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2006 Player Rankings: Change Tracker - Wide Receivers
Updated: September 5, 2006
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Performance Rankings
Rank Player Team Bye
Tier 1
  1Torry HoltFAx
  2Chad JohnsonFAx
  3Steve SmithFAx
  4Anquan BoldinFAx
  5Larry FitzgeraldARI9
  6Randy MossFAx
  7Terrell OwensFAx
  8Marvin HarrisonFA*
Tier 2
  9Reggie WayneFAx
  10Donald DriverFAx
  11Roy WilliamsFAx
  12Chris ChambersFAx
  13Derrick MasonFAx
  14Darrell JacksonFAx
Tier 3
  15Andre JohnsonFAx
  16Plaxico BurressFAx
  17Santana MossFAx
  18Hines WardFAx
  19Joe HornFA*
  20T.J. HoushmandzadehFAx
  21Rod SmithFAx
  22Lee EvansFAx
  23Eddie KennisonFAx
  24Laveranues ColesFAx
  25Javon WalkerFAx
  26Matt JonesFAx
Tier 4
  27Joe JureviciusFAx
  28Reggie BrownFAx
  29Terry GlennFA*
  30Isaac BruceFAx
  31Nate BurlesonFAx
  32Muhsin MuhammadFAx
  33David GivensFAx
  34Michael ClaytonFAx
  35Keyshawn JohnsonFAx
  36Joey GallowayFAx
  37Antonio BryantFAx
  39Eric MouldsFAx
  40Keenan McCardellFAx
  41Donte' StallworthFAx
  42Troy WilliamsonFAx
  43Samie ParkerFAx
Tier 5
  44Corey BradfordFAx
  45Jerry PorterFAx
46Drew BennettFAx
  47Reche CaldwellFAx
  48Justin McCareinsFAx
  49Amani ToomerFAx
  50Travis TaylorFAx
  51Eric ParkerFAx
  52Roddy WhiteFAx
  53Mark ClaytonFAx
  54Brandon LloydFAx
  55Braylon EdwardsFAx
  56Brandon StokleyFAx
57Doug GabrielFAx
  58Marty BookerFAx
  59Chris HenryCIN5
  60Greg JenningsFAx
  61Michael JenkinsFAx
  62Kevin CurtisFAx
  63Arnaz BattleFAx
  64Mark BradleyFAx
65Chad JacksonFAx
  66Santonio HolmesFAx
  67Sinorice MossFAx
  68Vincent JacksonFAx
  69Josh ReedFAx
  70Mike WilliamsFAx
71Deion BranchIND6
  72Bryant JohnsonFAx
  73Drew CarterOAK3
  74Dennis NorthcuttFAx
  75Peerless PriceFAx
  76Troy BrownFAx
  77Cedrick WilsonFAx
  78Ashley LelieFAx
  79Dante HallFAx
  80Reggie WilliamsFAx
  81Patrick CraytonFAx
  82Bobby EngramFA*
  83Antwaan Randle ElFAx
  84Hank BaskettFAx
85Brandon JonesFAx
86Todd PinkstonFAx
  87Derek HaganFAx
  88Antonio ChatmanFAx
  89Robert FergusonFAx
90Marques ColstonFAx
  91Marcus RobinsonFAx
  92Travis WilsonFAx
  93Andre' DavisFAx
94Devery HendersonFAx
  95Ike HilliardFAx
  96Jerricho CotcheryFAx
  97Demetrius WilliamsFAx
  98Brandon MarshallNYG4
  99Keary ColbertFAx
  100Bernard BerrianFAx
  101Shaun McDonaldFAx
  102Wes WelkerFAx
  103Brandon WilliamsFAx
  104Justin GageFAx
  105Tim DwightFAx
  106Greg LewisFAx
Player Change Was Now Date
Cuts NA NA 09-02-06

Thought all ranked 97th or lower, losses in the 53 man roster purge included Jerome Pathon, Rod Gardner and Jabar Gaffney.

Player Change Was Now Date
Brandon Jones 100 85 09-02-06

Jones looked very sharp against the Packers in preseason and has apparently recovered well from his knee surgery. He's still not going to rise to more than #3 in TEN this year but he is worth watching for the future.

Player Change Was Now Date
Deion Branch 27 53 09-02-06

The trade deadline passed and Branch remains with the Patriots. To celebrate, he and his agent have filed a grievance with the Players Association. This is a bad situation that is not improving. Think Keenan McCardell a few years ago.

Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted Players NA NA 08-31-06

Todd Pinkston was released by the Eagles but he'll end up elsewhere soon enough. Regardless - he's not really worth considering for your fantasy team. Also the ex-tight end Marques Colston has been reported to have won the #2 spot vacated by Donte Stallworth. Whether it is Colston or Devery Henderson, the fantasy value is just not there for this season.

Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted Players NA NA 08-29-06

The changes never stop this summer. Donte Stallworth was traded to the Eagles and dropped their wideouts while increasing his numbers slightly from having a better quarterback and situation than he left in New Orleans. In his place Devery Henderson will take over the #2 spot though that could change as the season progresses.

Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted Players NA NA 08-27-06

There were several minor adjustments based on the third preseason game and practice information. Hines Ward slips a couple of spots with a bothersome hamstring that has gone on longer than expected. Matt Jones, Terry Glenn, Isaac Bruce and Antonio Bryant all deserved a small spike and in particular, Glenn has looked like Owens is not even needed.

Player Change Was Now Date
Chris Chambers 14 12 08-25-06

Chambers looked undeniably sharp in the third preseason game catching 7 passes for 67 yards and one score. With Culpepper looking better and throwing to Chambers, he deserves a slight boost in the rankings.

Player Change Was Now Date
Darrell Jackson 12 14 08-25-06

Jackson tumbles two spots since he has just been so slow from returning from his off-season knee surgery. His durability is a bit bothersome but he has been golden when healthy. He drops but just slightly. The Seahawks still expect him to be ready for the regular season but he is missing almost all the preseason recovering.

Player Change Was Now Date
Ashley Lelie 87 77 08-23-06

Lelie was traded to the Falcons as a part of a three way trade with the Broncos and Denver. He'll compete for the #3 role which is currently not being filled well by Jerome Pathon. How many catches a #3 wideout in Atlanta can have is not an optimistic situation, but Lelie excels at running deep routes which is about the only pass that Vick has shown capable of throwing.

Player Change Was Now Date
Michael Jenkins 59 62 08-23-06

No major change but the addition of Lelie to a wide out squad that has minimal use cannot be considered a positive.

Player Change Was Now Date
Brandon Marshall NR 100 08-23-06

While it seems odd to bring on a rookie who is nursing a torn PCL right now, the Broncos are pleased with Marshall and plan to use him as a #3 when he is ready which could be as early as the start of the season or close to it. Darius Watts is also there and has not impressed. The departure of Ashley Lelie makes the #3 role open for Marshall to step into.

Player Change Was Now Date
Jerome Pathon 90 109 08-23-06

Just got replaced on one of the worst passing attacks in the league. Time to consider returing to college to get that degree.

Player Change Was Now Date
Terrell Owens 4 6 08-21-06

Owens is back on the exercise bike and until he gets healthy and learns the offense, it looks like he is training for the Tour de Flop. Owens has never played in a non-west coast offense and losing all this practice time is not a positive.

Player Change Was Now Date
Greg Jennings 69 61 08-21-06

Jennings continues to make his push toward being the #2 wideout in Green Bay this year. More so than Robert Ferguson.

Player Change Was Now Date
Josh Reed 89 70 08-21-06

Reed is moving closer to claiming the #2 role in Buffalo with the poor game play by Peerless Price.

Player Change Was Now Date
Peerless Price 62 75 08-21-06

Going through two preseason games against less than completely first string defenses has resulted in no catches so far and Price's great third chance at an NFL career is not looking too great.

Player Change Was Now Date
Jabar Gaffney 98 83 08-21-06

Gaffney made a few nice catches in the preseason game against the Ravens and helped make his case for this year.

Player Change Was Now Date
Assorted Players NR NR 08-18-06

As with running backs, it was time to make a mid-training camp adjustment to many situations and that resulted in some small incremental changes to many players who were mostly #2 or #3 receivers for their team that have shown a bit more or less than initially projected.

Of the notable wideout moves, Randy Moss dropped more since his situation (and not his talent) just makes him a bigger risk than any higher ranking would justify. Javon Walker moves up a bit since he is integrating into the new offense well and is showing positive signs about his health.

I have also dropped Koren Robinson to the bottom after his most recent DUI/ "Run - it's the cops!". He won't likely play this year and maybe ever again but until it was official I am leaving him ranked at 111th as a way of saying "Don't drink and drive".

Player Change Was Now Date
Randy Moss 3 4 08-15-06
Moss slips back one spot and that may not be the extent of his drop. The Raider offense has yet to look like they have met before and Aaron Brooks in particular is struggling. That cannot mean good things for Moss. It is only the preseason and there is time left to get the offense going, but nothing so far says it is going to happen quickly. Moss will benefit from the team falling behind in games, but even with a high volume of passes, it's less reliable now than before.
Player Change Was Now Date
Hank Baskett 73 63 08-14-06
The undrafted rookie wideout rises again with two nice catches in the preseason game against the Browns. Other than Darnerian McCants, no other Philly wideout is showing much and Baskett continues to hold on to the #2 spot.
Player Change Was Now Date
Deion Branch 20 27 08-14-06
Branch continues his holdout and the Patriots certainly need him. It is stil expected that he will be in camp and with the team this year but he's doing himself no favors with the coaching staff.
Player Change Was Now Date
Chad Jackson 48 61 08-08-06
Jackson initially was on the PUP list because of his hamstring and now that he has returned to practice he is way behind learning the offense. He downgrades since his learning curve was already big in the complicated NE offense and now he is having a slow start.
Player Change Was Now Date
Reche Caldwell 61 48 08-08-06
While Chad Jackson falls behind and Deion Branch holds out, Caldwell has been the most impressive receiver on a team that needs new players to step up.
Player Change Was Now Date
Mark Clayton 51 53 08-08-06
Clayton has been not practicing due to a hamstring strain and there is slight concern about him taking the next step this year. He drops a couple of spots.
Player Change Was Now Date
Hank Baskett NR 73 08-08-06
The undrafted rookie from New Mexico has been impressive in camp and at least for now was listed as the #2 wideout. He bears watching in preseason games though he had only one catch in the HOF game. His hype is likely a bit much but the 6'4" rookie makes one very big target for McNabb.
Player Change Was Now Date
Jerome Pathon NR 86 08-01-06
Pathon makes the rankings now that Brian Finneran is lost for the year. He's still nothing more than roster fodder
Player Change Was Now Date
Brian Finneran 69 NR 08-01-06
Finneran has suffered a torn ACL and is expected to miss the 2006 season. He has been removed from the rankings.
Player Change Was Now Date
Jerry Porter 38 42 07-30-06
Porter has openly disagreed with new HC Art Shell and is now asking for a trade even though his contract situation is such that he cannot be moved without taking a major cap hit. Shell is adamant to bring a highly disciplined system into place that all players will buy into if they want to play. Porter has apparently not recognized this fact and as such, has to be devalued in the rankings.