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2005 Player Rankings: Change Tracker - Quarterbacks
Updated: September 5, 2005
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Performance Rankings
Rank Player Team Bye
Tier 1
  1 Peyton Manning IND 8
  2 Daunte Culpepper MIN 5
Tier 2
  3 Donovan McNabb PHI 6
  4 Marc Bulger STL 9
  5 Brett Favre GBP 6
  6 Trent Green KCC 5
  7 Matt Hasselbeck SEA 8
  8 Carson Palmer CIN 10
  9 Jake Plummer DEN 9
  10 Tom Brady NEP 7
Tier 3
  11 Aaron Brooks NOS 10
  12 Michael Vick ATL 8
  13 Drew Brees SDC 10
  14 Kerry Collins OAK 5
  15 Byron Leftwich JAX 7
  16 David Carr HOU 3
  17 Chad Pennington NYJ 8
  18 Brian Griese TBB 7
  19 Jake Delhomme CAR 7
  20 Kurt Warner ARI 6
  21 Joey Harrington DET 3
  22 Steve McNair TEN 10
  23 Kyle Boller BAL 3
  24 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 4
Tier 4
  25 Trent Dilfer CLE 4
  26 Drew Bledsoe DAL 9
  27 Patrick Ramsey WAS 3
  28 Eli Manning NYG 5
  29 J.P. Losman BUF 9
  30 Gus Frerotte MIA 4
  31 Tim Rattay SFO 6
  32 Kyle Orton CHI 4
  33 Alex Smith SFO 6
34 Billy Volek TEN 10
35 A.J. Feeley MIA 4
Player Change Was Now Date
Jeff Garcia 34 NR 09/03/05

Fracturing a leg bone always gets you dropped from the rankings.

Player Change Was Now Date
Donovan McNabb 4 3 08/27/05

McNabb gets a tick upwards after looking almost flawless the last two weeks and with an instant connection with Terrell Owens last night in the exhibition game against the Bengals.

Player Change Was Now Date
Tim Rattay NR 31 08/25/05

Rattay has been given the starting nod for now and he looks good enough to keep Alex Smith on the bench at least for the starting of the season. No guarantee he keeps the job, but for at least the first few weeks, it appears Rattay will get another chance.

Player Change Was Now Date
Alex Smith 30 33 08/25/05

Smith has been unimpressive in preseason play and the coaching staff has elevated Rattay into the starting position. Smith should see some playing time this year but at least to start the season - Rattay will be the man.

Player Change Was Now Date
Joey Harrington 24 21 08/15/05

Harrington looked very polished and sharp in the preseason opener against the Jets when he completed 9 of 9 passes for 100 yards. That's exactly what we want to see and gives hope that he will take advantage of the supercrew of wideouts he now has.

Player Change Was Now Date
Rex Grossman 30 NR 08/14/05

Grossman - we hardly knew ye (again). He'll be out with a broken ankle for far too long to consider drafting. Just plain snake-bitten really.

Player Change Was Now Date
Chad Hutchinson NR 32 08/14/05
Hutchinson moves into the starting spot with Grossman out, but that's hardly any guarantee he will even make the season opener as the starter. He's already proven not to be a true starting-caliber quarterback and the Bears will likely look for other answers. If you play in a league that requires you to draft so many quarterbacks that Hutchinson is actually an option, you should quit the league and just play in The Huddle's MVP Challenge.
Player Change Was Now Date
Kyle Orton NR 34 08/14/05
The rookie has looked very good in camp and played well enough so far in the preseason that he's almost a lock to get some playing time this season if not eventually take his turn at what is becoming the annual revolving door for quarterbacks in Chicago. If any quarterback on the current Bears roster ends up worth owning for a fantasy team, it will be Orton. That does not, however, necessarily mean any of them will be worth owning.
Player Change Was Now Date
Donovan McNabb 3 4 08/11/05
McNabb drops out of Tier 1 with all the dark clouds gathering around Terrell Owens. He may drop farther as the situation in PHI does not appear likely to improve.
Player Change Was Now Date
Gus Frerotte 34 32 08/11/05
Frerotte played well in the Hall of Fame game and appears to have the upper hand in winning the coveted role of first Miami quarterback to get plastered behind a bad offensive line. He was much more poised and controlled and already is familiar with the new offense.
Player Change Was Now Date
A.J. Feeley 32 34 08/11/05
Feeley did not play well in the Hall of Fame game and has likely dropped behind Frerotte in the quarterback derby in Miami.