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Fantasy Auctioneer Top 200
George del Prado and Andrew Woodring
July 19, 2006

This cheat sheet is for a 12-team, $200 salary cap auction with a starting lineup of one QB, two RBs, three WRs, one TE, one K, one DEF, and seven reserves (16 total). Note that the top 192 players (12 teams x 16 players) add up to $2400 (12 teams x $200 cap). Scoring system is: 10 yards rush/rec = 20 yards passing = 1 point, rush/rec TDs = 6 points, passing TDs = 4 points, interceptions thrown = -2 points, and standard K and DEF scoring. QB stats are given in passing yards-TDs-INTs (e.g. 3476-25-13) and RB, WR, and TE stats are given in total yards-TDs (e.g. 1647-18).

Rank Name Pos Value Comments
1 Larry Johnson RB $73 Will likely go at the top of most drafts. O-Line returns (albeit a year older) and new HC Herman Edwards loves to run. Most people expect at least 1,800-20+; so he won't go under $70.
2 Shaun Alexander RB $72 Can you believe that in the last five years, he hasn't missed a game and his worst fantasy season was a 1635-18 romp in '02? (Seriously, look it up.) With a big new contract in hand and Hutchinson in Minnesota, is this the year Alexander finally disappoints? At least four guys in your league don't think so, so don't expect a discount on this Clydesdale.
3 LaDainian Tomlinson RB $71 Although clearly a top back with huge rushing and receiving (and passing) potential, LT's wildcard is young Philip Rivers taking over at QB. LT2 still did very well even before Brees came around, but he did wear down at the end of '04 and '05. Ah, who are we kidding? Anything less than 1800-15 would be disappointing.
4 Clinton Portis RB $54 A bit of a boom or bust candidate. New OC Saunders may ignite Portis to huge numbers a la Priest and Larry; but a shaky QB situation and more offensive weapons may limit Portis. Note the $17 drop between the three and four spots.
5 Tiki Barber RB $53 Do-it-all back who appears to get better with age. Should post very good rushing and receiving yardage. TDs may be a little tougher to come by with bruiser Jacobs in the mix. Tough 2006 schedule may spook some owners, but don't expect him to fall out of the top 6.
6 Edgerrin James RB $51 Patient, strong runner who will benefit from stud WRs. Biggest question mark is how the o-line will block for him. He's been so good for so long, though, so you have to lean towards him making it happen.
7 Steven Jackson RB $48 Strong runner who should benefit from the arrival of Linehan. If given 20+ carries a game (as promised), he will post very good numbers. 1,600 total yards and 12-14 TDs are reasonable expectations.
8 Carnell Williams RB $47 Is he the back who was fast out of the gates in 2005 with three straight 100-yard games? Or the one who missed two games and was limited in others? Only one of his six 100-yard games came against a top 10 rush defense; but the kid's got upside. And boy, do people love upside.
9 Ronnie Brown RB $46 Feature back in Miami with Ricky in the CFL, so he should post solid numbers. Strong runner and receiver who is also involved in the passing game. If Saban takes the Dolphins to the next level as many expect, we might see a season-long coming out party for the next great fantasy back. What did we just say about upside?
10 Rudi Johnson RB $46 Strong second half may inflate his value. Auburn product should continue to develop and top 1,200 yards and 10 TDs. Health of Palmer's knee can impact his value positively or negatively. That risk and a tough schedule will keep his price in the 10-15 range.
11 LaMont Jordan RB $46 A new HC, a new QB, and a potentially healthy Randy Moss all make the crystal ball a bit hazy, so it's tough to get a read on Jordan. Still, he's a versatile back who should be even more productive in 2006. More valuable in PPR leagues.
12 Steve Smith WR $41 Biggest question is, can he adjust if teams scheme him like the Seahawks did in the playoffs? Smith fans say Keyshawn's arrival answers this question, but 2005 may still prove to have been a career year. Regardless, the short guys in your league will probably push his value into the $35-$40 range.
13 Torry Holt WR $40 Might be this year's top WR after all is said and done. Consistent production over the last six years, big play WR, and in a great offense - all without off-the-field baggage. Topped 1300 yards and scored 9 TDs in nine different games (which is what you want), despite missing two with a knee injury. A #1 fantasy WR anyone can be proud of.
14 Domanick Davis RB $40 His price will be kept in the mid-$30s because of health concerns and the big step back Houston's offense took from '04 to '05 (from 5128 yards and 37 TDs to 4053 yards and 26 TDs). Hope does spring eternal with the addition of new HC Gary Kubiak, the OC that churned out stud RBs in Denver from '95 to '05. Could be another 1800-14 season (remember '04?), but could just as easily be another injury marred 1300-6 (remember '05?). A knee injury is limiting him even in June, but we're still leaning towards a return to glory. Just factor the risk in when deciding on buying.
15 Terrell Owens WR $39 Arguably the NFL's best player, as well as its biggest headcase. Could post 1,400+ yards and 16+ TDs or could meltdown and leave owners wondering why they wanted him in the first place. You always hear about NFL GMs drafting first round talent in the 2nd or 3rd round because of character issues? This is your fantasy equivalent.
16 Brian Westbrook RB $38 Despite limited touches, he always seems to produce. Should be more involved with Owens out of the mix, especially if Reid follows through with his promise to run more. 1,500 total yards and 9-11 TDs seem possible, but injury risk is a concern.
17 Willis McGahee RB $38 Did you know he ran for almost 1,300 yards last year? High expectations and a low TD count led to his bust label in 2005; but he would make a great #2 if other owners undervalue him.
18 Marvin Harrison WR $37 Simply one of the best, most consistent WRs in the game. At least 1,200+ yards and 10+ TDs should be a lock. Edge going to Phoenix might mean more balls thrown his way, but it could also mean a hit to the offense as a whole. We wouldn't worry too much about it, so he's definitely worth top-5 WR money.
19 Chad Johnson WR $35 Success will depend on Palmer's health but should be considered a top 5 WR in all formats. Size, speed, and hands make him a strong #1 WR. Plus you'll have a season full of quotes like this one (CJ's take on Big Ben): “If you're going to ride a bike, ride it the right way. Don't speed. Do it for enjoyment. I don't ride anything. I just talk trash. That's it.”
20 Randy Moss WR $35 Has been hurt the last couple of years and detractors worry it's a trend. We think it's a little too early to call him injury prone, so we'll give him one more year. Oakland's suspect D could mean lots of passing, but Aaron Brooks is a bit of a question mark.
21 Julius Jones RB $33 Our highest ranking member of a potential RBBC, Jones will produce like a #1 back if he can stay healthy and keep Marion Barber at bay. Barber, however, was electrifying in relief last year. He'll probably take some touches away, limiting JJ's upside. (We're ballparking a 70/30 split; but no one really knows.) T.O.'s effect on the rushing numbers is also a bit of a wildcard (could be good, could be bad).
22 Hines Ward WR $32 I was predicting a big step forward for the Steelers' passing game, until The Accident. Still, Big Ben should be fine and the two best and most consistent players on offense are Roethlisberger and Ward. Cowher will lean on them heavily this year; so I'm going out on a limb and calling it a 1300-10 season for Ward.
23 Larry Fitzgerald WR $32 Very consistent performer in 2005 (12 games of 70+ yards and scored in 10 different games). With Edge in town, however, don't expect another 1400-10 season. 1200 and 8 should be a lock; but Warner going down for an extended period of time would severely deflate Fitz's value.
24 Peyton Manning QB $30 Will be the top ranked fantasy QB in virtually everyone's board. Improved D, however, will mean less shoot-outs, so a return to 2004 numbers is unlikely. Edge's departure has people paying 35+ TD money for Peyton, but he only threw 26 and 27 in the two years James was hurt and/or ineffective. I'll grant him the highest floor of all the QBs (by far); but people are still overpaying for him. It's a very deep QB field, so don't bid on Manning unless he's going well below his $38 AAV.
25 Anquan Boldin WR $29 1,400 yards in 14 starts — not too shabby. As with Fitzgerald, don't expect another 1400 yard season with Edge in town. A better running game limits the Arizona WRs' upside, but lessens their risk considerably. 1100-8 also seems reasonable.
26 Reggie Wayne WR $29 The last couple of years, he has been teasing people that he'll take over the #1 WR role in Indy, but he took a step back last year with Manning's TD total going down from 49 to 28. The second best #2 WR in the game, so 1100-8 seems more than reasonable.
27 Jamal Lewis RB $29 Was 2005 an aberration or a sign of things to come? Rehabbing and training in the pen can't be that easy, so Jamal has some upside this year. You should, however, temper expectations because of the Ravens' questionable offense and not-as-great-as-it-used-to-be defense. Steve McNair signing with the Ravens gives him a bit of an upgrade.
28 Chris Chambers WR $28 Strong second half in 2005 suggests continued production in 2006. Addition of Culpepper should also help overall numbers. Upside is gigantic, but half a season isn't enough to put him in the elite bracket quite yet.
29 Willie Parker RB $28 Very inconsistent in 2005. In four big games last year, averaged 145 total yards and scored 4 TDs. In the other 12, however, averaged 70 total yards and scored only twice. The speedster's TD total will, however, likely improve with the Bus retiring. Staley is getting pretty long in the tooth, Verron Hayes seems more like a 3rd round back, and a RB wasn't drafted until the 7th round — so Fast Willie P definitely has some upside.
30 Chester Taylor RB $28 New HC Childress brought Taylor in to be the Vikes' version of Brian Westbrook. Addition of Pro Bowlers FB Tony Richardson and OG Steve Hutchinson should make life easier for Taylor. Another guy who hasn't had the opportunity, but slides into a great situation in Minneapolis. Mewelde Moore might be a decent handcuff for him.
31 Plaxico Burress WR $27 A little inconsistent in '05, but poised to breakout this year. Second year in NY offense and should benefit from Eli's continued development.
32 Corey Dillon RB $26 Yardage was down last year but still found pay dirt 13 times. Addition of Maroney a concern but should still be a quality #2 back. Make sure you handcuff them if you can.
33 Tatum Bell RB $26 RBBC? Probably. Or Shanahan might suit up the groundskeeper and turn him into The Next Great Denver Back. Either way, Bell's worth taking a chance on if the price is right. He's still considered by many to be the best back in Denver, after all. Explosive, but his ypc takes a nose dive after his 10th carry, going from 6.2 in his first 10 to 2.9 in 11+. For what it's worth, Bell claims he just needs more touches for that to even out. This is definitely a make or break season for him.
34 Antonio Gates TE $26 Only question mark is the QB position. Can Rivers get him the ball? That's the bottom line for this guy. His numbers will undoubtedly take a hit, but he's still considered the top TE in FF.
35 Warrick Dunn RB $25 Usually underappreciated, but averaged over 1500 total yards and hasn't missed a start in the last two years. Lack of TDs hurts his upside, but he'll probably be undervalued in your auction because people are suckers for upside.
36 Reggie Bush RB $24 Bush's value is a tug of war between his 'Michael Jordan' draft label and his RBBC situation with Deuce McAllister and the big contract Deuce signed in '05. The Saints' offensive line is also a concern. I'm pretty sure someone will be willing to pay more for him than I am in every league I'm in, which is fine by me.
37 Kevin Jones RB $24 Weak 2005 drops his value. Hurt most of the year, he should improve in 2006 and could get a boost from new OC Martz. The next Faulk? Probably not, but he may surprise. We doubt it, so don't overspend.
38 Darrell Jackson WR $23 Very consistent when he played last year. If he can put his knee injury behind him, he should be good for the usual 1,100 yards and 7-9 scores.
39 Joey Galloway WR $23 Many people think his resurgence in '05 is a one-year-wonder type of thing, but I give credit to Jon Gruden. Galloway actually started doing very well towards the end of '04, when he scored five TDs in the last five games. That would be 15 TDs in his last 21 games, so he should be a lock for 1,100 yards and 7-9 scores.
40 Tom Brady QB $22 With a defense that no longer dominates, the Patriots will have to throw more (which is great news for Brady). He might not reach his 4110-26 numbers in 2005, but 3,600+ yards and 25 TDs should be his floor. You could definitely do a lot worse.
41 Carson Palmer QB $22 Was the top candidate to take best FF QB honors from Peyton, until his knee injury against the Steelers in the playoffs. He should be back to 100% early in the season, at which point you can expect similar game-to-game numbers to 2005.
42 Eli Manning QB $21 Continues to develop and should have even better grasp of the offense in 2006. Multiple receiving options (Burress, Shockey, Barber) will help. His current AAV puts him as the #2 QB, which is surprising. It shows that there's a good chance two people in your league will really like him and get into a bidding war over him. Eli should do well, but I don't know if I would pay for it. You can probably find a better ROI elsewhere.
43 Reuben Droughns RB $20 As long as off the field issues don't linger he should have another 1,000+ yard season, especially with the addition of former Saints All-Pro center LeCharles Bentley, whom some consider to be the best center in the NFL. Reuben has to get more than 2 TDs this year, right?
44 DeShaun Foster RB $20 Likely starter in 2006 is somewhat brittle, so draft with caution. Fox likes to run, so Foster could be in for a big year if he starts 16 games. That said, drafting DeAngelo Williams in the first round makes it look like a committee. Another one of those RBBC hand-cuff teams.
45 Roy Williams WR $19 Perfect example of a lower-tier guy with #1 upside. Talented WR should benefit from new OC Martz. 8 TDs in 11 starts in '04, then another 8 TDs in 12 starts in '05 hints at his potential. Martz makes him a trendy sleeper pick, though, so you probably won't get him for cheap.
46 Deuce McAllister RB $19 Value dips due to severe knee injury in 2005 and addition of Bush. He should, however, still get the goal-line carries and some of the work between the 20s, giving him a ceiling of serviceable #2 RB numbers. If the the knee is an issue, however, you'll see how ugly his floor can be.
47 Santana Moss WR $18 Talented WR had great overall numbers in 2005, but was fairly inconsistent, going 492-7 in 3 games and 991-2 in the other 13. He likely won't surprise defenses this year and will have to share the ball more with the addition of Brandon Lloyd and Antwaan Randle El (as well as the emergence of Chris Cooley).
48 Matt Hasselbeck QB $18 Playing a hunch teams will focus on Alexander and force Hasselbeck to beat them in 2006 which will mean big yardage and TD production. Shaun can't score another 28, can he?
49 Tony Gonzalez TE $17 Former Cal Great has dominated the fantasy TE market since '99, but suffered a precipitous drop in production last year. Despite only 2 TDs, he still did go for over 900 yards. He's still a consensus top 3 TE, though, so getting him in the mid-teens would be a bargain.
50 Donovan McNabb QB $17 Decent #1 QB option. Stats will suffer with TO gone, but they should still be respectable. He didn't run at all last year because of the hernia; but he will still probably run a lot less than he used to. He'll definitely want to prove some things on the field, but his supporting cast is a bit shaky.
51 Joe Horn WR $17 The good? Averaged 1258-9 from '00 to '04 and now has Reggie Bush opening things up for him. The bad? Had an abysmal 654-1 in '05, has a new QB to adjust to (although some would say this is a good thing), and he's now 34 years old.
52 Javon Walker WR $16 Another guy coming back from injury and learning a new offense. Don't reach for him because he probably won't be back to form until '07.
53 Jeremy Shockey TE $16 Top 3 or 4 TE. Balanced offense will give him plenty of opportunities. Many people love the Giants offense this year, with Eli's development, so Shockey won't come cheap.
54 Thomas Jones RB $16 Skipping 'voluntary' workouts now has Jones #2 on the depth chart. With Benson's #1 money, he was going to be given every chance to win and keep the top job anyway. Fwiw, reports out of camp is that Benson looks very good. We're guessing a 60-40 split, but it's still a little too early to really know how much and to whom. The Bears D is top shelf, though, so there will be a lot of carries to go around.
55 Dominic Rhodes RB $16 Likely to start the season as the #1 RB for the Colts, but will definitely share carries with 1st round draft pick Joseph Addai. His only chance for greatness is if Addai turns into a J.J. Arrington-esque bust.
56 Joseph Addai RB $16 Some people are banking on Addai taking the top job in Indy, making him a pretty sexy pick in some circles (the old “they didn't draft him in the first round to be a backup” argument). I'm guessing a 50/50 split, but it's too early to really know.
57 Ron Dayne RB $15 Most people not in NY are convinced that Dayne will be the Mike Anderson (12 TDs in '05) of 2006. Giants fans will tell you Dayne is a bum who will definitely give way to Bell. You make the call.
58 Marc Bulger QB $15 Huge upside if the Rams can keep him healthy. Great weapons (Holt, Bruce, Curtis, and Jackson) and new Coach should help.
59 Andre Johnson WR $14 A consensus preseason top 12 WR last year, he killed his owners with a 688-2 effort. The addition of Moulds and Kubiak, however, should improve his stats across the board.
60 Donald Driver WR $14 Quietly put up 1,221 yards (8th in the NFL) in 2005. Now how many of those 29 drive-killing interceptions would have led to Driver TDs? They were probably the reason Driver only scored 5 last year. Expect a bounce-back year from Ye Olde Gunslinger (otherwise, why return?), which makes Driver one of those guys flying under the radar with good upside.
61 Michael Vick QB $14 Is this the year the West Coast Offense finally clicks for him? Maybe, maybe not, but his rushing numbers always seem to put him ranked around 7-10 when the season is done. His reputation for inconsistency knocks him down a few slots, though.
62 Alge Crumpler TE $13 Vick's favorite target and good second tier TE. Finds open space and produces yardage and TDs. Could take a major step up if Vick improves his passing, but most people don't expect that to happen any time soon.
63 Koren Robinson WR $13 Rebounded from his alcohol issues and showed flashes of his potential in 2005. Made it to the Pro Bowl as a kick returner last year — how close does that make him to qualifying as a WR? Now the #1 WR for the Vikings, he should be a good #2 WR option with decent upside. Stay sober, Koren! The drink isn't worth it!
64 Frank Gore RB $12 More upside than Barlow, he should benefit from the addition of guard Larry Allen and OC Norv Turner. Norv's RB-Guru reputation will have the historians in your league wanting this guy. Remember, though, we are still talking about the 49ers, so don't go crazy.
65 T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR $12 Some might remember T.J. hitting a hot streak in weeks 12-15, when he averaged 87 yards and scored 5 TDs. In the other 12 games, however, he averaged only 51 yards and scored twice. Still, 956-7 in the end isn't bad, and there's always a possibility of him getting better. Palmer's health adds some risk and Chad Johnson's shadow lessens his upside.
66 Eddie Kennison WR $11 After not breaking the 1K-yard mark for nine years, the veteran quietly put up 1086-8 in '04 and then 1102-5 in '05. Consider him a #3 WR who will neither disappoint nor excite you.
67 DeAngelo Williams RB $10 Despite getting drafted 3 spots ahead of Joseph Addai, Addai is the rookie people like the most after Bush. Carolina did give Foster a good contract and maybe he has accomplished more things more recently than Rhodes, but it makes you wonder. Regardless, this will probably be an RBBC, so DeAngelo's upside will be tied to Foster's health, which has been far from reliable.c
68 Ahman Green RB $10 Ahman Green's 20-TD career year in 2003 seems so long ago, doesn't it? Green Bay looked horrible last year, but Samkon Gado still put up decent numbers down the stretch. If Ahman is healthy and keeps the #1 job (both big Ifs), then there's reason for hope.
69 Deion Branch WR $10 Not overly consistent but a shaky #2 / great #3 fantasy WR option. 1,000 yards and 5-7 TDs are realistic. Recent 'unexcused' absence from camp is a bit of a worry.
70 Drew Bledsoe QB $10 If he can go 3600-23 without TO, what can he do with him? It's worth noting that he was pretty inconsistent last year — mixing three 3-TD games with five games where he didn't throw for a TD or threw one TD and 2+ picks. Also worth noting that TO made Jeff Garcia a top 3 fantasy QB and gave McNabb a career year.
71 Cedric Benson RB $9 If Jones continues to pout Benson will be the starter in 2006. Based on past Bears RB production he would be a quality #3 and possibly a #2 RB.
72 Laurence Maroney RB $9 Great keeper option, as he should start by '07. Incumbent starter Corey Dillon supposedly looks good in camp, but he's getting old and has had a lot of punishing touches in his career. If Dillon goes down for any length of time or is ineffective, Maroney's value skyrockets. There's some concern, however, over Maroney's ability to pass protect, which could limit his playing time.
73 Jake Delhomme QB $9 Usually underrated and a bit of a gunslinger (16 INT's in 2005), but produces. He's throwing to the best WR in the NFL, recently picked up a decent #2 option in Keyshawn Johnson, and will get help from 1st round RB DeAngelo Williams. It's worth noting that Delhomme threw for 323 yards, 3 TDs, and no picks in Super Bowl XXXVIII, against the New England Dynasty no less. Panthers lost, of course, but you still want that kind of thing to be on your QB's resume. Perfect example of that lower-tier guy who's got upside that I like to target. I'll be shocked if he doesn't break into the top 12 this year.
74 Ben Roethlisberger QB $15 Recent motorcycle accident clouds his immediate future, but reports have been very positive. Should be 100% by week 1, but difficult to say how missing so much time will affect his play. Regardless, the Steelers should pass more this year because their best two players on offense are at QB and WR and old warhorse Jerome Bettis is out to pasture. I think he will surprise and finish ranked around 8-12 in fantasy production.
75 Jake Plummer QB $9 Had pretty modest 3366-18-7 season last year and didn't add as much on the ground as you'd expect (151 yards, 2 TDs) from the Snake. Still, mistake-free ball on a rushing team (Troy Aikman?) will get you solid if not spectacular numbers. That's probably why I think he's a little underrated these days. People see his floor to be pretty low, but they forget the 4089-27-20 season he had in '04. Can he put together '04 yards and TDs with '05 picks? You won't have to pay much to find out.
76 Kurt Warner QB $9 Has two of the best WRs in the game to throw to, and one of the best all-around RBs in the league backing him up. If you were HC Denny Green, would you lean heavily on Edge to protect your geriatric and fragile QB? I would, too, which probably also means less opportunities for Warner. The Cards were the #1 passing team (by far) as well as the #32 rushing team (by far) in the NFL. Improvement in the running game will mean a decline in the passing game, so temper your ceiling a bit.
77 Marion Barber RB $9 A must-have if you have Jones. Showed flashes of brilliance in relief last year, which started the RBBC speculation. Jones is still supposed to be the superior back, however, and will no doubt get the bulk of the touches. Jones has certainly been hurt often, so Barber definitely has some upside.
78 Todd Heap TE $9 With McNair now in Purple, Heap's value goes up a bit. McNair will be the best QB to ever work with Heap (by far), but does he have any gas left in the tank? If he's hurt or ineffective, Boller showed enough promise towards the end of the season last year not to get Joey Harringtoned out of Baltimore. Maybe this is Heap's year.
79 Trent Green QB $8 Did you know that last year was the third year in a row this guy threw for over 4000 yards? His 17 TDs is probably why I found that surprising. When you have a monster like LJ scoring TDs, why bother passing? That's probably his floor on the TD department and the yards are nice, so he's a low-cost option that could definitely pay dividends.
80 Daunte Culpepper QB $8 The good: Miami's offense is similar to Minnesota's because of the Scott Linehan connection and Chambers, Brown, and McMichael also make for an intriguing supporting cast. The bad: His 2005 season fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down — both in terms of numbers (1564-6-12) and the way his nasty knee injury ended it. He's got upside worth chasing, but don't break the bank. The risk his knee represents should keep his value down.
81 Rod Smith WR $8 Quietly put up 1100-6 last year, good for 16th in the league. People love upside, so his age and low ceiling will keep him underrated (again). Only five WRs who went over 1000 yards had a better fantasy points per AAV dollar ratio in '05: Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn, Antonio Bryant, Santana Moss, and Eddie Kennison. Expect more of the same value this year, especially with Javon Walker in the mix. People expect Walker to take over the #1 spot, but his knee will probably say different.
82 Derrick Mason WR $8 Same story as heap — McNair back in the mix increases Mason's ceiling, as long as McNair still has something left in the tank. Regardless, you won't have to pay much to find out.
83 Aaron Brooks QB $8 Brooks-to-Moss is not getting nearly as much hype as Collins-to-Moss was this time last year. Why? Collins ended '04 on a hot streak, Moss got hurt for the second year in a row in '05, and Brooks had an ugly '05. Can one year really make that big a difference, though? Erratic as Brooks has been, something tells me he could surprise this year.
84 Fred Taylor RB $8 Injury concerns make him a risk. He's getting old, but supposedly looks good in camp — but how much stock can you really put in preseason talk? The former 17-TD back is at the twilight of his career and will likely be a committee member, so he's a low #3 / high #4 at best.
85 Michael Clayton WR $8 Entering his third year, people are looking for him to bounce back to his 1193-7 rookie year. He battled injuries last year, so there's reason to think he can do it.
86 Samkon Gado RB $8 Had an impressive 6-game stretch where he racked up 605 total yards and 6 TDs. Green and Davenport will be back, though, and Gado had a season ending injury himself. Expect an RBBC situation at best, with Gado's upside tied to Green's and Davenport's health and/or effectiveness.
87 Jerry Porter WR $7 Another candidate for unfulfilled potential. Streaky, inconsistent WR who could develop into a #2 with good QB play. Don't pay more than #4 WR money for him, though.
88 Drew Brees QB $7 On one hand, he supposedly looks great post-injury and his supporting cast is solid to fantastic (if Bush can live up to the hype). On the other, he's got a new offense to learn, the NFC South is a much tougher defensive division than the AFC West, and the Saints' offensive line is questionable at best. He could certainly crack the top 8 again, like he did last year, just don't pay too much to find out.
89 Brett Favre QB $7 The Original Gunslinger himself. Brett should keep his interception total in the mid-to-high teens this year. I think the reason he came back was that he couldn't allow himself to go out like he did in '05. I expect better numbers; but somebody needs to step up since Walker is long gone.
90 LenDale White RB $7 Big time sleeper candidate, particularly in keeper leagues. There have been Chris Brown trade rumors, so White could be starting before people know it. An RBBC is more likely, though, and with the Titans offense being what it currently is, don't pay for his ceiling without considering his floor.
91 Chris Brown RB $7 Crowded Tennessee backfield (Henry, White, Payton) and injury history make Brown a dicey proposition. That said, when healthy he can produce monster games. How many times did he rack up 90+ yards in the first half, only to sit out the second? Too many, previous Chris 'never again' Brown owners will tell you.
92 Lee Evans WR $7 He's the #1 WR, a role which inherently gives him value; but the QB situation and the Bills in general are shaky at best.
93 Ernest Wilford WR $7 Will probably take over the #1 spot with Jimmy Smith retiring. A 3rd year WR, Wilford put up a respectable 681-7 season considering he only started eight games. The prospect of Byron Leftwich taking the next step up in '06 gives Wilford some nice upside. Leftwich will probably be a trendy sleeper pick before the season kicks off.
94 Kevin Curtis WR $6 Like Wilford, another trendy sleeper pick. I'm willing to bet he takes over the #2 WR duties from Isaac Bruce (if
95 Jason Witten TE $6 Solid #1 TE option. Continues to develop year to year and TO's presence should help. Also worth noting is that Dallas added 2 TE's in the off-season perhaps to free Witten up from some of his blocking responsibilities.
96 Chris Cooley TE $6 Cooley's shaky QB situation is keeping his value low; but his nice 774-7 season last year gives this third year player some decent upside.
97 Heath Miller TE $6 Another decent option once the upper echelon of TEs are gone. Scored 6 TDs in the first seven weeks, then went on a drought that lasted until his play-offs game in Indianapolis. With the Bus gone, though, he could see a significant up-tick in TDs, as long as Big Ben gets back to 100%.
98 Chicago Bears DEF $6 The first and only defense to crack our top 100, this is a talented group that scores, which is what you want from a fantasy defense. The addition of Hester may help return game.
99 Randy McMichael TE $6 If Culpepper can give Jermain Wiggins 71 catches in '04 and 69 catches in '05, how many can he give a guy like Randy McMichael? Look for significant improvement from the 582-5 season he had last year.
100 Drew Bennett WR $5 Not a bad lottery ticket type player to target, considering the rapport he had with new starter Billy Volek in '04 (783-9 over a six game span). He crashed down to Earth last season, going 738-4. He's the Titans' #1 WR, though, so he could surprise.
101 Muhsin Muhammad WR $5 Likely to improve after suspect QB play for most of last season, when he finished with 750-4. Can he break 1000 yards and/or score 8 TDs? Possibly, but there's reason to believe that's his best case scenario.
102 Donte' Stallworth WR $5 Talented but a FF tease. Always seems poised to break out but never quite delivers to expectations. New QB doesn't help either.
103 Terry Glenn WR $5 Re-emerged as a threat in 2005 but will take a back seat to TO in 2006.
104 Chris Simms QB $5 Showed promise thus far. Possible #2.
105 Carolina Panthers DEF $4 Solid defensive unit.
106 Laveranues Coles WR $4 Unsettled QB situation in NY makes him risky, but not un-draftable.
107 L.J. Smith TE $4 Nice semi-sleeper TE. May get more looks with TO gone. Pick-up of Matt Schobel from the Bengals hurts his value a bit, though.
108 New York Giants DEF $4 Solidified problems areas through free agency and the draft. Should make more big plays this year. D-line is a question mark though.
109 Pittsburgh Steelers DEF $4 Despite a few defections (Hope and von Oelhoffen), the Steelers should again be a quality start each week. Spending 25% of the season battling offensive juggernauts Baltimore and Cleveland doesn't hurt either.
110 Indianapolis Colts DEF $4 Aggressive defense that surprised last year. Will miss Thorton and Tripplett.
111 Keenan McCardell WR $4 Not likely to repeat 9 TDs from 2005 with Rivers at QB. Look to him only as a #3 WR at best.
112 Antonio Bryant WR $4 Some value as the #1 WR in San Francisco, but don't spend more than a buck or two on him.
113 Neil Rackers PK $4 Likely #1 kicker in most drafts. A team-carrying, 50+ yard booting monster last year, he may lose some FG opportunities with James in town.
114 Priest Holmes RB $4 Some say it's a 50/50 proposition he'll be back, while others say he's definitely done. What does your gut tell you? If he somehow makes it back, he might actually surprise and be a solid #3 RB. Avoid until his status is better known.
115 Curtis Martin RB $4 Draft with care. Nearing the end of an amazing career. Shouldn't be expected to be more than a #3 RB.
116 Duce Staley RB $4 Looks to take the role of the Bus this year. If so, expect decent TD numbers and probably 500+ yards.
117 Reggie Brown WR $4 Early favorite to be the #1 in Philadelphia. Despite flashes of talent, should not be more than a #3 for you.
118 Nate Burleson WR $3 One of the sexiest picks in last year's auction as Culpepper's new #1 guy, the Vikes disappointed horribly and now Nate has a new home in Seattle. He has the tools to be productive, but don't reach for him. He's still the #2 WR on an offense that is built around Shaun Alexander.
119 Byron Leftwich QB $3 Had a very promising 2105-15-5 season going (with 2 rushing TDs) through 10 games when he broke his ankle early in the 11th game. He wouldn't see the field again until the first round play-off loss to the Patriots. Jimmy Smith's retirement will hurt, so he needs his young WRs to step up big time to stay near the trajectory he was on.
120 Keyshawn Johnson WR $3 Should fit in well in Carolina. Never a burner, his size makes him valuable as a possession receiver. The attention that Smith gets gives him a little upside, but don't expect much.
121 Mewelde Moore RB $3 Most people would tell you Moore is the guy to handcuff to Chester Taylor, which probably isn't a bad idea. If Taylor is hurt or ineffective, Moore has shown enough in the past to make me think he can do well.
122 Matt Jones WR $3 Showed some skills in 2005. Still learning. Worth a #4 or #5 WR spot. More interesting in keeper leagues.
123 Jon Kitna QB $3 Seems to have won the starting job in Detroit before the competition ever really started. He had an impressive 3591-26-15 year in '03 before giving way to Palmer in Cincy. This is his chance to shine and Roy Williams and Mike Martz can certainly make this guy look good. A legitimate sleeper candidate.
124 Brad Johnson QB $3 Textbook example of the low risk, low upside veteran.
125 Adam Vinatieri PK $2 Can't see why he won't flourish with the Colts. Great offense, indoors at home. Maybe he needs nasty weather to excel. That's a joke. I have no intention of looking that up.
126 Kellen Winslow TE $2 The brash young man is back. Intriguing because of all the hype he got as a rookie two years ago. He might do well, so he's worth a buck or two.
127 Vernon Davis TE $2 Worth considering late. Is he the next Gates? Drop a buck or two to find out.
128 Brandon Lloyd WR $2 Bit of a question mark. Made some unreal catches in San Francisco, but also dropped some easy ones. Immense potential but shouldn't be looked to be more than a #4 WR right now.
129 T.J. Duckett RB $2 His numbers have declined in each of the last three years, from 873-11 to 524-8 to 443-8 last year. His only upside is tied to Dunn's health. Dunn hasn't missed any time in two years, but he is 31 and still only a buck-eighty. Probably worth picking up Duckett if you have Dunn, but otherwise don't bother.
130 Troy Williamson WR $2 Speedster in his second year. Still learning. Keeper leagues or as #4 WR makes sense.
131 Brandon Jacobs RB $2 Goal line value only at this point, maybe worth handcuffing to Tiki.
132 Isaac Bruce WR $2 Aging vet who still makes plays when healthy. Being pushed by Curtis for playing time.
133 Joe Jurevicius WR $2 Has potential but moving to new system and QB, also doesn't have studs to keep defenses honest as he did in Seattle.
134 Mike Vanderjagt PK $2 New team should do him some good. Most accurate kicker of all time. Will Dallas O give him enough chances?
135 Jay Feely PK $2 Solid kicker with an improving offense. May not repeat 2005 numbers but should be solid option at K.
136 Roddy White WR $2 Has some upside as a potential #1 guy in Atlanta. Perfect example of the deep, deep, DEEP sleeper.
137 Amani Toomer WR $2 Another aging vet. Will produce decent stats from time to time but should be considered a #4 WR at best.
138 Eric Moulds WR $2 Should be a decent #3 WR option.
139 Dallas Clark TE $2 Possible sleeper. Health a concern.
140 Greg Jones RB $2 Take for goal line touches or insurance for Taylor.
141 Kevan Barlow RB $2 Maybe the #1 maybe not. Only as #3 RB.
142 Cedric Houston RB $2 Showed he can play when filling in last year but Martin and Blaylock are both back. Possibly worth a dollar late in an auction.
143 Shayne Graham PK $2 Kickers in high powered offenses are always a plus.
144 Mike Anderson RB $2 Pick up if you have Lewis or need some RB depth - unless he earns the starting spot, then value goes up.
145 Jason Elam PK $2 Reliable kicker kicking in the mile high air. Definitely worth starting.
146 Ben Watson TE $2 Made some impressive plays last year, but is sharing looks with Daniel Graham. A timeshare TE can't be worth more than a dollar or two.
147 Philip Rivers QB $2 Playing against the 49ers when Peyton Manning is on bye. Otherwise, probably only worth picking up in keeper leagues.
148 Philadelphia Eagles DEF $2 Sleeper D. Injuries and offensive implosion hurt 2005 performance. Addition of Howard (free agency) and Bunkley (draft) help. Bloom may also help the return game.
149 David Carr QB $2 Worth considering late. Lots of weapons at his disposal. Now if they could just protect him.
150 Josh Brown PK $2 Strong leg but accuracy an issue.
151 Chris Perry RB $2 Late flyer or insurance for Johnson.
152 Atlanta Falcons DEF $2 Sleeper D. Return of Hartwell and additions of Williams (draft) and Abraham (trade) should help.
153 Mark Clayton WR $2 Possibly as a #4 or #5 WR.
154 Brandon Stokley WR $2 Possibly as a #4 or #5 WR.
155 Bobby Engram WR $2 Moving to the slot this year with arrival of Burleson. As the #3 in Seattle, not really worth picking up.
156 Jerramy Stevens TE $2 Good size and gets some red zone looks but not a ton yardage. Low end of the starter worthy TEs.
157 Seattle Seahawks DEF $2 Young and aggressive. Led NFC in sacks last year. Addition of Peterson (from San Francisco) and Tapp (draft) should help.
158 Denver Broncos DEF $2 Solid defense but doesn't seem to put up a lot of FF points.
159 Billy Volek QB $2 Will finally be the starter — at least until he is hurt, ineffective, or the Titans start off really slow (as expected) and everyone starts clamoring for Vince Young. Still, he might surprise considering how he finished 2004 (16 TDs in his last 7 games), but I doubt it.
160 John Kasay PK $2 Accuracy a little suspect last year (26 of 34) but a lot chances in the Carolina offense makes him attractive.
161 Jeff Wilkins PK $2 Solid kicker in a good offense.
162 Tampa Bay Buccaneers DEF $2 Always solid. Maybe worth slightly over minimum.
163 Ben Troupe TE $2 #2 TE.
164 Braylon Edwards WR $1 Still hurt and might not be back until October. Worth taking a chance on late/cheap or in keeper leagues.
165 Dallas Cowboys DEF $1 Maybe in deeper leagues.
166 Michael Jenkins WR $1 Possibly as a #4 or #5 WR and in deeper leagues.
167 Baltimore Ravens DEF $1 Good, not great defense. Lewis is more bark than bite at this point.
168 Steve McNair QB $1 Has some weapons in Baltimore, but that 33 year old body of his has seen much better days.
169 Mike Williams WR $1 Big talent, Big disappointment. Maybe as a #5 WR, probably not though.
170 Jeff Reed PK $1 Decent kicker but Heinz field can be cruel to PKs.
171 Miami Dolphins DEF $1 Solid D.
172 St. Louis Rams DEF $1 Average D. Pay the minimum.
173 Washington Redskins DEF $1 Ok D. Don't overspend.
174 Ryan Moats RB $1 Explosive playmaker in limited work last year. Not a bad handcuff for Westbrook.
175 Zach Hilton TE $1 Some feel he will be a decent option. Do you?
176 Matt Leinart QB $1 Consider as insurance for Warner and in keeper leagues.
177 Charlie Frye QB $1 Maybe in deeper leagues.
178 David Givens WR $1 Possibly as a #4 or #5 WR.
179 Antwaan Randle El WR $1 Possibly as a #4 WR or #5 WR.
180 Mark Brunell QB $1 Not unless you're filling your #3 QB spot.
181 Jacksonville Jaguars DEF $1 Average D. Pay the minimum.
182 Sebastian Janikowski PK $1 Accuracy a concern but does have strong leg.
183 New England Patriots DEF $1 Pats D has seen better days, but Belichick is still coaching the team, so definitely worth considering for the minimum.
184 Sinorice Moss WR $1 Consider in keeper leagues. Maybe as a #4 or #5 WR.
185 Jermaine Wiggins TE $1 Probably hits waivers in most leagues.
186 Corey Bradford WR $1 Pass. Not bad but might only be the #4 WR for the Lions.
187 Samie Parker WR $1 Pass.
188 Lawrence Tynes PK $1 Similar to Graham. In a potent offense and has decent range.
189 David Akers PK $1 Decent option. May be under the radar due to 2005 injury.
190 Minnesota Vikings DEF $1 Everyone's favorite sleeper defense of '05. Maybe they were a year early?
191 Nate Kaeding PK $1 Good option once others are off the board.
192 Matt Stover PK $1 Good option once others are off the board.
193 Marcus Pollard TE $0 #2 TE.
194 Todd Peterson PK $0 Likely available on waivers if you really want him.
195 Cincinnati Bengals DEF $0 Maybe late or in deeper leagues. Led the league in picks last year with 31, seven more than the second place Bears.
196 Kansas City Chiefs DEF $0 Possible in deeper leagues due to return game.
197 San Diego Chargers DEF $0 Maybe in deeper leagues.
198 Santonio Holmes WR $0 Worth considering as a #4 or #5 WR and also in keeper leagues.
199 Robert Ferguson WR $0 Possibly as a #4 or #5 WR.
200 Chad Jackson WR $0 Consider in keeper leagues. Maybe as a #4 or #5 WR. The Pats' 2nd round pick, many feel he has 1st round talent.

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