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2005 Player Rankings: Change Tracker - Tight Ends
Updated: September 5, 2005
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Performance Rankings
Rank Player Team Bye
Tier 1
  1 Tony Gonzalez KCC 5
  2 Antonio Gates SDC 10
Tier 2
  3 Jason Witten DAL 9
  4 Dallas Clark IND 8
  5 Alge Crumpler ATL 8
  6 Todd Heap BAL 3
  7 Jeremy Shockey NYG 5
8 Randy McMichael MIA 4
Tier 3
  9 Chris Cooley WAS 3
10 L.J. Smith PHI 6
  11 Jermaine Wiggins MIN 5
  12 Eric Johnson SFO 6
  13 Bubba Franks GBP 6
  14 Ben Troupe TEN 10
  15 Jerramy Stevens SEA 8
Tier 4
16 Doug Jolley NYJ 8
  17 Kris Mangum CAR 7
  18 Jeb Putzier DEN 9
  19 Desmond Clark CHI 4
  20 Courtney Anderson OAK 5
  21 Ben Watson NEP 7
  22 Heath Miller PIT 4
23 Ernie Conwell NOS 10
  24 Daniel Graham NEP 7
  25 Matt Schobel CIN 10
  26 Stephen Alexander DEN 9
  27 Erron Kinney TEN 10
  28 Steve Heiden CLE 4
  29 Marcus Pollard DET 3
  30 Mark Campbell BUF 9
  31 Anthony Becht TBB 7
  32 Todd Yoder JAC 7
  33 Alex Smith TBB 7
  34 Brian Jones JAC 7
  35 Mike Seidman CAR 7
  36 Itula Mili SEA 8
  37 Christian Fauria NEP 7
  38 Roland Williams STL 3
  39 Kyle Brady JAC 7
  40 Chris Baker NYJ 8
  41 Jim Kleinsasser MIN 5
  42 Eric Edwards ARI 6
  43 Aaron Shea CLE 4
  44 Jason Dunn KCC 5
  45 Tony Stewart CIN 10
  46 Jerame Tuman PIT 4
  47 James Whalen PHI 6
  48 Casey Fitzsimmons DET 3
  49 Justin Peelle SDC 10
  50 Walter Rasby PIT 4
  51 Brandon Manumaleuna STL 3
  52 Terry Jones BAL 3
  53 Ryan Neufeld BUF 9
  54 Visanthe Shiancoe NYG 5
  55 Dustin Lyman CHI 4
  56 Jeff Robinson DAL 9
  57 George Wrighster JAC 7
  58 Donald Lee MIA 4
  59 David Martin GBP 6
  60 Mark Bruener HOU 3
  61 Aaron Walker SFO 6
  62 Eric Beverly ATL 8
  63 Ben Hartsock IND 8
Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted na na 09/04/05
Bobby Blizzard and Teyo Johnson were cut from their teams and removed from the rankings.
Player Change Was Now Date
Doug Jolley 11 16 09/03/05
Jolley is now #2 behind Chris Baker on the depth charts but that doesn't neccessarily mean he won't be the best receiving tight end on the Jets. It does mean he should not be your starter though.
Player Change Was Now Date
Billy Miller 46 NR 08/30/05
Miller was released by the Texans.
Player Change Was Now Date
Boo Williams 23 NR 08/27/05
Williams tore his ACL and MCL in his right leg and is lost for the season.
Player Change Was Now Date
Ernie Conwell 48 23 08/27/05
Conwell moves up to a starting role with the season-ending injury to Boo Williams. The Saints have drifted away from using the tight end in passing situations and Conwell's main strength is blocking. Minimal fantasy value here even with the promotion.
Player Change Was Now Date
L.J. Smith 12 10 08/11/05
Smith moves up to 10th after the Owens situation turns to fiasco. Smith is in a nice position to turn in a surprising season and McNabb appears to be in need for new targets this season.
Player Change Was Now Date
Freddie Jones 17 NR 08/07/05
Jones decided that he would retire rather than play this season.
Player Change Was Now Date
Kris Mangum 37 17 08/07/05
With the departure of Jones, Mangum remains the starter and main receiving tight end.
Player Change Was Now Date
Mike Seidman NR 37 08/07/05
Seidman moves up in the pecking order with Jones out of the picture. Though he has yet to deliver on his promise, Seidman will get another season behind Mangum learning the ropes.
Player Change Was Now Date
B. Manumaleuna 39 55 08/06/05
Manumaleuna has lost the starting job to Roland WIlliams. The Rams rarely use the tight end for receiving so there is little fantasy value anyway.
Player Change Was Now Date
Roland Williams NR 40 08/06/05
Williams has been named the starting tight end for the Rams and will now be the primary tight end that the offense will not throw to much.
Player Change Was Now Date
Courtney Anderson 52 20 08/06/05
Anderson is now the named starting tight end for the Raiders according to HC Norv Turner. While he is higher than Teyo Johnson on the depth chart, the duo are considered virtually the same and will likely see a sharing of the tight end receptions.
Player Change Was Now Date
Teyo Johnson 17 38 08/06/05
With Anderson named as the starter, Johnson naturally moves down but even as the "second tight end" for the Raiders, he will still likely catch more balls than most any other second tight end in the league, if not a few starters.