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Quarterback Watch - Week 6
Scott Boyter
October 12, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 MIN Daunte Culpepper Houston ’s D may be lousy, but it wouldn’t have mattered if Culpepper would have been playing Sister Mary’s School for the Blind. Totals 396 yards and five TDs warrant the No. 1 slot.
2 IND Peyton Manning Surprisingly low yardage total against Oakland (198) but still had three TDs. After his off Week 6 bye, faces Jacksonville, K.C. and Minnesota – and that’s money in the bank.
3 PHI Donovan McNabb His bye week severely damaged a lot of fantasy teams, but McNabb will come back strong with huge numbers against Carolina and Cleveland.
4 STL Marc Bulger He was shaky for three quarters, but ended up with an absolutely monstrous game (325 yds., 3 TDs, 1 rush TD). Beware of tough matchups with Tampa Bay and Miami, but he’s done enough this season to deserve this ranking.
5 NYJ Chad Pennington Steady as she goes. Another strong game against Buffalo keeps him at No. 5. If he lights up San Francisco as he should, a Top 3 spot could await.
6 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Hasselbeck doesn’t post spectacular numbers, yet puts up good enough totals to remain a top 10 fantasy QB. His numbers should suffer against the Patriots, but potential fantasy feasts await against Arizona and Carolina.
7 HOU David Carr Carr was outstanding against the Vikings in a losing cause, and continues to post excellent numbers in what is quickly becoming a breakout season. Plus, he has a pretty favorable passing schedule on the horizon.
8 NE Tom Brady Even when he’s bad, he’s good. Brady balanced a 76-yard passing day with two touchdowns. Considering what the Rams did to Seattle last week, Brady should have a huge game.
9 TEN Steve McNair McNair looked good against the Packers, and has some delicious matchups in the next three weeks (Houston, Minnesota and Cincinnati). Oh, hell yes put him in your lineup.
10 NYG Kurt Warner Not great, but definitely not bad, Warner continues his renaissance. But if Tiki Barber keeps this up, Warner’s numbers will drop him back to fantasy mediocrity. Trent Green will probably return to this spot soon.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Tim Rattay (SF) – He’s averaged 358 yards and two TDs in his last two games, so Rattay at least deserves a mention. He’s found a reliable target in TE Eric Johnson, and has decent upcoming matchups with the Jets and Bears. But he is a 49er, so he’ll probably drop back to earth with a resounding thud fairly soon.

Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – Roethlisberger continues his steady, effective play. Roethlisberger’s first three starts have resulted in 568 yards, five TDs and a rushing touchdown. His roll should end soon, though – if it doesn’t happen against Dallas, it will probably occur against New England and Philadelphia.

Drew Brees (SD) – Here he comes again to tempt fantasy owners into picking him up and running him out. Brees the Tease has 417 yards and five touchdowns in his last two games, the latter against a supposedly very good Jacksonville defense. Brees has pretty good upcoming matchups with Atlanta, Carolina and Oakland.

Sliding Back

Kerry Collins (OAK) – Screw this moron. The Raiders blow but Collins blows worse. Three interceptions against the collection of human sieves known as the Colt secondary? You have got to be kidding. He’s averaged a laughable 232 yards and two picks against Houston and Indy. Get him the hell off of your roster immediately.

Michael Vick (ATL) – The beating continues for Vick owners who keep thinking this will finally be the week he performs up to his potential. After yet another lousy game, how much more evidence do you need? As we said last week, plant Vick on your bench until he shows something.

Vinny Testaverde (DAL) – After two good games to start the season, Testaverde has regressed a bit in his last two. He managed only 126 yards and a TD against the Giants, even though the Cowboys had a very good rushing game for the first time this season. Don’t look for much better numbers this week against Pittsburgh’s No. 6 pass D.