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JUMbotron: Pre-Season Huddle, Vol. 6
John U. Miller
August 24, 2011
Felix Jones, RB, Dallas
JUM is jumping all over Dallas' Felix Jones this fantasy season.

I’ve quietly and steadily developed a Felix Jones crush over the last few weeks.  It’s not a full-blown love affair like I had with Fred Taylor, or even the steady yearning I’ve had for Jahvid Best since his Cal days… but it’s there and I can’t deny it anymore.  I’ve never owned Felix in any league over the years but that all changed Saturday when I took Jones in the 5th round of my 10-team, 20-year old local league.  I had to take him.

You see, my big draft strategy this year is WR-WR-QB-Gates, then circle the wagon and try to collect the three best RBs I can find.  Drawing the last pick in one experts league definitely affected my traditional blueprint, but overall I think I was ready and willing to wander off the Running Back Ranch.  If you do this you will draw snickers and gasps -- but it’s the price you pay for having the top WR corps and a lethal weapon like Gates.  And yes, I’ll answer to the fantasy gods if and when they pull my card.  Look, my league runs a TD-heavy format with length-of-TD bonuses and yardage threshold bonuses; no incremental points, you gotta hit 100 for RB/WR/TE and 300 for QB.  Every year our champion almost always has a lethal passing game.  Anyway, I believe fate spoke to me on Saturday (as did 12 Pabst Blue Ribbons) when Jahvid Best and my other RB2 “sleeper” Ryan Grant were slapped back-to-back on the draft board right in front of me. “Ka-Whomp, Thwack!”  Both guys gone.  I couldn’t believe it.  I panicked for a second -- “John Miller, meet Marshawn Lynch” -- but shook it off and scanned my list one more time.  And there was Felix.

I’d been watching the Razorback… quietly, steadily… tracking his ADP and stalking around Dallas like Sue Ellen spying on J.R. and his latest hussy.  Heck, you guys didn’t even know it but I was practically talking to myself last week on JUMbotron Vol. 4:  “You’ll have a shot to take Felix free and clear in the 4th round if you really want him.  What you have to realize, in my opinion, is that Felix will never be Emmitt Smith – but he can be a very productive 15-touch back who eats up yardage in chunks.”  So here I am, the proud owner of Felix Jones.  I stared at his name all day yesterday, in complete disbelief that I will be starting him every week… but yet oddly excited and feeling warm all over.  “All he’s gotta do is rush for 1,000 yards and 10 TDs, make a few of ‘em really long scores,” I mumbled.  Then on Sunday night I saw Felix running like a turpentined cat.  I’m gonna stop here before I jinx it.

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