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2006 Player Rankings: Change Tracker - Quarterbacks
Updated: September 5, 2006
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Performance Rankings
Rank Player Team Bye
Tier 1
  1Peyton ManningFAx
  2Tom BradyNEP6
  3Carson PalmerFAx
Tier 2
  4Eli ManningNYG4
  5Matt HasselbeckFAx
  6Drew BledsoeFAx
  7Marc BulgerFAx
  8Donovan McNabbFAx
  9Trent GreenFAx
  10Kurt WarnerFAx
  11Jake DelhommeFAx
  12Steve McNairFAx
Tier 3
  13Michael VickFAx
  14Jake PlummerFAx
  15Aaron BrooksFAx
  16Daunte CulpepperFAx
  17Philip RiversLAC
  18Byron LeftwichPIT4
  19Brett FavreFAx
  20Jon KitnaDAL3
  21David CarrFAx
  22Charlie FryeOAK3
  23Drew BreesNOS7
24Ben RoethlisbergerPIT4
Tier 4
  25Chris SimmsFAx
  26Mark BrunellFAx
  27Brad JohnsonFAx
  28J.P. LosmanFAx
  29Alex SmithWAS8
  30Chad PenningtonFAx
  31Brian GrieseFAx
32Kerry CollinsFAx
  33Patrick RamseyFAx
  34Vince YoungFAx
  35Matt LeinartFAx
  36Rex GrossmanFAx
  37Jay CutlerFAx
  38Matt SchaubATL5
  39Jason CampbellFAx
  40Josh McCownNYJ9
41Billy VolekFAx
  42Joey HarringtonFAx
  43Anthony WrightNYG4
  44Craig NallFAx
Player Change Was Now Date
Ben Roethlisberger 16 24 09-04-06
If nothing else, this will be a memorable summer for Big Ben who had to undergo emergency surgery on his appendix. He'll miss at least one game but if a face plant into a windshield doesn't hold him back, an appendix shouldn't be an issue for too long.
Player Change Was Now Date
Todd Bouman 45 NR 09-03-06
Bouman was released by the Saints after the 53 man roster cut down in order to bring on other players released by other teams.
Player Change Was Now Date
Carson Palmer 4 3 08-29-06
Palmer looked very sharp in his first preseason game when he shredded the Packers for 140 yards and three touchdowns in one half of play. It was just the Packers and it is only preseason, but Palmer looked every bit as good as hoped. He moves up into tier one but his knee is still not 100%. But evidently he can play with it.
Player Change Was Now Date
Brett Favre 15 20 08-29-06
Favre looked as bad against the Bengals as he did last year. He falls not only from the lethargic look of the offense but from the fear that he may not actually last all season behind that offensive line.
Player Change Was Now Date
Kerry Collins NR 32 08-29-06
Collins was finally signed by the Titans after a poor showing by Billy Volek. Safest bet here is that Collins gets playing time and will be the best bet at quarterback for the Titans this year but that doesn't neccessarily mean he will have significant fantasy value and he'll still likely give way to Vince Young at some point.
Player Change Was Now Date
Billy Volek 30 41 08-29-06
With the signing of Collins, Volek becomes a risk to get any playing time. Forget about him this year as have the Titans evidently.
Player Change Was Now Date
Jake Delhomme 13 11 08-27-06
Delhomme bumps up slightly to merit him being a fantasy starter. While he may have limited upside thanks to a great defense and the promise of a better rushing game, he's just too consistently good to be only a back-up.
Player Change Was Now Date
Steve McNair 14 12 08-27-06
Like Delhomme, McNair moves up slightly to make him the final starter in a 12 team league. McNair has looked great in camp and preseason games and the Ravens are claiming that the offense will feature the pass more this season than perhaps ever before under HC Brian Billick.
Player Change Was Now Date
Matt Leinart 38 35 08-26-06
Leinart moves up a bit with his impressive showing against the Bears when he completed 12 passes in a row and ended 15 of 21 for 144 yards and a score. Make no mistake - Warner is the starter but Leinart is a must handcuff if you get Warner and is rising sharply in keeper leagues.
Player Change Was Now Date
Aaron Brooks 18 16 08-26-06
Brooks hops up a couple of spots after connecting very well with Randy Moss for two scores in the preseason game against the Lions. While it was just the Lions and only one preseason game, it is the first positive sign we have seen and this offense is going to need to throw this year. He's still too risky to consider as a starter but he makes an intriguing fantasy back-up.
Player Change Was Now Date
Daunte Culpepper 22 16 08-25-06
Culpepper moves up again with a nice showing in the only preseason game that counts (#3) when he had 14 of 19 for 130 yards and even ran twice for 11 yards. Hard to believe this is the same guy that tore three ligaments less than a year ago. It is still rather optimistic to consider him a fantasy starter given his recuperation and having to learn a new offense and mesh with new team mates, but he's given enough signs that he should be considered a fairly desireable back-up for your team and he could end up posting decent numbers in the latter half of the season all going well with his knee.
Player Change Was Now Date
Carson Palmer 3 5 08-21-06
Palmer drops two spots since he still has not been able to participate in preseason games and HC Marvin Lewis isn't going to annoint Palmer a week one starter yet. Palmer is clearly the #2 best QB if he was healthy but until he is proven such, he's more risk. If you get Palmer, you have to be prepared to start another QB for the first week or two just in case.
Player Change Was Now Date
Steve McNair 18 14 08-18-06
McNair has been nothing less than impressive with the way he has re-united with Derrick Mason and formed chemistry with Todd Heap. He moves up to being a very desireable fantasy back-up that may prove as good as some starters in your league.
Player Change Was Now Date
Aaron Brooks 9 17 08-15-06
After two preseason games, there is just no denying that Brooks looks terrible in the new Oakland offense. It is only preseason and he will have more time to improve. He hasn't played much with Randy Moss as well. But at this point, he certainly does not have the look of a fantasy starter.
Player Change Was Now Date
Jake Plummer 10 15 08-14-06
Plummer falls a bit in the rankings with the very impressive performance of Jay Cutler in the first preseason game. Plummer remains safely the starter, but the door is certainly looking more open to Cutler taking time late in the year right when you would need Plummer most. Due to that , he now makes a more appropriate fantasy back-up instead of a starter.
Player Change Was Now Date
Jay Cutler 43 36 08-14-06
Cutler went 16 of 22 for 192 yards and one score with no turnovers in the first preseason game and looked very much like the talented rookie the Broncos thought they were getting in the NFL draft. He's not a starter yet by any means, but with such a nice performance he could be getting some playing time this year.
Player Change Was Now Date
Carson Palmer 4 3 08-04-06
Palmer gets bumped up once because he appears to be healing very well from his knee injury last January. A completely healthy Palmer is a lock for being the #2 quarterback but he stands at 4th right now because his risk still exists. If you take Palmer in the 4th or later rounds and he plays even 90% of what he did last year - you got a steal.
Player Change Was Now Date
Phillip Rivers 21 19 08-04-06
Rivers has been wowing the coaching staff in training camp and it should not be a shock. Granted, Rivers has rode the pine for two years and little has been seen of him. Then again, he was considered one of the elite quarterbacks coming out of the NFL draft in 2004 and he has been in the same system for two past seasons. it is always a leap of faith to take a relatively unseen quarterback but Rivers is one who could surprise this year.
Player Change Was Now Date
Daunte Culpepper 29 24 08-04-06
Culpepper gets a move up into fantasy backup territory since he is tracking fairly well on his rehab. While others have him ranked much higher than this, Culpepper is still coming off a bad knee injury, going to a new team with a new coordinator and has to gain chemistry with new players. He's been a great one in the past and he may again be in the future, but considering him as a fantasy starter this year seems a very optimistic move.
Player Change Was Now Date
Joey Harrington 36 40 08-04-06
Harrington moves down a bit since it seems more likely that Culpepper will be starting this year and perhaps by the first week.
Player Change Was Now Date
Ben Roethlisberger 24 20 08-02-06
Big Ben may have done a face plant into a windshield in June but he looks amazingly recovered. His accident is evidently becoming a mere footnote in his career.