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Quarterback Watch - Week 16
Scott Boyter
December 21, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning Two weeks in a row without throwing for either 300 yards or three TDs? Man, does this guy suck. Please – if Manning’s numbers against the Ravens hurt you in your fantasy playoffs, it’s your own fault for relying on him too much. And you may not get a huge game this week, either. The Chargers give up a lot of yards, but have only surrendered 16 passing TDs.
2 MIN Daunte Culpepper Culpepper exploded back into the No. 2 spot by throwing for 404 yards and three scores. And this week he goes up against the Packers at home. Randy Moss looks healthy again, and Culpepper should be huge yet again.
3 KC Trent Green A short-lived stay at No. 2 for Green, but he’s really more like 2B to Culpepper’s 2A. Weather permitting; Green appears to be in line for another great day at home against the Raiders. Merry Christmas.
4 PHI Donovan McNabb A bad game against the Redskins was understandable, but 223 yards, one TD and three turnovers against the sad sack Cowboy D? Come on. Now that he’s lost his biggest weapon for the rest of the season (including playoffs), McNabb is on the verge of looking very, very ordinary.
5 TEN Billy Volek It’s hard to put a second-string quarterback up this high, but good God, how can you not after seeing what Volek has done the past three weeks? He’s only averaged 396 yards and thrown 11 TDs versus only three interceptions. He may not continue his red-hot streak against Denver’s (supposedly) tough pass defense, but until he shows us otherwise, Volek will remain in the top five.
6 GB Brett Favre Favre committed too many turnovers against the Jags, but still had two TDs and nearly 400 yards, so he helped a lot of teams. He should help even more against the Vikings on Christmas Eve. Don’t buy into the hype of Favre’s problems in domes. He and Culpepper should combine for at least 700 yards and seven TDs.
7 NE Tom Brady The steady hand of Brady should remain so against the Jets this week. He doesn’t put up huge numbers very often, but he does enough to keep you in every fantasy game in which you start him. This weekend should be no exception.
8 CAR Jake Delhomme All guts but no glory for Delhomme after leading the Panthers to a stirring comeback against the Falcons. He slips because his team suffered a crushing loss and will probably not really be into a road game against Tampa Bay’s No. 1 passing defense.
9 SD Drew Brees Yuck. Brees is averaging 137 yards and a TD in his last three. We can forgive his disappearing act in the snow against Cleveland, but man … His matchup on the fast track at Indy looks pretty good, but he’s holding onto a top 10 spot by a fingernail.
10 OAK Kerry Collins He’s been up and down more than an engine piston, but he’s definitely back on the upswing with an average of 305 yards in his last four. Collins has also thrown for 12 scores versus three picks in those four. There’s no indication that he won’t have another great game against the Chiefs.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Chad Pennington (NYJ) – From the outhouse to near the penthouse in one week. Pennington rebounded from a horrible game against the Steelers to light up the Seahawks for 253 yards and three TDs. His matchup against the Pats isn’t great, but it is at home.

Sliding Back

Brian Griese (TB) – You’ve got to be kidding – 118 yards, one score and a pick against the sieve known as the Saint pass defense? Wonder how many fantasy teams he royally screwed by that pile of nothingness.

Jake Plummer (DEN) The spiral continues for both Plummer and the Broncos. He threw for nearly 300 yards, but could only manage one TD and threw two picks. And this is now officially a trend, as Plummer has eight INTs and only one TD in his last three. Now he goes up against the Titans on Christmas night. But who really cares what Kerry Collins did against the Titans? Can you really trust The Snake against anyone?