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2004 Player Rankings: Quarterbacks
Reviewed: September 6, 2004
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Rnk Quarterback Tm Bye
  1 Daunte Culpepper MIN 4
  2 Peyton Manning IND 6
    Tier 2    
  3 Michael Vick ATL 9
  4 Donovan McNabb PHI 5
  5 Matt Hasselbeck SEA 4
  6 Steve McNair TEN 9
  7 Marc Bulger STL 8
  8 Aaron Brooks NO 8
  9 Trent Green KC 5
  10 Chad Pennington NYJ 3
  11 Brett Favre GB 9
    Tier 3    
  12 Tom Brady NE 3
  13 Brad Johnson TB 8
  14 Jeff Garcia CLE 8
  15 Jake Plummer DEN 10
  16 David Carr HOU 7
  17 Byron Leftwich JAX 9
  18 Drew Bledsoe BUF 3
19 Josh McCown ARI 6
  20 Jake Delhomme CAR 3
  21 Joey Harrington DET 4
  22 Rich Gannon OAK 10
  23 Carson Palmer CIN 5
  24 Tommy Maddox PIT 7
  25 V. Testaverde DAL 4
  26 Mark Brunell WAS 7
27 Rex Grossman CHI 5
  28 Jay Fiedler MIA 10
  29 Eli Manning NYG 6
    Tier 4    
  30 Kyle Boller BAL 6
  31 Tim Rattay SF 7
  32 Drew Brees SD 10
  33 Kerry Collins OAK 10
  34 Kurt Warner NYG 6
  35 A.J. Feeley MIA 10
  36 B. Rothlisberger PIT 7
  37 Ken Dorsey SF 7
  38 Philip Rivers SD 10
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Analysis and 3 Year Stats for all Quarterbacks
Player Change Was Now Date
Rex Grossman
24 29 08/29/04
The Chicago passing offense now looks even worse with Booker gone and Grossman should be considered a fantasy backup only in the deepest leagues.
Drew Bledsoe
21 18 08/26/04
Bledsoe deserves the uptick thanks to Losman being out of the picture for likely the entire season.
Steve McNair
8 6 08/26/04
McNair gets the bump up thanks to a Brooks still bothered by a bruised quadricep and Bulger's offensive line looking shakier with RT Turley and C Wohlbaugh out of the lineup now.
J.P. Losman
38 NR 08/25/04
Broken leg - see ya next year! Or at least in November at the earliest
Carson Palmer
25 23 08/22/04
While Palmer still will face a brutal schedule this year, he has been impressive in preseason play, particularly with the long ball.
Rex Grossman
22 24 08/22/04
The loss of Booker does not add to the attraction of Grossman for your fantasy team.
Eli Manning
34 29 08/20/04
Manning may not be the starter in week one, but he will almost certainly take over sooner than later. He looked very sharp for a rookie against the first team CAR defense last night.
Kurt Warner
29 34 08/20/04
Warner continues to look more like the version that got the boot from STL than his old self. He was sacked four times last night and he is not the future. He may not even be the present.
Drew Brees
37 32 08/16/04
Brees is enjoying Rivers protracted holdout much more than any other Charger player. He looks more likely as the season starter and if Rivers continues, it could extend well into the season.
Philip Rivers
30 39 08/16/04
Can't be worth much until he gets into camp. Brees looked pretty good in exhibition play while Rivers is only hurting his chances of seeing time this season.
Rich Gannon
30 23 08/16/04
Gannon has looked good and Turner keeps reiterating that he is the starter. Oakland line looks improved so far as well. Still some risk from his age and Collins has looked okay as well.
Jay Fiedler
18 27 08/16/04
Fiedler and Feeley are locked in a battle that may not be over until the season starts. Much too much risk to consider as even a backup quarterback except for very deep leagues.
Jeff Garcia
12 14 08/16/04
It is still early, but the Brown's passing game is not looking cohesive while the running game looks at least adequate. He needs to rank below Brad Johnson and Tom Brady due to risk alone.
Jay Fiedler
17 18 08/12/04
Fiedler continues to battle with A. J. Feeley but most importantly neither QB looks very good. Their lone upside is a likelihood of needing to throw but with the competition so close, likely both will end up playing this year.
Vinny Testaverde
38 26 08/05/04
With the departure of Carter today, Testaverde was named as the starter by HC Bill Parcells.
Quincy Carter 26 NR 08/05/04
Carter was cut by the Cowboys today for a rumored failing of a drug test in which he tested positive for cocaine. This resolves the QB-by-committee potential of the Cowboys offense.