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Quarterback Watch - Week 12
Scott Boyter
November 23, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning On the road, at home, it doesn’t matter. You can chalk Manning up for about 250 yards and three TDs every week. Freaking amazing.
2 PHI Donovan McNabb After sleepwalking through much of the first half (granted, the Washington D is pretty tough), McNabb caught fire and ended up with four TDs. He should have a great game against the Giants.
3 MIN Daunte Culpepper How could Culpepper explode against the Pack in Lambeau yet be ordinary at home against the Lions? But even on an “off” day he still put up decent numbers.
4 SD Drew Brees Brees didn’t light up the Raiders as most thought he would, but he still mixed in a rushing score with solid numbers. Antonio Gates is money for Brees.
5 STL Marc Bulger In a loss to Buffalo, Bulger still threw for nearly 300 yards and had two TDs. He won’t be known as a truly elite QB, however, until he learns how to minimize the turnovers.
6 GB Brett Favre Another week, another comeback for the most entertaining QB in recent memory. The Pack is once again a throwing team, and Favre will lead a lot of fantasy teams to championships.
7 DEN Jake Plummer Plummer didn’t have the game most expected against the Saints, but that’s because the gutless New Orleans D was too busy being carved up by Reuben Droughns. Plummer is still worthy of this spot after a solid performance, and has a great matchup with Oakland this weekend.
8 KC Trent Green Green had a surprisingly good night against the tough Patriot D, which supports the theory that you never, ever underestimate the home underdog on Monday Night Football. Green has good matchups the next two weeks against the Chargers and Raiders.
9 CAR Jake Delhomme His team’s in the tank but you have to give Delhomme credit for his guts. Playing with a broken bone in his throwing thumb, Delhomme had a solid game against the Cardinals. He deserves a top 10 spot on toughness alone, but look for him to vacate this list after facing Tampa Bay.
10 NE Tom Brady Brady solidified his top 10 status in a hostile environment on Monday night. He has a difficult matchup next week against Baltimore, but it is at home, and New England is nearly unbeatable in Foxboro. If you're leery of Brady this weekend that's understandable, but run him without hesitation against Cleveland and Cincinnati the following two weeks.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Brian Griese (TB) – Hey, if the guy’s not injuring himself by trying to dodge his dog he’s a pretty good quarterback. Griese had another pretty good game against the 49ers, and goes up against the Panthers this weekend. But the Panthers have allowed the fewest passing TDs (seven), so be careful if you’re considering putting Griese in your lineup.

Kyle Boller (BAL) – He had the benefit of facing the absolutely lousy Dallas defense, but Boller put up good numbers for the second week in a row. But if you’re even thinking about taking a flier on him – don’t. Boller travels to Foxboro to take on the Patriots. Enough said.

Sliding Back

David Carr (HOU) – He deserved some slack after the debacle against the Colts, but he disappeared in the second half against a Packer pass D that was ripe for the plucking. Until he shows something, he won’t even sniff the top 10.

Tim Rattay (SF) – Back to obscurity for you, Tim. Another horrible performance makes his earlier flurries of excellence in Weeks 4, 5 and 8 look like mirages.