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How to Find Valuable Fantasy Football Information in Depth Charts

NFL depth charts are a must resource for serious team owners.

Fantasy owners use NFL depth charts, which list starters and their top reserves at each position, to:

  • Deftly handle injuries during the long season
  • Prepare for the all-important draft day

Use the information to note who, barring injury, will most likely start the most games, throw the most passes, get the most carries and be on the receiving end of the most passes. And who, therefore, should be the most productive generators of fantasy points when the season kicks off in September.

But beware. Depth charts left over from the end of the last season reflect last year's team, and NFL teams don’t release official depth charts until they reduce their rosters to 53 players. That's why The Huddle provides our members with up-to-date fantasy depth charts to help them make the right move at the right time.

Draft Day

So when you want to start planning your strategy and rehearsing for draft day by doing mock drafts in the months between last season’s Super Bowl and this year’s training camp, projected depth charts published in the offseason by The Huddle arm you with likely candidates for your team.

Then, consult all relevant official pre-season NFL team depth charts. Do it! Thanks to injuries, free agent acquisitions and rookies winning trust, those fantasy summer depth charts are full of old information by the eve of kickoff. Every year there are major surprises when all teams have to reduce their rosters to 53 players. Productive veterans, including big-name, sometimes legendary talents, are cut for any number of reasons.

What if a rookie running back outshines a veteran in camp and is named the surprise starter for game 1? Or what if the starter you wanted to target snaps his Achilles at practice the last day in pads and the rookie gets a battlefield promotion?

Every serious fantasy owner should go in to the draft knowing the pre-kickoff status of targeted offensive talent. And up-to-date NFL depth charts will tell that story.

During the Season

During the season itself, use depth charts to find weaknesses in opponents. The opponent’s depth chart will show you how injuries have shuffled their starting lineup. Is a rookie starting his first game at cornerback in place of an injured All-Pro? Then you might want to start an extra receiver that game. Is their front seven banged up and filled with rag-tag free agent acquisitions? Might want to start an extra running back—he might have a field day.

NFL depth charts are just one of the many useful features you'll find here at The Huddle. Get started perfecting your draft strategy with our comprehensive fantasy football draft guide today!

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