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Quarterback Watch - Week 3
Scott Boyter
September 21, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 MIN Daunte Culpepper Loss of DB Mike Brown will severely hurt Chicago secondary and Culpepper will take full advantage.
2 PHI Donovan McNabb Detroit ’s the feel-good NFL story so far, but if David Carr can light up their secondary, McNabb should be huge.
3 IND Peyton Manning Rebounded from a bad first half to post good numbers against the Titans. Could be in for a shootout against Green Bay at home this week.
4 NYJ Chad Pennington Steadily strengthening his hold on no-brainer, top five status. You’ll take 250 and two TDs every week from your starting QB.
5 ATL Michael Vick Now that’s what Michael Vick should look like. Spectacular game looms at home against Arizona.
6 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Another steady hand. San Francisco matchup is beginning to look downright tasty.
7 NO Aaron Brooks Serious numbers against Niners, and will have to throw even more after injury to Deuce McAllister. Schedule (at Arizona, Tampa Bay, Minnesota, at Oakland) mostly favorable next four weeks.
8 NE Tom Brady Just keeps humming right along. He won’t hurt your team unless you start him this week, since he’s on a bye.
9 STL Marc Bulger Pretty good start to season (combined with St. Louis’ offensive weapons) has re-established his top 10 standing. Continued rash of mistakes will knock him right back out.
10 KC Trent Green Clinging to top 10 by a quickly unraveling thread after a lousy Week 2. He badly needs a reliable receiver other than Tony Gonzalez. If he can’t torch Houston this week, Green’s free fall will officially begin.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

David Carr (HOU) – The Texans are 0-2 but Carr has enjoyed two excellent games, averaging 270 yards and two scores against the Chargers and Lions. His three picks are definitely a problem, obviously, but you’ve got to love the matchup Carr has with the Chiefs next week, even if the game is at Arrowhead.

Jake Delhomme (CAR) – Delhomme may have found a serviceable replacement for Steve Smith in Keary Colbert, and the running game hasn’t missed a beat now that DeShaun Foster is The Man for at least another month. He hasn’t lit the world on fire, but he has some decent-looking matchups ( Seattle, Philadelphia, San Diego) in upcoming weeks. Delhomme won’t hurt you.

Kurt Warner (NYG) – What in the wide, wide world of sports is a-goin’ on here? As bad as Warner looked in Week 1, he looked nearly as good against the Redskins. Does that say more about Warner or the Washington D? New York faces the Browns next week and gives Mr. Piggly Wiggly at least a decent matchup. Looking ahead, Warner faces Detroit at home in Week 7 and then the Vikings on the road in Week 8. If you have some dead weight on your squad, Warner is at least worth a look.

Sliding Back

Steve McNair (TEN) – A 73-yard, one TD day against Miami is understandable. But failing to throw for a touchdown against the pathetic Colt defense is not. He did run one in for a score and had 273 through the air, but the last two weeks have to be disconcerting for McNair owners. And this week he goes up against a tough Jaguar D. He averaged 176 yards and one TD (with no rushing touchdowns) against Jacksonville in 2003.

Drew Brees (SD)/Jeff Garcia (CLE) – These two bozos show how fast you can crash to earth in the NFL. They were both putrid, to put it mildly, against defenses (Jets and Cowboys, respectively) that looked horrible the week before. Brees managed only 146 yards and a TD versus two interceptions, and was ultimately pulled for the fossil known as Doug Flutie. But Brees’ numbers were spectacular compared to those of Garcia (71 yards, no TDs, three INTs). Next week, Brees (unless he gets planted on the bench) takes on a good Denver pass defense. Garcia faces a Giant defense that was excellent against Washington last week. It’s obvious neither should be considered for a fantasy lineup until they can demonstrate even a sliver of consistency.