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Wide Receivers Drafted from 1999 - 2005
David Dorey
July 11, 2005
Rnd 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
1 Torry Holt Peter Warrick David Terrell Donte Stallworth Char. Rogers Larry Fitzgerald Brayl. Edwards
David Boston Plax. Burress Koren Robinson Ashley Lelie Andre Johnson Roy Williams Troy Williamson
Troy Edwards Travis Taylor Rod Gardner Javon Walker Bryant Johnson Reggie Williams Mike Williams
  Sylv. Morris Santana Moss     Lee Evans Matt Jones
  R. Jay Soward Freddie Mitchell     Michael Clayton Mark Clayton
    Reggie Wayne     Michael Jenkins Roddy White
          Rash. Woods  
2 Kevin Johnson Den. Northcutt Quincy Morgan Jabar Gaffney Taylor Jacobs Dev. Henderson Reggie Brown
Peerless Price Todd Pinkston Chad Johnson Josh Reed Beth. Johnson Darius Watts Mark Bradley
  Jerry Porter Robert Ferguson Tim Carter Anquan Boldin Keary Colbert Roscoe Parrish
    Chris Chambers Andre Davis Tyrone Calico   Terrence Murphy
      Reche Caldwell Teyo Johnson   Vincent Jackson
      A. Randle El      
      Antonio Bryant      
      Deion Branch      
3 D'Wayne Bates Ron Dugans Steve Smith Marquise Walker K. Washington Derrick Hamilton Courtney Roby
Marty Booker Dez White Marvin Minnis Cliff Russell Nate Burleson Bernard Berrian Chris Henry
Karsten Bailey Chris Cole     Kevin Curtis Devard Darling Brandon Jones
Travis McGriff Ron Dixon     W. McMullen Jr.    
  Lave. Coles          
  JaJuan Dawson          
  Dar. Jackson          
4 Craig Yeast Gari Scott Milton Wynn Ron Johnson Sha. McDonald Carlos Francis Jerome Mathis
Dam. Douglas Danny Farmer Justin McCareins   Brandon Lloyd Samie Parker Cra. Thorpe
Brand. Stokley Trevor Gaylor Cedric James   Sam Aiken Jer. Cotchery Chase Lyman
Larry Parker Anthony Lucas       Ernest Wilford Fred Gibson
Wane McGarity Avion Black         Roydell Williams
Na Brown            
5 Dar. Chiaverini Windrell Hayes Vinny Sutherland Terry Charles Bobby Wade Johnnie Morant Airese Currie
Eugene Baker Joey Jamison Alex Bannister Herb Haygood Justin Gage Maurice Mann Larry Brackins
Mal. Johnson Muneer Moore Scotty Anderson Jason McAddley Adrian Madise D.J. Hackett Rash. Marshall
  Troy Walters Onome Ojo Jake Schifino Jon Olinger Drew Carter  
    Eddie Berlin Freddie Milons Doug Gabriel P.K. Sam  
    Jon Carter Sam Simmons J.R. Tolver    
6 Tai Streets Mar. Philyaw Bobby Newcombe Kahlil Hill David Kircus Jamaar Taylor Chad Owens
Darran Hall Jam. Williams Cedrick Wilson Lamont Brightful Zuriel Smith Ryan Krause Tab Perry
Martay Jenkins Ema. Smith Kevin Kasper Lee Mays Lat. Dunbar Triandos Luke Dante Ridgeway
Dee Miller Sher. Gideon Francis St. Paul Jamin Elliott Arnaz Battle Jeris McIntyre Craig Bragg
Troy Smith   David Martin Javin Hunter Jon Olinger Clarence Moore  
Chad Plummer     Dev. Johnson Willie Ponder    
        Kareem Kelly    
        David Tyree    
7 Donald Driver D. Kitchings Houshmandzadeh Mich. Coleman Keenan Howry Mark Jones Marcus Maxwell
Tim Alexander Drew Haddad John Capel Kendall Newson Taco Wallace Sloan Thomas Paris Warren
Billy Miller Charles Lee Reggie Germany Darrell Hill Walter Young Patrick Crayton LeRon McCoy
Sul. Sanford Leroy Fields Chris Taylor Daryl Jones Tal. Gardner   Harry Williams
Dar. McDonald Ethan Howell Ken-Yon Rambo Rodney Wright D. Yovanovits   J.R. Russell
Sean Morey   Rich Flowers David Givens Dea. Rubin    
Ron Menendez   Andre King Aaron Lockett Kevin Walter    
        Carl Ford    
        Travis Anglin    
Starter       Ryan Hoag    

First Round - Just like in fantasy drafts, the NFL draft has seem some solid if not spectacular receivers taken in the first round. It has also seen some incredible busts come along – Sylvester Morris, R.J. Soward and David Terrell. Since this is a position that typically takes time to develop, looking at past drafts has to consider the two to three years that are expected for a receiver to come into his own. Other than Terrell, most of the disappointments have been the receivers taken late in the round. Last season was a rich draft and produced an unheard of six starting receivers with Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams, Lee Evans and Michael Clayton already far ahead of the normal learning curve.

Second Round - The nine receivers taken in this round during 1999-2001 have all become starters for their teams and all have been fantasy gems at least for a period of time. The 2002 class entered their magic third season but none had a breakout season as of yet. Anquan Boldin is the only notable pick in this round in the last four drafts. Chris Chambers and Chad Johnson came out of 2001 but otherwise this round has not produced many fantasy gems for the current season.

Third Round - Four good receivers have emerged from this draft slot, but the 2002/2003 classes have not yet proven they have anyone capable of breaking out other than Nate Burleson who attracts fantasy interest mainly because Culpepper is there and Moss no longer is. Both Coles and Jackson had fine rookie campaigns but most receivers taken at this level were not intended to be more than developmental players. Most do not develop.

Fourth Round – So far there have been three notable receivers from this round – Brandon Stokley, Justin McCareins and Brandon Lloyd. None of them did much in their first years and the jury is still out on McCareins and Lloyd. It would still be out for Stokley if he didn’t have Manning as a quarterback. Rounds Five to Seven - This is the Donald Driver area. He alone of the 90 receivers taken since 1999 has proven to be #1 wide-out quality. At the rate of 1:90, this is hardly the place to hunt for a receiver for the betting man. Even less so for your fantasy team. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is making noise in Cincinnati but he doesn’t rank higher than a #3 fantasy receiver at best.

2005 - Last season was a receiver-rich draft and that was proven with seven starters in the NFL. Other than Rashaun Woods, none of the others had any real expectations last year or this. The crew entering the magic third season when so many breakout doesn’t look nearly as enticing as in most years. Rogers has never stayed healthy and Bryant Johnson is lucky to remain the #3 in Arizona. Andre Johnson is already a proven commodity and Boldin exploded in his rookie year before the injury that robbed him of a healthy sophomore season. Of the rest with promise, Tyrone Calico (if healthy), Burleson and Lloyd are in the best situations to breakout I fonly because they are the only other starting receivers in position to get the volume of passes.

This batch of incoming rookies looked far more interesting before we knew which teams they were destined to join. Braylon Edwards (CLE), Mark Clayton (BAL) and Roddy White (ATL) were selected by poor passing teams while Mike Williams joins an incredible log-jam of stud wideouts in Detroit. Troy Williamson landing in Minnesota is clearly the best situation of any rookie receiver this season.