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2005 Player Rankings: Change Tracker - Wide Receivers
Updated: September 5, 2005
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Performance Rankings
Rank Player Team Bye
Tier 1
  1 Randy Moss OAK 5
2 Torry Holt STL 3
3 Chad Johnson CIN 10
  4 Marvin Harrison IND 8
Tier 2
  5 Terrell Owens PHI 6
  6 Javon Walker GBP 6
  7 Joe Horn NOS 10
  8 Reggie Wayne IND 8
9 Nate Burleson MIN 5
  10 Steve Smith CAR 7
11 Darrell Jackson SEA 8
12 Andre Johnson HOU 3
  13 Roy Williams DET 3
Tier 3
  14 Michael Clayton TBB 7
  15 Laveranues Coles NYJ 8
  16 Anquan Boldin ARI 6
  17 Ashley Lelie DEN 9
  18 Hines Ward PIT 4
  19 Donald Driver GBP 6
  20 Isaac Bruce STL 3
  21 Drew Bennett TEN 10
  22 Jimmy Smith JAC 7
  23 Lee Evans BUF 9
  24 Rod Smith DEN 9
  25 Deion Branch NEP 7
Tier 4
26 Chris Chambers MIA 4
  27 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 6
  28 Eddie Kennison KCC 5
  29 Muhsin Muhammad CHI 4
  30 T.J. Houshmandzadeh CIN 10
  31 Derrick Mason BAL 3
  32 Eric Moulds BUF 9
  33 Brandon Stokley IND 8
  34 Jerry Porter OAK 5
  35 Donte' Stallworth NOS 10
  36 Keary Colbert CAR 7
  37 Braylon Edwards CLE 4
  38 Troy Williamson MIN 5
  39 Keyshawn Johnson DAL 9
  40 David Givens NEP 7
  41 Santana Moss WAS 3
  42 Justin McCareins NYJ 8
  43 Brandon Lloyd SFO 6
  44 Charles Rogers DET 3
Tier 5
  45 Plaxico Burress NYG 5
  46 Reggie Williams JAX 7
  47 Tyrone Calico TEN 10
  48 Bobby Engram SEA 8
  49 Terry Glenn DAL 9
50 Antonio Bryant CLE 4
  51 Keenan McCardell SD 10
  52 Amani Toomer NYG 5
53 Travis Taylor MIN 5
  54 Reche Caldwell SD 10
55 Matt Jones JAX 7
56 Greg Lewis PHI 6
  57 Mike Williams DET 3
  58 Marty Booker MIA 4
59 Cedrick Wilson PIT 4
60 Joey Galloway TB 7
61 Reggie Brown PHI 6
62 Samie Parker KC 5
  63 David Patten WAS 3
  64 Mark Clayton BAL 3
65 Eric Parker SD 10
  66 Antwaan Randle El PIT 4
  67 Andre Davis NE 7
68 Johnnie Morton SF 6
69 Kevin Curtis STL 9
  70 Marcus Robinson MIN 5
  71 Corey Bradford HOU 3
  72 Michael Jenkins ATL 8
  73 Clarence Moore BAL 3
  74 Roddy White ATL 8
  75 Az-Zahir Hakim NO 10
  76 Shaun McDonald STL 9
  77 Rod Gardner CAR 3
78 Darius Watts DEN 9
  79 Justin Gage CHI 4
  80 Brandon Jones TEN 10
  81 Bryant Johnson ARI 6
  82 Brian Finneran ATL 8
  83 Mark Bradley CHI 4
  84 Patrick Crayton DAL 9
  85 Ronald Curry OAK 5
  86 Dennis Northcutt CLE 4
  87 Ike Hilliard TB 7
  88 Jabar Gaffney HOU 3
  89 Chris Henry CIN 10
  90 Troy Brown NE 7
  91 Courtney Roby TEN 10
  92 David Boston MIA 4
  93 Peter Warrick SEA 8
  94 Terrence Murphy GB 6
  95 Joe Jurevicius SEA 8
96 Jerome Mathis HOU 3
  97 Taylor Jacobs WAS 3
  98 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 8
  99 Rashaun Woods SF 6
100 Ricky Proehl CAR 7
  101 Doug Gabriel OAK 5
  102 Arnaz Battle SF 6
  103 Robert Ferguson GB 6
  104 Bernard Berrian CHI 4
  105 Derick Armstrong HOU 3
  106 Sam Aiken BUF 9
  107 Lawrence Hamilton ARI 6
  108 Karl Hankton CAR 7
  109 Terrance Copper DAL 9
  110 Bobby Wade CHI 4
  111 Roydell Williams TEN 10
  112 Rasheed Marshall SF 6
  113 Devery Henderson NO 10
  114 Ernest Wilford JAX 7
  115 Kelley Washington CIN 10
  116 Kassim Osgood SD 10
  117 Quincy Morgan DAL 9
  118 Bethel Johnson NE 7
  119 Lee Mays PIT 4
  120 Josh Reed BUF 9
  121 Randy Hymes BAL 3
122 Dez White ATL 8
123 Reggie Newhouse ARI 6
  124 Marc Boerigter KC 5
  125 Antonio Chatman GB 6
  126 Kevin Johnson DET 3
  127 Devard Darling BAL 3
  128 Larry Brackins TB 7
Player Change Was Now Date
Jerry RIce 86 NR 09/05/05
The Great one finally hangs up his cleats.
Player Change Was Now Date
Darius Watts 101 78 09/05/05
The retirement of Jerry Rice clears Watts to take the #3 role this season in Denver.
Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted 9 12 09/04/05
Craphonso Thorpe, David Terrell, Jerome Pathon, Freddie Mitchell and David Kircus were removed from the rankings after being released by their teams.
Player Change Was Now Date
Andre Johnson 9 12 09/03/05
Johnson falls a couple of spots since the Texan's offense has just not looked good in any competition this preseason. Johnson is a lock to be heavily used, there is just less confidence that Carr will get him the ball enough to rank more than the final starting WR1 for your team.
Player Change Was Now Date
Peter Warrick NR 85 09/01/05
Warrick was signed by the Seahawks but that doesn't spell any major expectations. He still has to make the team and prove his health issues are over - they weren't considered to be by the Bengals who released him.
Player Change Was Now Date
Peerless Price 88 NR 08/30/05
Price was released by the Falcons.
Player Change Was Now Date
Peter Warrick 80 NR 08/30/05
Warrick was released by the Bengals
Player Change Was Now Date
Patrick Crayton 142 87 08/30/05
Crayton has become a favorite of Parcells and now moves into the #3 position ahead of Quincy Morgan. The slot is not a very productive position in the Cowboys offense, but Crayton could turn in a nice game or two.
Player Change Was Now Date
Quincy Morgan 103 123 08/30/05
Morgan has been demoted on the depth charts and is speculated to be likely released during roster cuts. That makes the trade of Antonio Bryant (current #2 in Cleveland) for Morgan as one of the less effective moves made by Parcells. On the plus side, no one throws their jersey in his face anymore.
Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted na na 08/28/05
Several receivers were changed just one or two spots based on the final preseasons games. They are represented by the arrows on the table to the left.
Player Change Was Now Date
Troy Edwards 94 NR 08/27/05
Edwards was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
Player Change Was Now Date
Chad Johnson 2 3 08/27/05
Just a one spot drop but the Bengals offense and Carson Palmer has not looked sharp enough to warrant the #2 spot. There is no concern with Johnson (hence the #3 ranking), just a better confidence in Torry Holt over Johnson.
Player Change Was Now Date
Matt Jones 63 61 08/26/05
For never having played receiver until he left college, Jones has been very impressive and played with the first team offense in the preseason game against the Falcons. He nabbed a beautiful one handed catch for a 48 yard gain and so far gives optimism that he can make the transition from quarterback to wide out and make a differnce for the Jaguars.
Player Change Was Now Date
Travis Taylor 68 59 08/25/05
Taylor has been impressive so far and has more upside than Marcus Robinson as the #2 wideout. There is no guarantee he will remain above Robinson on the depth chart, but between the two players, Taylor has the better chance at fantasy relevance this season.
Player Change Was Now Date
Antonio Bryant 56 50 08/23/05
The trade of Andre Davis to the Patriots coupled with some impressive play these last two weeks has Bryant a lower risk and higher reward player this season. The Browns will have to throw in most games and Bryant will be the clear #2 along with the rookie Braylon Edwards.
Player Change Was Now Date
Andre Davis 60 65 08/23/05
Davis was traded to the New England Patriots in exchange for a draft pick thought to be fifth-round in 2006. This is like the Siberia of the NFL for wideouts who want to have a big individual year. Davis has great speed and will likely end up as the #3 or #4 wideout with a few nice games from long catches and others where he disappears.
Player Change Was Now Date
Corey Bradford 89 69 08/23/05
Bradford has enjoyed a great camp this summer and the coaching staff is confident that he will play well opposite Andre Johnson this year. Since Jabar Gaffney has been slow in coming off a shoulder injury and staph infection, Bradford's role is even more certain even if the Texans do not throw very much. Gaffney also was dropped a few spots.
Player Change Was Now Date
Terrell Owens 8 5 08/19/05
After spending a week conferring with Joe Pesci Drew Rosenhaus, the latest sequel to Thelma and Louise has Terrell Owens slamming the brakes on just before reaching the cliff. He has returned to practice and both he and the Eagles are all saying "the right things". In Owens case, this is mostly just not saying "the wrong things". Same drill as always - Owens is a huge reward/ huge risk player. Because of that he should not be considered tier 1 but since he could also be the #1 wide receiver, he should be considered immediately following tier 1.
Player Change Was Now Date
Peter Warrick 111 81 08/19/05
Warrick appears to be over his shin problem that robbed him of almost the entire 2004 season. He returns but his health carries no guarantee and he will at best be the #3 behind Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
Player Change Was Now Date
Jimmy Smith 20 22 08/19/05
Smith has seemed to have taken a step backwards in training camp this summer, enough so that it is noticeable with all the passes he has dropped in camp and in the first preseason game. He's one of the oldest receivers in the NFL and gets a scoot back a few spots in the rankings.
Player Change Was Now Date
Muhsin Muhammad 31 37 08/14/05
Muhammad falls a few spots with the loss of Grossman. He'll be needed more than ever but with only Chad Hutchinson and the rookie Kyle Orton currently available, even this ranking may be optimistic. Make Muhammad another player that someone else is likely better off taking off of solely name recognition.
Player Change Was Now Date
Terrell Owens 2 8 08/11/05
Owens had a heated exchange with HC Andy Reid and has been suspended from the team for the next week. This situation is getting uglier, not better. While Owens has great talent, I would not touch him in a draft personally. He is ranked 8th currently and could be anywhere from the #1 WR to not playing at all. That sort of risk is best to allow someone else to take.
Player Change Was Now Date
Greg Lewis 90 67 08/11/05
Lewis moves up with the Owens situation getting worse and he is technically the #2 WR anyway but he's not likely to turn in a huge season even without Owens there. Reggie Brown is the better bet for a wideout that could have a surprisingly good year. Recall what Pinkston and Thrash were like before Owens showed up last year. Lewis is roughly Thrash, maybe more liked but less experienced.
Player Change Was Now Date
Mark Bradley 93 85 08/11/05
Bradley turned in a HOF game record 131 yards receiving playing against third string defensive backs who will be back to laying asphalt in a month. But he was undeniably impressive and deserves a bump up. Even more so for a keeper league.
Player Change Was Now Date
Todd Pinkston 73 NR 08/06/05
Pinkston has torn his Achilles tendon and is expected to miss the rest of the season. He is no longer "draftable" this year.
Player Change Was Now Date
Reggie Brown 67 54 08/06/05
The impressive rookie now finds himself in a perfect situation playing with Donovan McNabb and vying for the #2 spot with Pinkston out. Brown has the look of a sleeper this season.
Player Change Was Now Date
Greg Lewis 140 90 08/06/05
Lewis' stock soars with the loss of Pinkston. While he may not beat out Reggie Brown for the #2 spot, the worst it appears he will get is a #3 role with many more passes this year than originally expected.
Player Change Was Now Date
Mark Clayton 54 62 08/06/05
Clayton's holdout continues and even if he comes into camp soon, he is losing very valuable practice time with Kyle Boller. He is also not doing himself any favors by being stubborn over maybe a $60,000 difference between what he wants and the likely $8 million contract offered by the Ravens who are considering it a final offer.
Player Change Was Now Date
Brandon Stokley 28 33 08/05/05
Stokley is likely to miss the first game of the season with his dislocated shoulder. He falls a few spots from lower overall projections and a slight risk that he may not return immediately 100%.
Player Change Was Now Date
Reggie Williams 56 46 08/05/05
After a very forgettable rookie season, Williams is looking very much like the first round rookie that the Jaguars thought they were drafting. He has lost 10 pounds and looks quicker. So far he has been the star of the training camp at a time a new offense is being installed that will focus more on vertical, downfield passing.
Player Change Was Now Date
Brandon Jones 94 83 08/05/05
The Titans drafted three rookies this spring looking for one to step up into a #3 role this season. So far in training camp, Jones has been the most impressive player even though he was not the first drafted.
Player Change Was Now Date
Courtney Roby 82 91 08/05/05
Roby falls a bit with the better playing of fellow rookie Brandon Jones who is taller and bigger than the 189 pound Roby. The situation will continue to develop as training camp progresses, but so far Roby has lost ground in spite of being drafted before Jones.
Player Change Was Now Date
Antonio Bryant 70 58 07/28/05
The starting flanker spot has wavered by reports between Bryant and Andre Davis. Entering into training camp, it appears now that Bryant has the edge over Davis but it is not a certainty. Training camp will shake out who the starter will be across from Braylon Edwards.
Player Change Was Now Date
Andre Davis 48 60 07/28/05
Davis was the early leader to assume the flanker spot for the Browns this year to add deep speed to Braylon Edward's role as an "everything" receiver. Entering into training camp, it now appears that Bryant will start out more likely to get the start which would push Davis into a #3 role which would still make use of his deep speed. Training camp will show the exact roles the two will play this year.
Player Change Was Now Date
Rod Gardner 87 78 07/28/05
Gardner is signing with the Panthers but at this date he can only be assumed to fill in a #3 role at best since Steve Smith and Keary Colbert have locks on the starting roles. Gardner may become more of a factor later in the year as he becomes more involved in the offense, but early on he remains outside the realm of a fantasy starter.
Player Change Was Now Date
Koren Robinson 90 159 07/26/05
Robinson is a very talented and troubled player that should not be touched in anything besides a keeper league. He is currently unattached to any team and managed to show up drunk to his jail sentence for DUI. Crash and burn and just forget about him.