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Official Mock #5 - Performance League - 8 Teams
David M. Dorey
July 30, 2004

This draft was conducted between July 28th and July 29th considering a performance scoring scenario of 1/10 rush or receive yards, 1/20 pass yards, six point touchdowns with negative two point interceptions. Two point conversions are two points per participant. Defenses receive 1 point per sack, 2 points per turnovers and six point touchdowns.

The 18 rounds built rosters of 2 QB, 5 RB, 5 WR, 2 TE, 2 PK and 2 DEF with a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, PK and DEF.

Draft By Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Holmes,Priest 1 RB Taylor,Fred 1 QB Culpepper,Daunte 1 QB Vick,Michael
2 RB Tomlinson,Lad. 2 WR Moss,Randy 2 QB Manning,Peyton 2 TE Gonzalez,Tony
3 RB McAllister,Deuce 3 WR Harrison,Marvin 3 WR Owens,Terrell 3 WR Moss,Santana
4 RB Green,Ahman 4 RB Barlow,Kevan 4 WR Johnson,Chad 4 WR Coles,Laveranues
5 RB Portis,Clinton 5 WR Holt,Torry 5 RB Henry,Travis 5 RB Barber,Tiki
6 RB Alexander,Shaun 6 RB Davis,Domanick 6 RB Faulk,Marshall 6 WR Mason,Derrick
7 RB Lewis,Jamal 7 RB Johnson,Rudi 7 WR Ward,Hines 7 WR Horn,Joe
8 RB James,Edgerrin 8 RB Bennett,Michael 8 RB Dillon,Corey 8 RB Davis,Stephen
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 WR Boldin,Anquan 1 WR Walker,Javon 1 WR Chambers,Chris 1 TE Winslow,Kellen
2 TE Heap,Todd 2 RB Jones,Kevin 2 RB Brown,Chris 2 QB Brooks,Aaron
3 QB Green,Trent 3 RB Jones,Thomas 3 WR Bruce,Isaac 3 DT Ravens
4 QB McNabb,Donovan 4 QB McNair,Steve 4 TE Shockey,Jeremy 4 WR Smith,Rod
5 WR Smith,Steve 5 RB Martin,Curtis 5 QB Hasselbeck,Matt 5 RB Duckett,T.J.
6 WR Jackson,Darrell 6 RB Westbrook,Brian 6 QB Bulger,Marc 6 RB Suggs,Lee
7 RB Staley,Duce 7 WR Johnson,Andre 7 WR Price,Peerless 7 DT Patriots
8 WR Moulds,Eric 8 WR Robinson,Koren 8 WR Toomer,Amani 8 TE Crumpler,Alge
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 RB Garner,Charlie 1 PK Vanderjagt,Mike 1 QB Plummer,Jake 1 WR Wayne,Reggie
2 WR Smith,Jimmy 2 WR Rogers,Charles 2 WR Lelie,Ashley 2 DT Cowboys
3 WR Fitzgerald,Larry 3 WR Booker,Marty 3 TE McMichael,Randy 3 PK Wilkins,Jeff
4 DT Panthers 4 WR Stallworth,Donte' 4 WR Davis,Andre' 4 TE Williams,Boo
5 RB Bell,Tatum 5 WR Porter,Jerry 5 WR Burress,Plaxico 5 PK Feely,Jay
6 QB Pennington,Chad 6 QB Favre,Brett 6 RB Dunn,Warrick 6 WR McCardell,Keenan
7 RB Shipp,Marcel 7 RB Jackson,Steven 7 QB Brady,Tom 7 RB Buckhalter,Correll
8 RB George,Eddie 8 DT Dolphins 8 WR Branch,Deion 8 PK Akers,David
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 WR Robinson,Marcus 1 RB Foster,De'shaun 1 RB Johnson,Larry 1 TE Witten,Jason
2 PK Elam,Jason 2 WR McCareins,Justin 2 DT Buccaneers 2 RB Green,William
3 TE Mili,Itula 3 DT Vikings 3 PK Janikowski,Seb. 3 TE Clark,Desmond
4 QB Garcia,Jeff 4 TE Graham,Daniel 4 WR Williams,Roy 4 PK Stover,Matt
5 RB McGahee,Willis 5 RB Minor,Travis 5 DT Eagles 5 TE Kinney,Erron
6 TE Gates,Antonio 6 DT Jaguars 6 WR Gardner,Rod 6 PK Longwell,Ryan
7 PK Vinatieri,Adam 7 TE Clark,Dallas 7 TE Smith,L.J. 7 PK Kasay,John
8 DT Rams 8 WR Johnson,Keyshawn 8 QB Johnson,Brad 8 PK Gramatica,Martin
Round 17 Round 18            
1 DT Seahawks 1 PK Elling,Aaron            
2 QB McCown,Josh 2 PK Mare,Olindo            
3 RB Wheatley,Tyrone 3 RB Morris,Maurice            
4 PK Brown,Josh 4 PK Andersen,Morten            
5 DT Titans 5 DT Chiefs            
6 PK Carney,John 6 DT Texans            
7 DT Raiders 7 WR Givens,David            
8 DT Falcons 8 TE Miller,Billy            

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Kickers Team Defense
3.01 Culpepper,Daunte 4.02 Gonzalez,Tony 10.01 Vanderjagt,Mike 8.03 Ravens
3.02 Manning,Peyton 5.02 Heap,Todd 12.03 Wilkins,Jeff 8.07 Patriots
4.01 Vick,Michael 7.04 Shockey,Jeremy 12.05 Feely,Jay 9.04 Panthers
5.03 Green,Trent 8.01 Winslow,Kellen 12.08 Akers,David 10.08 Dolphins
5.04 McNabb,Donovan 8.08 Crumpler,Alge 13.02 Elam,Jason 12.02 Cowboys
6.04 McNair,Steve 11.03 McMichael,Randy 13.07 Vinatieri,Adam 13.08 Rams
7.05 Hasselbeck,Matt 12.04 Williams,Boo 15.03 Janikowski,Seb. 14.03 Vikings
7.06 Bulger,Marc 13.03 Mili,Itula 16.04 Stover,Matt 14.06 Jaguars
8.02 Brooks,Aaron 13.06 Gates,Antonio 16.06 Longwell,Ryan 15.02 Buccaneers
9.06 Pennington,Chad 14.04 Graham,Daniel 16.07 Kasay,John 15.05 Eagles
10.06 Favre,Brett 14.07 Clark,Dallas 16.08 Gramatica,Martin 17.01 Seahawks
11.01 Plummer,Jake 15.07 Smith,L.J. 17.04 Brown,Josh 17.05 Titans
11.07 Brady,Tom 16.01 Witten,Jason 17.06 Carney,John 17.07 Raiders
13.04 Garcia,Jeff 16.03 Clark,Desmond 18.01 Elling,Aaron 17.08 Falcons
15.08 Johnson,Brad 16.05 Kinney,Erron 18.02 Mare,Olindo 18.05 Chiefs
17.02 McCown,Josh 18.08 Miller,Billy 18.04 Andersen,Morten 18.06 Texans
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Holmes,Priest 6.03 Jones,Thomas 2.02 Moss,Randy 7.08 Toomer,Amani
1.02 Tomlinson,Lad. 6.05 Martin,Curtis 2.03 Harrison,Marvin 8.04 Smith,Rod
1.03 McAllister,Deuce 6.06 Westbrook,Brian 2.05 Holt,Torry 9.02 Smith,Jimmy
1.04 Green,Ahman 7.02 Brown,Chris 3.03 Owens,Terrell 9.03 Fitzgerald,Larry
1.05 Portis,Clinton 8.05 Duckett,T.J. 3.04 Johnson,Chad 10.02 Rogers,Charles
1.06 Alexander,Shaun 8.06 Suggs,Lee 3.07 Ward,Hines 10.03 Booker,Marty
1.07 Lewis,Jamal 9.01 Garner,Charlie 4.03 Moss,Santana 10.04 Stallworth,Donte'
1.08 James,Edgerrin 9.05 Bell,Tatum 4.04 Coles,Laveranues 10.05 Porter,Jerry
2.01 Taylor,Fred 9.07 Shipp,Marcel 4.06 Mason,Derrick 11.02 Lelie,Ashley
2.04 Barlow,Kevan 9.08 George,Eddie 4.07 Horn,Joe 11.04 Davis,Andre'
2.06 Davis,Domanick 10.07 Jackson,Steven 5.01 Boldin,Anquan 11.05 Burress,Plaxico
2.07 Johnson,Rudi 11.06 Dunn,Warrick 5.05 Smith,Steve 11.08 Branch,Deion
2.08 Bennett,Michael 12.07 Buckhalter,Correll 5.06 Jackson,Darrell 12.01 Wayne,Reggie
3.05 Henry,Travis 13.05 McGahee,Willis 5.08 Moulds,Eric 12.06 McCardell,Keenan
3.06 Faulk,Marshall 14.01 Foster,De'shaun 6.01 Walker,Javon 13.01 Robinson,Marcus
3.08 Dillon,Corey 14.05 Minor,Travis 6.07 Johnson,Andre 14.02 McCareins,Justin
4.05 Barber,Tiki 15.01 Johnson,Larry 6.08 Robinson,Koren 14.08 Johnson,Keyshawn
4.08 Davis,Stephen 16.02 Green,William 7.01 Chambers,Chris 15.04 Williams,Roy
5.07 Staley,Duce 17.03 Wheatley,Tyrone 7.03 Bruce,Isaac 15.06 Gardner,Rod
6.02 Jones,Kevin 18.03 Morris,Maurice 7.07 Price,Peerless 18.07 Givens,David

Resulting Teams

Leagues with only 8 teams are much harder to grade and analyze since everyone has access to a far deeper draft. There is little reason beyond strategic not to have a top ten player in every position and the starting RB's from 32 teams means everyone would have four if equally distributed. Note too that the waiver wire is rich with players in a league this small and should also be considered in the plans that are made during the draft.

The smaller the league, the more emphasis there should be on having top RB's and QB's (the highest scoring positions) and WR's fall in importance because every team could have four receivers that are #1 on their NFL team. Impact players mean much more in a smaller league since everyone has the access to build a solid team. Another factor that is notable is if the team grabs backups that have high upside, even if they carry a lot of risk. You need breakout players to make the final difference. You can always find solid number guys on the waiver wire. Earlier draft picks are even more valuable the smaller a league is since they access the mega-stars that are needed to make that small but important difference.

Draft Slot #1
5 Round Strategy: RB, RB, QB, RB, WR

In smaller leagues, those super-studs like Holmes may not have the major difference of larger leagues, but by the same token you need advantages everywhere to remain consistently high-scoring.

Doubled up with Michael Bennett (2) before landing Culpepper in the 3rd round. With Stephen Davis still on the board in the 4th, snagged him prior to still getting Boldin (5) and then Robinson (6). This team used his starting slot well, netting Holmes and Culpepper for the #1 players in their positions (the highest scoring as well) and the wait on receivers did not hurt with a starting trio of Boldin, Robinson and Chambers. Crumpler, Akers and MIA will also remain average at worst and likely above that. The only "hole" at all in this plan, if it is one, is that those backup receivers (M. Robinson and Keyshawn) are not likely to have a breakout season and with small leagues, taking a few risks here is perfectly fine.

Starters: Culpepper, Holmes, Bennett, Boldin, Robinson, Chambers, Crumpler, Akers and MIA

Grade: B+

# Draft Pigskin Posse
1.01 RB Holmes,Priest QB Culpepper,Daunte
2.08 RB Bennett,Michael QB Plummer,Jake
3.01 QB Culpepper,Daunte RB Holmes,Priest
4.08 RB Davis,Stephen RB Bennett,Michael
5.01 WR Boldin,Anquan RB Davis,Stephen
6.08 WR Robinson,Koren RB Garner,Charlie
7.01 WR Chambers,Chris RB Johnson,Larry
8.08 TE Crumpler,Alge WR Boldin,Anquan
9.01 RB Garner,Charlie WR Robinson,Koren
10.08 DT Dolphins WR Chambers,Chris
11.01 QB Plummer,Jake WR Robinson,Marcus
12.08 PK Akers,David WR Johnson,Keyshawn
13.01 WR Robinson,Marcus TE Crumpler,Alge
14.08 WR Johnson,Keyshawn TE Miller,Billy
15.01 RB Johnson,Larry PK Akers,David
16.08 PK Gramatica,Martin PK Gramatica,Martin
17.01 DT Seahawks DT Dolphins
18.08 TE Miller,Billy DT Seahawks

Draft Slot #2
5 Round Strategy: RB, RB, QB, WR, TE

Started with Tomlinson and paired him with Rudi Johnson (2). Like team #1, grabbed top QB in Manning (3) but then went after Joe Horn (4). Value pick in the 5th landed Todd Heap.

Ended up like Team #1 with arguably the two best players in the two highest scoring positions and took an upside risk on Chris Brown. Did the same with Lelie as a backup WR and also with Clark to backup Heap. Has top defense in NE and an always solid kicker in Elam. While this team is slightly less "solid" in RB and WR backups than team #1, he took great upside risks on Steven Jackson, Chris Brown and Ashley Lelie who could all suddenly become mega-starters if conditions are right. They may not, but Givens and Buckhalter cover him with at least some weekly numbers at worst.

Has top difference makers at all positions other than WR but with an eye for the waiver wire or some luck, he could be more than fine there anyway.

Starters: Manning, Tomlinson, R Johnson, Horn, A Johnson, J Smith, Heap, Elam, NE

Grade: A-

# Draft Big Talker
1.02 RB Tomlinson,Lad. QB Manning,Peyton
2.07 RB Johnson,Rudi QB McCown,Josh
3.02 QB Manning,Peyton RB Tomlinson,Lad.
4.07 WR Horn,Joe RB Johnson,Rudi
5.02 TE Heap,Todd RB Brown,Chris
6.07 WR Johnson,Andre RB Jackson,Steven
7.02 RB Brown,Chris RB Buckhalter,Correll
8.07 DT Patriots WR Horn,Joe
9.02 WR Smith,Jimmy WR Johnson,Andre
10.07 RB Jackson,Steven WR Smith,Jimmy
11.02 WR Lelie,Ashley WR Lelie,Ashley
12.07 RB Buckhalter,Correll WR Givens,David
13.02 PK Elam,Jason TE Heap,Todd
14.07 TE Clark,Dallas TE Clark,Dallas
15.02 DT Buccaneers PK Elam,Jason
16.07 PK Kasay,John PK Kasay,John
17.02 QB McCown,Josh DT Patriots
18.07 WR Givens,David DT Buccaneers

Draft Slot #3
5 Round Strategy: RB, RB, WR, WR, QB

Started out with McAllister and Domanick Davis and then double dipped into WR's with Owens and Mason. Took Trent Green as the fourth QB taken which was unnecessary - he would have easily been there three rounds or more later.

Ended up with two QB's that will likely not be a difference maker, two good RB's but has smaller, injury prone guys in Westbrook and D Davis and Suggs and Wheatley are riskier picks than needed. Strong WR's make up the best component of the team but the rest is very likely average. This is a team that will need to watch the waiver wire to improve since the lack of top difference makers will make consistent high scores tough to reach let alone maintain. Team has no players that are better than top 4 or 5 in their position.

Starters: T Green, McAllister, D Davis, Owens, Mason, Bruce, McMichael, Janikowski and JAX


# Draft Ziachild007
1.03 RB McAllister,Deuce QB Green,Trent
2.06 RB Davis,Domanick QB Favre,Brett
3.03 WR Owens,Terrell RB McAllister,Deuce
4.06 WR Mason,Derrick RB Davis,Domanick
5.03 QB Green,Trent RB Westbrook,Brian
6.06 RB Westbrook,Brian RB Suggs,Lee
7.03 WR Bruce,Isaac RB Wheatley,Tyrone
8.06 RB Suggs,Lee WR Owens,Terrell
9.03 WR Fitzgerald,Larry WR Mason,Derrick
10.06 QB Favre,Brett WR Bruce,Isaac
11.03 TE McMichael,Randy WR Fitzgerald,Larry
12.06 WR McCardell,Keenan WR McCardell,Keenan
13.03 TE Mili,Itula TE McMichael,Randy
14.06 DT Jaguars TE Mili,Itula
15.03 PK Janikowski,Seb. PK Janikowski,Seb.
16.06 PK Longwell,Ryan PK Longwell,Ryan
17.03 RB Wheatley,Tyrone DT Jaguars
18.06 DT Texans DT Texans

Draft Slot #4
5 Round Strategy: RB, WR, WR, RB, QB

Started out with Ahman Green and then swooped up Tory Holt (2) and Chad Johnson (3) before finally nabbing RB2 with Tiki Barber in the 4th. Found Donovan McNabb still there in the 5th and landed Shockey in the 6th for a nice start.

Ended up with a pretty solid team even for a small league with perhaps the best QB duo, Ahman Green and some solid yet unspectacular other RB's, two top WR's with Porter, A Davis and R. Williams to decide which one emerges as the best WR3. Shockey grants him good points from the TE slot if he stays healthy and Kinney should be solid regardless. The only thing preventing the team from a top grade is that other than Ahman Green, there is likely no RB2 that will emerge as a stud this year. Most have limited if any upside and a fresh rookie or riskier play at RB depth may have paid bigger dividends trying to get a difference maker to emerge.

Starters: McNabb, A Green, Barber, Holt, C Johnson, Porter, Shockey, Feely and CAR

Grade: B

# Draft Flypaste
1.04 RB Green,Ahman QB McNabb,Donovan
2.05 WR Holt,Torry QB Garcia,Jeff
3.04 WR Johnson,Chad RB Green,Ahman
4.05 RB Barber,Tiki RB Barber,Tiki
5.04 QB McNabb,Donovan RB Martin,Curtis
6.05 RB Martin,Curtis RB Duckett,T.J.
7.04 TE Shockey,Jeremy RB Minor,Travis
8.05 RB Duckett,T.J. WR Holt,Torry
9.04 DT Panthers WR Johnson,Chad
10.05 WR Porter,Jerry WR Porter,Jerry
11.04 WR Davis,Andre' WR Davis,Andre'
12.05 PK Feely,Jay WR Williams,Roy
13.04 QB Garcia,Jeff TE Shockey,Jeremy
14.05 RB Minor,Travis TE Kinney,Erron
15.04 WR Williams,Roy PK Feely,Jay
16.05 TE Kinney,Erron PK Brown,Josh
17.04 PK Brown,Josh DT Panthers
18.05 DT Chiefs DT Chiefs

Draft Slot #5
5 Round Strategy: RB, RB, RB, WR, WR


While in larger leagues going RB-RB-RB means that other positions suffer, that really did not happen here. This team excelled at working the 8 team draft.

Picked up Portis, Barlow and Henry before landing Coles (4) and Steve Smith (5) . Snatched Steve McNair at the 6.04 and then took clearly the best player on the board at the 7.05 with Hasselbeck. This is definitely the team with the best QB's.

Ended up with a powerhouse QB slot, not only solid RB's but also Tatum Bell as a great sleeper risk pick plus backed up Henry with McGahee. WR's are not stellar but solid with Coles and S. Smith and then Stallworth and Burress as depth offer great upside as backups. Boo Williams in the 12th was a great value pick. About the only weakness here might be DT but with the rest so strong, who cares? There's tons of them on the waiver wire.

Starters: McNair/Hasselbeck, Portis, Barlow/Henry, Coles, St. Smith, R. Smith, B Williams, Stover and PHI.

Grade: B+

# Draft yellowdog
1.05 RB Portis,Clinton QB McNair,Steve
2.04 RB Barlow,Kevan QB Hasselbeck,Matt
3.05 RB Henry,Travis RB Portis,Clinton
4.04 WR Coles,Laveranues RB Barlow,Kevan
5.05 WR Smith,Steve RB Henry,Travis
6.04 QB McNair,Steve RB Bell,Tatum
7.05 QB Hasselbeck,Matt RB McGahee,Willis
8.04 WR Smith,Rod WR Coles,Laveranues
9.05 RB Bell,Tatum WR Smith,Steve
10.04 WR Stallworth,Donte' WR Smith,Rod
11.05 WR Burress,Plaxico WR Stallworth,Donte'
12.04 TE Williams,Boo WR Burress,Plaxico
13.05 RB McGahee,Willis TE Williams,Boo
14.04 TE Graham,Daniel TE Graham,Daniel
15.05 DT Eagles PK Stover,Matt
16.04 PK Stover,Matt PK Andersen,Morten
17.05 DT Titans DT Eagles
18.04 PK Andersen,Morten DT Titans

Draft Slot #6
5 Round Strategy: RB, WR, RB, WR, WR

I may never grade out an 8 team mock again. It is like reviewing Playboy bunnies for the annual calendar.

This plan worked out very well and almost worked out tremendously. Started with Alexander with the 6th overall pick and still reached Harrison (2). Wisely went back to RB's and grabbed Marshall Faulk before going back and scooping up both Santana Moss(4) and Darrell Jackson (5)

Missed out on Hasselbeck by one pick thanks to Team #5 double dipping and missed out on Steven Jackson which together with the Faulk pick would have made this an A+. Got top guys in Wilkins and BAL and Gates/Clark offer reasonable upside at TE. Nice use of value that was close to being great.

Starters: Bulger, Alexander, Faulk, Harrison, S Moss, D Jackson, Gates, Wilkins and BAL.

Grade: B

# Draft Muck
1.06 RB Alexander,Shaun QB Bulger,Marc
2.03 WR Harrison,Marvin QB Pennington,Chad
3.06 RB Faulk,Marshall RB Alexander,Shaun
4.03 WR Moss,Santana RB Faulk,Marshall
5.06 WR Jackson,Darrell RB Jones,Thomas
6.03 RB Jones,Thomas RB Dunn,Warrick
7.06 QB Bulger,Marc RB Morris,Maurice
8.03 DT Ravens WR Harrison,Marvin
9.06 QB Pennington,Chad WR Moss,Santana
10.03 WR Booker,Marty WR Jackson,Darrell
11.06 RB Dunn,Warrick WR Booker,Marty
12.03 PK Wilkins,Jeff WR Gardner,Rod
13.06 TE Gates,Antonio TE Gates,Antonio
14.03 DT Vikings TE Clark,Desmond
15.06 WR Gardner,Rod PK Wilkins,Jeff
16.03 TE Clark,Desmond PK Carney,John
17.06 PK Carney,John DT Ravens
18.03 RB Morris,Maurice DT Vikings

Draft Slot #7
5 Round Strategy: RB, WR, WR, TE, RB

Oh boy, Another strong team.

These 8 team leagues show how much depth there is in positions and how well you can mine that in a variety of ways and still make it work depending on your draft slot.

Led off with Jamal Lewis and then snapped up top WR's in Randy Moss and Hines Ward. Used the 4th round to grab Tony Gonzalez for the best TE and still reached Staley (5th) and K Jones (6th). Later added Shipp and William Green for upside depth. Ended up with Brooks in the 8th who should post at least average numbers and has a nice mixture of studs and upside players that could actually make the starting decisions tough. Slightly weak, comparatively, at RB but tops in WR and TE with solid PK and DEF. Biggest strength is TE and WR but WR is the one position with the greatest available depth.

Starters: Brooks, Lewis, Staley, R Moss, Ward, Price, Gonzalez, Vinatieri and DAL.

Grade: B+

# Draft Springfield Isotopes
1.07 RB Lewis,Jamal QB Brooks,Aaron
2.02 WR Moss,Randy QB Brady,Tom
3.07 WR Ward,Hines RB Lewis,Jamal
4.02 TE Gonzalez,Tony RB Staley,Duce
5.07 RB Staley,Duce RB Jones,Kevin
6.02 RB Jones,Kevin RB Shipp,Marcel
7.07 WR Price,Peerless RB Green,William
8.02 QB Brooks,Aaron WR Moss,Randy
9.07 RB Shipp,Marcel WR Ward,Hines
10.02 WR Rogers,Charles WR Price,Peerless
11.07 QB Brady,Tom WR Rogers,Charles
12.02 DT Cowboys WR McCareins,Justin
13.07 PK Vinatieri,Adam TE Gonzalez,Tony
14.02 WR McCareins,Justin TE Smith,L.J.
15.07 TE Smith,L.J. PK Vinatieri,Adam
16.02 RB Green,William PK Mare,Olindo
17.07 DT Raiders DT Cowboys
18.02 PK Mare,Olindo DT Raiders

Draft Slot #8
5 Round Strategy: RB, RB, RB, QB, WR

This team took a similar route to Team # 5 but with lesser results from the drop back in draft slot. Started out with Edgerrin James and Fred Taylor and then used his #3 to grab Corey Dillon. Great start for RB's, though arguably none are in the top 8 (top 6 anyway) which makes a difference in an 8 team league. Finally went outside the RB's to grab value in Vick (4) and then was forced to work the WR's and came away with Moulds, Walker and Toomer. A great trio in a 12 team league but likely only average in an 8 team scenario.

Took Winslow in the 8th for a nice upside grab in TE and did secure Vanderjagt as the top kicker. This team ended up falling a bit short on some picks unlike Team #5 and it was that 3rd RB taken that made a bigger difference in this slot. Team is solid but carries no top players outside of his kicker and potentially Vick. Many of the players will need to revert to yesteryear in order to make a difference ( Vick, James, Dillon, Moulds, Toomer). This final pick in the round with the swing selections mined RB's for the first three picks and bypassed studs at other positions to do that. It caused him to end up solid but with a lack of playmakers Also loses brownie points for taking James/Taylor and now I cannot get the song "Fire and Rain" out of my head.

Starters: Vick, James, Taylor, Fire and Rain, Moulds, Walker, Toomer, Winslow, Vanderjagt and STL.

Grade: C

# Draft soopanuts
1.08 RB James,Edgerrin QB Vick,Michael
2.01 RB Taylor,Fred QB Johnson,Brad
3.08 RB Dillon,Corey RB James,Edgerrin
4.01 QB Vick,Michael RB Taylor,Fred
5.08 WR Moulds,Eric RB Dillon,Corey
6.01 WR Walker,Javon RB George,Eddie
7.08 WR Toomer,Amani RB Foster,De'shaun
8.01 TE Winslow,Kellen WR Moulds,Eric
9.08 RB George,Eddie WR Walker,Javon
10.01 PK Vanderjagt,Mike WR Toomer,Amani
11.08 WR Branch,Deion WR Branch,Deion
12.01 WR Wayne,Reggie WR Wayne,Reggie
13.08 DT Rams TE Winslow,Kellen
14.01 RB Foster,De'shaun TE Witten,Jason
15.08 QB Johnson,Brad PK Vanderjagt,Mike
16.01 TE Witten,Jason PK Elling,Aaron
17.08 DT Falcons DT Rams
18.01 PK Elling,Aaron DT Falcons