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Stranger in a Strange Land (My Strange Journey to the Top of the Draft Order)
Kevin Ratterree
August 22, 2011
Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore
Ray Rice is an easy early draft pick this fantasy season.

I recently finished my first redraft. This was a 20 round draft for a 12 teamer. 1 point per PPR (1.5 for TE) 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 2 flex(no qb) FFPC league. Many of you long-time Huddlers know my history in re-drafts. I almost never draw a top 7 spot. I have done many many redrafts over the last 18 years in this hobby and 90% of the time I am drafting at the end. I am comfortable there. I know what to do down there in the cheap seats. It’s like a comfortable old pair of shoes.

But lo’ and behold for this draft I drew the #2. Rare air indeed. To be honest, I didn’t have a fully formulated draft plan in place at this point, like most of you. But I just can’t resist an early draft. I always tell myself I will be ahead of the curve and look like a drafting genius before the season even starts. Doesn’t always work that way of course. But the upside is you always have a few duds that you have no problems discarding during the first week of waivers. No agonizing over drops in week one.

This is a pretty unique format with the 2 flex spots and the 1.5 PPR for tight ends It may not translate well into your particular draft. But the people in this league ponied up pretty substantial money to get in, and it was a real draft. So I thought you may be interested in the results. Because of the nature of this contest with many more drafts to take place in chase of the mega-jackpot (currently over 100k) I am not at liberty to divulge specifics outside of what I am telling you here. If you are in this contest you may find it particularly useful. This is a no-trade league.

I knew my draft position about an hour before the draft so there was no time to devise a meticulous plan as I normally would. I was flying basically by the seat of my pants here. I love a challenge. Okay, so the excuses are all out of the way, now onto the results.

#2 Ray Rice: Foster went 1st as usual. Why Ray Rice? Quite frankly I would have been happy with several guys here, I strongly considered LeSean McCoy, but I agree with the assessment in the Huddle player profiles that have Rice ranked 2nd. Healthy he must stay, and if so it sure looks like fantasy gold. I figure Rice has less downside than the other alternatives being as how he is basically the last man standing in the Ravens running game. Not a whole lot of thought involved in this spot. I have been running the stud receiver gambit for years now, and scrounging for RB scraps later in the draft. The biggest difference to me with the stud RB is the peace of mind. I start the draft far less stressed out than usual, albeit in unfamiliar territory.

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