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2005 NFL Free Agents
Updated: July 25, 2005

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This listing shows the more prominent free agent players listed by last year's team. All are Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA) unless otherwise noted.    (*) notes Restricted Free Agents   (f) notes Franchise Players   (see key below)
To see only those players that have changed teams, please see our roster moves page.

Free Agents

Quarterbacks 2004 2005
Shaun King ARI  
Josh McCown * ARI ARI
Ty Detmer ATL ATL
Kordell Stewart BAL  
Drew Bledsoe BUF DAL
Shane Matthews BUF BUF
Jonathan Quinn CHI  
Jeff George CHI  
Craig Krenzel CHI CIN
Jeff Garcia CLE DET
Kelly Holcomb CLE BUF
Vinny Testaverde DAL  
Mike McMahon DET PHI
Rick Mirer DET  
Graig Nall * GB GB
J.T. O'Sullivan * GB GB
Doug Pederson GB  
Tony Banks HOU HOU
Travis Brown IND IND
Jay Fiedler MIA NYJ
Jason Garrett MIA  
Sage Rosenfels MIA MIA
Gus Frerotte MIN MIA
Shaun Hill MIN MIN
Jim Miller NE NYG
Chris Redman NE  
Kurt Warner NYG ARI
Jesse Palmer NYG NYG
Quincy Carter NYJ  
Jeff Blake PHI  
Charlie Batch PIT PIT
Drew Brees (f) SD SD
Doug Flutie SD NE
Matt Hasselbeck SEA SEA
Brock Huard SEA  
Scott Covington STL  
Jamie Martin STL STL
Chris Chandler STL  
Jason Garrett TB  
Brad Johnson TB MIN
Doug Johnson TEN CLE
Tim Hasselbeck * WAS NYG
Akili Smith DNP  
Kickers 2004 2005
Jay Feely ATL NYG
Wade Richey BAL  
Paul Edinger CHI MIN
Billy Cundiff * DAL DAL
Martin Gramatica IND  
Matt Bryant MIA TB
Morten Andersen MIN  
Jose Cortez MIN MIN
Adam Vinatieri (f) NE NE
Steve Christie NYG  
Bill Gramatica NYG  
Doug Brian NYJ CHI
Jeff Reed * PIT PIT
Todd Peterson SF ATL
Joe Nedney TEN SF
Gary Anderson TEN  
Ola Kimrin WAS TEN
Running Backs 2004 2005
Troy Hambrick ARI ARI
Fred McCrary ATL ATL
Travis Jervey ATL  
Stanley Pritchett ATL  
Chester Taylor * BAL BAL
Jamel White BAL DET
Joe Burns * BUF BUF
Jamal Robertson * CAR CAR
Brandon Bennett CAR  
Rod Smart CAR CAR
Anthony Thomas CHI DAL
Rudi Johnson (f) CIN CIN
Kenny Watson * CIN CIN
Richie Anderson DAL  
Eddie George DAL  
ReShard Lee DAL BUF
Garrison Hearst DEN  
James Stewart DET  
Stephen Trejo DET  
Najeh Davenport * GB GB
Stacey Mack HOU  
Moran Norris HOU HOU
Jonathan Wells * HOU HOU
Edgerrin James (f) IND IND
James Mungro * IND IND
Dominic Rhodes IND IND
Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala JAC JAC
Marc Edwards JAC  
Derrick Blaylock KC NYJ
Brock Forsey MIA WAS
Leonard Henry MIA  
Travis Minor MIA MIA
John Avery MIN  
Larry Ned MIN ARI
Rabih Abdullah NE  
Patrick Pass NE NE
Ki-Jana Carter NO  
Curtis Keaton NO  
Fred McAfee NO NO
Michael Cloud NYG NYG
Ron Dayne NYG DEN
Antwoine Womack NYG  
LaMont Jordan NYJ OAK
J.R. Redmond OAK  
Amos Zereoue OAK  
Tyrone Wheatley OAK  
Correll Buckhalter PHI PHI
Dorsey Levens PHI  
Jon Ritchie PHI PHI
Brian Westbrook * PHI PHI
Verron Haynes * PIT PIT
Jesse Chatman * SD SD
Leon Johnson SD  
Shaun Alexander (f) SEA  
Heath Evans SEA MIA
Terry Jackson SF SF
Greg Comella TB  
Jameel Cook TB TB
Antowain Smith TEN NO
Robert Holcombe TEN KC
Rock Cartwright * WAS WAS
Wide Receivers 2004 2005
Nate Poole ARI NO
Karl Williams ARI  
Travis Taylor BAL MIN
Randy Hymes * BAL BAL
Kevin Johnson BAL DET
Patrick Johnson BAL BAL
Muhsin Muhammad CAR CHI
Karl Hankton CAR CAR
Ahmad Merritt CHI DAL
David Terrell CHI NE
T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN CIN
Andre King CLE  
Dedric Ward DAL  
Eddie Drummond * DET  
Az-Zahir Hakim DET NO
Tai Streets DET  
Reggie Swinton DET HOU
Antonio Freeman GB  
Corey Bradford HOU HOU
Troy Walters IND IND
Troy Edwards JAC JAC
Marc Boerigter * KC KC
Johnnie Morton KC SF
David Boston MIA MIA
James McKnight MIA  
Kelly Campbell * MIN MIN
Troy Brown NE NE
David Givens * NE NE
David Patten NE WAS
Kevin Kasper NE HOU
Jerome Pathon NO SEA
Ike Hilliard NYG TB
Jonathan Carter * NYJ NYJ
Kevin Swayne NYJ  
Jerry Porter OAK OAK
Alvis Whitted OAK  
Freddie Mitchell PHI KC
Plaxico Burress PIT NYG
Lee Mays * PIT PIT
Tim Dwight SD NE
Kassim Osgood SD SD
Bobby Shaw SD  
Jerry Rice SEA DEN
Alex Bannister SEA SEA
Koren Robinson SEA  
Curtis Conway SF  
Cedrick Wilson SF PIT
Dane Looker * STL STL
Scotty Anderson TB  
Joey Galloway TB TB
Reggie Barlow TB  
Charles Lee TB ARI
Frank Murphy TB  
Joe Jurevicius TB SEA
Edell Shepherd * TB TB
Derrick Mason TEN BAL
Jason McAddley TEN SF
Eddie Berlin TEN CHI
Darrell Hill TEN KC
Michael Sellers WAS WAS
Tight Ends 2004 2005
Freddie Jones ARI CAR
Sean Brewer ATL SD
Darnell Dinkins * BAL BAL
Terry Jones Jr. * BAL BAL
Bradford Banta BUF  
Ryan Neufeld BUF BUF
John Gilmore * CHI CHI
John Owens * CHI CHI
Keith Heinrich * CLE CLE
Patrick Hape DEN DEN
Mike Leach DEN DEN
Jeb Putzier * DEN DEN
Stephen Alexander DET DEN
Bubba Franks (f) GB  
David Martin GB GB
Tight Ends 2004 2005
Matt Murphy * HOU HOU
Joe Dean Davenport IND  
Marcus Pollard IND DET
Joe Zelenka JAC JAC
Kendall Gammon KC KC
Ed Perry MIA MIA
Jermaine Wiggins MIN MIN
Zeron Flemister NE OAK
Jed Weaver * NE NE
Lamont Hall NO NO
Marcellus Rivers NYG HOU
Chris Baker * NYJ NYJ
Anthony Becht NYJ TB
Roland Williams OAK STL
Chad Lewis PHI  
Tight Ends 2004 2005
Jay Riemersma PIT  
Matt Cushing PIT PIT
Walter Rasby PIT PIT
Justin Peelle * SD SD
Ryan Hannam * SEA SEA
Itula Mili SEA SEA
Cam Cleeland STL  
Ken Dilger TB  
Rickey Dudley TB  
Will Heller * TB TB
Dave Moore TB TB
Shad Meier TEN NO
Brian Kozlowski WAS  
Fred Baxter WAS  
Marco Battaglia DNP PIT

Free Agency Key

UFA - A player with four or more accrued seasons whose contract has expired. He is free to sign with any club, with no compensation owed to his old club, through June 15. On June 16, his rights revert to his old club if it made a "tender" offer (110 percent of last year's salary) to him by June 1. His old club then has until the 10th week of the season (November 10) to sign him. If he does not sign by the 10th week, he must sit out the season. If no tender is offered by June 1, the player can be signed by any club at any time throughout the season.

RFA - A player that has completed three accrued seasons and their contract expires. He has received a "qualifying" offer (a salary level predetermined by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the league and its players) from his old club. He can negotiate with any club through April 15. Then, because of the qualifying offer, his rights revert exclusively to his old club on April 15. Prior to April 16, if the restricted free agent accepts an offer sheet from a new club, his old club can match the offer and retain him because it has the "right of first refusal." If the old club does not match the offer, it can possibly receive draft-choice compensation depending on the amount of its qualifying offer.

Franchise Player - A club can designate one franchise player in any given year. The salary level offer by a player's old club determines what type of franchise player he is. An "exclusive" franchise player -- not free to sign with another club -- is offered a minimum of the average of the top five salaries at the player's position, or 120 percent of the player's previous year's salary, whichever is greater. If the player is not offered a minimum of the average of the top five salaries of last season at his position, he becomes a "non-exclusive" franchise player and can negotiate with other clubs. His old club can match a new club's offer, or receive two first-round draft choices if it decides not to match.

Transition Player - The player's club must offer a minimum of the average of the top 10 salaries of last season at the player's position or 120 percent of the player's previous year's salary, whichever is greater. A transition player designation gives the club a first-refusal right to match within seven days an offer sheet given to the player by another club after his contract expires. If the club matches, it retains the player. If it does not match, it receives no compensation.