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Start/Bench List - Week 11
Whitney Walters
November 18, 2004
Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 4 PM Sun 8:30 PM
STL at BUF PIT at CIN SF at TB SD at OAK Mon 9 PM
IND at CHI TEN at JAC   WAS at PHI (times ET)
Player List by Position
Start/Bench Codes (SBC)
S1: Must start, 1st string.
S2: Solid starter, 2nd string.
X: No start or bench indications / Could go either way.
B: Bench 'em / Too much risk.
U: Upside player / Possible sleeper.
Early Injury Status  (O): Out  (D): Doubtful  (Q): Questionable  (P): Probable
Dallas (3-6) at Baltimore (6-3) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Vinny Testaverde B

Vinny put up solid numbers last week against a difficult opponent. It's hard to imagine that happening two weeks in a row against an even tougher Raven's defense on the road.

RB Eddie George X Didn't get the carries last week thanks to the Cowboys falling into a hole early. He saved his performance however with a strong TD run. George should see more carries this week as the Ravens aren't going to jump out to a big lead on anyone, but the going is always tough against the Baltimore defense. Don't expect much.
RB Richie Anderson B Holds only minimal fantasy value, even if you get points for receptions.
WR Keyshawn Johnson X

Only good for his average of 4-for-60 lately. It's unlikely he'll be able to top that this week against one of the better pass defenses in the league.

WR Quincy Morgan B Morgan seems almost back to 100% and is a nice field stretching complement to Johnson's possession receiver style. He may pop for a long gain or two this week but that's the extent of his upside.
TE Jason Witten S1 Obviously the only bright spot in the Dallas offense right now and a must fantasy start regardless of opponent. Should be a great matchup to watch with Raven's SS Ed Reed.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Kyle Boller X Boller had his best performance of the season last week against the Jets. Does that mean he suddenly has some fantasy value? No. But if you choose to believe the words of HC Billick he will some day. The evidence of that is hard to find however.
RB Jamal Lewis S1 After two sub-par weeks against strong opponents, Lewis should return to his fine fantasy form against a Dallas defense that's struggling to stop anything these days.
WR Travis Taylor U Don't be too distracted by Moore's breakout last week. Taylor has played well since his return from injury and has the speed and quickness to do some damage against a reeling Dallas secondary.
WR Clarence Moore X Burst onto the fantasy scene last week with his two TD effort. He's also pulled in ten catches for 151 yards over the last three games. In the Raven's league worst passing attack that's doing something. Until Heap returns Moore may remain a threat in the red-zone due to his 6-6 frame, but beyond that don't expect much.

Todd Heap (Q)

B Heap may miss another game and there are no other tight ends worth looking at.
St. Louis (5-4) at Buffalo (3-6) Back to top
St. Louis
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Marc Bulger X

Even though the Rams came out with guns blazing last week Bulger ended the day with just 262 yards and a single score. That's par for the course this season as St. Louis is rarely lighting up the score board. Look for more of the same this week away from the warm confines of the RCA Dome and against a strong Buffalo pass defense.

RB Marshall Faulk (P) X Received more than 15 carries for only the third time last week, and thanks to a long run his numbers were good on those 18 carries. With limited carries and Jackson taking some of the goal-line action it's going to be hard for Faulk to provide consistent fantasy production since he won't score often.
RB Steven Jackson B Last week was Jackson's top fantasy performance of the season (11 touches, 56 yards and a score). At this point it seems that he's much more likely to come in below those numbers than he is to come in above on any given week.
WR Torry Holt (Q) S2 Blew a great matchup last week when he suffered a concussion on his fourth catch attempt. Early indications are that he will return to action this week. Will see plenty of man coverage as that's the Bills preference, and make the most of it.
WR Isaac Bruce S2 Had a 100 yard effort last week for the first time in five games thanks to the early exit of Torry Holt. Can't count on that so look for Bruce to go back to his more typical 80 yard, no score performance this week.
WR Shaun McDonald B

May see a bit more action this week as the Rams should run more spread formations to stretch the Bills secondary. He's still not a startable fantasy commodity however.

TE Brandon Manumaleuna B Occasionally pops out with a touchdown or decent yardage game, but those are few and far between.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Drew Bledsoe X Bledsoe's production has been tailing off and reached a season low of 8-19-76 last week and he gave way to rookie J.P. Losman late. With the Bills' season in a tailspin Bledsoe could be on a short leash now. This is actually a decent matchup, but risky.
RB Willis McGahee S2 The Bills fell behind quickly last week so McGahee was limited to just 14 carries during his worst performance since taking the starting job. Stopping McGahee is the key to slowing down the Bills offense these days but the Rams don't have that kind of run stopping ability. Buffalo will run the ball as much as possible this week to keep the game tight with a very productive Ram offense.
WR Eric Moulds S2

Not even Moulds can find a way to be productive when your team is passing for 81 yards. But he did pull in over half of that yardage and completions. The passing game should bounce back some this week at home against St. Louis, so Moulds remains a decent fantasy starter.

WR Lee Evans X Lee has spent most of the season in fantasy oblivion but the talented rookie has shown flashes of ability. With Reed likely to remain out of action Evans will be called on to provide some defense stretching routes down field.
WR Josh Reed (D) B Likely to sit another game out due to injury.
TE Mark Campbell B Used a lot in pass protection and only good for a catch or two a game. He's gone three weeks without a catch.
Arizona (4-5) at Carolina (2-7) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Josh McCown (P) U McCown is in the midst of a horrible three game stretch in which he's faced three of the tougher pass defenses in the league (BUF, MIA, NYG). Statistically Carolina could fall in that category but their lack of a pass rush and depth in the secondary should help the Arizona line provide better protection and for the options to be plentiful in the 3-WR and 4-WR sets.
RB Emmitt Smith (Q) S2 Continues his "Still Got It" tour last week with his first two TD performance. He's not going to get you the huge yardage games as he's topped 90 yards only twice this season. But only five backs have scored more touchdowns this season. Against a Carolina defense that's allowed a league worst 15 he should be able to keep it going.
WR Anquan Boldin S2 The production wasn't there last week but the action was as Boldin received almost half of McCown's pass attempts. Look for more of the same each week and for the results to improve starting this Sunday against a banged up Panther secondary.
WR Larry Fitzgerald S2 In two of the three games since Boldin's return the rookie has a total of one catch for two yards. You read that right, 1-for-2. But he also had a 5-for-92, 1 TD effort in the other game and the future looks brighter for Fitzgerald now that Boldin is working into shape and defenses have to account for him.
WR   Bryant Johnson  B Johnson is the third option now and has only three receptions in each game since Boldin's return. He's about as valuable now as most #3 receivers... not very.
TE Freddie Jones B With Boldin back and the wide receiver heavy offense gearing up Jones' value has dropped off the chart. Only three catches for 17 yards in the last three games as he's primary function now is pass protection.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Jake Delhomme (Q) B

Delhomme has put up over 600 yards and 6 touchdowns in the past two games. That has come against the reeling Raiders and Niners however and Arizona poses a tougher challenge. That and the broken thumb on his throwing hand should be enough for his owners to look for another option this week.

RB Brad Hoover (Q)
Nick Going
Brandon Bennett
Joey Harris (Q)

With Davis now gone for sure the running game is in the hands of these three fullbacks and the rookie Harris. This is a four-headed mess that should be avoided by all fantasy owners.

WR Muhsin Muhammad X Muhammad is by far the best option Delhomme has in the passing game and is on a great three game run. That could all come to a screeching halt this week against a tough secondary and with a quarterback with a bum throwing hand. He's a big risk this week.
WR Keary Colbert X The rookie is very inconsistent and hasn't seen the end-zone since week five.
TE Kris Mangum (Q) B Mangum has his ups and downs, but he's a dependable receiver that's being asked to mostly block.
Indianapolis (6-3) at Chicago (4-5) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Peyton Manning S1 Over 1000 yards and 14 touchdowns in three weeks against three of the poorer pass defenses in the league (KC, MIN, HOU). Chicago is a step up from those opponents but does it really matter?
RB Edgerrin James S2

Look for the Colts to keep running James and for him to keep producing. He hasn't seen the end-zone since week five so he's due.

WR Marvin Harrison S2 Two weeks without a score and a season low 2-for 22 last week. You know what that means? It's big-game time.
WR Reggie Wayne S2 As long as this offense is clicking you have to stick with your Colt players, and that includes ...
WR Brandon Stokley S2 ... Stokley and ...
TE Dallas Clark
Marcus Pollard
S2 ... the tight ends.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Craig Krenzel B The rookie may have three wins in his first three starts but he still barely even registers on the fantasy value scale, averaging under 150 yards and a score per game.
RB Thomas Jones (Q) S2

Jones is expected to return to action this week but it's unlikely that his toe is 100% healed yet. Look for him to get the bulk of the work if he can hold up but for his production to be limited.

RB Anthony Thomas X Jones should be back but the A-Train proved himself in his absence and you can bet the Bears will not hesitate to get him some carries this week as not to push Jones too hard in his return.
WR David Terrell
Bobby Wade

When your passing game is averaging only 10 completions for 142 yards under your new rookie quarterback it's hard to imagine any Chicago receiver being of much help to your fantasy team.

TE Desmond Clark


Since Krenzel took over Clark has only two catches.
NY Jets (5-3) at Cleveland (3-6) Back to top
New York Jets
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Quincy Carter B Carter wasn't terrible last week, but he wasn't very good either. Facing the Browns this week will present an easier opponent but he's just not a startable fantasy quarterback in this fill-in role.
RB Curtis Martin S2 As expected the Jets emphasized the running game last week without Pennington. The surprise was the success they had against the Ravens defense with Martin going for 119 yards and two touchdowns. Cleveland doesn't pose anywhere near the threat of Baltimore so Martin should continue his fine season this week.
WR Santana Moss X Both Moss and ...
WR Justin McCareins   X

... McCareins match up well against the struggling Cleveland secondary. Look for both to improve on last week's sub-par performances.

WR Wayne Chrebet B

The Jets aren't running as many 3-WR sets with Carter, limiting Chrebet's potential.

TE Anthony Becht B Carter lacks the touch to work well with tight ends on short and underneath routes and Becht has been ignored most of the season anyway.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Jeff Garcia B

Garcia has been flat out terrible in the past two games against what many would consider the top two defenses in the league right now, BAL and PIT. Catches a break this week with the Jets but he's had only a single fantasy worthy outing this season.

RB Lee Suggs
William Green

Suggs got his chance last week with the pre-game ejection of Green. Didn't do much with it, gaining only 38 yards. Green will be back this week and with these two splitting time against a top five run defense, expectations should be lowered for both.

WR Andre' Davis (Q) B

Remains questionable due to the turf toe injury.

WR Dennis Northcutt X

Northcutt doesn't match up well with the Jets corners but he's the best option Garcia has and has yet to score this season. Maybe this is the week.

WR Antonio Bryant B

Bryant hasn't shown much in his new home and seems to be a long way from making any fantasy contributions.

TE Aaron Shea
Steve Heiden
B Shea has shown steady improvements each week and is a consistent target for Garcia at the goal-line. Unfortunately Heiden's role seems to be increasing, hurting both's fantasy value.
Pittsburgh (8-1) at Cincinnati (4-5) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Ben Roethlisberger X Look for the formula of run a ton and throw just enough to continue this week against a Bengals defense that's much more susceptible to the run than pass. As a result Big Ben remains just below the fantasy starter level.
RB Duce Staley (Q) X Duce is expected back, AGAIN, but look for a late week decision. If he's close to 100% and plays he's a solid but not great start against the terrible Cincinnati run defense.
RB Jerome Bettis (P) X If Bettis is called on again he'll do well against the Bengals. Even if Staley returns look for The Bus to get more work than he had prior to Staley's injury.
WR Hines Ward (P) S2

Ward had never caught fewer than six passes in a game this season going into week nine. In the last two games he has only five catches total. He remains the most reliable target and excels at finding soft spots in opposing secondaries but the run emphasis this week will continue to hurt his fantasy potential.

WR Plaxico Burress X

Without touchdowns Burress provides limited fantasy production as he averages only three catches a game. Went only 4-for-69 in the week four meeting with Cincinnati.

Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Carson Palmer B

On a good week Palmer isn't a fantasy starter. This week against the Steelers and their league leading 28 sacks he's not even worthy of your fantasy bench.

RB Rudi Johnson S2 Johnson gets the carries but the problem is the Bengal running attack only produces a measly 3.9 YPC average. That's likely to take a dip this week against the team that allows a league low 3.1 YPC. The Bengals will keep feeding the bruising runner to keep the offense off the shoulders of the struggling Palmer, but that won't result in much this week. A borderline starter at best.
WR Chad Johnson X With his quarterback lucky to stay on his feet Johnson will continue his frustrating fantasy season with another mediocre game likely. Was just 4-for-54 in week four against a Pittsburgh defense that's improved since.
WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Kelly Washington
B Each have had their brief moments this season with Warrick out, but brief moments are not what your fantasy team needs.
TE Matt Schobel B Schobel could play a bigger role in the short passing game this week to take pressure off Johnson down field and Palmer in a collapsing pocket. That's a big "could" however as both Reginald Kelly and Tony Stewart are also in the mix.
Detroit (4-5) at Minnesota (5-4) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Joey Harrington X

Poor O-Line play and a decimated WR corps have made Harrington's third season similar to his second, high on promise but low on delivery. Without a 100% healthy Roy Williams and his big play ability there isn't much hope of things turning around for the Detroit passing attack. The suspect Viking secondary does present a good opportunity for improvement however.

RB Kevin Jones S2 Jones received season highs in both carries and yards last week, showing that the Lions are growing in confidence in their star rookie. The Viking defense is struggling to stop the run and is undersized up front. Look for Detroit to push this advantage with an increased emphasis on the running game.
WR Roy Williams X

Obviously not close to 100% and will likely struggle with the ankle injury the rest of the season. He remains a major factor in the passing game but has caught only five of the 24 passes that have come his way in the past two weeks.

WR Az-Zahir Hakim (D) X Hakim has some value against the Viking secondary, but his injuries make him a risky start. Last week he started the game for the Lions but had to leave early due to the back injury he's struggling with.
TE Stephen Alexander B Aside from the week seven effort Alexander has been a non-factor this season. He is capable of pulling in a few balls each week but splits time with Fitzsimmons.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Daunte Culpepper S2 In a great sign for his fantasy owners, Culpepper finally got it going without Moss last week with 363 yards and 4 TDs (his average prior to the Moss injury). The Detroit defense has fallen off of late and the Vikings should have little trouble moving the ball through the air this week.
RB   Onterrio Smith
Michael Bennett
Mewelde Moore (Q)

Despite having both Smith and Bennett back the running game is completely out of sync right now. This week's opponent should help. The Lions seem to get a bit worse each week and last week gave up 239 yards on the ground. Unfortunately there is no indication who will get the bulk of the carries and the situation gets even more complicated this week with the possible return of Moore.

WR Randy Moss (D) B Will not play this week.
WR Nate Burleson S2

With Moss out and Robinson slowed, Burleson has become Culpepper's go-to guy. He's scored in each of the last three games and last week's 11-for 141 was a season high. If the Vikings want to move the ball through the air then Burleson is their best option.

WR Marcus Robinson X

Robinson is being slowed by a foot injury that appears to be worse than first expected. He has only five receptions in the past two games but with Moss still out his upside is big, especially this week against the struggling Detroit secondary.

TE Jermaine Wiggins S2

Wiggins continues to be an important part of the Vikings passing game and that shouldn't change even when Moss returns.

Tennessee (3-6) at Jacksonville (6-3) Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Steve McNair (Q) B

Another week and another big question mark about McNair's playing status. Whichever way it goes this week, McNair or Volek, it's best to find another option since you shouldn't expect much from either facing the stout Jags defense.

RB Chris Brown (Q) B The turf toe isn't improving and Brown had to leave last week's game after an ineffective 20 carries. Not expected to play this week.
RB Antowain Smith X Will likely get the call this week but don't expect much against a Jacksonville defense that's allowing only 3.8 YPC and just four rushing touchdowns this year.
WR Derrick Mason S2 Mason will be needed if the Titans want to move the ball through the air this week. He has not performed well against the Jags of late, averaging under 60 YPG with no scores over the last three meetings. Mason's a borderline starter this week with or without McNair.
WR Drew Bennett X

Bennett is coming off his second 100-yard game of the season and should continue to provide a nice vertical target opposite the added attention Mason draws.The week off surely helped with Bennett's injuries and with McNair back look for a little more action to go his way. Probably not enough to warrant starting him however. He needs to prove himself with some consistent and injury-free play first.

TE Erron Kinney (Q) B

Kinney's return improves the Titan's passing game but the three headed monster that has emerged now with him, Meier and Troupe isn't going to improve your fantasy team.

Pos Player SBC Comments
QB David Garrard X

Garrard filled in nicely for the injured Leftwich and will do so again this week. The Titans don't pressure the quarterback very well and that should benefit the inexperienced QB.

RB Fred Taylor S2

Everyone knew the Jags would lean on Taylor last week but no one could stop him. The Titans will present a tougher challenge this week but Taylor is running well and should still warrant fantasy owners plugging him into their lineups.

WR Jimmy Smith S2

One thing remains constant regardless of quarterback... Smith is the man in the Jags passing attack with four 100 yard games in the last five games.

WR Troy Edwards
Reggie Williams
B Outside of Smith the ball is getting spread around too much for either of these two to build their fantasy value with consistent production.
TE Kyle Brady
Todd Yoder
B Both Brady and Yoder have been in the mix as the Jags are spreading the ball around in the passing game. But as with most two-headed TEs, neither are of consistent fantasy value.

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