed for more than 2,925 yards or 26 touchdowns in a season. That's concerning for a player that some hope takes over as a starter this year. But Kizer is also a good runner and over two seasons, rushed for 1,001 yards and 18 touchdowns. Kizer appears to be the favorite to open the season for the Browns but there is no certainty with any facet of the passing game in CLE. 
29 Mike GlennonRisk ARI 8 234 3400 16 12 0 0 3400 16
Just when you think you've made it! Glennon signed a three- year deal for $45 million and a chance, finally, to become a full-time starter. But then the Bears picked Mitchell Trubisky with their 1.02 pick. Now Glennon will be the starter this year. There is a chance that he gives way to Trubisky later in the season and Glennon is just a placeholder in any case. Glennon played in 13 games as a rookie but only eight more over the last three years. He offers a veteran presence but he's a risk to draft.To his credit, the Bears have a soft schedule but he's not even part of the rebuild started last season by OC Dowell Loggins. He's just the guy for this year. 
30 Brian Hoyer NEP 9 232 3300 16 10 30 0 3330 16
Hoyer gets yet another chance at an NFL career. The 49ers are his sixth team over nine years and the entirety of his career has been limited to starting incomplete seasons for the Browns and Texans. This is his second time with HC Kyle Shanahan from when they both were with the Browns in 2014 when Hoyer had his best year of 14 games with 243 completions for 3,334 yards. Just to make matters worse, the 49ers are saddled with one of the toughest schedules and worst offensive lines in the league. There is no reason to draft Hoyer. 
31 Tom SavageRisk NOS 5 196 2700 15 5 10 0 2710 15
Savage is the starting quarterback going into camp and is expected by many to still be there by mid-season. But the Texans drafted Deshaun Watson with their 1.12 pick and he will become the starter. It is only a question of when. Savage entered the league three years ago but only completed 56 passes in that time. He still has yet to actually score a touchdown. He's an obvious risk to rely on knowing that at some point he has to step aside for the rookie. Savage was named as the starting QB on Aug. 22 but it is all but certain that Deshaun Watson shows up during the season. 
32 Josh McCownRisk NYJ 11 182 2500 13 14 50 0 2550 13
Somehow the best quarterback on the Jets roster is 38 years old and has never started a full season in his 15 years in the league. McCown is on his seventh NFL team and there is no certainty that he remains the starter. In his favor, the only other options are Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. It is highly unlikely that McCown turns in his first full, productive season with a very bad offense. 
33 Deshaun WatsonUpside HOU 7 95 1000 5 5 130 2 1130 7
Watson was taken with the Texans' 1.12 pick and he could start by the end of this season. Watson turned in two monster seasons at Clemson with over 4,100 pass yards and at least 35 touchdowns in each. He also rushed for 1,105 yards as a sophomore and settled down to 629 rush yards last year. Over three seasons, Watson ran in 26 touchdowns. Watson will be a huge fan favorite though he is not likely to be ready to start in Week 1. His future is very bright with a very talented set of receivers but he has to improve before HC Bill O'Brien will consider starting him. A good pick in a dynasty league, Watson is just a highly speculative redraft pick. But he has enough weapons around him that he will be deadly once he is up to speed.  
34 Chad Henne KCC 10 89 1000 6 6 150 0 1150 6
Henne has never played a full 16 game season but has played at least 10 games in four seasons split between Miami and Jacksonville. He hasn't thrown a pass since 2014 but is now said to be in a competition with Blake Bortles for the starting gig. This is not a safe situation to invest and there's no certainty either quarterback lasts the entire season regardless who starts in Week 1. 
35 Paxton LynchUpside DEN 5 49 400 3 3 110 1 510 4
The Broncos first-round pick in 2016 had only minor playing time as a rookie and completed just 49 passes. But the 6-7, 244 pound Memphis product is fully expected to gain the starting job at some point this season and even possibly by Week 1. Trevor Siemian carried the load while Lynch seasoned on the bench. But not only is Lynch a season more experienced, but the Broncos are installing a new offense which is just the old one that OC Mike McCoy employed when he was there 2010-2012. Lynch was a three-year starter at Memphis and he not only passed for up to 28 touchdowns in a season, but he totaled 17 rushing scores in his career. Even when Lynch does become a starter, his outlook is limited until he gets more playing time and learns yet another offense. But he'll have Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders to help him. His training camp will all-important towards becoming a starter. 
36 Mitchell Trubisky CHI 9 40 460 4 3 10 0 470 4
The Bears surprised when they spent their 1.02 pick on the North Carolina product - mainly because they had already paid Mike Glennon $45 million for three years. Trubisky was the starter for just one full season but threw a credible 30 scores. The expectation is that Glennon will start the season but it would be a surprise if Trubisky did not receive at least some work by the end of the season. There is a good chance that Trubisky is the starter in 2018 if he meets expectations. But for 2016, he's not worth a pick in a redraft league. 
37 Patrick MahomesUpside KCC 10 25 250 2 1 40 0 290 2
Mahomes is not expected to start this year and may not get any playing time. But he was taken when the Chiefs moved up to get the 1.10 pick. Mahomes spent three seasons at Texas Tech and his final year saw him pass for 5.052 yards and 41 touchdowns. He also added 12 more scores as a rusher. Mahomes posted gaudy stats for his final two seasons as both a rusher and a passer. He threw 50 touchdowns in his senior year in high school. He has a big arm and is accurate. He is fearless and has a swagger that makes him basically everything that game manager Alex Smith is not. While he may not produce fantasy points this year, he should take over the Chiefs next year. This is no game manager. The Chiefs offense will change dramatically under Mahomes. He is a great dynasty pick that could pay off handsomely in 2018. His rushing ability will prop up his fantasy value even in his first year of playing time. 

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