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The Huddle's in-depth articles are a great resource for our member's fantasy football leagues. Offering only our exclusive articles helps "huddlers" manage their fantasy teams more effectively. Our in-depth coverage and expert insights helps fantasy team owners by not only informing them of news and events, but giving them the tools for building and maintaining a winning fantasy team. As a "huddler" you have access to all the fantasy football news and advice you could possibly need.
Six Years of Tomlinson - A Comparison - Dorey (Posted January 1, 2007)
Top 10 Fantasy Performances This Season by Position - Dorey (Posted January 1, 2007)
BCS (Bob's College Summary) - A Look at the Bowl Games - Cunningham (Posted December 16, 2006)
Team Defense Sleepers for the Fantasy Playoffs - Tietgen (Posted November 23, 2006)

Searching for that edge at team defense for your fantasy playoffs?

Free Agent Forecast - Dynasty Edition - Sandy (Posted November 7, 2006)

For dynasty fantasy teams it's never too early to begin planning for next season.

Ease of Schedule - Rest of the Season: Quarterbacks/Receivers  |  Running Backs - Dorey (Posted November 2, 2006)

The third update to The Huddle's original EOS (Ease of Schedule) designed specifically for evaluating fantasy players.

Training Camp Duels - Levit (Posted August 25, 2006)
A look at some of the most important fantasy showdowns happening in training camps this preseason.
Contract Year Players - Walters (Posted August 25, 2006)
List of those players that may be screaming "show me the money" next year after a big 2005 season.
Risk and Reward: Thinking Through Your Draft - Schlottman (Posted August 24, 2006)
Running through every draft is an underlying understanding (or lack thereof) of the risks and rewards associated with any given player in a given draft position. Here are a few tips to help you think through your draft.
Special Team and Team Defense Rankings - Tietgen (Posted August 24, 2006)
Is This the Year for the Stud Wide Receiver Theory? - Ratterree (Posted August 23, 2006)
The Stud WR theory.  Is it plausible?  Is it insane?  It certainly is experimental. Maybe even radical. But in point per reception leagues it should be considered.
Five Running Backs with Enticing Upside - Aiken (Posted August 21, 2006)
What makes these five players so enticing, is that they are likely to significantly outperform their draft position, some by multiple rounds. So go into your draft gunning for these backs.
Takes 2 to Tango - Cunningham (Posted August 21, 2006)
The drafting strategy of taking a pass-catch combo can prove to be a boon for your fantasy team.
The Case For Peyton Manning - Aiken (Posted August 17, 2006)
The first rule of fantasy football is to draft running backs early and often. Any other approach will bring cheers and ridicule from your fellow draftees. But don’t make the mistake of following the flock. There is simply too much at stake.
Sizing Up the NFL:  QB  |  RB  |  WR  |  TE - Dorey (Posted August 16, 2006)
So does size matter in fantasy football?

IDP Pre-Season Deep Sleepers - Tietgen (Posted August 16, 2006)

The primer edition of the weekly IDP Deeper Sleeper column.  Each week, highlighted will be several IDPs at the “typical” IDP positions (LB, DL and DB) that have a chance to put up solid fantasy numbers.
Five Long-Shots That Could Produce - Aiken (Posted August 15, 2006)
Every year, there are one or two long-shots that come out of nowhere to pay dividends for fantasy owners. Here are five to consider.

Repeatability Series:  QB  |  RB  |  WR  |  TE  |  PK - Dorey (Posted August 15, 2006)

So just how often does a fantasy star repeat that star performance?
Knee-Jerk Reactions: Pre-Season Week 1 - Boyter (Posted August 15, 2006)
A quick look at week one of the NFL pre-season and some fantasy football player observations.
Picking Players That Score a Lot of Points - Dorey (Posted August 14, 2006)

It's back! The most highly requsted article each year at The Huddle. An in-depth look at how to create the perfect plan for rounds 1 and 2.

Passing Committee - Levit (Posted August 14, 2006)
Besides RB's, the one fantasy position that you need consistent points from QB's. Here's a plan of action for drafting productive quarterbacks.
Unlock the Handcuffs - Levit (Posted August 10, 2006)
So is the trendy handcuffing draft strategy really advisable?
Who the Heck is Mike Bell? - Sandy (Posted August 8, 2006)
10 Bold Predictions for 2006 - Aiken (Posted August 8, 2006)
Mike Bell Named Denver Starter - Aiken (Posted August 7, 2006)

Fantasy Fantasy Football - St. Amant (Posted August 2, 2006)

Ten Best Fantasy Prospects - Sandy (Posted July 31, 2006)
Better Than Average Rankings - Dorey (Posted July 12, 2006)

The BTA rankings are an interesting tool that measures exactly how well a player produced fantasy points last year compared to all others in his position given the unique schedule that he faced.

Life After Roaf - The KC Impact - Dorey (Posted June 29, 2006)
Players Drafted from 2000 - 2006:   QB  |  RB  |  WR - Dorey (Posted June 21, 2006)
Consistency Rankings:  QB | RB | WR | TE - Dorey (Posted June 19, 2006)
Finding those fantasy players that can score consistently for your team week in and week out can be the difference between winning and losing.
15 Players to Avoid in This Year's Fantasy Draft - Ratterree (Posted June 15, 2006)
Fantasy Ease of Schedule Series - Dorey (Posted June 1, 2006)

For the ninth year, The Huddle's original EOS designed specifically for evaluating fantasy players. Who cares about win/loss – you need to know what defenses are allowing opposing players in yards and scores.

The Dorey Rule - Dorey (Posted June 1, 2006)
The Ease of Schedule applied to the first six weeks of the season. Because starting strong is key.
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