2016 Player Rankings: Wide Receivers Generated: May 20, 2018

Rank Player Team Bye FF Pts Rushing
Catches Receiving
1 Antonio Brown PIT 8 242 0 0 115 1700 12 1700 12 200 1
All Brown was able to do in 2015 was to rank #2 in NFL history in receptions (136) and #4 in yardage (1834). He is still in his prime and has topped 110 receptions in each of the last three seasons. And that with Ben Roethlisberger missing four games last year. He's the closest to a sure thing in the NFL.
2 Odell Beckham NYG 8 230 0 0 98 1460 14 1460 14 100 0
Beckham has never produced fewer than 91 catches in any season or less than 1300 yards. He ended 2016 with a stat line of 96-1450-13. He is as low-risk, high production as any other WR including Antonio Brown. The only downside to Beckham is that now he'll face Josh Norman twice a year. And for 2016, he plays in Washington in Week 17 so that doesn't impact almost all fantasy leagues.
3 Julio Jones ATL 11 216 0 0 108 1500 11 1500 11 0 0
Jones comes off a career year with 1871 yards and eight TDs on 136 catches. New OC Kyle Shanahan brought the deep pass back last year and Jones ended with nine 100 yard games. There were just three weeks with fewer than 70 yards. Jones rolled up over three times as many yards as any other ATL WR. That indicated a problem which the Falcons hope to fix with Mohamed Sanu added to the team and Roddy White finally released. No matter - Jones is money. He's one of the most consistently productive players in the NFL. His only downside is a tougher schedule facing the defenses of DEN, SEA, CAR and ARI.
4 DeAndre Hopkins HOU 9 214 0 0 102 1420 12 1420 12 0 0
Hopkins turned in an amazing season with 111 catches for 1521 yards and 11 TDs. Consider that came from 5 different QBs and Brian Hoyer was as good as it got. He also had little help with Nate Washington's 47 catches that ranked second on the team. The WR schedule strength is a bit worse this year and there are new and improved receivers that should help out. But Hopkins is still an elite talent and the first target on most plays. He has what should be a better QB this year as well. He's likely to have a slight decrease in stats but he still rates as a first round pick who offers consistently good games.
5 A.J. Green CIN 9 199 0 0 94 1330 11 1330 11 0 0
Green spends his sixth straight season with QB Andy Dalton and that's always been good for around 1200 yards and 10 scores in any season without injury. With Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu gone, the Bengals have to find replacements and no doubt will lean on Green even more heavily. There were only three other catches made by a WR last year outside of Green, Sanu and Jones. Green has been solid every year and carries almost no risk. With Eifert hurt and new WRs on board, expect a big year.
6 Allen Robinson CHI 9 196 0 0 83 1300 11 1300 11 0 0
Robinson had a breakout second season when he ended with 80- 1400-14. That included six games over 100 yards and at least one score in six of his final seven games. His 151 targets were the 8th highest in the NFL and he was the biggest reason why the Jags offense improved so dramatically in 2015. He's been a near lock for five catches per week and is only entering his third season.
7 Alshon Jeffery PHI 4 190 0 0 89 1300 10 1300 10 0 0
In what should have been a big year with OC Adam Gase from DEN, Jeffery had a down year of just 54-807-4 missed eight games. He played injured thanks to groin, shoulder, calf and hamstring injuries. He was coming off an 85-1133-10 season in 2014 and was Cutler's favorite target for the last three years. The offense is not planned to change much with OC Dowell Loggins just the promoted QB coach. The rookie Kevin White gets a mulligan on his career and should make a difference this season and help give the secondaries something else to think about. Best yet, Jeffery has one of the very best schedule strengths in the league and a huge upgrade over 2015. He won't play in any bottom 20 defensive venues after Week 7 and his final five games of the fantasy season are @NYG, TEN, SF, @DET and GB.
8 Amari CooperUpside OAK 10 190 0 0 90 1300 10 1300 10 0 0
Cooper was the best rookie WR by a large margin when he turned in 72-1070-6 and topped 100 yards five times. But half of his games held fewer than 50 yards and the second season will see him gain more consistency and even better chemistry with Derek Carr. He's already flirted with the Top 20 WR as a rookie. His second year could easily end up Top 10. The schedule is roughly the same strength and the Raiders are entering their second season with OC Bill Musgrave controlling the offense.
9 Jordy Nelson OAK 10 188 0 0 88 1280 10 1280 10 0 0
Nelson was lost for the 2015 season with a torn ACL. He was coming off two straight seasons with over 1300 yards and up to 13 TDs. All reports are that Nelson's recovery has been on track and he'll have a full year by the time the season starts. Nelson's absence was a disaster for the Packers who will look to get him back to form immediately.
10 T.Y. Hilton IND 10 188 0 0 92 1400 8 1400 8 0 0
No player will welcome Andrew Luck back more than Hilton who went from 82-1345-7 in his breakout 2014 season to 69-1124-5 while playing with five different QBs last year. The schedule is worse but Luck is back and Hilton remains the primary receiver in this offense. With a rushing game that looks to struggle, Hilton should see an increase to 2014 since Luck will have to throw and Hilton dominates the targets.
11 Dez BryantRisk DAL 7 186 0 0 88 1200 11 1200 11 0 0
Bryant's foot injury is not expected to be an issue this year and the star WR looks to get back on track after three straight 1200 yard seasons before 2015. Bryant also scored at least 12 times in each of those seasons and has worked out with Romo in the offseason to get back on the same page. The addition of a rushing game worth defending for the Cowboys means less attention to Bryant who scored 16 times during DeMarco Murray's magic season. Any player coming off foot surgery is a reason to be wary, and now the loss of Tony Romo for at least six to ten weeks doesn't make Bryant any less of a risk.
12 Brandon MarshallRisk NYG 8 185 0 0 95 1250 10 1250 10 0 0
Marshall's first season with the Jets merely gave him a career best fantasy season with 109-1502-14. The QB situation is critical to the entire team and no less Marshall who became Ryan Fitzpatrick's go-to receiver and helped to boost the Jets from being the 30th best set of WR in 2014 to #1 with 259 catches and 29 TDs by the position. The early assumption is that Fitzpatrick and the Jets work it out because settling for Geno Smith would drop Marshall's outlook significantly. The situation should clear up during training camp.
13 Sammy WatkinsUpsideRisk KCC 5 183 0 0 70 1230 10 1230 10 0 0
Watkins required foot surgery in the offseason and may not be ready in time for training camp but he was confident he'd be there for the start of the season. Watkins played through stress fractures in his foot last year when he ended with 60- 1047-9 - incrementally better than his rookie year. He also became much better as the season progressed and Tyrod Taylor began to rely on him more. Watkins was thrown 10+ targets in four of his six final games and ended the year with five 100 yard efforts. He was significantly better in the second half of the year after missing three games early on from a calf injury.The pace he established from Week 9 onward would result in 87-1600-12 over a full season. His foot makes him a risk but his success with Taylor and an easier schedule will make him a great value - if healthy.
14 Demaryius ThomasRisk DEN 11 181 0 0 92 1330 8 1330 8 0 0
No denying that Thomas is one of the elite WR in the NFL and in the prime of his career. That all said - who is his QB? Mark Sanchez is likely to start the year and the rookie Paxton Lynch should show up at some point in the season. Thomas has been worth at least 1300 yards every year since 2012 though he dropped from 1619 yards and 11 TDs to only 1304 yards and six scores last year when Manning wasn't there much and DEN had to rely on Brock Osweiler. Thomas will drop in drafts this year from the risk and in the end, a WR cannot be much better than his QB allows him to be. What was especially troublesome was that Thomas had just one 100 yard game over the final 12 weeks that he played (playoffs included). He could end up as a steal in drafts... or he'll disappoint much as he did last year.
15 Keenan AllenUpside LAC 11 178 0 0 83 1240 9 1240 9 0 0
Allen signed a four-year extension to his rookie contract worth more than $11 million per season and with a $20 million guarantee. Allen was having a big year in 2015 with 67-725-4 through just eight games before a lacerated kidney landed him on IR. Opening with 15-166 against the Lions helped but he turned in three games with more than 130 receiving yards. He is also reunited with OC Ken Whisenhunt who was there during Allen's rookie season when he was a major fantasy sleeper with 71-1046-8. Allen had a down sophomore season when he had conditioning problems but cured it last season before that was cut short. He's a strong candidate for a big year with a familiar offense, same QB and a scheme that features him. He'll be undervalued by many looking only at his season totals from 2015.
16 Mike Evans TBB 6 176 0 0 83 1280 8 1280 8 0 0
Evans came off a great rookie campaign with 68-1051-12 but then had a sophomore slump with Jameis Winston at the helm and ended with 74-1206 and just three TDs. That was with three monster games of 150+ yards and nine others with no more than 65 yards. Evans had a similar pattern as a rookie when he had three games over 120 yards but almost all others never gained more than 55 yards in a game - albeit with 12 scores total. Winston and Evans have been working together in the offseason which is encouraging. But it is also odd that his total of seven 100+ yard games only had one that went against a divisional rival. And the Buccaneers face a tough opening schedule that includes @ARI, DEN and CAR by the Week 6 bye. He's an upper tier WR but he needs much more consistency and Winston needs to find him in the endzone more. He's certain to give several big games - the question is whether the rest will be enough to remain competitive each week.
17 Doug Baldwin SEA 5 168 0 0 85 1140 9 1140 9 130 1
Baldwin was never more than just another average WR for his first four and a half seasons. But starting in Week 10 last year, he rolled up more scores than the three previous seasons combined. Ending 78-1069-14, he had a four game streak where he totaled ten TDs and never fewer than two per week. SEA will be going with that pass-heavy offense from last season and Baldwin will benefit the most. He's in the prime of his career and has the best chemistry with Russell Wilson. The schedule is about the same as last season so there's no reason to expect Baldwin to return to the mediocre ways of the first four years.
18 Brandin Cooks LAR 8 168 0 0 84 1200 8 1200 8 110 0
Cooks had his breakout last year when he amassed 84-1138-9 and that included three 120+ yard games over the final five weeks. He still has to be a little more consistent with three sub-35 yard games but he's already the #1 target for Drew Brees which is always a great thing. Cooks faces a much more challenging schedule this year and there is a chance that either the rookie Michael Thomas or newly acquired TE Coby Fleener could take a bigger share of targets but if anyone is assured the first read - it would be Cooks. Even if his TDs were to decrease, his receptions and yardage should remain strong.
19 Allen Hurns DAL 7 166 0 0 70 1120 9 1120 9 0 0
Hurns also experienced a breakout season in 2015 though he was eclipsed by Allen Robinson. Hurns ended with 64-1031-10 in just his second season and had five 100 yard games. He'll continue to be the #2 here and any improvement by Julius Thomas could come at his expense. But Hurns makes a rock solid WR2 in an offense where he'll rarely have to worry about being doubled. Four of his five 100 yard games came in road venues.
20 Jarvis Landry CLE 13 162 0 0 100 1200 7 1200 7 300 1
In only two seasons, Landry has already caught 194 passes. He ended 2015 with 110 catches for 1157 yards and four scores. He only has a 9.8 YPC and doesn't tack on that much after a catch but he is the constant target for Ryan Tannehill. The second season of DeVante Parker could impact how many passes end up with Landry and both Leonte Carroo and Kenny Stills will look to become involved as well. But the new offense under HC Adam Gase should continue to see Tannehill increase his passing stats and Landry is a rock solid add in a reception point league even with lesser TDs than other WRs with his workload.
21 Golden TateUpside DET 10 159 0 0 90 1170 7 1170 7 160 0
The loss of Calvin Johnson means Golden Tate is clearly the #1 WR here and that won't be lost on the opposing defenses. But a silver lining to that is that in 2014, Tate had his career-best season when he posted 99-1331-4 that came in part from covering from an injured or absent Johnson that year. In 2015, Tate settled for just 90-813-6 with a career worst 9.0 YPC. Those stats are bound to increase and with a much softer schedule this year, Tate could surprise as he did in 2014. The Lions intend on passing the ball around more in the wake of Megatron's retirement. But there is no concern that Tate won't be the clear #1 here. The WR shelves were stocked with five new receivers but none are as talented as Tate or have any chemistry/history with Matt Stafford.
22 Jeremy Maclin FA x 158 0 0 90 1100 8 1100 8 0 0
Maclin's stats fell when he traded the Eagles for the Chiefs but not nearly as much as feared. He ended with 87-1088-8 and that blew away anything that happened in 2015 in KC since there were no WR TDs. Fortunately for Maclin, he had 52 more catches than any other WR and the offense passes to just him and Travis Kelce with little left over. That makes Maclin a solid fantasy pick that has already probably found his ceiling in this offense.
23 Randall Cobb GBP 4 158 0 0 88 1100 8 1100 8 100 0
2015 was a lesson about Randall Cobb. He was as good as 91- 1287-12 in 2014 and yet he is not capable of being a #1 WR. With Jordy Nelson out, Cobb withered with the greater attention by opposing defenses and only managed 79-829-6 that included no scores over the final six weeks of the regular season, just one 100 yard effort (Week 2) and only three catches for 38 yards over the two playoff games. Cobb's numbers should trend up with the return of Nelson and the reduced coverage by opponents.
24 Michael FloydUpside FA x 158 0 0 72 1160 7 1160 7 0 0
While Floyd ended with just 52-849-6 in 2015, recall that he broke three fingers in August and was never really a factor until midseason. Over his final eight games in the regular season, he turned in four 100 yard efforts including a season best 7-113-2 in Seattle. He was less of a factor from Week 17 and into the playoffs as he was nursing a sore knee. Floyd has upside this season as Bruce Arian's offense continues to improve and the team needs to establish him considering that Larry Fitzgerald is likely to retire in 2017. He's also in a contract year since he signed a four-year deal as a rookie in 2012.
25 Jordan Matthews BUF 10 156 0 0 88 1080 8 1080 8 0 0
Matthews enters his third season and should be a lock to break the 1000 yard mark after ending with 85-997-8 last year. The new regime will bring in a more "West Coast-ish" passing scheme by HC Doug Pederson and while that offense failed to record any WR TDs in 2014, the addition of Jeremy Maclin (from PHI) saw him turn in 87-1088-8. Matthews is a great fit for this offense as a shorter, possession receiver. He'll likely remain in the slot where his 6-3 frame comes into play over the middle. If any skill player should fit well into the new scheme, it is Matthews. He should be a lock to improve on his 2015 stats unless PHI goes with QB Carson Wentz and he starts slowly. Matthews has been out with a bone bruise to his knee for almost the entire preseason.
26 Eric DeckerRisk TEN 13 154 0 0 74 1000 9 1000 9 200 0
Decker turned in a great 2015 season - 80-1027-12 - that rivaled any he had with Peyton Manning in Denver. Without Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2014, Decker only managed 74-962-5 and that was as the #1 WR since Brandon Marshall was not yet there. Decker makes a solid WR who scored in 12 games last year but that depends on Fitzpatrick re-signing.
27 Kelvin Benjamin BUF 10 154 0 0 80 1120 7 1120 7 0 0
Benjamin tore is ACL in training camp last year and is back to health by all reports. He had a great rookie year with 73- 1008-9 and will have had a full year since the injury before the season starts. The Panthers didn't suffer in his absence as expected but thrived with Cam Newton spreading the ball around for 35 TDs instead of just 18 the previous year when Benjamin was there. But Benjamin is clearly the most talented WR there and the schedule will be tougher for 2016 as well. Benjamin should be good for at least the same level of production as his first year and more if he can shake off the rust quickly. His conditioning has been questioned in the preseason though there is no reason to assume he's anything but the #1 WR at this point. But so far it does not appear Benjamin is just stepping back in good as new.
28 Sterling ShepardUpside NYG 8 153 0 0 60 930 10 930 10 0 0
Shepard drew praise in OTA's and is expected to take the starting spot across from Odell Beckham that gave Reuben Randle 57-797-8 just last year in a disappointing season. Shepard is just 5-10/194 but excelled at Oklahoma and should be well suited to be the #2 in NY. He was taken with the 2.09 pick by the Giants and comes off a 86-1288-11 season with the Sooners. He's a mature four-year starter that catches nearly every pass and is dangerous in the open field. There is upside here for a WR that will never draw the most coverage.
29 John BrownUpside BAL 8 152 0 0 70 1100 7 1100 7 0 0
Brown already totaled 1000 yards in just his second season and at the age of 26 is just entering his prime. He was knocked for slowing down at the end of 2015 but is expected to at least incrementally increase for 2016. At 5-11, 179 lbs. he's not likely to ever become the #1 WR in ARI but as Fitzgerald ages and if Michael Floyd still has any injury problems, Brown is the one to benefit. He had more than four catches in only six games but is always solid with around three or four receptions.
30 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 9 146 0 0 80 980 8 980 8 0 0
Fitzgerald may be getting old at 33 years of age but he comes off a career best 109 catches for 1215 yards and nine TDs. Hidden within that was a red-hot first half of the season when he scored seven of his nine TDs and accumulated most of his yardage. When Michael Floyd was over his hand injury, Fitzgerald stepped back and Floyd became the primary receiver. But Fitzgerald still remained relevant and even came up with a 8-176-2 stat line in the playoffs against the Packers. At his age and with so many other targets on the team (including David Johnson as a receiver), Fitzgerald carries a bit more risk than upside to be sure. But he is certain to remain a weekly fantasy starter.
31 DeSean Jackson TBB 6 141 0 0 58 1050 6 1050 6 0 0
Jackson is in the final year of his contract with the Skins but he's no lock to return to the team in 2017. Jackson again had durability problems and missed six games thanks to a hamstring strain in Week 1. Though he only had 30-528-4 last year, he gained 1169 yards and six scores on 56 catches in his first season in WAS - also HC Jay Gruden's first season. The addition of Josh Doctson is likely to cut into Jackson's workload at least a little. But Jackson's fantasy value relies more on his health since he has lasted for 16 games in only two of eight seasons and is turning 30 years old.
32 Tavon AustinUpside LAR 8 140 400 2 62 580 5 980 7 180 0
Austin comes off a career year but that still only meant 52- 473-5 as a receiver and 52-434-4 as a runner. Both marks were up sharply from a disastrous 2014. Now entering his fourth season, Austin is getting talked up by HC Jeff Fisher as getting 100 catches which will never happen in this offense with Todd Gurley there as the centerpiece. And adding in a rookie QB may hurt or it could help given the quality of QBs last season. The scary part about Austin is that even last year half of his games failed to produce more than 50 total yards so he becomes very reliant on TDs for fantasy value. The Rams did give him at least three carries and three catches in most of his final weeks. An upgrade at QB could improve those marks and Fisher wants that to happen. But he'll still carry at least the risk of bad weeks up to half of the time. He's worth an add as a back-up to see if improvements happen, but there is too much risk to be taken to start.
33 Donte MoncriefUpside JAC 5 140 0 0 75 920 8 920 8 0 0
Moncrief has a decent shot at a breakout season with Andrew Luck back to health. He ended 2015 with 64-733-6 despite playing with five different QBs. A tougher schedule for 2016 is not going to help, but Moncrief should benefit with more attention going to the WR this season. He underwent toe surgery in the offseason but is expected to fully participate in training camp. Caught five of his six TDs last year during the seven games that Luck played.
34 Tyler LockettUpside SEA 5 140 0 0 68 980 7 980 7 1100 2
The third-round pick from last year has already worked his way up the depth charts and takes over the #2 from Jermaine Kearse. Lockett scored seven of his eight TDs after Week 11 last year and ended with a respectable 51-664-6 on the regular season. He's in line for a potential breakout season with SEA already intending to resume their pass-happy ways and Doug Baldwin commanding attention. While he's a risk to assume fantasy starter points in Week 1, he's a solid spec pick for your roster that could develop into more than mere fantasy depth.
35 Devin FunchessUpside CAR 7 140 0 0 75 980 7 980 7 0 0
Funchess turned in a standard sort of rookie season - 31-473- 5 and that was a disappointment given the absence of Kelvin Benjamin and the need the offense would have for receivers. But he ended stronger and even turned in a 100 yard effort in Week 17. Better yet, he has been significantly better in OTAs and minicamps this year. Benjamin will come in to claim his share of targets again, but Funchess should be seeing a notable increase in production as well. The schedule is tougher this year and Newton will still need all receivers to contribute.
36 Michael Crabtree BAL 8 138 0 0 80 900 8 900 8 0 0
One season in OAK with a second-year QB in an offense being installed by new coaches and Crabtree already tied his career best for receptions (85) and TDs (9). Crabtree ended as the better fantasy WR than Amari Cooper but that won't likely happen again. The second season of this offense should maintain the use of Crabtree making him a safe draft pick and a weekly starter. But his upside will be much less with Amari Cooper entering his second year and sure to consume even more targets than 2015.
37 Emmanuel SandersRisk DEN 11 138 0 0 68 960 7 960 7 200 0
Not unlike Demaryius Thomas, Sanders went from a career best season in 2014 to only 76-1135-6 during the QB problems last year. His output this year is completely unknown since it will be either Mark Sanchez or the rookie Paxton Lynch throwing the ball and likely both will play. Sanders is a tremendous #2 WR for the Broncos and his talent is going nowhere. But his production is dependent on the QB play and that is a big question mark.
38 Marvin JonesUpside DET 10 137 0 0 72 950 7 950 7 0 0
Jones comes over as the replacement for Calvin Johnson (if only in position). After playing in the shadow of A.J. Green, Jones pairs with Golden Tate as the primary receivers in an offense that will be seeking to get more receivers involved. Jones topped out at 65-816-5 in CIN just last year and should be good for at least similar stats. Jones still has to learn the offense and get on the same page with Matt Stafford but this is a great career move that should boost his NFL and fantasy value.
39 Corey ColemanUpside CLE 13 136 0 0 70 1000 6 1000 6 0 0
Coleman may be slightly smaller than prototypical for an NFL WR (5-11, 194) but there is no denying his athleticism and speed (4.37/40). He averaged 18.4 YPC and scored 20 TDs for Baylor last year. Coleman easily has the best shot at big stats among all rookie WRs this year. But he will be limited by an offense that will seek to run first under new HC Hue Jackson. But Coleman becomes the "A.J. Green" in this version of his offense and there is precious little competition for passes here other than Gary Barnidge who became a superstar last year after a career of almost nothing. Any rookie WR is a risk but Coleman brings tons of upside not only for future years but as a rookie as well.
40 Travis BenjaminUpside LAC 11 134 0 0 54 920 7 920 7 0 0
Benjamin comes over to the Charger as the starting split end and brings upside to the position. Despite languishing for four years in CLE and their turnstile for mediocre QBs, Benjamin ended 2015 with 68-966-5. He now lands with the best QB of his career and steps into an offense that passed for nearly 4500 yards the last time that OC Ken Whisenhunt was there. Benjamin provides speed to the offense and while he'll remain a #2 to Keenan Allen, there's upside here that he could become a weekly fantasy starter as he already flirted with being in CLE.
41 Will FullerUpside HOU 9 132 0 0 60 900 7 900 7 0 0
The Texans moved up a spot to grab Fuller with the 1.21 pick who will offer the speed role in the offense to stretch the field. Fuller runs a 4.32/40 and averaged 20.3 yards per catch last year at Notre Dame. He scored 29 times over his final two years there. While Fuller will always be a #2 to DeAndre Hopkins, he should become a big part of the offense as early as this season. He won't draw nearly the coverage that Hopkins will but will likely offer less consistent games initially since he's a deep-ball specialist.
42 Julian EdelmanRisk NEP 9 130 0 0 90 940 6 940 6 100 0
Edelman injured his foot and missed the final seven games of the 2015 season but returned for the playoffs. He later had a second surgery on his foot. Edelman has been the only NE WR that carries consistent fantasy value and turned in around 1000 yards in the two previous years. He is the possession receiver in the offense but could see TE Martellus Bennett drain at least some targets from him. Edelman started training camp on the PUP list but was removed after the first week.
43 DeVante ParkerUpside MIA 8 126 0 0 60 900 6 900 6 0 0
Parker underwent foot surgery in June last year and did not get going until Week 12. He tore scar tissue during the season as well but at least he finished with three scores over the final six weeks and topped 80 yards in four of them. His final game was at home versus NE and he ended 5-106-1 for a promise of what this season should hold. Parker will replace the departed Rishard Mathews on the outside. The 6- 3/209 product of Louisville was the third WR drafted (1.14) last year and brings a talent level that should see him secure the #1 WR status at some point. Parker should see a big jump in production with a healthy second season.
44 Kevin WhiteUpside CHI 9 126 0 0 60 900 6 900 6 0 0
White missed his rookie season due to a stress fracture in his shin. He was the 1.07 pick and second only to Amari Cooper. He is a freak at 6-3/215 and yet ran a 4.35/40. He caught 109 passes in his final season at West Virginia. He's the same size as Alshon Jeffery but faster. He's been rusty catching passes in the offseason but had a full year off and is only now getting up to speed on the offense. Long-term he projects as an elite receiver and only rustiness and the learning curve will slow him down for this year.
45 Laquon TreadwellUpsideRisk MIN 6 122 0 0 68 860 6 860 6 0 0
The great hope that MIN can once again pass the ball. After ranking #32 in pass offense last year, the Vikes grabbed Treadwell with their 1.23 pick on a player that some considered as the best WR in the draft. His measurables are all in-line with prototypical standards with one shortfall. Treadwell only runs a 4.6/40 which likely keeps him out of the deepest routes. But he has great hands and can tack on yardage after the catch. He is just a rookie on the worst passing offense from last year, but he could prove to be another Michael Irvin. Both WR played along with one of the best RB's of all time and both played for OC Norv Turner. This season he will likely be drafted too early but his upside for the future is very high, especially whenever Peterson hangs up his cleats. Treadwell will become that possession WR that will lead the team in receptions every year. Losing Teddy Bridgewater hurts his early season at the least.
46 Torrey Smith CAR 7 121 0 0 58 850 6 850 6 0 0
Smith is the only 49ers WR still on the roster that has done anything in the NFL. Even then, it was just one season in BAL in 2013. Smith's first season in SF ended with only 33 catches for 663 yards and four scores for a career low on all categories. Smith is the #1 WR with Anquan Boldin gone but he's in an offense that loves to dink-n-dunk. The only fantasy relevant PHI WR last year IN Chip Kelly's latest offense was Jeremy Maclin with only 11.7 YPC on 85 catches (997 yards). Smith managed 20.3 YPC last year because he is primarily a deep receiver who has never caught more than 65 passes in any season. He seems ill- suited to be a #1 again after marginal success in BAL. Smith should lead all SF WR in receptions, but how much that totals will likely be disappointing. None of the Top 3 WR in PHI last year had more than 12.3 YPC.
47 Kamar Aiken FA x 120 0 0 65 840 6 840 6 0 0
Aiken had a breakout season in 2015 when the Ravens had lost their prized rookie Breshad Perriman and Steve Smith broke his arm. Aiken turned in 75-944-5 and will be vying for the #2 role again this year with both Perriman and Mike Wallace competing. Breshad Perriman already needed more knee surgery and his 2016 outlook is not clear. That makes Aiken worth a draft pick in a Marc Trestman offense. He already had 80+ yards in half of his games last year. The depth chart in BAL is not nearly solid yet and may not be since Trestman likes to mix and match receivers.
48 Josh GordonUpsideRisk CLE 13 116 0 0 51 800 6 800 6 0 0
Gordon was reinstated by the NFL after he serves a four-game suspension. That means that Corey Coleman won't be the only talented wideout on the team and not even the only ex-Baylor Bear star. But he returns to an iffy situation at QB and yet another new set of coaches with a new offensive scheme. Gordon played the final five games of 2014 but his only big year was 2013. Almost none of those players are still on the team and certainly the offense is all different. That means he is likely to be rusty but his name alone will spark optimism and he makes a worthwhile pick so long as he is not taken to be a starter. That would be optimistic. But he could still surprise.
49 Rishard Matthews TEN 13 114 0 0 60 840 5 840 5 0 0
After four seasons in Miami, Matthews heads to TEN looking for a starting job and he should open the year in the slot. But his career best was just last year with only 43-662-4 and he missed the final four games with a rib injury. The Titans want to see more from Dorial Green-Beckham and they were the #32 team last year with WR receptions (130). Barring a major step forward by Marcus Mariota, Matthews won't be much more than a fantasy depth player.
50 Vincent Jackson FA x 112 0 0 62 880 4 880 4 0 0
The 33-year-old Jackson is on the downside of his career though HC Dirk Koetter still expects solid production from him. Jackson struggled with knee and shoulder injuries and eventually ended up on IR. He missed a total of six games though he's been very durable during his 11 year career. Aside from one big game against the Panthers, Jackson only scored two other TDs last year and ended with fewer than 60 yards in most games. The schedule is tougher and Jackson is not the future in TB. He should have several good games left in him but it was troublesome that Winston did not have more success throwing to him.
51 Stefon DiggsRisk MIN 6 112 0 0 70 820 5 820 5 0 0
Diggs was the top receiver for the Vikings last year but only needed a 52-720-4 stat line. Still that was great for a rookie on the #32 passing offense in the NFL. Diggs would seem to be in line for a second-year increase but he may have already found his ceiling since MIN drafted Laquon Treadwell who will start immediately. Diggs will continue to start and will produce but Treadwell is where all the upside is. Worse yet, Diggs started the season with four big games and then tailed off badly, scoring in just one of his final ten games and only once ending with more than 55 yards in those weeks. Losing Teddy Bridgewater makes it look even worse.
52 Willie Snead NOS 5 110 0 0 56 800 5 800 5 0 0
The undrafted rookie turned in a very surprising season with 69-984-3 and he'll start the year as the #2 WR. Snead has already been talked up by the coaching staff but so has the rookie Michael Thomas who some expect to challenge for targets immediately. Snead only scored in one of the final 14 games and his yardage varied greatly week-to-week but he was just a rookie and should be more familiar with the offense for 2016. He may have already approached his ceiling but makes for a solid fantasy back-up.
53 Mike WallaceUpside PHI 4 109 0 0 55 790 5 790 5 0 0
By now it is easy to forget that Wallace turned in seasons of 60-1257-10 and 72-1193-5 back in PIT but stints in MIA and MIN have done nothing for his resume. At 30 years-old, Wallace doesn't have quite the blazing speed he once had as a slot WR in PIT but Flacco will be the best QB that he's been with since the days of Big Ben. There's Kamar Aiken and Breshad Perriman to compete with for targets but this is a chance for Wallace to finally see a positive change in his career.
54 Tajae SharpeUpside TEN 13 108 0 0 55 780 5 780 5 0 0
The fifth-round rookie received first-team playing time in the offseason and he's impressed so far. Sharpe led the NCAA in receptions last year and he worth keeping an eye one. But by the time Week 1 rolls around, he'll likely be a starter but on an offense that ranked #32 in WR catches for 2015. The depth chart is muddled for the Titans and likely to change during the season.
55 Mohamed Sanu ATL 11 106 0 0 50 700 6 700 6 0 0
Sanu left CIN after four years and signed with ATL to become the new Roddy White. But Sanu has never done more than 56- 790-5 as a receiver and had problems with dropped passes. But he signed a five-year, $32.5 million deal so he'll be given every chance to make a difference across from Julio Jones. That alone suggest upside here but Sanu has a career 11.9 YPC average and came off a down year in CIN with only 394 yards and no scores.
56 Michael ThomasUpside NOS 5 105 0 0 49 750 5 750 5 0 0
Here is where hype is landing this summer. The 6-3/212 WR from Ohio State will be taking over Marquez Colston's job and any starter with Drew Brees at QB will be fantasy relevant. This is the newphew of Keyshawn Johnson who runs a 4.5/40 and played all receiver positions in college. He comes out as a Junior entry and dropped to the second round since scouts felt he never fully developed his potential. He started for just two years and never caught more than 56 passes or gained more than 799 yards in a season. Chances are he'll be taken too early in a redraft league given that the Saints throw less now and already have Brandin Cooks, Willie Snead, Coby Fleener and the running backs also in the pipeline for catches. Brees is 37 but should have at least two more years and maybe three. That makes Thomas' dynasty appeal much stronger.
57 Quinton Patton FA x 101 0 0 60 770 4 770 4 100 0
Fourth-year WR Patton seemingly has the inside track to a career year with Anquan Boldin gone but that would not take much to accomplish. His best was last year with 30-394-1. There is upside here in the sense he's really done nothing in three years and has a chance to matter finally, but nothing so far says he's going to be more than yet another Chip Kelly WR with marginal stats. In PHI last year, this offense only produced one WR with more than 327 yards and yet three with between 200 and 300. Patton is likely to be drafted too early by someone overly optimistic.
58 Tyler BoydUpside CIN 9 101 0 0 58 710 5 710 5 0 0
Boyd was the 2.24 pick by CIN and while the PITT product doesn't possess any superior skills, he has good hands and can fit into a #3 role this year with a chance down the road to challenge for the #2. The Bengals are not going to a pass- heavy scheme any time soon so the #3 is not going to produce fantasy consistency, but Boyd is worth a watch if only for future years. He could possibly surpass Brandon LaFell at some point during the season and has been impressive in the preseason.
59 Chris Hogan NEP 9 98 0 0 50 680 5 680 5 100 0
Hogan left BUF after three years with a season best of just 41-426-4 but he'll be in the mix for the #3 WR and should end up with it. That won't likely offer enough fantasy value to merit a draft pick even in the best scenario.
60 Terrance Williams DAL 7 98 0 0 50 740 4 740 4 0 0
Williams had a career year in 2015 when he ended with 52-840- 3 but those marks should have been much higher considering his 93 targets and how badly DAL needed receivers to step up last year. After three years, Williams is who he is. An average WR with only two 100 yard games over three years.
61 Eli Rogers PIT 8 96 0 0 40 660 5 660 5 0 0
Rogers was an undrafted WR out of Louisville last year but his rookie season was cut short by a knee injury and he never played. Rogers is now being talked up as a slot receiver this year but it is still too early to form any expectations. He is worth tracking in camp.
62 Anquan Boldin FA x 95 0 0 60 710 4 710 4 0 0
Boldin signed with the Lions before training camp and is expected to become the #3 WR after Golden Tate and Marvin Jones. His presence will likely draw from Tate and Jones at least a little, plus even Eric Ebron could see fewer passes with Boldin around.
63 Kenny Britt NEP 9 95 0 0 40 710 4 710 4 0 0
Britt remains a starter for the Rams and his two seasons have been on the higher side of mediocre than he had in TEN. But he's been stuck around 700 yards and exactly three TDs in each year. A new QB in Jared Goff may help but unlikely this year. Britt makes nothing more than a deeper back-up who rarely matters unless the Rams are facing a very weak secondary that week.
64 Markus Wheaton FA x 95 0 0 45 650 5 650 5 100 0
Wheaton plays in one of the most advantageous spots in the NFL - across from the #1 WR in the universe. And yet he's never produced more than the 749 yards last year that was aided greatly with a 201 yard effort in Seattle. Otherwise he's never topped 100 yards in any game and totals just seven TDs over his three seasons. Despite playing in a productive passing offense, Wheaton has yet to show he is capable of taking the next step from being a mediocre WR.
65 Pierre Garcon SFO 8 94 0 0 56 700 4 700 4 0 0
Garcon enters his final contract year - like DeSean Jackson as well. There was speculation that Garcon might be released to save cap space since Josh Doctson was the Skin's first round pick. But Garcon has been locked around 750 yards for both years that Jay Gruden has been the HC. There is no reason to expect more with the specter of Josh Doctson likely to grow in workload as the season progresses and much of that is likely to come from Garcon's share of catches. Garcon has not been more than a mediocre fantasy WR since Gruden arrived and there is no reason to expect any uptick this year.
66 Brandon LaFell CIN 9 90 0 0 55 720 3 720 3 0 0
The 30-year-old LaFell comes over after two seasons in NE that went as well as 74-953-7. Now that Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones are gone, LaFell is expected to step into the #2 role that averaged about 750 yards and seven scores over the last two seasons. That fits into what LaFell has done before. He'll never be better than the #3 target with A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert on the team but LaFell can still carve out enough production to merit fantasy depth.
67 Phillip DorsettUpside NEP 9 90 0 0 38 600 5 600 5 250 0
Dorsett only managed a 18-225-1 stat line as a rookie but missed five games with a fractured ankle and spent little time with Andrew Luck. But the first-round pick from 2015 will man the #3 spot in an offense that should see more three-wide sets now that Coby Fleener is gone and Dwayne Allen will be the only receiving TE. That still won't make the #3 WR fantasy relevant at least not in a consistent and predictable manner. Remember that Dorsett ran a 4.33/40 at the combine and had unofficial sub-4.3 times. Dorsett offers a field stretching target on deep routes.
68 Robert Woods LAR 8 89 0 0 50 650 4 650 4 200 0
Four years into his career and he's never really been better or worse. Roberts is the #2 WR and has no real competition for the job so far but he's never been better than 699 yards in a season and fell to only 47-552-3 playing in Tyrod Taylor's first season. He's fantasy depth without much upside.
69 Nelson Agholor PHI 4 89 0 0 40 650 4 650 4 100 0
The speedy USC rookie was a big disappointment landing in a Chip Kelly offense and yet only catching 23 passes for 283 yards and one TD. He later said he had a high ankle sprain at midseason but his marginal production was consistent throughout. New HC Doug Pederson already confirmed that Agholor remains a starter and should improve in his sophomore year. But the new offense features fewer deep patterns and that won't help him make a big jump this year. Barring some dramatic improvement in training camp, expect just incremental increases from Agholor.
70 Terrelle Pryor NYJ 11 86 0 0 45 680 3 680 3 0 0
The ex-QB from Ohio State came to CLE last year and had just one catch for 42 yards in Week 17. But he is in the mix for a starting job since the depth chart at CLE is so undetermined. What Pryor has going for him is spending time in the offseason in serious pursuit of being a WR and his 6-4 height makes him the only tall receiver outside of TE Gary Barnidge. Still not worth a fantasy draft yet but he at least has a chance to kickstart his career. Pryor is getting special attention in training camp with the aim to get him at least partial work as the #3.
71 Steve SmithRisk FA x 84 0 0 45 600 4 600 4 0 0
Smith is the oldest WR in the league at 37 and admits the only reason for his return is to catch 39 passes to be the 14th NFL player to break 1000 career catches. Smith only lasted seven games before double rupturing his Achilles and needing surgery. But he was still cranking out a 14.6 YPC and was on a pace for over 1200 yards. In just seven games he had three 130+ yard efforts. He'll be an injury risk from his age alone and his motivations have to be questioned when all he really wants is 39 catches. But Smith has always been a gamer and has never been one to take anything easy. He's a risk that may pay off in a Marc Trestman offense that likes to throw but returning from a severe injury at his age is not going to be confidence-inspiring.
72 Jermaine Kearse NYJ 11 84 0 0 45 600 4 600 4 0 0
Kearse comes off a career best season - 49-685-5 and he signed a three-year contract extension. But SEA is already elevating Tyler Lockett into the starting role that Kearse once held. That makes Kearse fourth in the pecking order and that should result in remaining below fantasy relevancy unless there is an injury that promotes him.
73 Josh DoctsonUpside WAS 9 84 0 0 40 600 4 600 4 0 0
There is plenty to like about Doctson who went from a walk- on sophomore at TCU to being the third overall WR drafted last April. At 6-3, 195 lbs. he brings in sorely needed height and youth to the short and aging receiver crew in WAS. In just three seasons, Doctson set numerous school records. He has all the physical tools to succeed including a 4.5/40 and a 41" vertical jump. After four years in college, he is a polished and mature player with elite skills and is certain to become the #1 WR in WAS at least by 2017. Unfortunately, Doctson has nursed an Achilles injury since May and he continues to battle it. He may end up on PUP to open the season.
74 Dorial Green-Beckham FA x 82 0 0 38 580 4 580 4 0 0
DGB ended disappointed in TEN and was traded on August 16th to the Eagles. The Titans already a gang of mediocre WR and the Eagles could be adding WR depth because of the bone bruise to Jordan Matthews. The move doesn't affect DGB's value really since he was not a starter in TEN and by all reports was not meeting expectations again this year. He's still a bit of a project with great physical skills but his year out of football in 2014 still has him behind in development.
75 Malcolm Mitchell NEP 9 80 0 0 38 560 4 560 4 300 0
Mitchell was the fourth round pick of the Patriots and while rookies rarely matter in NE, he has drawn some positive reviews during the offseason. Mitchell tore his ACL in 2013 and did not play but used all four years of eligibility and became noticed more at the combine after running a 4.4/40 and demonstrating great hands. He's worth watching but not yet drafting other than in a deep dynasty league. Mitchell was impressing in training camp but suffered a dislocated elbow that may prevent him from participating in almost all of the preseason.
76 Kenny Stills MIA 8 78 0 0 40 600 3 600 3 0 0
Stills first season in Miami only resulted in a career low 27-440-3 stat line and he broke 50 yards just four times and never in the final six weeks. Stills will compete for the #3 spot this year with the rookie Leonte Carroo. He already has minimal fantasy value and is likely to drop to #4 on the depth chart at some point.
77 Seth Roberts OAK 10 76 0 0 35 520 4 520 4 0 0
Roberts signed his exclusive rights contract for the minimum for a third-year player. Roberts became the #3 WR last year and ended with 32-480-5 but lacks the consistency and production to merit even a fantasy roster spot. His value rises if there is an injury to the starting WRs but otherwise can remain on the waiver wire.
78 Adam Humphries TBB 6 72 0 0 35 540 3 540 3 0 0
Humphries was the #3 WR last year when he ended with 27-260-1 but there's no certainty in his role for 2016. HC Dirk Koetter named him as the #3 at the start of training camp but that meant nearly nothing in 2015.
79 Andre Johnson FA x 70 0 0 38 520 3 520 3 200 0
Johnson signed with the Titans but he only managed 41-503-4 last year and playing with Andrew Luck did nothing for him. He has lost his ability to get open or contribute beyond short possession catches. He now goes to one of the worst passing offenses from 2015. Johnson can provide veteran leadership to a young set of wideouts but his fantasy value has fallen too far to consider. He is no lock to make the final roster.
80 Albert Wilson MIA 8 70 0 0 40 580 2 580 2 0 0
Wilson was the #2 WR last year but that only meant 35-451-2 and that was nearly double his rookie season in 2014. Wilson worked out with Jeremy Maclin in the offseason but there is no expectation that the Chiefs will make any other WR fantasy relevant after Maclin.
81 Jamison Crowder WAS 9 70 0 0 40 520 3 520 3 170 0
The fourth-rounder from 2015 exceeded expectations with 59 catches for 604 yards and two scores. And he remains n the team's future but his outlook for 2016 is lower since Josh Doctson was drafted and both Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson were kept. Crowder has more future value assuming that at least one or even both Jackson and Garcon will be gone next year. But he's not worth drafting other than in the deepest of leagues.
82 Quincy Enunwa NYJ 11 69 0 0 40 570 2 570 2 0 0
Enunwa turned in 22-315-0 in his second season and has drawn positive reviews in camp. QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has talked him up as being a "big part" of the offense. The #3 WR is unlikely to produce fantasy starter stats, but Enuwa is worth knowing if either Brandon Marshall or Eric Decker is injured.
83 Corey Brown FA x 68 0 0 35 500 3 500 3 200 0
Brown had off-season shoulder injury but should be fine for training camp. With Jerricho Cotchery gone, he should spend more time in the slot but he only managed 31-447-4 in a season where Kelvin Benjamin's absence meant more for everyone else. Brown could see a small uptick but nothing that merits draft consideration.
84 Tyrell Williams LAC 11 68 0 0 35 500 3 500 3 0 0
The second year player only had two catches last year but gained 90 yards and scored. With the injury to Steve Johnson, Williams is in the mix to become the #3 wideout and started working with the first string once Johnson was injured. He'll still battle Dontrelle Inman for the job.
85 Ted Ginn Jr. NOS 5 66 0 0 30 480 3 480 3 300 1
Ginn was never supposed to be more than a returner on special teams but he was pressed into duty last year with the loss of Kelvin Benjamin. He was certainly feast or famine with four games of two TDs each and yet five games with 20 yards or fewer including two with no catches. Benjamin is back and Ginn's role will shrink again. This is his fourth NFL team (including two stints with CAR) and he's 31 years old. No reason to expect that lightning to get back into the bottle again.
86 Jeremy Kerley FA x 66 0 0 38 480 3 480 3 750 0
Kerley comes over after five seasons with the Jets where he peaked in 2012 when he caught 56 passes for 827 yards. He's been just a 400-500 yard receiver in all other years and never scored more than three times in a season. Kerley will be in the mix for the #3 spot along with Corey Fuller, T.J. Jones and Andrew Caldwell.
87 Jaelen Strong JAC 5 66 0 0 35 480 3 480 3 0 0
The third round pick from 2015 never really got into gear with just 14 catches for 161 yards last year. Worse yet, the Texans brought in two other highly drafted rookie WR while Strong languishes near the bottom of the depth chart. For now there are too many mouths to feed for Brock Osweiler. He'll remain no better than #4 and could fall further.
88 Sammie CoatesUpside HOU 9 65 0 0 30 470 3 470 3 0 0
Coates gets the chance to replace Martavis Bryant for this season and that's been a highly productive spot. But Coates rookie season ended with just one catch in Week 4. He would later manage two receptions for 61 yards in the playoff loss to the Broncos. The third-rounder from Auburn in 2015 will be given every chance to become the #3 and has been talked up by both Ben Roethlisberger and HC Mike Tomlin. Coates admitted to not being as conditioned as he should have been as a rookie. At 6-1 and 212 lbs. and running a 4.4/40 at the combine, he attracted attention in that draft because he was compared to another WR - Martavis Bryant. Coates is a great grab for fantasy depth but it is still hard to consider a single-catch receiver from 2015 as more than depth.
89 Cole Beasley DAL 7 64 0 0 32 400 4 400 4 100 0
Beasley will remain in the slot and he had a career high 52- 536-5 last year. But that is more likely his ceiling since it was when the Cowboys were racked with injuries and looking for help. Aside from his freakish 9-112-2 game against the Eagles in Week 9, he was never more than a very low grade bye week filler.
90 Rashad Greene JAC 5 64 0 0 30 460 3 460 3 0 0
The fifth-round rookie only caught 19 passes for 93 yards last year but scored twice and is expected to take over the #3 role this year from Marqise Lee. Greene still won't offer enough fantasy value to merit a draft pick though but he is one to remember should Allen Hurns or Allen Robinson get injured.
91 Breshad PerrimanUpsideRisk BAL 8 60 0 0 30 420 3 420 3 0 0
Perriman was the first round pick in 2015 that injured his PCL and never played despite always being a "week away" for much of the year but eventually needing arthroscopic surgery. In June he suffered injury to his left knee ACL but is expected to be healthy next week. I mean by the start of the season. Perriman is a major talent and could be an elite player in an offense that needs him and that can turn him into a star. But if he cannot get on the field because of his knees he'll just be another player whose career ended before it ever really began. Make no mistake - Perriman can have a nice season and good career based on his physical tools and college resume'. But his injury history means he cannot be considered more than the bottom of your fantasy depth chart. Perriman was finally removed from the PUP list on AUG. 24th. He claims he will be ready for Week 1.
92 Davante Adams GBP 4 58 0 0 34 400 3 400 3 0 0
The golden opportunity happened for Adams when Jordy Nelson was lost for the season last summer. And all Adams did was to end with 50-483-1 with ten games under 50 yards. He suffered an ankle injury for three games but was only noted for dropping passes. Adams should remain the #3 with Nelson back but his disappointing second season suggests that he's not worthy of a draft pick this summer in any case.
93 J.J. Nelson ARI 9 58 0 0 28 400 3 400 3 0 0
Nelson only caught 11 passes as a rookie and that was only over six games. But he averaged 27.2 yards per catch as a rookie and is expected to provide the speed element when the Cards go with four-wide formations. Nelson is only 5-10, 156 lbs and won't likely ever be a regular contributor since he languishes behind Fitzgerald, Brown and Floyd.
94 Brice ButlerUpside ARI 9 53 0 0 20 350 3 350 3 0 0
The 4.37/40 speedster did little in OAK for two seasons and ended up in DAL last year where a hamstring injury robbed him of playing much. But he ended the season with games of 4-74 and 4-60 and will be in the mix for more playing time for 2016. He could end up cutting into Terrance Williams workload since the Cowboys are still looking for someone to step up and help Dez Bryant.
95 Victor CruzRisk FA x 52 0 0 30 400 2 400 2 0 0
Cruz has returned to practice and should be able to participate in training camp. But the 30-year-old WR hasn't played since Week 6 of 2014 because of a torn patellar tendon and he later suffered a torn fascia in his calf. Cruz accepted a pay cut to remain with the team but he's too risky to merit anything more than a very deep draft pick and has already been passed on the depth chart by Sterling Shepard who hasn't even played a game yet.
96 Marquise Goodwin SFO 8 52 0 0 28 400 2 400 2 0 0
Goodwin is in line for the #3 WR for the Bills but that has minimal fantasy value.
97 Josh Huff NOS 5 51 0 0 28 390 2 390 2 500 0
The third-round pick from 2014 has failed to make any progress towards a bigger workload and only managed 27-312-3 last year. He opened training camp as the #3 over Rueben Randle but will have to fight to keep that role. Huff is known for dropping passes and the new offense won't use as many receivers anyway.
98 Jarius Wright CAR 7 48 0 0 26 420 1 420 1 0 0
Wright posted 34 catches for 442 yards last year but never scored. The addition of Laquon Treadwell means Wright won't carry any fantasy value without at least one or two injuries to the starting WRs.
99 Chris Conley KCC 5 45 0 0 28 390 1 390 1 0 0
Conley should fill in as the #3 WR this year but his rookie season only produced 17-199-1 and there's not that much more to get given the passing offense and how much they rely on Jeremy Maclin. No real fantasy value this year and unlikely in the future unless he is in a different offense.
100 Danny AmendolaRisk MIA 8 43 0 0 20 310 2 310 2 0 0
Amendola comes off one of his best seasons with 65-648-3 for NE but as always he was injured and missed two games. He needed procedures done to his ankle and knee in the offseason and may start training camp on the PUP list. His status for Week 1 is not certain yet and that makes him a risk to draft even without the reality that he has always been brittle and unable to remain healthy. His role will also be impacted by the TE Martellus Bennett.
101 Eddie Royal FA x 41 0 0 30 350 1 350 1 150 0
Royal's first season in CHI was a flop with 47-499-1 thanks to missing seven games with an ankle and then knee injury. He's the slot receiver and can turn in a standard 500 yards or so with a few TDs in most seasons. At the age of 30 and on his third NFL team, Royal does not have much upside and will only rarely turn in a fantasy relevant game.
102 Dontrelle Inman FA x 39 0 0 20 270 2 270 2 0 0
Inman enters his third season but he's remained mainly receiver depth. Even last year when the Chargers had a big need for a WR to step up and contribute, Inman only managed 35-486-3 and caught over three passes in a game just twice. With a healthy Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin added, there is even less reason to expect any improvement from Inman.
103 Justin Hardy ATL 11 39 0 0 30 330 1 330 1 0 0
Hardy will battle with Nick Williams for the #3 role that won't offer any real fantasy value anyway. The fourth-round rookie from last year only ended with 21-194-0 and a ridiculously low 9.2 YPC but has looked improved this year.
104 Kendall Wright MIN 6 36 0 0 20 300 1 300 1 0 0
Wright stumbled through 2015 with knee and rib injuries and he's been declining since his nice 94-1079-2 season in 2013. Wright will hold into the starting spot but playing with Marcus Mariota was never productive. Aside from two decent showings in the first three weeks, Wright was never better than 46 yards in any of his last seven weeks played. A renewed commitment to rushing and more competition from Dorial Green-Beckham, Rishard Matthews and the rookie Tajae Sharp means Wright's outlook takes a hit beyond his health issues in recent years.
105 Leonte Carroo MIA 8 35 0 0 18 230 2 230 2 0 0
The Fins spent their 3.23 pick on the Rutgers star who brings in good hands, excellent ball skills, sharp route-running ability and enough size (6-0/210) to succeed at the NFL level. But he'll remain safely behind Jarvis Landry and DeVante Parker ongoing but could beat out Kenny Still for the #3 spot. That's still unlikely to produce any real fantasy value but Carroo could become a bigger factor in future years.
106 Andre Holmes BUF 10 32 0 0 15 200 2 200 2 0 0
Holmes re-signed with the Raiders for one year at $3 million after finding no takers as a free agent. He'll remain no better than the #4 WR and won't carry any fantasy relevancy.
107 Jared Abbrederis FA x 32 0 0 20 260 1 260 1 100 0
Abbrederis only caught nine passes for 111 yards as a rookie but has been impressive in the offseason. There will be a battle for the #3 spot between Abbrederis, Davante Adams and Jeff Janis.
108 Dwayne Harris OAK 10 30 0 0 20 240 1 240 1 900 1
Harris is mainly a special teams player but will show up when the Giants use four-wide sets. He's worth considering only if you get return yardage but lacks the consistency to warrant any other attention.
109 Charles Johnson FA x 30 0 0 15 300 0 300 0 0 0
Johnson will remain on the team but he won't become more than the #3 WR on a team that doesn't throw much. He was unable to follow up on a rookie year that saw him turn in a couple of notable games but he suffered a cracked rib that kept him out for five weeks in 2016. He only managed nine catches on the year. No reason to expect fantasy relevant stats.
110 Marqise Lee JAC 5 28 0 0 18 220 1 220 1 0 0
Lee will compete for the #3 role with Rashad Greene but is expected to settle for #4. He won't carry any real fantasy value barring injuries to the starters.
111 Jeff Janis CLE 13 26 0 0 12 200 1 200 1 0 0
Janis is primarily a kick returner this year and only has four catches after two years in the league. But he's been a standout in OTAs and minicamp and could buy himself more playing time. A very deep depth chart for receivers means he won't gain fantasy relevance as a receiver though.
112 Braxton Miller HOU 9 26 0 0 14 200 1 200 1 0 0
The Texans doubled down on WR in the NFL draft, taking Will Fuller in the first round and Braxton Miller in the third. At the combine, he ran only a 4.5/40 but at his pro day he turned in a 4.33/40. He's blazingly fast but only only actually played for one season at Ohio State when he caught 26 passes for 341 yards and three scores. He is very raw and should develop over time but won't do much as a rookie. He's a very fast, physically-gifted project.
113 Brandon Coleman NOS 5 25 0 0 14 250 0 250 0 0 0
Coleman managed 30-454-2 as a rookie but he's already on the roster bubble and won't do better than the #4 WR. He may have already peaked.
114 Bennie Fowler FA x 24 0 0 16 180 1 180 1 0 0
The undrafted Michigan State WR made the team last year and posted 16 catches for 203 yards. He'll compete for the #3 role but won't be worth a fantasy pick regardless.
115 Pharoh Cooper LAR 8 22 0 0 15 160 1 160 1 0 0
The South Carolina star was the 4.19 pick in April and he's a little undersized at 5-11/202. He could buy playing time in future years but for his rookie season there's no reason to expect more than the occasional cameo. This is not an offense that will look to go four-wide very often. The Rams are going to be run-heavy so long as Todd Gurley is there so even future considerations for Cooper are not that attractive.
116 Brian Quick WAS 9 20 0 0 10 140 1 140 1 0 0
Quick should open the year as the #3 WR but after four years he's never caught more than 25 passes in any season and ended 2015 with just 10-102-0. He's had some praise thrown his way by HC Jeff Fisher but it is meaningless until he shows something more in a game. This is not a good passing offense and there is no reason to buy into Quick producing fantasy relevant stats.
117 Andrew Hawkins FA x 18 0 0 12 180 0 180 0 50 0
Hawkins missed eight games last year because of a concussion but posted 63-824-2 in his first season in CLE in 2014. At 5- 7/180 he is purely a slot guy on passing downs and the offense will seek to run more. He'll remain below fantasy relevancy again this year. There is a logjam of WR vying for a spot on CLE.
118 Jaron Brown SEA 5 18 0 0 8 120 1 120 1 0 0
Brown dropped to only 11 catches in his third season despite the increased passing stats for the Cardinals. He's fallen well behind John Brown and JJ Nelson.
119 Cody Latimer NYG 8 18 0 0 20 180 0 180 0 0 0
Latimer was the second-round pick in 2014 but has only eight catches in his career so far. He is expected to compete for the #3 job but the DEN offense will run more this year, likely pass worse and the DEN defense will keep games close. Latimer has an outside chance at the #3 but even that is unlikely to prove fantasy relevant.
120 Greg Salas FA x 16 0 0 12 160 0 160 0 0 0
With Chris Hogan gone, Salas is competing for the slot role for the Bills though it only produced 36-450-2 last year during the first season for HC Rex Ryan's team. The Bills are Salas fourth team in five seasons and he's not likely to do enough to merit any fantasy consideration on a team that doesn't want to throw much.
121 De'Anthony Thomas KCC 5 16 40 0 15 120 0 160 0 0 0
Thomas is a special teams player with minimal use as a receiver. His roster spot is not even certain this year.
122 Jordan Norwood FA x 13 0 0 10 130 0 130 0 0 0
Norwood is yet another in the race for the #3 spot and was #3 for DEN WR last year with 22-207-0. His outlook is no better this year.
123 Ryan Grant IND 10 10 0 0 8 100 0 100 0 130 0
Grant remains a firm #5 WR for the Redskins but he's not likely to rise more this year and has minimal fantasy value. No reason to expect any improvement this year.
124 Cordarrelle Patterson NEP 9 8 0 0 5 80 0 80 0 0 0
Patterson is just a special teamer. He only caught two passes last year. Norv Turner has already given up on him.

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