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Find an NFL Fantasy Football League

Lots of NFL fantasy football owners get their start in leagues that family or friends have already established and invited them in to. Others join leagues against "anonymous" competition from around the country.

If you’re a lone wolf looking to compete, there are a host of places online to go to sign up, including ESPN, CBS Sports and Yahoo! Chances are, the league you’re joining with friends or family is also run by one of these platforms. No matter which platform you choose, The Huddle guides you through your fantasy football season with expert analysis and league, team and player information that gives you the tools you need to win.

Learn Your Leagues Rules and Scoring System

In your particular league:

  • How are points awarded? (Does your system put an emphasis on the passing game or the running game? Some even emphasize defense and placekickers.)
  • How are the matchups conducted? (Is each week a head-to-head competition against one other team or are all teams competing against each other for the highest points total?)
  • How many teams are in your league (12? 14? 18?)

In NFL fantasy football leagues there are several scoring systems, draft systems and systems by which the teams compete—and in order to develop a winning strategy, you will have to know the ins and outs of your league.

Breaking down a league's scoring system can be a daunting task for fantasy football veteran. That's why The Huddle offers personalized cheat sheets that are unique to your league and help you get the most out of your draft. Our combination of customized cheat sheets, expert analysis and up-to-date NFL news is perfect for anyone interested in getting started in fantasy football.

What to do:

  • Pay attention to your team composition and make sure to draft a balanced roster. If you overdraft one position (say, running backs), point production from your receivers, tight ends and quarterbacks might suffer through lack of talent or thin bench syndrome if the injury bug bites. Diversify.
  • Take bye weeks into consideration when devising your draft strategy. Drafting bench players with the same bye week as your starters can put you at a huge disadvantage that week. Championship teams have deep rosters with players that complement each other.
  • Do research. The Huddle offers expert player analysis, customized cheat sheets, average draft position charts, projected statistics and proven draft strategies. After all, if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

What not to do:

  • Draft too many players from one team. Successful fantasy teams depend on balance to be successful.
  • Chase names. We all have our favorite players, or favorite unproven rookies. Don’t overreach for them on draft day. As even players like to say, “Football is a business.” You can still root for your favorite players if they’re not on your fantasy roster. This is about winning.
  • Abandon your team mid-season. Things not working out like you hoped? That happens. But when owners fold, it gives an unfair advantage to teams scheduled to play against you, giving them an easy path to the playoffs. Look, there’s still hope for a respectable finish, lessons can be learned for next season and remind yourself that you made a commitment to your friends, family and other team owners. Good sportsmanship is a must and will help you get invited back for next season.

The Huddle offers fantasy football rookies the finest, most up-to-date and accurate advice and information on the Internet. Join The Huddle to get full access to our award winning services and start dominating your fantasy football league today.

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