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2006 NFL Off-Season Roster Changes
Updated: June 30, 2006

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The following players have retired, been cut or changed their team during the offseason. These are not all the players changing in the NFL, only the most notable that had at least some fantasy value as of last year or rookies that have some interesting appeal.

* Rookie Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends
ARI New: Matt Leinart (1.10) Edgerrin James (IND) Troy Walters (IND)  
Gone: Josh McCown (DET)      
ATL New:   Jerious Norwood (3.15)    
BAL New: Steve McNair (TEN) Mike Anderson (DEN)    
Gone: Anthony Wright (CIN) Chester Taylor (MIN) Randy Hymes (JAX) Darnell Dinkins (CLE)
BUF New: Craig Nall (GB) Anthony Thomas (NO) Andre Davis (NE)
Peerless Price (DAL)
Robert Royal (WAS)
Gone:     Eric Moulds (HOU) Mark Campbell (cut)
CAR New:   DeAngelo WIlliams (1.27) Keyshawn Johnson (DAL)  
Gone:   Stephen Davis (cut)
Rod Smart (cut)
CHI New: Brian Griese (TB) Tony Hollings (HOU) Devin Hester (2.25)  
Gone:     Eddie Berlin (cut)  
CIN New: Anthony Wright (BAL)
Dave Ragone (HOU)
  Antonio Chatman (GB)  
Gone: Jon Kitna (DET)   Kevin Walter (HOU) Matt Schobel (PHI)
CLE New: Ken Dorsey (SF)   Joe Jurevicus (SEA)
Travis Wilson (3.16)
Darnell Dinkins (BAL)
Gone: Trent Dilfer (SF)   Antonio Bryant (SF) Aaron Shea (SD)
DAL New:     Terrell Owens (PHI) Ryan Hannam (SEA)
Anthony Fasano (2.21)
Gone:     Keyshawn Johnson (CAR)
Peerless Price (BUF)
Dan Campbell (DET)
DEN New: Jay Cutler (1.11)   Javon Walker (GB)  
Gone:   Mike Anderson (BAL)
Quentin Griffin (KC)
  Jeb Putzier (HOU)
DET New: Shaun King
Jon Kitna (CIN)
Josh McCown (ARI)
Arlen Harris (STL)
Brian Calhoun (3.10)
Corey Bradford (HOU) Dan Campbell (DAL)
Gone: Jeff Garcia (PHI)
Joey Harrington (MIA)
  Troy Edwards (JAX)  
GB New:     Marc Boerigter (KC)
Greg Jennings (2.20)
Gone: Craig Nall (BUF) Tony Fisher (STL) Antonio Chatman (CIN)
Javon Walker (DEN)
HOU New: Sage Rosenfels (MIA) Antowain Smith (NO) Kevin Walter (CIN)
Eric Moulds (BUF)
Jeb Putzier (DEN)
Gone: Tony Banks (cut)
Dave Ragone (CIN)
Tony Hollings (CHI) Corey Bradford (DET)
Jabar Gaffney (PHI)
Marcellus Rivers (OAK)
IND New:   Joseph Addai (1.30)    
Gone:   Edgerrin James (ARI) Troy Walters (ARZ)  
JAC New:   Maurice Drew (2.28) Troy Edwards (DET)
Randy Hymes (BAL)
Marcedes Lewis (1.28)
Gone:     Jimmy Smith (ret)  
KC New:   Quentin Griffin (DEN)    
Gone: Todd Collins (WAS) Tony Richardson (MIN) Marc Boerigter (GB)
Chris Horn (NO)
MIA New: Daunte Culpepper (MIN)
Joey Harrington (DET)
Fred Beasley (SF) Kelly Campbell (MIN)
Derek Hagan (3.18)
Justin Peele (SD)
Gone: Sage Rosenfels (HOU)
Gus Frerotte (STL)
Jay Fiedler (TB)
Ricky Williams (susp)
Bryan Gilmore (SF)
David Boston (TB)
Lorenzo Diamond
MIN New: Mike McMahon (PHI) Chester Taylor (BAL)
Tony Richardson (KC)
Gone: Daunte Culpepper (MIA) Michael Bennett (NO) Kelly Campbell (MIA)
Nate Burleson (SEA)
NE New:   Laurence Maroney (1.21) Reche Caldwell (SD)
Chad Jackson (2.04)
Gone:     Andre Davis (BUF)
David Givens (TEN)
Tim Dwight (NYJ)
Bethel Johnson (NO)
Christian Fauria (WAS)
NO New: Drew Brees (SD)
Jamie Martin (STL)

Reggie Bush (1.02)
Michael Bennett (MIN)

Chris Horn (KC)
Bethel Johnson (NE)
Gone: Aaron Brooks (OAK) Anthony Thomas (BUF)
Antowain Smith (HOU)
  Boo Williams (NYG)
NYG New: Rob Johnson (NA)   Sinorice Moss (2.12) Boo Williams (NO)
NYJ New: Patrick Ramsey (WAS)   Tim Dwight (NE)  
Gone: Jay Fiedler (cut)      
OAK New: Aaron Brooks (NO)     Marcellus Rivers (HOU)
Gone: Kerry Collins (cut)      
PHI New: Jeff Garcia (DET)   Jabar Gaffney (HOU) Matt Schobel (CIN)
Gone: Mike McMahon (MIN)   Terrell Owens (DAL)  
PIT New:     Santonio Holmes (1.25)  
Gone: Tommy Maddox (cut) Jerome Bettis (ret) Antwaan Randle El (WAS)  
SD New:       Aaron Shea (CLE)
B. Manumaleuna (STL)
Gone: Drew Brees (NO)   Reche Caldwell (NE) Justin Peele (MIA)
SEA New:     Nate Burleson (MIN)  
Gone:     Joe Jurevicius (CLE) Ryan Hannam (DAL)
SF New: Trent Dilfer (CLE)   Antonio Bryant (CLE)
Bryan Gilmore (MIA)
Brandon Williams (3.20)
Vernon Davis (1.06)
Gone: Ken Dorsey (CLE) Fred Beasley (MIA) Johnnie Morton
Brandon Lloyd (WAS)
STL New: Gus Frerotte (MIA) Tony Fisher (GB)    
Gone: Jamie Martin (NO) Arlen Harris (DET)   B. Manumaleuna (SD)
TB New: Jay Fiedler (MIA)   David Boston (MIA)  
Gone: Brian Griese (CHI)      
TEN New: Vince Young (1.03) LenDale White (2.13) David Givens (NE)  
Gone: Steve McNair (BAL)      
WAS New: Todd Collins (KC)   Brandon Lloyd (SF)
Antwaan Randle El (PIT)
Christian Fauria (NE)
Gone: Patrick Ramsey (NYJ)     Robert Royal (BUF)