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Quarterback Watch - Week 5
Scott Boyter
October 5, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning Had a relatively subpar day against an excellent Jaguar defense, and still went for 220 and two TDs. Manning should absolutely light up a Raider pass D that surrendered 309 yards to Brad Johnson, for gosh sakes.
2 MIN Daunte Culpepper Rested and ready, Culpepper should pick right back up where he left off. This week’s game against Houston promises to be a shootout.
3 PHI Donovan McNabb Off this week, and has relatively tough matchups with Carolina and Baltimore in the next few weeks.
4 NE Tom Brady Brady continues to light it up every week. The signing of Corey Dillon has brought a consistency to Brady’s game that makes him gold for fantasy owners. Run him every week and sleep well.
5 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Another QB coming back from a bye, Hasselbeck is ready to match St. Louis score-for-score. He has the weapons.
6 NYJ Chad Pennington Miami will make quite a few quarterbacks look mortal. Upcoming games against Buffalo and San Francisco should keep him on this list for at least two weeks.
7 STL Marc Bulger Seattle D not the pushover it was last season, but this week’s game should still be a track meet.
8 HOU David Carr Carr finally cracks the top 10 after yet another steady performance. It also doesn’t hurt that he plays against the Viking D. Hopefully his impending haircut won’t have a Samson-like effect on him.
9 NYG Kurt Warner Warner’s here basically by default, but you can’t dismiss his good performances of recent weeks. Next up is a Dallas D that isn’t nearly as good as it was in 2003.
10 OAK Kerry Collins Yeah, yeah, he stunk it up against the Texans, but come on – he goes up against Indianapolis this week. They even made Byron Leftwich look great last Sunday. For one week, he’s probably worth a gamble.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Vinny Testaverde (DAL) – Testaverde goes up against the tough Giant defense, but you can’t ignore the fact that he’s averaged 297 yards and a TD through his first three games. If the Cowboys ever get a consistent running game, Testaverde will become a top 10 quarterback.

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – The rookie remained steady with a solid 174-yard, one-TD game against Cincinnati. There’s no reason his numbers shouldn’t stay at least at that level against Cleveland. He’s not going to win a week for you, but if you’ve got problems at QB he’s probably not going to hurt you, either.

Sliding Back

Brett Favre (GB) – If anybody can come back the week after a concussion, it’s Favre. Hell, he came back three plays later and tossed a TD. But he never left the sideline after that and there’s no guarantee that he’ll play against Tennessee. Plus, you have to be concerned that he hasn’t been able to finish his last two games. As tough as Favre is, though, he’ll probably make his 194th consecutive start against the Titans. If so, he’ll put up great numbers and make a quick return to the top 10.

Michael Vick (ATL) – Vick has been anything but sick during his first four games, even though his team is undefeated. He’s absolutely killing fantasy teams nationwide, and should be benched until he shows he can finally perform in the West Coast offense. Plant him on yours until he shows something.

Aaron Brooks (NO) – It’s apparent that the Arizona defense has vastly improved, but Brooks’ performance was inexcusable (242 yards, no TDs, one fumble), especially coughing up the ball at the goal line. This week he faces a Tampa Bay defense that’s still tough even though the Bucs have yet to win a game. Maybe Brooks will warrant a return to the top 10 with a decent game, but he had to be dropped after his performance after the Cardinals. Pathetic.