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Quarterback Watch - Week 11
Scott Boyter
November 16, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning He’s a jerk (and that’s the G-rated word for it) for staying in the game when it was 42-14, but you also can’t deny the fact he’s the most consistent scoring machine in the NFL. It’ll be interesting to see if he puts up insane numbers on the road against an aroused Chicago defense.
2 MIN Daunte Culpepper After undergoing a lull the last few weeks, Culpepper reinforced why he’s the 1A to Manning’s No.1 ranking (Yeah, he’s listed as No. 2 here, but allow me some poetic license, will ya?). He’s primed for another fantasy field day against the Lions this weekend.
3 SD Drew Brees We’re not going to penalize Brees for being on a bye – he’s been that good lately. The good times should continue to roll this weekend against Oakland, then again next week against Kansas City.
4 PHI Donovan McNabb McNabb made mincemeat out of the Cowboys to soar back into the top 5. Playing Washington twice in the next four weeks will be tough, but he has potential field days in between against the Giants and Packers.
5 STL Marc Bulger Bulger had another quietly effective day against the Seahawks, but his top 5 ranking is tenuous after the injury to Torry Holt. If Holt is out for an extended period of time, Bulger’s stock could drop severely.
6 GB Brett Favre The same ol’, same ol’ for Favre. Since his head coach has re-assumed play calling duties, Favre’s numbers have flourished. Look for more of the same the next two games against Houston and St. Louis.
7 DEN Jake Plummer Plummer does slip a notch because of his bye. No, it’s not fair, but his slip is a function of how good Favre has been playing. The Snake has great matchups coming against New Orleans, Oakland and San Diego, so expect a quick return to top 5 status.
8 KC Trent Green Green was good against the Saints, but he also had three turnovers. That warrants being knocked down a couple of pegs. However, it’s hard to see him lighting up the Pats on Monday night.
9 HOU David Carr Carr’s abysmal game wasn’t his fault – he didn’t have a chance due to the horrible performance of his offensive line. But if that O-line doesn’t get their collective heads out of their collective you-know-whats, Carr won’t be a top 20 QB, much less a top 10 quarterback.
10 CAR Jake Delhomme Delhomme is making chicken salad out of chicken sh-, (Wait a minute, this is a family Web site, right?) in Carolina. Can he keep it going in upcoming games against Arizona, Tampa Bay and the Saints? The odds are actually pretty good. He’s worth a pick up if you haven’t done so already.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Aaron Brooks (NO) – Brooks rebounded from a disaster in San Diego with a pretty good showing against Kansas City, mixing in a rushing TD with 250-plus yards and a passing score. He may not do much against the Broncos this weekend, but he’s got really good upcoming matchups against Atlanta, Carolina and the Cowboys.

Kyle Boller (BAL) – We had to give the guy some love for one week at least. With 231 yards and two TDs through the air, Boller rendered Jamal Lewis a non-factor in the red zone. Is this the start of something great for Boller? Nah. But for what he did against the Jets, he deserves some props.

Sliding Back

Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) – Back out of the top 10 he goes. It’s one thing to blame receivers besieged by the dropsies, but some of Hasselbeck’s decision making against St. Louis was laughable. With games against Miami and Buffalo looming, it would be a pretty big surprise to see Hasselbeck return to the top 10 any time soon.

Tim Rattay (SF) – His team still sucks, and he threw four INTs against Carolina. That’s enough to return Rattay back to the realm of fantasy nothingness. You just can’t rely on this guy.

Byron Leftwich (JAX) – Many in the Jaguar organization feel David Garrard is better than Leftwich, who will be out at least another week. Leftwich will more than likely regain his starting position back, but if Garrard lights it up against Tennessee, well…suffice to say anything can happen.