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2005 NFL Off-Season Roster Changes
Updated: July 25, 2004

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The following players have retired, been cut or changed their team during the offseason. These are not all the players changing in the NFL, only the most notable that had at least some fantasy value as of last year or rookies that have some interesting appeal.

* Rookie Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends
ARI New: Kurt Warner J.J. Arrington (2.12) Charles Lee  
Gone: Shaun King

Emmitt Smith (ret)

Karl Williams
Nate Poole (NO)
Freddie Jones (CAR)

ATL New:     Roddy White (1.27)  
Gone:       Sean Brewer (SD)
BAL New:     Derrick Mason
Marl Clayton (1.22)
Gone:   Jamel White (DET)

Kevin Johnson (DET)
Travis Taylor (MIN)
BUF New: Kelly Holcomb Reshard Lee Roscoe Parish (2.23) Kevin Everett (3.22)
Gone: Drew Bledsoe (DAL)      
CAR New: Stefan LeFors (4.20) Eric Shelton (2.22)   Freddie Jones
Gone: Rodney Peete   Muhsin Muhammad (CHI)  
CHI New: Kyle Orton (4.05)

Cedric Benson (1.05)

Muhsin Muhammad
Eddie Berlin
Mark Bradley (2.07)
Gone: Jonathan Quinn
Craig Krenzel (CIN)
Anthony Thomas (DAL)

David Terrell (NE)

CIN New: Craig Krenzel   Chris Henry (3.19)  
CLE New: Trent Dilfer
Charlie Frye (3.03)
Doug Johnson
Reuben Droughns

Braylon Edwards (1.03)

Gone: Jeff Garcia (DET)
Kelly Holcomb (BUF)
Luke McCown (TB)
A. Echemandu

DAL New: Drew Bledsoe

Ahmad Merritt
Marion Barber (4.08)
Anthony Thomas
Gone:   Reshard Lee (BUF)
Richie Anderson
Eddie George
DEN New:   Ron Dayne
Maurice Clarett (3.37)
Jerry Rice

Stephen Alexander

Gone:   Reuben Droughns (CLE)
Garrison Hearst
DET New: Jeff Garcia
Dan Orlovsky (5.09)
Jamel White

Kevin Johnson
Mike Williams (1.10)
Marcus Pollard

Gone: Mike McMahon (PHI)
Rick Mirer
  Az-Zahir Hakim (NO)
Tai Streets
Reggie Swinton (HOU)
Stephen Alexander (DEN)

GB New: Aaron Rodgers (1.24)   Terrence Murphy (2.26)  
Gone: Doug Peterson      
HOU New:   Vernand Morency (3.09)

Jerome Mathis (4.13)
Reggie Swinton
Kevin Kasper
Marcellus Rivers

IND New:        
Gone:       Marcus Pollard (DET)
JAC New:   Alvin Pearman (4.26) Matt Jones (1.21)  
KC New:   Robert Holcombe

Craphonso Thorpe (4.15)
Freddie Mitchell
Gone:   Derrick Blaylock (NYJ)
Omar Easy
Johnnie Morton (SF)

MIA New: Gus Frerotte Ronnie Brown (1.02) David Boston (go figure)  
Gone: Jay Fiedler (NYJ)
Jason Garrett (ret)
Rob Konrad (OAK)

David Boston (cut)

MIN New: Brad Johnson

Ciatrick Fason (4.11)
Heath Evans
Travis Taylor
Troy Williamson (1.07)
Gone: Gus Frerotte (MIA) Onterrio Smith (suspended) Randy Moss (OAK)  
NE New: Doug Flutie

Chad Morton

Tim Dwight
David Terrell
Gone: Jim Miller (NYG)

  David Patten (WAS)
Kevin Kasper (HOU)
Zeron Flemister (OAK)

NO New: Adrian McPherson (5.16)

Antowain Smith

Chase Lyman (4.17)
Nate Poole
Az-Zahir Hakim
Shad Meier

Gone:     Jerome Pathon (SEA)  
NYG New: Jim Miller
Tim Hasselbeck
Brandon Jacobs (4.09)

Plaxico Buress  
Gone: Kurt Warner (ARZ) Ron Dayne (DEN) Ike Hilliard (TB) Marcellus Rivers (HOU)
NYJ New: Jay Fiedler Derrick Blaylock Laveranues Coles Doug Jolley
Gone:   LaMont Jordan (OAK) Santana Moss (WAS) Anthony Becht (TB)
OAK New: Andrew Walker (3.05)

LaMont Jordan
Omar Easy
Randy Moss

Zeron Flemister

Gone: Rich Gannon (ret)

Tyrone Wheatley
Amos Zereoue
  Roland Williams (STL)
Doug Jolley (NYJ)
PHI New: Mike McMahon Ryan Moats (3.13) Reggie Brown (2.03) James Whalen
Gone: Jeff Blake Dorsey Levens Freddie Mitchell (KC)  
PIT New:     Cedrick Wilson
Fred Gibson (4.30)
Heath Miller (1.30)
Marco Battaglia
Gone:     Plaxico Burress (NYG) Jay Riemersma
SD New:   Darrin Sproules (4.29) Vincent Jackson (2.29) Sean Brewer
Gone: Doug Flutie (NE)

Leon Johnson

Tim Dwight (NE)
Bobby Shaw
SEA New: David Greene (3.21)

  Joe Jurevicius
Jerome Pathon
Gone: Trent Dilfer (CLE)

Heath Evans (MIA)

Jerry Rice (DEN)
Koren Robinson
SF New: Alex Smith (1.01)

Frank Gore (3.01)

Jason McAddley
Johnnie Morton
Javin Hunter
Gone:     Cedrick Wilson (PIT)
Curtis Conway
STL New:       Roland Williams
Gone: Chris Chandler     Cam Cleeland
TB New: Luke McCown

Carnell WIlliams (1.05)

Larry Brackins (5.19)
Ike Hilliard
Anthony Becht
Alex Smith (3.07)
Gone: Brad Johnson (MIN)

  Joe Jurevicius (SEA)
Charles Lee (ARZ)
Tim Brown (ret)
Rickey Dudley

TEN New:     Courtney Roby (3.04)
Brandon Jones (3.32)
Roydell Williams (4.35)
Bo Scaife (6.05)

Gone: Doug Johnson (CLE)

Robert Holcombe (KC)
Antowain Smith (NO)

Derrick Mason (BAL)
Eddie Berlin (CHI)
Jason McAddley (SF)
Shad Meier (NO)

WAS New: Jason Campbell (1.25)

Brock Forsey

David Patten
Santana Moss
Gone: Tim Hasselbeck (NYG)

Chad Morton (NE)
John Simon
Laveranues Coles (NYJ)