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2004 Player Rankings: Wide Receivers
Updated: September 6, 2004
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Rnk Wide Receiver Tm Bye
  1 Randy Moss MIN 4
  2 Torry Holt STL 8
  3 Marvin Harrison IND 6
    Tier 2    
  4 Terrell Owens PHI 5
  5 Chad Johnson CIN 5
  6 Hines Ward PIT 7
  7 Derrick Mason TEN 9
  8 Joe Horn NO 8
  9 Eric Moulds BUF 3
  10 Santana Moss NYJ 3
  11 Darrell Jackson SEA 4
    Tier 3    
  12 Javon Walker GB 9
  13 Steve Smith CAR 3
  14 Andre Johnson HOU 7
  15 Chris Chambers MIA 10
  16 Amani Toomer NYG 6
  17 Lavernues Coles WAS 7
  18 Jimmy Smith JAX 9
  19 Peerless Price ATL 9
  20 Koren Robinson SEA 4
  21 Plaxico Burress PIT 7
  22 Jerry Porter OAK 10
    Tier 4    
  23 Isaac Bruce STL 8
  24 Charles Rogers DET 4
  25 Reggie Wayne IND 6
  26 Donte Stallworth NO 8
  27 Ashley Lelie DEN 10
  28 Quincy Morgan CLE 8
  29 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 6
  30 Deion Branch NE 3
  31 Eddie Kennison KC 5
  32 Andre' Davis CLE 8
  33 Rod Gardner WAS 7
  34 Roy Williams DET 4
  35 David Givens NE 3
  36 Justin McCareins NYJ 3
  37 Rod Smith DEN 10
  38 Robert Ferguson GB 9
    Tier 5    
  39 Michael Clayton TB 8
  40 Key. Johnson DAL 4
  41 Brandon Lloyd SF 7
  42 Marty Booker MIA 10
  43 Nate Burleson MIN 4
  44 Peter Warrick CIN 5
  45 Ike Hilliard NYG 6
  46 Drew Bennett TEN 9
  47 Terry Glenn DAL 4
  48 David Terrell CHI 5
  49 Mu. Muhammad CAR 3
  50 Bobby Engram SEA 4
  51 Bobby Shaw BUF 3
  52 Donald Driver GB 9
  53 Travis Taylor BAL 6
  54 Lee Evans BUF 3
  55 Cedrick Wilson SF 7
  56 Jerry Rice OAK 10
  57 Reggie Williams JAX 9
  58 Todd Pinkston PHI 5
  59 Bryant Johnson ARI 6
  60 Corey Bradford HOU 7
  61 Joey Galloway TB 8
  62 Anquan Boldin ARI 6
  63 Dennis Northcutt CLE 8
  64 Bobby Wade CHI 5
  65 Brandon Stokley IND 6
  66 Johnnie Morton KC 5
  67 Troy Brown NE 3
  68 Ant. Randle El PIT 7
  69 Tim Dwight SD 10
  70 Michael Jenkins ATL 9
  71 Justin Gage CHI 5
  72 Dane Looker STL 8
73 Eric Parker SD 10
74 Tyrone Calico TEN 9
  75 Rashaun Woods SF 7
  76 Freddie Mitchell PHI 5
  77 Kelly Washington CIN 5
78 Troy Edwards JAX 9
  79 Antonio Bryant DAL 4
  80 Kevin Johnson BAL 6
  81 Jabar Gaffney HOU 7
  82 Ricky Proehl CAR 3
83 Darius Watts DEN 10
  84 Tai Streets DET 4
  85 Tim Carter NYG 6
  86 Kassim Osgood SD 10
  87 Wayne Chrebet NYJ 3
  88 Marcus Robinson MIN 4
  89 Doug Gabriel OAK 10
90 Josh Reed BUF 3
  91 Reche Caldwell SD 10
  92 Devard Darling BAL 6
  93 Brian Finneran ATL 9
  94 Dante Hall KC 5
  95 Kee. McCardell TB 8
  96 Cortez Hankton JAX 9
  97 Dar. McCants WAS 7
  98 Az-Zahir Hakim DET 4
  99 Bethel Johnson NE 3
  100 Curtis Conway SF 7
  101 Der. Thompson MIA 10
  102 Jerome Pathon NO 8
  103 Kelly Campbell MIN 4
  104 Tim Brown TB 6
  105 Keary Colbert CAR 3
  106 Aaron Moorehead IND 6
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Analysis and 3 Year Stats for all Wide Receivers
Player Change Was Now Date
Keenan McCardell 56 95 09/06/04
McCardell has made good his threat to holdout until the season starts. By now he has mostly managed to create enormous bad blood and devalue his own stock. Hard to believe he will not end up somewhere but then again, hard to believe he has ended up here. At this rate, he will become an icon for over-estimating self-worth.
Joe Jurevicius 95 NR 09/06/04
Jurevicius was placed on the reserve/non-football injury list, meaning he will miss the first six weeks of the season. Forget him.
Eric Parker 90 73 09/06/04
Parker moves up without Dyson to steal any time. Now if he will just stay healthy...
Kevin Dyson 76 NR 09/06/04
Dyson was cut in the 53 man purge.
Wayne Chrebet 81 88 09/01/04
Chrebet is having fluid on the knee and is expected to miss at least the first game of the season. Considering his age and that he almost retired this year, he does not merit much fantasy consideration.
Tyrone Calico 46 75 09/01/04
Calico was having a big night against the Cowboys when he was pulled down from behind by S Roy Williams into an awkward leg splits. He ended up with a medial collateral ligament sprain (MCL) and a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) sprain in his right knee, but his most significant damage was a cartilage tear in his left knee, and that injury will require surgery. He will miss at least a couple games and possibly more.
Drew Bennett 58 46 08/27/04
With the Calico injury, Bennett is a safer play right now.
Doug Gabriel 102 90 08/31/04
This bump upwards still is much deeper than most drafts would go but Gabriel has been a consistent deep threat this summer. The Raiders will not be featuring a pass-heavy offense this year so even in the best case Gabriel's numbers likely will not warrant drafting him other than in the deepest of dynasty leagues as a watch for the future.
Nate Burleson 65 43 08/27/04
HC Mike Tice has been impressed by the second-year player and has stated the he will be the #2 regardless of the health of Marcus Robinson.
Tyrone Calico 59 46 08/27/04
Calico wrapped up camp with coaches enthusiastic that he will replicate the rapid development that Justin McCareins had last season.
Drew Bennett 42 58 08/27/04
Bennett is still the #2 on the depth chart, but Tyrone Cailco is the WR that the coaches expect to emerge this season.
Marcus Robinson 53 89 08/27/04
Robinson is still troubled by hamstring problems and HC Mike Tice has said Robinson will remain the #3 even when he is healthy. With Kelly Campbell also added in as a #3 or #4 receiver, it all draws far lowered expectations from Robinson this year.
Chicago Receivers NA NA 08/27/04
All Chicago receivers have been downgraded considering the open plan that OC Terry Robieski has of utilizing a four or five man rotation this season. This is supported in the trading away of Booker and given the non-pedigree status of the WR's in Chicago, taking any is a risk.
Marty Booker 19 43 08/22/04
Booker was traded to the Dolphins who definitely could use his talents. Problem is that no QB in Miami looks any good and the rushing game so far has been, almost literally, nonexistent. Booker leaves a #1 role to assume a #2 role with Chris Chambers.
David Terrell 96 45 08/22/0
Terrell rises with the departure of Booker and the general inconsistency of both Wade and Gage lately. Terrell has historically been a major bust but he should provide the closest thing to a #1 reciever for the Bears who are assuming the KC-style offense this season that, incidentally, runs fine with mediocre receivers.
Justin Gage 44 48 08/22/0
Gage actually drops a bit from his inability to remain healthy and the obvious drop in importance of wideouts with the loss of Marty Booker. Just a little slide here but his promise may end up just that and not enough delivery.
Bobby Wade NR 87 08/22/0
The trading of Booker gives all Bear's receivers a bump up and Wade has, on occasion, looked in synch with QB Grossman. He's still likely the #3 in the offense but deserves mention.
Troy Walters 103 NR 08/22/0
Walters broke his arm and is likely lost for the season and definitely lost from the rankings.
Derrius Thompson 64 100 08/22/0
Thompson slides with the trade for Marty Booker.
Brandon Lloyd 52 41 08/22/0
Lloyd gets the bump up as the most impressive receiver on a team likely needing to throw a lot. He doesn't rise that far since they may not throw well.
Keenan McCardell 34 53 08/22/0
As his holdout continues, he is only hurting himself more. He may sign by the start of the season but it may not be the with TB. Then again, at his current rate he won't sign with another team until after the season starts and someone gets desperate (much as he should consider himself).
Kendall Newson 90 NR 08/16/04
Newson was an up and comer in the Miami offense and was #3 with Boston leaving but has received an Achilles tendon injury that initially is considered to likely be season ending.
Nate Burleson 76 67 08/12/04
Burleson has looked good in camp and has a chance of taking the #2 spot away from Marcus Robinson.
Marcus Robinson 39 44 08/12/04
Robinson has not yet distinguished himself at the clear #2 reciever and is being battled by Nate Burleson who has looked more the part.
Bryant Johnson 88 61 08/12/04
Johson gets the bump up with the injury to Boldin, but he himself has not made camp yet due to a stress fracture that should take two more weeks to heal. On this disaster-in-the-making Cardinal team, it is reasonable to assume the later half of most games will be passing (if not earlier) and until Boldin returns he would be the #2. Still likely does not mean a lot.
Larry Fitzgerald 45 29 08/12/04
With Boldin on the sideline for at least 8 weeks, probably up to 12 weeks and possibly longer, Fitzgerald now gets to earn all that money. The best receiver in the NFL draft has the best opportunity to excel as a rookie receiver now. This could turn into Boldin II but installing a new offense that suddenly no longer has its' best receiver and running back is not likely a recipe for a big year. He could move higher if he wows in training camp but realize the risk is present here.
Anquan Boldin 16 64 08/12/04
Boldin underwent surgery to repair a meniscial tear in his knee and is now given the old "8 to 12 weeks" to recuperate. His rankings reflect that he should only be considered as a WR4 or WR5 for a team since you could miss up to half of the season with him. Given the way that injuries oddly end up taking longer, his value to your team is more for a later playoff run. His reward likely justifies his risk and he will be taken higher than this in most leagues since it only takes one optimist. History dictates that injuries take longer than originally indicated and so does getting to that 100% mark.
Reggie Williams 42 59 08/12/04
Williams slides down after training camp reports still have Troy Edwards as the #2 and Williams not challenging him. It is still very early and there is zero chance that Williams does not eventually pass him by, but it may take into the season to happen. Williams still deserves a flyer pick as a WR5 just given his potential.
Troy Edwards 103 78 08/12/04
Since Edwards is holding onto his own for now, he deserves the bump up in recognition that he will still be getting playing time this season as the rookie learns the ropes. He still is worth little more than the deepest of back-ups.
Darius Watts 101 84 08/12/04
It was obvious that the Broncos were trying to see what they had in Watts during the HOF game and the results were largely positive. The reality is that Ashley Lelie and Rod Smith still take the starts, but so far Watts has been impressive in his short time. If he continues, he will likely rise higher.
Tim Brown NR 78 08/11/04
Brown signed with the Buccaneers, but the idea he will roll back the years is misguided. Not really worth bothering with for your team. Just like before actually.
David Boston 47 NR 08/07/04
Okay, so it only took a week. Boston blew out his patella tendon and is gone for the season.
Derrius Thompson 106 64 08/07/04
With the sudden loss of Boston, Thompson becomes the de facto #2 receiver in an offense that looks like it will need to throw. The Dolphins could still bring in a free agent though and Kendall Newson was nipping at his heels last spring. Thompson has looked very sharp the past few days as camp opened, but temper expectations.
Kendall Newson 103 88 08/07/04
Gains a slight nudge with the departure of Boston. Worth a watch in training camp and has been one of those coach favorites in practice this year. Too early to tell if anything will develop for the second-year player but he is worth watching.
Jerry Porter 25 24 08/05/04
Porter receives a slight nudge up with the departure of Tim Brown, but nothing major.
Tim Brown 87 NR 08/05/04
Brown was cut by the Raiders which greatly diminishes what little he was expected to do.