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Official Mock #10 - "Perfect Huddle" scoring - 12 Teams
David M. Dorey
August 19, 2004

This draft was conducted from August 12th to August 17th and considered the Perfect Huddle scoring system.

For more information on Perfect Huddle scoring, review the rules here or read the article from 2003.

Basically, the scoring strives to make position more equal and defenses as more likely liabilities than point scorers.

The 18 rounds were for a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, PK and DEF.

Draft By Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Holmes, Priest 1 WR Harrison, Marvin 1 WR Moulds, Eric 1 RB Barber, Tiki
2 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 2 RB Davis, Domanick 2 WR Moss, Santana 2 QB Bulger, Marc
3 RB Green, Ahman 3 QB Culpepper, Daunte 3 WR Mason, Derrick 3 RB Henry, Travis
4 RB Portis, Clinton 4 QB Manning, Peyton 4 RB Dillon, Corey 4 WR Smith, Steve
5 RB Alexander, Shaun 5 WR Owens, Terrell 5 RB Faulk, Marshall 5 TE Williams, Boo
6 RB McAllister, Deuce 6 RB Barlow, Kevan 6 TE Shockey, Jeremy 6 WR Chambers, Chris
7 WR Moss, Randy 7 QB McNabb, Donovan 7 TE Winslow, Kellen 7 WR Walker, Javon
8 RB James, Edgerrin 8 WR Johnson, Chad 8 QB McNair, Steve 8 WR Johnson, Andre
9 RB Taylor, Fred 9 TE Heap, Todd 9 WR Coles, Laveranues 9 WR Toomer, Amani
10 RB Lewis, Jamal 10 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 10 WR Horn, Joe 10 TE McMichael, Randy
11 WR Holt, Torry 11 RB Johnson, Rudi 11 WR Jackson, Darrell 11 QB Favre, Brett
12 TE Gonzalez, Tony 12 WR Ward, Hines 12 QB Vick, Michael 12 TE Crumpler, Alge
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 RB Davis, Stephen 1 WR Burress, Plaxico 1 WR Morgan, Quincy 1 RB Dunn, Warrick
2 WR Smith, Jimmy 2 WR Rogers, Charles 2 WR Boldin, Anquan 2 DT Ravens
3 RB Bennett, Michael 3 WR Lelie, Ashley 3 RB Duckett, T.J. 3 QB Brady, Tom
4 WR Booker, Marty 4 WR Warrick, Peter 4 QB Garcia, Jeff 4 RB Jones, Julius
5 QB Brooks, Aaron 5 WR Porter, Jerry 5 TE Clark, Dallas 5 WR Smith, Rod
6 WR Price, Peerless 6 QB Green, Trent 6 RB Brown, Chris 6 WR Galloway, Joey
7 RB Martin, Curtis 7 WR Bruce, Isaac 7 RB Staley, Duce 7 RB Buckhalter, Correll
8 RB Jones, Kevin 8 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 8 RB Suggs, Lee 8 RB Minor, Travis
9 RB George, Eddie 9 DT Patriots 9 WR Stallworth, Donte' 9 RB Griffin, Quentin
10 WR Robinson, Koren 10 WR Wayne, Reggie 10 RB Garner, Charlie 10 WR Kennison, Eddie
11 RB Westbrook, Brian 11 TE Gates, Antonio 11 TE Kinney, Erron 11 WR Driver, Donald
12 RB Jones, Thomas 12 QB Pennington, Chad 12 WR Branch, Deion 12 DT Cowboys
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 RB Foster, De'shaun 1 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 1 RB Williams, Moe 1 QB Plummer, Jake
2 WR Gardner, Rod 2 QB Leftwich, Byron 2 RB Fargas, Justin 2 WR Morton, Johnnie
3 QB Johnson, Brad 3 RB Smith, Onterrio 3 PK Wilkins, Jeff 3 DT Bills
4 WR McCareins, Justin 4 TE Jones, Freddie 4 RB Bell, Tatum 4 WR Northcutt, Dennis
5 WR Johnson, Keyshawn 5 WR Johnson, Kevin 5 RB Pittman, Michael 5 RB Jordan, Lamont
6 DT Panthers 6 WR Lloyd, Brandon 6 WR Rice, Jerry 6 TE Kleinsasser, Jim
7 DT Buccaneers 7 RB Dayne, Ron 7 TE Graham, Daniel 7 QB Bledsoe, Drew
8 DT Dolphins 8 DT Titans 8 PK Akers, David 8 PK Elam, Jason
9 RB Smith, Emmitt 9 RB McGahee, Willis 9 QB Carr, David 9 WR Robinson, Marcus
10 WR Williams, Roy 10 RB Jackson, Steven 10 TE Pollard, Marcus 10 WR Givens, David
11 RB Green, William 11 RB Perry, Chris 11 RB Hollings, Tony 11 DT Broncos
12 DT Rams 12 RB Wheatley, Tyrone 12 RB Alstott, Mike 12 WR Ferguson, Robert
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 PK Longwell, Ryan 1 WR Davis, Andre' 1 TE Becht, Anthony 1 PK Feely, Jay
2 RB Harris, Arlen 2 TE Johnson, Teyo 2 QB Maddox, Tommy 2 PK Stover, Matt
3 TE Mili, Itula 3 RB Smith, Antowain 3 DT Packers 3 PK Nedney, Joe
4 QB Delhomme, Jake 4 RB Toefield, Labrandon 4 PK Brown, Josh 4 DT Steelers
5 TE Witten, Jason 5 RB Davenport, Najeh 5 QB Gannon, Rich 5 TE Chamberlain, Byron
6 DT Eagles 6 RB Hearst, Garrison 6 WR Bennett, Drew 6 RB Zereoue, Amos
7 PK Vinatieri, Adam 7 RB Johnson, Larry 7 DT Jaguars 7 TE Johnson, Eric
8 QB Brunell, Mark 8 WR Woods, Rashaun 8 WR Clayton, Michael 8 RB Morris, Maurice
9 TE Clark, Desmond 9 DT Vikings 9 PK Janikowski, Seb. 9 WR Burleson, Nate
10 WR Randle El, Antwaan 10 RB Jones, Greg 10 TE Smith, L.J. 10 WR McCardell, Keenan
11 RB Thomas, Anthony 11 TE Franks, Bubba 11 WR Muhammad, M. 11 PK Carney, John
12 RB Bettis, Jerome 12 QB Warner, Kurt 12 WR Gage, Justin 12 WR Thompson, Derrius
Round 17 Round 18            
1 PK Andersen, Morten 1 TE Fitzsimmons, C.            
2 DT Seahawks 2 PK Mare, Olindo            
3 DT Giants 3 PK Hanson, Jason            
4 TE Troupe, Ben 4 PK Brown, Kris            
5 PK Gramatica, Martin 5 PK Edinger, Paul            
6 PK Kasay, John 6 PK Elling, Aaron            
7 QB Palmer, Carson 7 PK Brien, Doug            
8 DT Falcons 8 DT Raiders            
9 DT Texans 9 PK Reed, Jeff            
10 DT Chiefs 10 PK Conway, Brett            
11 DT Saints 11 PK Christie, Steve            
12 DT Lions 12 DT Colts            

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Kickers Team Defense
2.03 Culpepper, Daunte 1.12 Gonzalez, Tony 10.01 Vanderjagt, Mike 6.09 Patriots
2.04 Manning, Peyton 2.09 Heap, Todd 11.03 Wilkins, Jeff 8.02 Ravens
2.07 McNabb, Donovan 3.06 Shockey, Jeremy 11.08 Akers, David 8.12 Cowboys
2.10 Hasselbeck, Matt 3.07 Winslow, Kellen 12.08 Elam, Jason 9.06 Panthers
3.08 McNair, Steve 4.05 Williams, Boo 13.01 Longwell, Ryan 9.07 Buccaneers
3.12 Vick, Michael 4.10 McMichael, Randy 13.07 Vinatieri, Adam 9.08 Dolphins
4.02 Bulger, Marc 4.12 Crumpler, Alge 15.04 Brown, Josh 9.12 Rams
4.11 Favre, Brett 6.11 Gates, Antonio 15.09 Janikowski, Seb. 10.08 Titans
5.05 Brooks, Aaron 7.05 Clark, Dallas 16.01 Feely, Jay 12.03 Bills
6.06 Green, Trent 7.11 Kinney, Erron 16.02 Stover, Matt 12.11 Broncos
6.12 Pennington, Chad 10.04 Jones, Freddie 16.03 Nedney, Joe 13.06 Eagles
7.04 Garcia, Jeff 11.07 Graham, Daniel 16.11 Carney, John 14.09 Vikings
8.03 Brady, Tom 11.10 Pollard, Marcus 17.01 Andersen, Morten 15.03 Packers
9.03 Johnson, Brad 12.06 Kleinsasser, Jim 17.05 Gramatica, Martin 15.07 Jaguars
10.02 Leftwich, Byron 13.03 Mili, Itula 17.06 Kasay, John 16.04 Steelers
11.09 Carr, David 13.05 Witten, Jason 18.02 Mare, Olindo 17.02 Seahawks
12.01 Plummer, Jake 13.09 Clark, Desmond 18.03 Hanson, Jason 17.03 Giants
12.07 Bledsoe, Drew 14.02 Johnson, Teyo 18.04 Brown, Kris 17.08 Falcons
13.04 Delhomme, Jake 14.11 Franks, Bubba 18.05 Edinger, Paul 17.09 Texans
13.08 Brunell, Mark 15.01 Becht, Anthony 18.06 Elling, Aaron 17.10 Chiefs
14.12 Warner, Kurt 15.10 Smith, L.J. 18.07 Brien, Doug 17.11 Saints
15.02 Maddox, Tommy 16.05 Chamberlain, Byron 18.09 Reed, Jeff 17.12 Lions
15.05 Gannon, Rich 16.07 Johnson, Eric 18.10 Conway, Brett 18.08 Raiders
17.07 Palmer, Carson 17.04 Troupe, Ben 18.11 Christie, Steve 18.12 Colts
    18.01 Fitzsimmons, C.        
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Holmes, Priest 8.07 Buckhalter, Correll 1.07 Moss, Randy 7.01 Morgan, Quincy
1.02 Tomlinson, Lad. 8.08 Minor, Travis 1.11 Holt, Torry 7.02 Boldin, Anquan
1.03 Green, Ahman 8.09 Griffin, Quentin 2.01 Harrison, Marvin 7.09 Stallworth, Donte'
1.04 Portis, Clinton 9.01 Foster, De'shaun 2.05 Owens, Terrell 7.12 Branch, Deion
1.05 Alexander, Shaun 9.09 Smith, Emmitt 2.08 Johnson, Chad 8.06 Galloway, Joey
1.06 McAllister, Deuce 9.11 Green, William 2.12 Ward, Hines 8.10 Kennison, Eddie
1.08 James, Edgerrin 10.03 Smith, Onterrio 3.01 Moulds, Eric 8.11 Driver, Donald
1.09 Taylor, Fred 10.07 Dayne, Ron 3.02 Moss, Santana 9.02 Gardner, Rod
1.10 Lewis, Jamal 10.09 McGahee, Willis 3.03 Mason, Derrick 9.04 McCareins, Justin
2.02 Davis, Domanick 10.10 Jackson, Steven 3.09 Coles, Laveranues 9.05 Johnson, Keyshawn
2.06 Barlow, Kevan 10.11 Perry, Chris 3.10 Horn, Joe 9.10 Williams, Roy
2.11 Johnson, Rudi 10.12 Wheatley, Tyrone 3.11 Jackson, Darrell 10.05 Johnson, Kevin
3.04 Dillon, Corey 11.01 Williams, Moe 4.04 Smith, Steve 10.06 Lloyd, Brandon
3.05 Faulk, Marshall 11.02 Fargas, Justin 4.06 Chambers, Chris 11.06 Rice, Jerry
4.01 Barber, Tiki 11.04 Bell, Tatum 4.07 Walker, Javon 12.02 Morton, Johnnie
4.03 Henry, Travis 11.05 Pittman, Michael 4.08 Johnson, Andre 12.04 Northcutt, Dennis
5.01 Davis, Stephen 11.11 Hollings, Tony 4.09 Toomer, Amani 12.09 Robinson, Marcus
5.03 Bennett, Michael 11.12 Alstott, Mike 5.02 Smith, Jimmy 12.10 Givens, David
5.07 Martin, Curtis 12.05 Jordan, Lamont 5.04 Booker, Marty 12.12 Ferguson, Robert
5.08 Jones, Kevin 13.02 Harris, Arlen 5.06 Price, Peerless 13.10 Randle El, Antwaan
5.09 George, Eddie 13.11 Thomas, Anthony 5.10 Robinson, Koren 14.01 Davis, Andre'
5.11 Westbrook, Brian 13.12 Bettis, Jerome 6.01 Burress, Plaxico 14.08 Woods, Rashaun
5.12 Jones, Thomas 14.03 Smith, Antowain 6.02 Rogers, Charles 15.06 Bennett, Drew
7.03 Duckett, T.J. 14.04 Toefield, Labrandon 6.03 Lelie, Ashley 15.08 Clayton, Michael
7.06 Brown, Chris 14.05 Davenport, Najeh 6.04 Warrick, Peter 15.11 Muhammad, M.
7.07 Staley, Duce 14.06 Hearst, Garrison 6.05 Porter, Jerry 15.12 Gage, Justin
7.08 Suggs, Lee 14.07 Johnson, Larry 6.07 Bruce, Isaac 16.09 Burleson, Nate
7.10 Garner, Charlie 14.10 Jones, Greg 6.08 Fitzgerald, Larry 16.10 McCardell, Keenan
8.01 Dunn, Warrick 16.06 Zereoue, Amos 6.10 Wayne, Reggie 16.12 Thompson, Derrius
8.04 Jones, Julius 16.08 Morris, Maurice        

Using the Perfect Huddle results in a much different draft, particularly in the early rounds since other positions are elevated in their scoring up to the level of QB and RB (or at least almost). For example, in 2003 the top 30 scorers included: 14 QB, 6 RB, 7 WR and 3 WR. QB's are usually a bit more valuable and that is appropriate given the importance of the position. Where this system is most different is the more equal footing that WR's and TE's have with RB's.

In the top 100 from last year, this was the breakdown: 27 QB, 21 RB, 34 WR, 17 TE, 1 PK. Building a balanced team is critical in this scoring system. If you load up on RB's and delay QB and WR - you would not likely be competitive. Another critical element is that defenses for the season ranged from 70 points (NE) to (-138) points for Atlanta. Only nine defenses managed to end with a positive score. The average defense would result in about a 3 or 4 point loss for the week.

The grading will reflect that most drafters were not familiar with the scoring as you will observe. This scoring places a premium on those balanced teams with top dogs in every position.

Resulting Teams

Draft Slot #1
5 Round Strategy: RB, WR, WR, TE, RB

Went with Priest to start and then picked up Ward and Moulds for a nice trio. Scooped up Alge Crumpler to maintain solid TE points before grabbing Stephen Davis as his RB2 in the 5th round. This alone should be an indicator of the difference this scoring produces.

Ended up a little weak at QB with Pennington but should be fine with Holmes and Davis at RB. First two WR's were gems and Morgan, Ferguson and Thompson should produce at least one good receiver a week if he can figure out which one correctly. Crumpler and DAL will be an advantage and Longwell solid. Overall, this is a solid team and pretty well balanced but the depth in most positions are not likely to be much help.

Starters: Pennington, Holmes, S Davis, Ward, Moulds, Morgan, Crumpler, Longwell and DAL

Grade: B

# Draft Mad Boars
1.01 RB Holmes, Priest QB Pennington, Chad
2.12 WR Ward, Hines QB Warner, Kurt
3.01 WR Moulds, Eric RB Holmes, Priest
4.12 TE Crumpler, Alge RB Davis, Stephen
5.01 RB Davis, Stephen RB Foster, De'shaun
6.12 QB Pennington, Chad RB Wheatley, Tyrone
7.01 WR Morgan, Quincy RB Williams, Moe
8.12 DT Cowboys WR Ward, Hines
9.01 RB Foster, De'shaun WR Moulds, Eric
10.12 RB Wheatley, Tyrone WR Morgan, Quincy
11.01 RB Williams, Moe WR Ferguson, Robert
12.12 WR Ferguson, Robert WR Thompson, Derrius
13.01 PK Longwell, Ryan TE Crumpler, Alge
14.12 QB Warner, Kurt TE Becht, Anthony
15.01 TE Becht, Anthony PK Longwell, Ryan
16.12 WR Thompson, Derrius PK Andersen, Morten
17.01 PK Andersen, Morten DT Cowboys
18.12 DT Colts DT Colts

Draft Slot #2
5 Round Strategy: RB, RB, WR, QB, WR

Tomlinson was a good choice but the selection of Rudi Johnson at 2.11 bypassed other positions that would score more points. Finally got a WR with the 3.02 and then followed that with Favre and Jimmy Smith.

The drafter was not accustomed to the scoring system since he started out as a normal performance scoring way. His recovery picked up some nice upside in Gates and a calculated risk in Boldin but the PK and DEF will not be a difference maker. In this scoring, the perfect team would have #1 players in every position and this effort only netted LT as a true big play guy. There is not a lot of upside, at least very likely, on most of the backups

Starters: Favre Tomlinson, R Johnson, S Moss, J Smith, Boldin/Driver, Gates, Carney and DEN.

Grade: C

# Draft Ralph Furley
1.02 RB Tomlinson, Lad. QB Favre, Brett
2.11 RB Johnson, Rudi QB Maddox, Tommy
3.02 WR Moss, Santana RB Tomlinson, Lad.
4.11 QB Favre, Brett RB Johnson, Rudi
5.02 WR Smith, Jimmy RB Perry, Chris
6.11 TE Gates, Antonio RB Fargas, Justin
7.02 WR Boldin, Anquan RB Harris, Arlen
8.11 WR Driver, Donald WR Moss, Santana
9.02 WR Gardner, Rod WR Smith, Jimmy
10.11 RB Perry, Chris WR Boldin, Anquan
11.02 RB Fargas, Justin WR Driver, Donald
12.11 DT Broncos WR Gardner, Rod
13.02 RB Harris, Arlen TE Gates, Antonio
14.11 TE Franks, Bubba TE Franks, Bubba
15.02 QB Maddox, Tommy PK Carney, John
16.11 PK Carney, John PK Christie, Steve
17.02 DT Seahawks DT Broncos
18.11 PK Christie, Steve DT Seahawks

Draft Slot #3
5 Round Strategy: RB, QB, WR, TE, RB

This team adhered to the values of players pretty well with only maybe one or two missteps. After Ahman Green, Grabbed Hasselbeck who was a steal at the 2.10 (he was the 8th highest scorer last year) and then took Mason followed by Randy McMichael which in this scoring was a nice pick as well at the 4.10 Found his RB2 with Bennett at the 5.03

Ended up with a pretty solid team - Hasselbeck, Green and Wilkins are tops in their positions and at least solid players came in as backups. Could have done better by waiting on RB3 and taking a starter at the 7.03. This scoring means you need to focus on those starting points first since so they score fairly similarly between positions. There is far less advantage to a nice RB3 when he simply will not score well enough to equate to a WR3. Receivers are a little weak but pretty solid everywhere else.

Starters: Hasselbeck, A Green, Bennett, Mason, Wayne, Kennison, McMichael, Wilkins and GB

Grade: B

# Draft billay
1.03 RB Green, Ahman QB Hasselbeck, Matt
2.10 QB Hasselbeck, Matt QB Johnson, Brad
3.03 WR Mason, Derrick RB Green, Ahman
4.10 TE McMichael, Randy RB Bennett, Michael
5.03 RB Bennett, Michael RB Duckett, T.J.
6.10 WR Wayne, Reggie RB Jackson, Steven
7.03 RB Duckett, T.J. RB Jones, Greg
8.10 WR Kennison, Eddie WR Mason, Derrick
9.03 QB Johnson, Brad WR Wayne, Reggie
10.10 RB Jackson, Steven WR Kennison, Eddie
11.03 PK Wilkins, Jeff WR Givens, David
12.10 WR Givens, David WR McCardell, Keenan
13.03 TE Mili, Itula TE McMichael, Randy
14.10 RB Jones, Greg TE Mili, Itula
15.03 DT Packers PK Wilkins, Jeff
16.10 WR McCardell, Keenan PK Conway, Brett
17.03 DT Giants DT Packers
18.10 PK Conway, Brett DT Giants

Draft Slot #4
5 Round Strategy: RB, TE, RB, WR, WR

Took Portis at the 1.04 which is great in a normal draft but lost on the drafters this early is that Randy Moss outscored every RB last year (5 points better than Holmes). Moss scored 103 more points than Portis did. Top players in each position really make a difference.

Went for nice value in Heap at the 2.09 who actually scored a little more than Portis did in 2003. Could not resist Dillon at the 3.04 but probably missed an opportunity to pick up a higher scoring QB or WR. Has Toomer and Booker in the 5th and made a great pick of the Patriots in the 6th.

Ended up with weak QB's which will hurt given their value but solid RB's with upside on Bell, Griffin and McGahee. Receivers are okay with Toomer, Booker and McCareins but will not make a difference. Heaps and NE helps this team a good bit and may prove the saving grace for ignoring QB until the 7th round and buying too many RB's early.

Starters: Garcia, Portis, Dillon, Toomer, Booker, McCareins, Heap, J Brown and NE

Grade: C+

# Draft T-Scorp
1.04 RB Portis, Clinton QB Garcia, Jeff
2.09 TE Heap, Todd QB Delhomme, Jake
3.04 RB Dillon, Corey RB Portis, Clinton
4.09 WR Toomer, Amani RB Dillon, Corey
5.04 WR Booker, Marty RB Griffin, Quentin
6.09 DT Patriots RB McGahee, Willis
7.04 QB Garcia, Jeff RB Bell, Tatum
8.09 RB Griffin, Quentin WR Toomer, Amani
9.04 WR McCareins, Justin WR Booker, Marty
10.09 RB McGahee, Willis WR McCareins, Justin
11.04 RB Bell, Tatum WR Robinson, Marcus
12.09 WR Robinson, Marcus WR Burleson, Nate
13.04 QB Delhomme, Jake TE Heap, Todd
14.09 DT Vikings TE Troupe, Ben
15.04 PK Brown, Josh PK Brown, Josh
16.09 WR Burleson, Nate PK Reed, Jeff
17.04 TE Troupe, Ben DT Patriots
18.09 PK Reed, Jeff DT Vikings

Draft Slot #5
5 Round Strategy: RB, WR, RB, WR, QB

Went with Alexander at the 1.05 and then Chad Johnson as a nice pick-up at the 2.08. Felt the need for an RB at the 3.05 and went with Faulk though he failed to get Jackson later on. Andre Johnson was a very nice pickup in the 4th and Brooks in the 5th is a steal in this scoring. He was the 12th highest scorer in 2003.

This team actually carries some punch even without the top players you'd like to see. Solid at QB, could have problems with the RB's but that does not hurt as badly in this scoring. WR's a very nice with upside on Fitzgerald and Woods (though Woods is sliding these days). Elam and TEN should be at least average and two big upside TE's in Dallas Clark and Witten. Pretty balanced but weak at RB and not much pizzazz at any position

Starters: Brooks, Alexander, M Faulk, C Johnson, A Johnson, Fitzgerald, Dallas Clark, Elam and TEN

Grade: B

# Draft FightingEvil
1.05 RB Alexander, Shaun QB Brooks, Aaron
2.08 WR Johnson, Chad QB Gannon, Rich
3.05 RB Faulk, Marshall RB Alexander, Shaun
4.08 WR Johnson, Andre RB Faulk, Marshall
5.05 QB Brooks, Aaron RB Minor, Travis
6.08 WR Fitzgerald, Larry RB Pittman, Michael
7.05 TE Clark, Dallas RB Morris, Maurice
8.08 RB Minor, Travis WR Johnson, Chad
9.05 WR Johnson, Keyshawn WR Johnson, Andre
10.08 DT Titans WR Fitzgerald, Larry
11.05 RB Pittman, Michael WR Johnson, Keyshawn
12.08 PK Elam, Jason WR Woods, Rashaun
13.05 TE Witten, Jason TE Clark, Dallas
14.08 WR Woods, Rashaun TE Witten, Jason
15.05 QB Gannon, Rich PK Elam, Jason
16.08 RB Morris, Maurice PK Gramatica, Martin
17.05 PK Gramatica, Martin DT Titans
18.08 DT Raiders DT Raiders

Draft Slot #6
5 Round Strategy: RB, QB, TE, WR, WR

Still ignoring high scoring Moss, team went with McAllister and then grabbed McNabb at the 2.07. Nice pick in the 3rd with Shockey and then mined WR's to get Walker, Price and Bruce. Good pick of CAR in the 9th.

Ended up with some nice players for RB and WR and McNabb should be no less than solid at QB with a chance to be a top 10 overall scorer. This team was pretty balanced and has some nice depth in most positions. Other than passing on Moss or a QB in the 1st round, team filled in with good values. Waiting until the 7th to get Chris Brown likely does not hurt him at all and Buckhalter and Dayne as backups are nice. Jumping to different positions in the first four picks nabbed some top difference makers.

Starters: McNabb, McAllister, C Brown, Walker, Price, Bruce, Shockey, Kasay and CAR.

Grade: B+

# Draft Pancake
1.06 RB McAllister, Deuce QB McNabb, Donovan
2.07 QB McNabb, Donovan QB Bledsoe, Drew
3.06 TE Shockey, Jeremy RB McAllister, Deuce
4.07 WR Walker, Javon RB Brown, Chris
5.06 WR Price, Peerless RB Buckhalter, Correll
6.07 WR Bruce, Isaac RB Dayne, Ron
7.06 RB Brown, Chris RB Johnson, Larry
8.07 RB Buckhalter, Correll WR Walker, Javon
9.06 DT Panthers WR Price, Peerless
10.07 RB Dayne, Ron WR Bruce, Isaac
11.06 WR Rice, Jerry WR Rice, Jerry
12.07 QB Bledsoe, Drew WR Bennett, Drew
13.06 DT Eagles TE Shockey, Jeremy
14.07 RB Johnson, Larry TE Johnson, Eric
15.06 WR Bennett, Drew PK Kasay, John
16.07 TE Johnson, Eric PK Brien, Doug
17.06 PK Kasay, John DT Panthers
18.07 PK Brien, Doug DT Eagles

Draft Slot #7
5 Round Strategy: WR, RB, TE, WR, RB

Finally, someone noticed Moss and took him. Starting three receivers and the #3 overall scorer should not last until the 7th pick.

Went with Barlow at RB1 and then took Winslow in a gamble play at the 3.07 and missed Shockey by only one pick. Then managed to find Chambers before making Martin is RB2.

Ended up with a tremendous value pick with Trent Green in the 6th and TB and JAX are two very nice defenses to mix and match. Team is weak at WR3 and made an error in getting Kleinsasser as TE3 when WR3 and backups were weak. Blended solid picks like Green, Martin, Moss and Chambers with some calculated risks like Barlow and Winslow. should be no less than average and could be well above if Barlow and Winslow show up big this year.

Starters: Green, Barlow, Martin, Moss, Chambers, Galloway, Winslow, Vinatieri and TB.

Grade: B+

# Draft the dog team
1.07 WR Moss, Randy QB Green, Trent
2.06 RB Barlow, Kevan QB Palmer, Carson
3.07 TE Winslow, Kellen RB Barlow, Kevan
4.06 WR Chambers, Chris RB Martin, Curtis
5.07 RB Martin, Curtis RB Staley, Duce
6.06 QB Green, Trent RB Hearst, Garrison
7.07 RB Staley, Duce RB Zereoue, Amos
8.06 WR Galloway, Joey WR Moss, Randy
9.07 DT Buccaneers WR Chambers, Chris
10.06 WR Lloyd, Brandon WR Galloway, Joey
11.07 TE Graham, Daniel WR Lloyd, Brandon
12.06 TE Kleinsasser, Jim TE Winslow, Kellen
13.07 PK Vinatieri, Adam TE Graham, Daniel
14.06 RB Hearst, Garrison TE Kleinsasser, Jim
15.07 DT Jaguars PK Vinatieri, Adam
16.06 RB Zereoue, Amos PK Elling, Aaron
17.07 QB Palmer, Carson DT Buccaneers
18.06 PK Elling, Aaron DT Jaguars

Draft Slot #8
5 Round Strategy: RB, WR, QB, TE, RB

Could not resist RB1 as James in the 1st round but then went after value in a nice way. Took Owens and McNair with Boo Williams in the 4.05 for some strength in the big scoring positions. RB2 became Kevin Jones but WR2 of Porter was weaker than desired - caused by taking other positions through the first 5 rounds.

Not unlike team #7, this team went for some nice balance and achieved a solid team. Very solid at DT, PK, TE and QB, a little weaker at RB and WR other than Owens. Nice upside on most the backups. The main difference in this team and team #8 was that team #7 got a steal with Trent Green late while McNair at the 3.08 was merely an appropriate pick.

Starters: McNair, James, K Jones, Owens, Porter, R Smith, B Williams, Akers and MIA

Grade: B

# Draft The Chancellor
1.08 RB James, Edgerrin QB McNair, Steve
2.05 WR Owens, Terrell QB Brunell, Mark
3.08 QB McNair, Steve RB James, Edgerrin
4.05 TE Williams, Boo RB Jones, Kevin
5.08 RB Jones, Kevin RB Suggs, Lee
6.05 WR Porter, Jerry RB Jordan, Lamont
7.08 RB Suggs, Lee RB Davenport, Najeh
8.05 WR Smith, Rod WR Owens, Terrell
9.08 DT Dolphins WR Porter, Jerry
10.05 WR Johnson, Kevin WR Smith, Rod
11.08 PK Akers, David WR Johnson, Kevin
12.05 RB Jordan, Lamont WR Clayton, Michael
13.08 QB Brunell, Mark TE Williams, Boo
14.05 RB Davenport, Najeh TE Chamberlain, Byron
15.08 WR Clayton, Michael PK Akers, David
16.05 TE Chamberlain, Byron PK Edinger, Paul
17.08 DT Falcons DT Dolphins
18.05 PK Edinger, Paul DT Falcons

Draft Slot #9
5 Round Strategy: RB, QB, WR, WR, RB

Started with Fred Taylor which was not the best choice but rebounded with Manning at the 2.04 - #2 scorer in 2003 in this scoring system. Took Coles and Smith with the next two picks which was very strong but settled for George as RB2 with the 5.09 pick which could have been K Robinson or Burress for a stronger WR corps and not paid a big price at RB2 for it.

Waited so long on TE, PK and DEF that the three were all below average which hurts more in this scoring. QB and WR are strong but the rest of the positions won't make much difference in this scoring. Using 8th and 9th for RB3 and RB4 does not make as much sense in this scoring.

Starters: Manning, Taylor, George, Coles, S Smith, Warrick, F Jones, Janikowski and PIT

Grade: C

# Draft Ziachild007
1.09 RB Taylor, Fred QB Manning, Peyton
2.04 QB Manning, Peyton QB Carr, David
3.09 WR Coles, Laveranues RB Taylor, Fred
4.04 WR Smith, Steve RB George, Eddie
5.09 RB George, Eddie RB Jones, Julius
6.04 WR Warrick, Peter RB Smith, Emmitt
7.09 WR Stallworth, Donte' RB Toefield, Labrandon
8.04 RB Jones, Julius WR Coles, Laveranues
9.09 RB Smith, Emmitt WR Smith, Steve
10.04 TE Jones, Freddie WR Warrick, Peter
11.09 QB Carr, David WR Stallworth, Donte'
12.04 WR Northcutt, Dennis WR Northcutt, Dennis
13.09 TE Clark, Desmond TE Jones, Freddie
14.04 RB Toefield, Labrandon TE Clark, Desmond
15.09 PK Janikowski, Seb. PK Janikowski, Seb.
16.04 DT Steelers PK Brown, Kris
17.09 DT Texans DT Steelers
18.04 PK Brown, Kris DT Texans

Draft Slot #10
5 Round Strategy: RB, QB, WR, RB, WR

This team took Jamal Lewis with the 1.10 which was starting out with the 9th best RB instead of top players at all the other positions. Did grab Culpepper and then Horn for a good start but couldn't resist taking Henry at the 4.03. Doubled up to get K Robinson and Lelie for a good trio of receivers with Horn.

This team actually got away with using a standard performance approach to the Perfect Huddle scoring league. His TE's are weak but has upside to Pollard and L.J. Smith. Brady as QB2 was a nice pick in the 8th and his WR's are all capable of good years with some breaks. Will need for some players to exceed expectations to be a top contender but ended up with at least an average team and likely an above average one, saved by some of the backup picks that were made.

Starters: Culpepper, Lewis, Henry, Horn, K Robinson, Lelie, Pollard, Nedney, BUF

Grade: B

# Draft allen77
1.10 RB Lewis, Jamal QB Culpepper, Daunte
2.03 QB Culpepper, Daunte QB Brady, Tom
3.10 WR Horn, Joe RB Lewis, Jamal
4.03 RB Henry, Travis RB Henry, Travis
5.10 WR Robinson, Koren RB Garner, Charlie
6.03 WR Lelie, Ashley RB Smith, Onterrio
7.10 RB Garner, Charlie RB Smith, Antowain
8.03 QB Brady, Tom WR Horn, Joe
9.10 WR Williams, Roy WR Robinson, Koren
10.03 RB Smith, Onterrio WR Lelie, Ashley
11.10 TE Pollard, Marcus WR Williams, Roy
12.03 DT Bills WR Randle El, Antwaan
13.10 WR Randle El, Antwaan TE Pollard, Marcus
14.03 RB Smith, Antowain TE Smith, L.J.
15.10 TE Smith, L.J. PK Nedney, Joe
16.03 PK Nedney, Joe PK Hanson, Jason
17.10 DT Chiefs DT Bills
18.03 PK Hanson, Jason DT Chiefs

Draft Slot #11
5 Round Strategy: WR, RB, WR, QB, RB

In the Perfect Huddle, some of the best drafting slots are not the #1 and #2, but instead the #11 and #12 since they can access two top stars.

This team grabbed one with Holt but felt the need to take Domanick Davis. Followed that with D Jackson and then Bulger before the QB's got too thin. Went back for RB2 with Westbrook and then a nice string of upsiders in Rogers, Kinney and the NE defense.

This created one of the better teams. Solid at WR, TE, PK and DEF with at least good QB and RB. Pretty good use of the slot to take impact players in this scoring system. If this had a better RB2 and TE, it would be a definite contender. Backup RB's are all "iffy" and could be a hole in a week that they are needed.

Starters: Bulger, D Davis, Westbrook, Holt, Jackson, Rogers, Kinney, Stover and BAL.

Grade: B

# Draft Roller Coasters
1.11 WR Holt, Torry QB Bulger, Marc
2.02 RB Davis, Domanick QB Leftwich, Byron
3.11 WR Jackson, Darrell RB Davis, Domanick
4.02 QB Bulger, Marc RB Westbrook, Brian
5.11 RB Westbrook, Brian RB Green, William
6.02 WR Rogers, Charles RB Hollings, Tony
7.11 TE Kinney, Erron RB Thomas, Anthony
8.02 DT Ravens WR Holt, Torry
9.11 RB Green, William WR Jackson, Darrell
10.02 QB Leftwich, Byron WR Rogers, Charles
11.11 RB Hollings, Tony WR Morton, Johnnie
12.02 WR Morton, Johnnie WR Muhammad, M.
13.11 RB Thomas, Anthony TE Kinney, Erron
14.02 TE Johnson, Teyo TE Johnson, Teyo
15.11 WR Muhammad, M. PK Stover, Matt
16.02 PK Stover, Matt PK Mare, Olindo
17.11 DT Saints DT Ravens
18.02 PK Mare, Olindo DT Saints

Draft Slot #12
5 Round Strategy: TE, WR, QB, RB, RB

This team used the scoring system for value.

Started with Gonzalez as one of the top overall scorers, then Harrison and Vick in the 3rd. No RB yet but three top players in their position. Went with Barber and Thomas next and should have some upside with Thomas. Followed that with Burress and Branch.

Took a top defense in STL, top kicker in Vanderjagt, Top TE in Gonzo, Top WR in Harrison, Top QB in Vick. His only weakness is at RB but that does not hurt in this scoring. Thomas could surprise and Dunn offers a just in case RB3. Drafting at the back end, this was about as good as you can do.

Starters: Vick, Barber, T Jones, Harrison, Burress, Branch, Gonzalez, Vanderjagt and STL.

Grade: A

# Draft D-TOWN
1.12 TE Gonzalez, Tony QB Vick, Michael
2.01 WR Harrison, Marvin QB Plummer, Jake
3.12 QB Vick, Michael RB Barber, Tiki
4.01 RB Barber, Tiki RB Jones, Thomas
5.12 RB Jones, Thomas RB Dunn, Warrick
6.01 WR Burress, Plaxico RB Alstott, Mike
7.12 WR Branch, Deion RB Bettis, Jerome
8.01 RB Dunn, Warrick WR Harrison, Marvin
9.12 DT Rams WR Burress, Plaxico
10.01 PK Vanderjagt, Mike WR Branch, Deion
11.12 RB Alstott, Mike WR Davis, Andre'
12.01 QB Plummer, Jake WR Gage, Justin
13.12 RB Bettis, Jerome TE Gonzalez, Tony
14.01 WR Davis, Andre' TE Fitzsimmons, C.
15.12 WR Gage, Justin PK Vanderjagt, Mike
16.01 PK Feely, Jay PK Feely, Jay
17.12 DT Lions DT Rams
18.01 TE Fitzsimmons, C. DT Lions