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Quarterback Watch - Week 17
Scott Boyter
December 28, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning Thank God that nerve-wracking chase to 49 is finally over. I was beginning to think he wouldn’t make it – yeah, right. The only suspense regarding the record was to whom he’d throw the history-making TD pass. There’s really nothing for the Colts to gain or lose against the Broncos this weekend, but Manning’s too much of a competitor to let Tony Dungy sit him down.
2 MIN Daunte Culpepper After decimating the Packers in a losing effort, Culpepper, who is having the best season in history that nobody’s talking about, has to find a way to win against Washington’s strong defense. The game’s in Washington, so that will be an even more difficult task.
3 KC Trent Green Green just keeps rolling along, yet what do you want to bet that, in most drafts next season, he won’t be picked until after the third round? This week he should go out with a bang against San Diego.
4 PHI Donovan McNabb You’ve gone with him this long, and he’s treated you well, but keep a close, close eye on him. It’s doubtful he’ll play very much – if any – against the Bengals.
5 GB Brett Favre OK, so I was wrong – Favre and Culpepper combined for “only” 650 yards and six TDs (not 700 and seven as was predicted last week). But he still led a lot of fantasy teams to a title. Beware this week against Chicago, however, as the Pack may have little to play for.
6 NE Tom Brady Brady wasn’t spectacular, yet again, but he also put up yet another quality fantasy day. Again, though, there’s a chance Brady won’t play a lot against the 49ers.
7 CAR Jake Delhomme Never underestimate the guts of either Delhomme or the rest of his Panther teammates. Facing the No. 1 pass D after a deflating loss the week before, all Delhomme did was throw for four TDs. He ought to be money against the Saints.
8 SD Drew Brees Brees came up big after hitting a big-time lull in his previous three games. But just like several other QBs in the top 10, his team has little to play for against the Chiefs.
9 OAK Kerry Collins Collins didn’t light it up as expected against the Chiefs, but still managed a decent fantasy game. He could have a good matchup against a reeling Jacksonville game this weekend.
10 NYJ Chad Pennington He was OK against the Pats, but should be much, much better against the Rams. Pennington seems to be Brady-esque in terms of fantasy numbers – not spectacular, but good enough to keep you in a lot of games.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Jake Plummer (DEN) Plummer bounced back from his slump with 303 yards and two scores against the Titans. He could be worth a start against the Colts at home.

Brian Griese (TB) – Griese also had a bounce-back game, albeit in a losing effort versus Carolina. The problem with his matchup this week in Arizona is the Cardinals have allowed an average of only 202 passing yards and one TD at home.

Sliding Back

Billy Volek (TEN) – Volek missed most of the Denver game with a knee injury after throwing for only 111 yards and two picks. He’s a pretty big question mark for Sunday, so find another option if you can.

Byron Leftwich (JAX) – He rarely had a big fantasy impact this season, but 35 yards and a pick against Houston? Come on. He left due to a head injury and his return for Sunday is questionable.