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Quarterback Watch - Week 15
Scott Boyter
December 14, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning The Texans actually somewhat slowed down the Manning machine, as he failed to throw three TDs for the first time in seven weeks. This weekend’s showdown with the Baltimore D will be very intriguing.
2 PHI Donovan McNabb McNabb cooled a bit against the Redskins, but should be absolutely torrid against a demoralized Dallas defense.
3 KC Trent Green This is not a mistake. Green supplants Culpepper as No. 3 simply because he’s been better the last eight weeks.
4 MIN Daunte Culpepper Another season, another Viking swan dive. Culpepper’s numbers have been decent, but they’re not top 3 worthy. And unless Randy Moss gets back to full speed, there’s no indication Culpepper’s numbers are going to get any better.
5 SD Drew Brees He did well enough against Tampa Bay’s No. 1 pass defense (220 yards, two TDs) to retain the No. 5 spot. Brees may even surpass Culpepper if he torches the Browns and Colts the next two weeks.
6 NE Tom Brady Brady is back to being a fantasy asset. He doesn’t put up jaw-dropping numbers every week, but there are only two or three QBs in the league that even come close to doing that. You’ll take 230 and two scores every week, won’t you? That’s about what Brady has averaged.
7 CIN Carson Palmer Palmer more than held his own against the Patriots before leaving with a knee injury in the third quarter. At this writing, at least, it looks like he will be able to go against the Bills. And yes, Buffalo’s defense is formidable, but so are the defenses of Baltimore and New England.
8 TB Brian Griese He’s averaged nearly 260 yards and two TDs in his last six games. There aren’t a lot of QBs lighting it up, so those numbers make Griese worthy of a top 10 ranking.
9 CAR Jake Delhomme Delhomme’s toughness is a major reason the Panthers should be considered a favorite to grab a playoff spot. His numbers weren’t great against the Rams, but he’s done enough in his last seven games (233 ypg, 2 TDs per game) to stay on this list.
10 GB Brett Favre Granted, he’s probably here on reputation only, but still, two bad weeks don’t eliminate a season worth of really good performances. Watch him explode against the Vikings in Week 16 and bring a title to a lot of fantasy teams.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Kyle Boller (BAL) – The kid may be finally learning something. His yardage totals weren’t great, but he still tossed four TDs against the Giants.

Ken Dorsey (SF) – Come on, let’s show Dorsey a little compassion. He and his team have sucked all season, but Dorsey was able to torch the Cardinals for three TDs. That’s enough to at least earn a shout-out.

Sliding Back

Chris Chandler (STL) – The bad news is that Chandler threw six interceptions against the Panthers. The worse news is he will probably have at least one more start. Maybe he’ll only throw three picks against the Cardinals. Ram fans can say so long to the playoffs.

Jake Plummer (DEN) Flipping off a fan is the least of Plummer’s problems. He’s thrown for only one TD versus seven interceptions in his last three games. During the fantasy playoffs, that’s a recipe for disaster.

Chad Pennington (NYJ) – The Pittsburgh D makes a lot of quarterbacks look bad, but totals of 189 yards, no TDs and three picks are ridiculous. Pennington has a good shot at rebounding this week at home against Seattle, but all of a sudden he’s no lock for a fantasy roster spot.