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Official Huddle Mock Draft #3: Performance/8 Team
July 1, 2005

The following mock draft considered a standard performance scoring of 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 passing yards, 2 point conversion are two fantasy points each participant, all touchdowns are six except passing is four. Kickers receive the NFL points from their kicks and defenses have one point sacks and turnovers, two point safeties and six point touchdowns.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 1 WR Moss, Randy 1 QB Culpepper, Daunte 1 RB Green, Ahman
2 RB Alexander, Shaun 2 WR Johnson, Chad 2 WR Johnson, Andre 2 QB McNabb, Donovan
3 QB Manning, Peyton 3 RB McGahee, Willis 3 RB Jackson, Steven 3 TE Gonzalez, Tony
4 RB James, Edgerrin 4 RB Portis, Clinton 4 RB Jones, Kevin 4 WR Walker, Javon
5 RB McAllister, Deuce 5 WR Holt, Torry 5 WR Owens, Terrell 5 RB Westbrook, Brian
6 RB Holmes, Priest 6 RB Jones, Julius 6 RB Barber, Tiki 6 RB Martin, Curtis
7 RB Lewis, Jamal 7 RB Dillon, Corey 7 RB Johnson, Rudi 7 WR Wayne, Reggie
8 RB Davis, Domanick 8 WR Harrison, Marvin 8 TE Gates, Antonio 8 WR Horn, Joe
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 RB Benson, Cedric 1 WR Smith, Steve 1 RB Arrington, J.J. 1 RB Dunn, Warrick
2 TE Witten, Jason 2 RB Bennett, Michael 2 QB Green, Trent 2 WR Bruce, Isaac
3 WR Clayton, Michael 3 WR Williams, Roy 3 WR Moulds, Eric 3 RB Johnson, Larry
4 WR Burleson, Nate 4 TE Heap, Todd 4 RB Bell, Tatum 4 QB Collins, Kerry
5 WR Jackson, Darrell 5 WR Bennett, Drew 5 RB Williams, Carnell 5 WR Driver, Donald
6 WR Boldin, Anquan 6 WR Ward, Hines 6 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 6 WR Mason, Derrick
7 WR Chambers, Chris 7 RB Brown, Ronnie 7 TE Shockey, Jeremy 7 WR Muhammad, Muhsin
8 QB Bulger, Marc 8 RB Jordan, Lamont 8 WR Porter, Jerry 8 WR Smith, Jimmy
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 WR Kennison, Eddie 1 Def Patriots 1 RB Brown, Chris 1 RB Moore, Mewelde
2 QB Delhomme, Jake 2 WR Givens, David 2 RB Staley, Duce 2 QB Brady, Tom
3 RB Suggs, Lee 3 RB Taylor, Fred 3 RB Barlow, Kevan 3 QB Palmer, Carson
4 QB Favre, Brett 4 Def Bills 4 RB Foster, De'shaun 4 QB Vick, Michael
5 WR Stokley, Brandon 5 TE Clark, Dallas 5 RB Duckett, T.J. 5 Def Steelers
6 WR Coles, Laveranues 6 TE Crumpler, Alge 6 WR Evans, Lee 6 WR Edwards, Braylon
7 Def Ravens 7 TE Smith, L.J. 7 RB Faulk, Marshall 7 Def Eagles
8 WR Lelie, Ashley 8 TE McMichael, Randy 8 QB Brees, Drew 8 WR Smith, Rod
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 PK Akers, David 1 TE Johnson, Eric 1 TE Cooley, Chris 1 RB Shelton, Eric
2 WR Boston, David 2 WR Colbert, Keary 2 WR Williams, Mike 2 Def Panthers
3 Def Bears 3 TE Putzier, Jeb 3 TE Franks, Bubba 3 Def Redskins
4 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 4 PK Vinatieri, Adam 4 TE Jolley, Doug 4 TE Pollard, Marcus
5 WR Moss, Santana 5 WR Houshmandzadeh 5 RB Pittman, Michael 5 PK Wilkins, Jeff
6 QB Brooks, Aaron 6 QB Plummer, Jake 6 Def Vikings 6 PK Brown, Josh
7 TE Wiggins, Jermaine 7 PK Graham, Shayne 7 RB Taylor, Chester 7 PK Kaeding, Nate
8 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 8 QB Griese, Brian 8 WR Branch, Deion 8 Def Falcons
Round 17 Round 18            
1 Def Buccaneers 1 PK Reed, Jeff            
2 Def Chargers 2 PK Brown, Kris            
3 PK Elam, Jason 3 PK Longwell, Ryan            
4 Def Jets 4 PK Stover, Matt            
5 Def Lions 5 PK Kasay, John            
6 PK Nugent, Mike 6 Def Colts            
7 PK Janikowski, Seb. 7 RB Shipp, Marcel            
8 Def Cowboys 8 PK Carney, John            

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Placekickers Team Defenses
1.03 Manning, Peyton 3.08 Gates, Antonio 13.01 Akers, David 9.07 Ravens
3.01 Culpepper, Daunte 4.03 Gonzalez, Tony 13.08 Vanderjagt, Mike 10.01 Patriots
4.02 McNabb, Donovan 5.02 Witten, Jason 14.04 Vinatieri, Adam 10.04 Bills
5.08 Bulger, Marc 6.04 Heap, Todd 14.07 Graham, Shayne 12.05 Steelers
7.02 Green, Trent 7.07 Shockey, Jeremy 16.05 Wilkins, Jeff 12.07 Eagles
8.04 Collins, Kerry 10.05 Clark, Dallas 16.06 Brown, Josh 13.03 Bears
9.02 Delhomme, Jake 10.06 Crumpler, Alge 16.07 Kaeding, Nate 15.06 Vikings
9.04 Favre, Brett 10.07 Smith, L.J. 17.03 Elam, Jason 16.02 Panthers
11.08 Brees, Drew 10.08 McMichael, Randy 17.06 Nugent, Mike 16.03 Redskins
12.02 Brady, Tom 13.07 Wiggins, Jermaine 17.07 Janikowski, Seb. 16.08 Falcons
12.03 Palmer, Carson 14.01 Johnson, Eric 18.01 Reed, Jeff 17.01 Buccaneers
12.04 Vick, Michael 14.03 Putzier, Jeb 18.02 Brown, Kris 17.02 Chargers
13.04 Hasselbeck, Matt 15.01 Cooley, Chris 18.03 Longwell, Ryan 17.04 Jets
13.06 Brooks, Aaron 15.03 Franks, Bubba 18.04 Stover, Matt 17.05 Lions
14.06 Plummer, Jake 15.04 Jolley, Doug 18.05 Kasay, John 17.08 Cowboys
14.08 Griese, Brian 16.04 Pollard, Marcus 18.08 Carney, John 18.06 Colts
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Tomlinson, Ladainian 6.07 Brown, Ronnie 2.01 Moss, Randy 7.08 Porter, Jerry
1.02 Alexander, Shaun 6.08 Jordan, Lamont 2.02 Johnson, Chad 8.02 Bruce, Isaac
1.04 James, Edgerrin 7.01 Arrington, J.J. 2.05 Holt, Torry 8.05 Driver, Donald
1.05 McAllister, Deuce 7.04 Bell, Tatum 2.08 Harrison, Marvin 8.06 Mason, Derrick
1.06 Holmes, Priest 7.05 Williams, Carnell 3.02 Johnson, Andre 8.07 Muhammad, Muhsin
1.07 Lewis, Jamal 8.01 Dunn, Warrick 3.05 Owens, Terrell 8.08 Smith, Jimmy
1.08 Davis, Domanick 8.03 Johnson, Larry 4.04 Walker, Javon 9.01 Kennison, Eddie
2.03 McGahee, Willis 9.03 Suggs, Lee 4.07 Wayne, Reggie 9.05 Stokley, Brandon
2.04 Portis, Clinton 10.03 Taylor, Fred 4.08 Horn, Joe 9.06 Coles, Laveranues
2.06 Jones, Julius 11.01 Brown, Chris 5.03 Clayton, Michael 9.08 Lelie, Ashley
2.07 Dillon, Corey 11.02 Staley, Duce 5.04 Burleson, Nate 10.02 Givens, David
3.03 Jackson, Steven 11.03 Barlow, Kevan 5.05 Jackson, Darrell 11.06 Evans, Lee
3.04 Jones, Kevin 11.04 Foster, De'shaun 5.06 Boldin, Anquan 12.06 Edwards, Braylon
3.06 Barber, Tiki 11.05 Duckett, T.J. 5.07 Chambers, Chris 12.08 Smith, Rod
3.07 Johnson, Rudi 11.07 Faulk, Marshall 6.01 Smith, Steve 13.02 Boston, David
4.01 Green, Ahman 12.01 Moore, Mewelde 6.03 Williams, Roy 13.05 Moss, Santana
4.05 Westbrook, Brian 15.05 Pittman, Michael 6.05 Bennett, Drew 14.02 Colbert, Keary
4.06 Martin, Curtis 15.07 Taylor, Chester 6.06 Ward, Hines 14.05 Houshmandzadeh, T.J.
5.01 Benson, Cedric 16.01 Shelton, Eric 7.03 Moulds, Eric 15.02 Williams, Mike
6.02 Bennett, Michael 18.07 Shipp, Marcel 7.06 Fitzgerald, Larry 15.08 Branch, Deion

Draft by Team

The important thing to remember when drafting an 8 man team is that everyone will have depth, everyone will have good players. Figure that every team could have four running backs that are starters for their NFL team. The waiver wire is much hotter in an eight man league since there will be so many players on it. Figure that in this mock, there are already free agents like David Carr, Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich. There are receivers like Keyshawn Johnson, Donte Stallworth, Plaxico Burress and many more.

What an eight team draft means is that you HAVE to get difference makers. Merely having a solid team is not enough - everyone should have one. And unlike a 12 team draft, digging into all those available running backs rarely makes sense if you are delaying other position starters. You must have as many studs at every position as possible to make the crucial difference.

That said, the reviews are mainly looking for star power - not depth.

Team #1 - Huddle Hellions  Team #2 - Devilwoman
Final Roster By Round Final Roster By Round
3.01 QB Culpepper, D. 1.01 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 7.02 QB Green, Trent 1.02 RB Alexander, Shaun
14.08 QB Griese, Brian 2.08 WR Harrison, Marvin 9.02 QB Delhomme, Jake 2.07 RB Dillon, Corey
1.01 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 3.01 QB Culpepper, D. 1.02 RB Alexander, Shaun 3.02 WR Johnson, Andre
5.01 RB Benson, Cedric 4.08 WR Horn, Joe 2.07 RB Dillon, Corey 4.07 WR Wayne, Reggie
6.08 RB Jordan, Lamont 5.01 RB Benson, Cedric 6.07 RB Brown, Ronnie 5.02 TE Witten, Jason
7.01 RB Arrington, J.J. 6.08 RB Jordan, Lamont 11.02 RB Staley, Duce 6.07 RB Brown, Ronnie
11.01 RB Brown, Chris 7.01 RB Arrington, J.J. 18.07 RB Shipp, Marcel 7.02 QB Green, Trent
2.08 WR Harrison, Marvin 8.08 WR Smith, Jimmy 3.02 WR Johnson, Andre 8.07 WR Muhammad, Muh.
4.08 WR Horn, Joe 9.01 WR Kennison, Eddie 4.07 WR Wayne, Reggie 9.02 QB Delhomme, Jake
8.08 WR Smith, Jimmy 10.08 TE McMichael, R. 8.07 WR Muhammad, Muh. 10.07 TE Smith, L.J.
9.01 WR Kennison, Eddie 11.01 RB Brown, Chris 13.02 WR Boston, David 11.02 RB Staley, Duce
12.08 WR Smith, Rod 12.08 WR Smith, Rod 15.02 WR Williams, Mike 12.07 Def Eagles
10.08 TE McMichael, R. 13.01 PK Akers, David 5.02 TE Witten, Jason 13.02 WR Boston, David
15.01 TE Cooley, Chris 14.08 QB Griese, Brian 10.07 TE Smith, L.J. 14.07 PK Graham, Shayne
13.01 PK Akers, David 15.01 TE Cooley, Chris 14.07 PK Graham, Shayne 15.02 WR Williams, Mike
18.08 PK Carney, John 16.08 Def Falcons 16.07 PK Kaeding, Nate 16.07 PK Kaeding, Nate
16.08 DEF Falcons 17.01 Def Buccaneers 12.07 DEF Eagles 17.02 Def Chargers
17.01 DEF Buccaneers 18.08 PK Carney, John 17.02 DEF Chargers 18.07 RB Shipp, Marcel

Plan: RB, WR, QB, WR, RB
After grabbing Tomlinson, snagged Harrison and then Culpepper for a monster start with difference makers. Scooped up Horn and still landed Benson and Jordan to serve as RB2.

McMichael should be fine at TE and Akers a solid kicker. Defense will be fine but no difference maker.

Overall, you have to like having Culpepper, Tomlinson, Harrison and Horn - top players for the top scoring positions. Plenty of depth of course all around. Could have taken BAL at the 9.01 instead of WR4 Kennison and made this look even stronger. Very strong start that turned into a hunt for depth like it was a 12 team draft.

Starters: Culpepper, Tomlinson, Benson, Harrison, Horn, J. Smith, McMichael, Akers, ATL

Plan Grade: A -

Plan: RB, RB, WR, WR, TE
Fairly standard approach, went with Alexander and then Dillon, followed by best WRs in Andre Johnson and then Wayne. Witten was a nice pickup in the 5th round and Green in the 7th shows how far QBs can be had in this format.

L.J. Smith offers upside at TE2 and PHI defense solid pick with 2/3rds of the draft over. Kickers were late throw ins.

Overall, this looked a lot like a team that was not used to drafting 8 man leagues. The picks were all solid enough, but other than Alexander and later pick of Witten, there are no top 3 studs on this team. There is depth, but compare the results with the team #1 starters. Lack of "big guns" but a solid team resulted. That usually spells a lackluster season in an 8 man league.

Starters: T. Green, Alexander, Dillon, A. Johnson, Wayne, Muhammad, Witten, Graham, PHI

Plan Grade: B-

Team #3 – KevinL Team #4 – Rhino's Rowdies
Final Roster By Round Final Roster By Round
1.03 QB Manning, Peyton 1.03 QB Manning, Peyton 9.04 QB Favre, Brett 1.04 RB James, Edgerrin
14.06 QB Plummer, Jake 2.06 RB Jones, Julius 13.04 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 2.05 WR Holt, Torry
2.06 RB Jones, Julius 3.03 RB Jackson, Steven 1.04 RB James, Edgerrin 3.04 RB Jones, Kevin
3.03 RB Jackson, Steven 4.06 RB Martin, Curtis 3.04 RB Jones, Kevin 4.05 RB Westbrook, Brian
4.06 RB Martin, Curtis 5.03 WR Clayton, Michael 4.05 RB Westbrook, Brian 5.04 WR Burleson, Nate
9.03 RB Suggs, Lee 6.06 WR Ward, Hines 7.04 RB Bell, Tatum 6.05 WR Bennett, Drew
11.03 RB Barlow, Kevan 7.03 WR Moulds, Eric 11.04 RB Foster, De'shaun 7.04 RB Bell, Tatum
5.03 WR Clayton, Michael 8.06 WR Mason, Derrick 2.05 WR Holt, Torry 8.05 WR Driver, Donald
6.06 WR Ward, Hines 9.03 RB Suggs, Lee 5.04 WR Burleson, Nate 9.04 QB Favre, Brett
7.03 WR Moulds, Eric 10.06 TE Crumpler, Alge 6.05 WR Bennett, Drew 10.05 TE Clark, Dallas
8.06 WR Mason, Derrick 11.03 RB Barlow, Kevan 8.05 WR Driver, Donald 11.04 RB Foster, De'shaun
12.06 WR Edwards, B. 12.06 WR Edwards, B. 14.05 WR Houshmandzadeh 12.05 Def Steelers
10.06 TE Crumpler, Alge 13.03 Def Bears 10.05 TE Clark, Dallas 13.04 QB Hasselbeck, Matt
15.03 TE Franks, Bubba 14.06 QB Plummer, Jake 15.04 TE Jolley, Doug 14.05 WR Houshmandzadeh
16.06 PK Brown, Josh 15.03 TE Franks, Bubba 16.05 PK Wilkins, Jeff 15.04 TE Jolley, Doug
17.03 PK Elam, Jason 16.06 PK Brown, Josh 18.05 PK Kasay, John 16.05 PK Wilkins, Jeff
13.03 DEF Bears 17.03 PK Elam, Jason 12.05 DEF Steelers 17.04 Def Jets
18.06 DEF Colts 18.06 Def Colts 17.04 DEF Jets 18.05 PK Kasay, John

Plan: QB, RB, RB, RB, WR
Grabbing Manning with the 1.03 is perfectly fine in an 8 man league - the best two RBs (and no-risk ones at that) are gone so why not take the safest player in the NFL? Like team #2, what followed that great move was a series of following the runs. Went Julius Jones and then Steven Jackson, but then took RB3 of Martin. No need to grab a backup RB when the starting RBs lasted into the 8th round.

Crumpler is fine at TE but both DEF and PK started well after the good ones were gone.

Overall, a solid team headed by all-world Manning but no other player is really top 8 in their position. That will make competing against all the other solid teams much harder.

Starters: Manning, J. Jones, Jackson, Clayton, Ward, Moulds, Crumpler, J. Brown, CHI

Plan Grade: B-

Plan: RB, WR, RB, RB, WR
Like team #3, went after James and added Holt for a great WR, then after taking K. Jones remained with the RBs to get Westbrook. Bell in the 7th round may do as well as Westbrook in the 4th. WR2 ended up as Burleson and Bennett followed in the 6th.

Waited on TE until the 10th round and still reached Clark which could be a huge steal. Favre in the 9th is another but even though Clark and Favre offer "at least average" potential, the team spent a lot of picks backing up RB and WR while others were grabbing the tops off other positions.

Overall, this is another solid team with almost no stars. James and Holt were nice, but otherwise the rest of the team is likely only average.

Starters: Favre, James, K. Jones, Holt, Burleson, Bennett, Clark, Wilkins, PIT

Plan Grade: B-

Team #5 - uber-studs Team #6 -  Portugal
Final Roster By Round Final Roster By Round
8.04 QB Collins, Kerry 1.05 RB McAllister, D. 12.03 QB Palmer, Carson 1.06 RB Holmes, Priest
12.04 QB Vick, Michael 2.04 RB Portis, Clinton 13.06 QB Brooks, Aaron 2.03 RB McGahee, Willis
1.05 RB McAllister, D. 3.05 WR Owens, Terrell 1.06 RB Holmes, Priest 3.06 RB Barber, Tiki
2.04 RB Portis, Clinton 4.04 WR Walker, Javon 2.03 RB McGahee, Willis 4.03 TE Gonzalez, Tony
7.05 RB Williams, C. 5.05 WR Jackson, Darrell 3.06 RB Barber, Tiki 5.06 WR Boldin, Anquan
11.05 RB Duckett, T.J. 6.04 TE Heap, Todd 8.03 RB Johnson, Larry 6.03 WR Williams, Roy
15.05 RB Pittman, Michael 7.05 RB Williams, C. 10.03 RB Taylor, Fred 7.06 WR Fitzgerald, Larry
3.05 WR Owens, Terrell 8.04 QB Collins, Kerry 5.06 WR Boldin, Anquan 8.03 RB Johnson, Larry
4.04 WR Walker, Javon 9.05 WR Stokley, Brandon 6.03 WR Williams, Roy 9.06 WR Coles, Laveranues
5.05 WR Jackson, Darrell 10.04 Def Bills 7.06 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 10.03 RB Taylor, Fred
9.05 WR Stokley, Brandon 11.05 RB Duckett, T.J. 9.06 WR Coles, Laveranues 11.06 WR Evans, Lee
13.05 WR Moss, Santana 12.04 QB Vick, Michael 11.06 WR Evans, Lee 12.03 QB Palmer, Carson
6.04 TE Heap, Todd 13.05 WR Moss, Santana 4.03 TE Gonzalez, Tony 13.06 QB Brooks, Aaron
16.04 TE Pollard, Marcus 14.04 PK Vinatieri, Adam 14.03 TE Putzier, Jeb 14.03 TE Putzier, Jeb
14.04 PK Vinatieri, Adam 15.05 RB Pittman, Michael 17.06 PK Nugent, Mike 15.06 Def Vikings
18.04 PK Stover, Matt 16.04 TE Pollard, Marcus 18.03 PK Longwell, Ryan 16.03 Def Redskins
10.04 DEF Bills 17.05 Def Lions 15.06 DEF Vikings 17.06 PK Nugent, Mike
17.05 DEF Lions 18.04 PK Stover, Matt 16.03 DEF Redskins 18.03 PK Longwell, Ryan

Plan: RB, RB, WR, WR, WR
While this team delayed some other positions like the others, it appears to have gotten away with it a little better. Went with McAllister and Portis before mining the WRs which produced Owens, Walker and Jackson - that worked out pretty well. Two top 8 RBs and three Top 12 WR's.

Took Heap with the 6.04 (could have been Clark or Shockey) and then backed up RB3 with Carnell Williams. BUF defense at the 10.04 was a great value and Vinatieri an always solid kicker.

The RB's should be fine and the WR's could be stellar. Plan allowed for a good TE and a top DEF. If he can get Collins to fulfill the sleeper role many expect, this team could be a definite force. Didn't like the QB personally, but the rest of the team could definitely post some points.

Starters: Collins, McAllister, Portis, Owens, Walker, D. Jackson, Heap, Vinatieri, BUF

Plan Grade: A-

Plan: RB, RB, RB, TE, WR
This is another team that has the look of a 12 team draft strategy used in an 8 man league. Holmes and McGahee a great start (With Larry Johnson as well). Gonzalez an obvious difference maker, Using the highly valuable third pick on backing up RBs before taking any other position put him behind the curve in most other positions. Barber could have been McNabb or Javon Walker and made the starters stronger.

Palmer and Brooks at the 12/13 is a ridiculously good value but in an 8 man league, not all that unbelievable. Left DEF and PK until the very end which spells no difference makers and possibly a liability.

Overall, another solid team and Holmes/McGahee could do some damage and Gonzo was a great pick. The rest of the team likely won't be much help for the cause. You cannot rely on getting Palmer/Brooks quality that deep and taking a RB5 before DEF or PK doesn't make much sense in this format.

Starters: Palmer, Holmes, McGahee, Boldin, R. Williams, Fitzgerald, Gonzalez, Nugent, MIN

Plan Grade: B-

Team #7 - Brentastic Team #8 - major-tom
Final Roster By Round Final Roster By Round
4.02 QB McNabb, D. 1.07 RB Lewis, Jamal 5.08 QB Bulger, Marc 1.08 RB Davis, Domanick
12.02 QB Brady, Tom 2.02 WR Johnson, Chad 11.08 QB Brees, Drew 2.01 WR Moss, Randy
1.07 RB Lewis, Jamal 3.07 RB Johnson, Rudi 1.08 RB Davis, Domanick 3.08 TE Gates, Antonio
3.07 RB Johnson, Rudi 4.02 QB McNabb, D. 4.01 RB Green, Ahman 4.01 RB Green, Ahman
6.02 RB Bennett, Michael 5.07 WR Chambers, C. 8.01 RB Dunn, Warrick 5.08 QB Bulger, Marc
11.07 RB Faulk, Marshall 6.02 RB Bennett, Michael 12.01 RB Moore, Mewelde 6.01 WR Smith, Steve
15.07 RB Taylor, Chester 7.07 TE Shockey, Jeremy 16.01 RB Shelton, Eric 7.08 WR Porter, Jerry
2.02 WR Johnson, Chad 8.02 WR Bruce, Isaac 2.01 WR Moss, Randy 8.01 RB Dunn, Warrick
5.07 WR Chambers, C.. 9.07 Def Ravens 6.01 WR Smith, Steve 9.08 WR Lelie, Ashley
8.02 WR Bruce, Isaac 10.02 WR Givens, David 7.08 WR Porter, Jerry 10.01 Def Patriots
10.02 WR Givens, David 11.07 RB Faulk, Marshall 9.08 WR Lelie, Ashley 11.08 QB Brees, Drew
14.02 WR Colbert, Keary 12.02 QB Brady, Tom 15.08 WR Branch, Deion 12.01 RB Moore, Mewelde
7.07 TE Shockey, Jeremy 13.07 TE Wiggins, J. 3.08 TE Gates, Antonio 13.08 PK Vanderjagt, Mike
13.07 TE Wiggins, J. 14.02 WR Colbert, Keary 14.01 TE Johnson, Eric 14.01 TE Johnson, Eric
17.07 PK Janikowski, S. 15.07 RB Taylor, Chester 13.08 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 15.08 WR Branch, Deion
18.02 PK Brown, Kris 16.02 Def Panthers 18.01 PK Reed, Jeff 16.01 RB Shelton, Eric
9.07 DEF Ravens 17.07 PK Janikowski, S. 10.01 DEF Patriots 17.08 Def Cowboys
16.02 DEF Panthers 18.02 PK Brown, Kris 17.08 DEF Cowboys 18.01 PK Reed, Jeff

Plan: RB, WR, RB, QB, WR
Started with Lewis and then went WR1 with Chad Johnson at the 2.02 (could have been any WR other than Moss). Took Rudi Johnson at RB2 and then McNabb at the 4.02 nice value indeed.

Shockey at 7.07 could have been Clark or Crumpler and was appropriate and BAL defense at the 9.07 gives an edge.

Overall, drafting in the rear produced a team likely a bit above average with McNabb, C. Johnson and BAL as top tier players. RB is certainly solid as is TE. Not a roster that wows particularly, but one that made decent use of the end picks.

Starter: McNabb, Lewis, R. Johnson, C. Johnson, Chambers, Bruce, Shockey, Janikowski, BAL

Plan Grade: B+

Plan: RB, WR, TE, RB, QB
Started with Domanick Davis and then Randy Moss a sterling pick at the 2.01. Gates at the 3.08 seems too early but in an 8 man league - why not? Still ended up with Ahman Green at RBs and then Bulger at the 5.08 another great pick-up.

Nabbed NE with the 10.01 (could have been any DEF other than BAL) for a nice edge which was repeated in the 13.08 with Vanderjagt for PK.

Overall, this team may lack the stud RB2 you'd like to see but it's pretty hard to argue with the rest of the roster. Top 4 players for QB, WR, TE, PK and DEF. Had the team snuck in Chris Brown, Staley or Foster later on for a more upside RB2 option, I think this would have been an A+ team. For Drafting last, this plan worked out really well otherwise.

Starters: Bulger, Davis, Green, R. Moss, S. Smith, Porter, Gates, Vanderjagt, NE

Plan Grade: A