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Fantasy Football Mock Draft - Performance / 12-Team
June 8, 2006

The following mock draft was conducted considering a standard performance and with no players retained for the following season. This mock draft was conducted on The league assumed a 16 man roster with a set limit of 2 QB, 4 RB, 4 WR, 2 TE, 2 PK and 2 DEF and a starting line-up of QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, PK and DEF.

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Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Johnson, Larry 1 WR Smith, Steve 1 RB McAllister, Deuce 1 WR Chambers, Chris
2 RB Tomlinson, Ladainian 2 RB Johnson, Rudi 2 RB Jones, Kevin 2 WR Jackson, Darrell
3 RB Alexander, Shaun 3 RB McGahee, Willis 3 TE Gates, Antonio 3 WR Wayne, Reggie
4 RB Barber, Tiki 4 RB Droughns, Reuben 4 WR Harrison, Marvin 4 WR Moss, Santana
5 RB Portis, Clinton 5 WR Holt, Torry 5 WR Ward, Hines 5 RB Addai, Joseph
6 RB Jordan, Lamont 6 WR Moss, Randy 6 RB Dillon, Corey 6 WR Williams, Roy
7 RB Brown, Ronnie 7 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 7 RB Lewis, Jamal 7 WR Galloway, Joey
8 RB James, Edgerrin 8 RB Taylor, Chester 8 RB Parker, Willie 8 RB Williams, DeAngelo
9 RB Jackson, Steven 9 RB Jones, Julius 9 RB Bell, Tatum 9 TE Gonzalez, Tony
10 RB Williams, Carnell 10 WR Johnson, Chad 10 QB Manning, Peyton 10 RB Foster, De'shaun
11 RB Westbrook, Brian 11 WR Owens, Terrell 11 RB Dunn, Warrick 11 RB Dayne, Ron
12 RB Davis, Domanick 12 WR Boldin, Anquan 12 RB Bush, Reggie 12 TE Shockey, Jeremy
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 RB Benson, Cedric 1 QB Bulger, Marc 1 WR Muhammad, Muhsin 1 TE McMichael, Randy
2 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 2 WR Glenn, Terry 2 TE Cooley, Chris 2 QB Bledsoe, Drew
3 WR Driver, Donald 3 WR Mason, Derrick 3 RB Taylor, Fred 3 RB White, LenDale
4 WR Johnson, Andre 4 WR Smith, Rod 4 RB Martin, Curtis 4 RB Maroney, Laurence
5 WR Branch, Deion 5 TE Crumpler, Alge 5 WR Givens, David 5 WR Kennison, Eddie
6 QB McNabb, Donovan 6 RB Jones, Thomas 6 TE Witten, Jason 6 WR Robinson, Koren
7 WR Burress, Plaxico 7 WR Houshmandzadeh, T.J. 7 TE Smith, L.J. 7 WR Burleson, Nate
8 WR Walker, Javon 8 QB Culpepper, Daunte 8 WR Johnson, Keyshawn 8 WR Evans, Lee
9 QB Brady, Tom 9 QB Manning, Eli 9 TE Davis, Vernon 9 WR Brown, Reggie
10 TE Heap, Todd 10 RB Rhodes, Dominic 10 RB Gore, Frank 10 QB Warner, Kurt
11 QB Palmer, Carson 11 WR Coles, Laveranues 11 TE Stevens, Jerramy 11 WR Clayton, Michael
12 WR Horn, Joe 12 QB Delhomme, Jake 12 RB Brown, Chris 12 WR Bruce, Isaac
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 Def Bears 1 RB Barlow, Kevan 1 RB Duckett, T.J. 1 QB Simms, Chris
2 RB Gado, Samkon 2 WR Porter, Jerry 2 QB Roethlisberger, Ben 2 Def Giants
3 WR Wilford, Ernest 3 WR Jurevicius, Joe 3 WR Moulds, Eric 3 WR Bryant, Antonio
4 QB Green, Trent 4 WR McCardell, Keenan 4 TE Troupe, Ben 4 WR Taylor, Travis
5 TE Miller, Heath 5 QB Favre, Brett 5 QB Leftwich, Byron 5 PK Wilkins, Jeff
6 RB Barber, Marion 6 TE Watson, Ben 6 QB Brunell, Mark 6 Def Cowboys
7 QB Brooks, Aaron 7 RB Green, Ahman 7 QB Carr, David 7 Def Colts
8 QB Plummer, Jake 8 RB Jones, Greg 8 RB Moore, Mewelde 8 TE Clark, Dallas
9 QB Vick, Michael 9 RB Perry, Chris 9 TE Winslow, Kellen 9 Def Bengals
10 Def Panthers 10 Def Steelers 10 PK Vinatieri, Adam 10 TE Smith, Alex
11 WR Stallworth, Donte' 11 WR Jones, Matt 11 RB Staley, Duce 11 Def Patriots
12 WR Bennett, Drew 12 QB Brees, Drew 12 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 12 WR Clayton, Mark
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 TE Hilton, Zack 1 TE Klopfenstein, Joe 1 Def Bills 1 Def Cardinals
2 TE Wiggins, Jermaine 2 PK Akers, David 2 PK Kaeding, Nate 2 PK Carney, John
3 PK Elam, Jason 3 Def Redskins 3 PK Kasay, John 3 QB Rivers, Philip
4 PK Graham, Shayne 4 Def Dolphins 4 WR Parker, Samie 4 PK Peterson, Todd
5 Def Buccaneers 5 TE Graham, Daniel 5 PK Feely, Jay 5 PK Hanson, Jason
6 PK Rackers, Neil 6 Def Seahawks 6 PK Tynes, Lawrence 6 PK Lindell, Rian
7 RB Moats, Ryan 7 TE Lewis, Marcedes 7 PK Janikowski, Sebastian 7 Def Titans
8 Def Ravens 8 Def Broncos 8 Def Browns 8 PK Bironas, Rob
9 Def Eagles 9 PK Reed, Jeff 9 PK Longwell, Ryan 9 Def Chiefs
10 TE Franks, Bubba 10 Def Vikings 10 PK Stover, Matt 10 QB Volek, Billy
11 TE Putzier, Jeb 11 Def Jaguars 11 Def Chargers 11 PK Scobee, Josh
12 Def Falcons 12 PK Brown, Josh 12 PK Mare, Olindo 12 PK Hall, John

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends
3.10 Manning, Peyton 1.01 Johnson, Larry 2.01 Smith, Steve 3.03 Gates, Antonio
5.02 Hasselbeck, Matt 1.02 Tomlinson, Ladainian 2.05 Holt, Torry 4.09 Gonzalez, Tony
5.06 McNabb, Donovan 1.03 Alexander, Shaun 2.06 Moss, Randy 4.12 Shockey, Jeremy
5.09 Brady, Tom 1.04 Barber, Tiki 2.07 Fitzgerald, Larry 5.10 Heap, Todd
5.11 Palmer, Carson 1.05 Portis, Clinton 2.10 Johnson, Chad 6.05 Crumpler, Alge
6.01 Bulger, Marc 1.06 Jordan, Lamont 2.11 Owens, Terrell 7.02 Cooley, Chris
6.08 Culpepper, Daunte 1.07 Brown, Ronnie 2.12 Boldin, Anquan 7.06 Witten, Jason
6.09 Manning, Eli 1.08 James, Edgerrin 3.04 Harrison, Marvin 7.07 Smith, L.J.
6.12 Delhomme, Jake 1.09 Jackson, Steven 3.05 Ward, Hines 7.09 Davis, Vernon
8.02 Bledsoe, Drew 1.10 Williams, Carnell 4.01 Chambers, Chris 7.11 Stevens, Jerramy
8.10 Warner, Kurt 1.11 Westbrook, Brian 4.02 Jackson, Darrell 8.01 McMichael, Randy
9.04 Green, Trent 1.12 Davis, Domanick 4.03 Wayne, Reggie 9.05 Miller, Heath
9.07 Brooks, Aaron 2.02 Johnson, Rudi 4.04 Moss, Santana 10.06 Watson, Ben
9.08 Plummer, Jake 2.03 McGahee, Willis 4.06 Williams, Roy 11.04 Troupe, Ben
9.09 Vick, Michael 2.04 Droughns, Reuben 4.07 Galloway, Joey 11.09 Winslow, Kellen
10.05 Favre, Brett 2.08 Taylor, Chester 5.03 Driver, Donald 12.08 Clark, Dallas
10.12 Brees, Drew 2.09 Jones, Julius 5.04 Johnson, Andre 12.10 Smith, Alex
11.02 Roethlisberger, Ben 3.01 McAllister, Deuce 5.05 Branch, Deion 13.01 Hilton, Zack
11.05 Leftwich, Byron 3.02 Jones, Kevin 5.07 Burress, Plaxico 13.02 Wiggins, Jermaine
11.06 Brunell, Mark 3.06 Dillon, Corey 5.08 Walker, Javon 13.10 Franks, Bubba
11.07 Carr, David 3.07 Lewis, Jamal 5.12 Horn, Joe 13.11 Putzier, Jeb
12.01 Simms, Chris 3.08 Parker, Willie 6.02 Glenn, Terry 14.01 Klopfenstein, Joe
16.03 Rivers, Philip 3.09 Bell, Tatum 6.03 Mason, Derrick 14.05 Graham, Daniel
16.10 Volek, Billy 3.11 Dunn, Warrick 6.04 Smith, Rod 14.07 Lewis, Marcedes
Kickers 3.12 Bush, Reggie 6.07 Houshmandzadeh Defenses
11.10 Vinatieri, Adam 4.05 Addai, Joseph 6.11 Coles, Laveranues 9.01 Bears
11.12 Vanderjagt, Mike 4.08 Williams, DeAngelo 7.01 Muhammad, Muhsin 9.10 Panthers
12.05 Wilkins, Jeff 4.10 Foster, De'shaun 7.05 Givens, David 10.10 Steelers
13.03 Elam, Jason 4.11 Dayne, Ron 7.08 Johnson, Keyshawn 12.02 Giants
13.04 Graham, Shayne 5.01 Benson, Cedric 8.05 Kennison, Eddie 12.06 Cowboys
13.06 Rackers, Neil 6.06 Jones, Thomas 8.06 Robinson, Koren 12.07 Colts
14.02 Akers, David 6.10 Rhodes, Dominic 8.07 Burleson, Nate 12.09 Bengals
14.09 Reed, Jeff 7.03 Taylor, Fred 8.08 Evans, Lee 12.11 Patriots
14.12 Brown, Josh 7.04 Martin, Curtis 8.09 Brown, Reggie 13.05 Buccaneers
15.02 Kaeding, Nate 7.10 Gore, Frank 8.11 Clayton, Michael 13.08 Ravens
15.03 Kasay, John 7.12 Brown, Chris 8.12 Bruce, Isaac 13.09 Eagles
15.05 Feely, Jay 8.03 White, LenDale 9.03 Wilford, Ernest 13.12 Falcons
15.06 Tynes, Lawrence 8.04 Maroney, Laurence 9.11 Stallworth, Donte' 14.03 Redskins
15.07 Janikowski, Sebastian 9.02 Gado, Samkon 9.12 Bennett, Drew 14.04 Dolphins
15.09 Longwell, Ryan 9.06 Barber, Marion 10.02 Porter, Jerry 14.06 Seahawks
15.10 Stover, Matt 10.01 Barlow, Kevan 10.03 Jurevicius, Joe 14.08 Broncos
15.12 Mare, Olindo 10.07 Green, Ahman 10.04 McCardell, Keenan 14.10 Vikings
16.02 Carney, John 10.08 Jones, Greg 10.11 Jones, Matt 14.11 Jaguars
16.04 Peterson, Todd 10.09 Perry, Chris 11.03 Moulds, Eric 15.01 Bills
16.05 Hanson, Jason 11.01 Duckett, T.J. 12.03 Bryant, Antonio 15.08 Browns
16.06 Lindell, Rian 11.08 Moore, Mewelde 12.04 Taylor, Travis 15.11 Chargers
16.08 Bironas, Rob 11.11 Staley, Duce 12.12 Clayton, Mark 16.01 Cardinals
16.11 Scobee, Josh 13.07 Moats, Ryan 15.04 Parker, Samie 16.07 Titans
16.12 Hall, John         16.09 Chiefs

Draft by Team

1 - (Craig Davis) 
6 QB Delhomme, Jake Well, with the number one overall pick I felt that Larry Johnson was the clear-cut choice for the top spot. The problem, however, with the first pick is that you have to wait so long before your get to select again. 16 running backs went after my selection of Johnson, meaning I needed to grab a WR1 before the pool was too thin. My original plan was to take two WR’s from Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, and Anquan Boldin. With Johnson and Owens going right before me, I had to take Boldin and select another RB (Deuce McAllister). Looking back, I might have gone another way with that selection. Overall, my squad isn't too shabby, but when drafting in the number one position you have to realize that your RB2 isn't going to be what you might wish for. With the top TE and Team DEF, I feel like this team would compete on a weekly basis. The only thing I might have changed was grabbing a WR2 in the third round instead of taking McAllister.
10 QB Brees, Drew
1 RB Johnson, Larry
3 RB McAllister, Deuce
5 RB Benson, Cedric
11 RB Duckett, T.J.
4 TE Shockey, Jeremy
13 TE Hilton, Zack
2 WR Boldin, Anquan
7 WR Muhammad, Muhsin
8 WR Bruce, Isaac
12 WR Clayton, Mark
14 PK Brown, Josh
16 PK Hall, John
9 DEF Bears
15 DEF Bills
2 – (Gregg Rosenthal) 
5 QB Hasselbeck, Matt Having a top three pick is a big advantage this year.  I choose Tomlinson over Shaun Alexander because this league awards points for receptions.  I see seven elite receivers and was happy to see Terrell Owens fall to me at 2.11.  When my second-rated QB (Hasselbeck) fell to me in round five, I knew I’d have to look for value late at receiver.  My favorite sequence of the draft was taking Michael Clayton and Samkon Gado in rounds eight and nine.  I think both are undervalued and will probably draft Clayton in every league I’m in.   With Tomlinson, Kevin Jones, Ron Dayne, and Gado at running back, I feel like I’d be covered in any scenario.  Easy to say in June.  My receivers aren’t flashy, but I’m betting on Clayton and Coles to catch 70 passes.  I did a few of these drafts and this was the tightest one.
11 QB Roethlisberger, Ben
1 RB Tomlinson, Ladainian
3 RB Jones, Kevin
4 RB Dayne, Ron
9 RB Gado, Samkon
7 TE Cooley, Chris
13 TE Wiggins, Jermaine
2 WR Owens, Terrell
6 WR Coles, Laveranues
8 WR Clayton, Michael
10 WR Jones, Matt
15 PK Kaeding, Nate
16 PK Scobee, Josh
12 DEF Patriots
14 DEF Jaguars
3 – (David Dodds) 
8 QB Warner, Kurt My first pick was a no-brainer (get one of the top 3 RBs).  I had Chad Johnson as my top rated wide receiver so was pleased to see 4 other receivers go before him.  I had targeted Antonio Gates with my third pick and was extremely happy to see him still on the board.   In PPR leagues, he is in a class by himself at the TE position.  I knew making this pick though, I would be scrambling to find a good RB2.  My picks of DeShaun Foster ( 4.10), Dominic Rhodes (6.10) and Fred Taylor (7.03) all come with injury risks and question marks, but I am hopeful one will emerge as a number two for this team.  I had targetted Donald Driver in the fifth round as the last elite receiver and was pleased he was still on the board.  With hard caps at all positions (ie each owner must take exactly 2 QBs), I went into the draft knowing I could get two OK quarterbacks very late in the draft.  I was pleased to lock down Kurt Warner in the 8th.  He likely will miss some games, but I believe his points per game he plays should be top 5 all season with the weapons he has at receiver.  I used the later rounds to add depth at wide receiver and draft my defenses and kickers.  I am pleased with my selections there.
16 QB Volek, Billy
1 RB Alexander, Shaun
4 RB Foster, De'shaun
6 RB Rhodes, Dominic
7 RB Taylor, Fred
3 TE Gates, Antonio
12 TE Smith, Alex
2 WR Johnson, Chad
5 WR Driver, Donald
9 WR Wilford, Ernest
11 WR Moulds, Eric
13 PK Elam, Jason
15 PK Kasay, John
10 DEF Steelers
14 DEF Vikings
4 - (Adam Caplan) 
6 QB Manning, Eli

With the one point per catch rule, I was looking early for running backs with versatility and receivers who will catch the ball a lot. I planned to get my quarterback later on since it's a pretty deep position this year.

I had the #4 draft position and I think is a good one. In fact, I would take issue with those fantasy owners who say there is the "big three running backs" then everyone else. I truly believe if you look at Tiki Barber's numbers the past two seasons, it should be called "the big four".I would also say that coming back with my second round pick, I still had my pick of talented players and it was that way through most of the draft. Overall, I strongly believe that drafting fourth overall is a good spot to be in.

9 QB Green, Trent
1 RB Barber, Tiki
2 RB Jones, Julius
7 RB Martin, Curtis
10 RB Perry, Chris
4 TE Gonzalez, Tony
11 TE Troupe, Ben
3 WR Harrison, Marvin
5 WR Johnson, Andre
8 WR Brown, Reggie
15 WR Parker, Samie
13 PK Graham, Shayne
14 PK Reed, Jeff
12 DEF Bengals
16 DEF Chiefs
5 - Sporting News (Vinnie Iyer) 
6 QB Culpepper, Daunte I like big things from Portis after how he finished 2005, so I picked him over LaMont Jordan. Speaking of Jordan, I think I got this year's version in Taylor. ... The Steelers' passing game should be better this season, Ward and Miller will again be the primary go-to targets. ... With Givens' departure from New England, it makes him and Branch both rising No. 1s. ... I'm not too worried with Culpepper's knee injuries, and his upside far outweighs that in Round 6. ... There are QB concerns in Buffalo, but Evans is still talented enough to perform well as a fantasy No. 3. ... DeShaun Foster and Fred Taylor's respective injury woes makes me feel good that either Williams or Jones will be a very productive third back. ...The Bucs have aged a bit, but Monte Kiffin will make them keep on slobberknockin'.
11 QB Leftwich, Byron
1 RB Portis, Clinton
2 RB Taylor, Chester
4 RB Williams, DeAngelo
10 RB Jones, Greg
9 TE Miller, Heath
12 TE Clark, Dallas
3 WR Ward, Hines
5 WR Branch, Deion
7 WR Givens, David
8 WR Evans, Lee
15 PK Feely, Jay
16 PK Bironas, Rob
13 DEF Buccaneers
14 DEF Broncos
6 – (Matt  Waldman) 
5 QB McNabb, Donovan This squad looks ugly on the surface. I hesitated on depth I coveted in the mid-rounds, and had to go high risk-reward with Brunell, Barber, and Green. Still, this roster is more than promising with its stable of consistent, high-scoring starters in a ppr format. Lamont Jordan was a top five back in '05. A one-legged Dillon was still ranked 13th among RBs. Can he hold off Maroney, the player I just missed as a handcuff? Fitzgerald is still on the rise after a breakout year. Galloway and Houshmandzadeh also finished well as the 10th and 12th-ranked receivers. McNabb is an elite fantasy QB with or without household names at receiver. Witten is a capable starter, and should have more room with T.O. joining the ranch. My biggest disappointment? Waiting too long to pull the trigger on Addai, but that's the beauty of mocks--good practice for the real thing. 
11 QB Brunell, Mark
1 RB Jordan, Lamont
3 RB Dillon, Corey
9 RB Barber, Marion
10 RB Green, Ahman
7 TE Witten, Jason
14 TE Lewis, Marcedes
2 WR Fitzgerald, Larry
4 WR Galloway, Joey
6 WR Houshmandzadeh, T.J.
8 WR Burleson, Nate
13 PK Rackers, Neil
15 PK Tynes, Lawrence
12 DEF Colts
16 DEF Titans
7 - (John Miller) 
9 QB Brooks, Aaron Picking out of the 7th spot isn't as bad as expected; I was able to gauge others' needs pretty well in between picks, pulled off a few hellacious steals: namely Plaxico Burress at 5.7 and Aaron Brooks at 9.7.  Someone picked Ron Dayne before Burress?  Ouch. Obviously my team is hooked to the Brooks-Moss battery.  If they connect for 15 TDs I've surely made the playoffs.  My 4th round pick, Roy Williams, is Draft Sharks' Breakout Player pick for 2006.  It's the 3rd Year WR Breakout Theory, plus Mike Martz, plus a heady QB in Jon Kitna, equals 1,000 yards & 12 TDs.  I'll be scrutinized for taking Ronnie Brown at #7 but that guy's going to get 350 touches.  There's no one else in Miami to even spell him.
11 QB Carr, David
1 RB Brown, Ronnie
3 RB Lewis, Jamal
6 RB Jones, Thomas
13 RB Moats, Ryan
7 TE Smith, L.J.
10 TE Watson, Ben
2 WR Moss, Randy
4 WR Williams, Roy
5 WR Burress, Plaxico
8 WR Robinson, Koren
15 PK Janikowski, Sebastian
16 PK Lindell, Rian
12 DEF Cowboys
14 DEF Seahawks
8 - Gridiron Grumblings (John T. Georgopoulas) 
9 QB Plummer, Jake Drafting in the eight spot, I was hoping to be able to nab two good runners and a top TE, either Gates or Shockey. I was pleasantly surprised at the way things turned out, since I was able to nab a top WR early (Holt) while being able to cobble together a pretty decent backfield (Edge, Parker, Addai). I consider the TE position critical nowadays, so managing to grab Crumpler (#3 on our list at the time of the Draft) late was a huge boost to the team. As expected, there were two decent veteran QBs available late—a cornerstone of Gridiron Grumblings’ draft planning. Overall, I feel pretty good about this team and would expect it to make the post-season. 
10 QB Favre, Brett
1 RB James, Edgerrin
3 RB Parker, Willie
4 RB Addai, Joseph
11 RB Moore, Mewelde
6 TE Crumpler, Alge
14 TE Graham, Daniel
2 WR Holt, Torry
5 WR Walker, Javon
7 WR Johnson, Keyshawn
8 WR Kennison, Eddie
12 PK Wilkins, Jeff
16 PK Hanson, Jason
13 DEF Ravens
15 DEF Browns
9 - (Roger Rotter) 
5 QB Brady, Tom I wanted to two grab three running backs in the top 20, two wideouts in the top 20 and a top-five quarterback, along with sleepers at running back, wideout and tight end. I accomplished that on paper.  My ninth draft position allowed me to draft two durable, high-powered backs with the potential for 300-plus carries in Steven Jackson and Reuben Droughns. Tatum Bell can emerge as a top-10 back in his third season. Ron Dayne has never proven to be successful at handling running back duties over a full NFL season. Santana Moss was a top-three fantasy receiver last season, and Rod Smith continues to be among the leaders in receptions (League counts one point per catch). Tom Brady, who’s consistent and durable, led the NFL in passing yards last season. Vernon Davis and Kellen Winslow have the talent to be top-five tight ends. As New England’s first-round investment, Laurence Maroney can post 100-yard games if Corey Dillon falters again. Michael Vick provides a powerful scoring punch in favorable match-ups, while Travis Taylor is competing for Minnesota’s No. 1 receiver.
9 QB Vick, Michael
1 RB Jackson, Steven
2 RB Droughns, Reuben
3 RB Bell, Tatum
8 RB Maroney, Laurence
7 TE Davis, Vernon
11 TE Winslow, Kellen
4 WR Moss, Santana
6 WR Smith, Rod
10 WR McCardell, Keenan
12 WR Taylor, Travis
15 PK Longwell, Ryan
16 PK Peterson, Todd
13 DEF Eagles
14 DEF Dolphins
10 - The Huddle (David Dorey)
3 QB Manning, Peyton While I am not crazy about the tenth spot, I really liked the way this team came together. After snagging a solid backfield with McGahee and Carnell Williams, I landed Peyton Manning at the 3.10 – that was ridiculous value. It delayed my WR’s a bit but Wayne and Mason should be just fine and either Jurevicius or Bryant can step up for WR3. I got my #2 ranked TE in Heap and my #1 ranked DEF (CAR) and PK (Vinatieri). I have the top players for all positions other than RB and WR which were not really possible going 10th.  I grabbed great upside players though at RB with Gore and White as back-ups and should be fine there. This is a very solid team throughout and about the best you can end up with using the 10th slot. You have to snag RBs with the first two picks or risk having a major hole where you can never make up ground. And landing Manning with the 3.10 pick? Pure grand larceny.
16 QB Rivers, Philip
1 RB Williams, Carnell
2 RB McGahee, Willis
7 RB Gore, Frank
8 RB White, LenDale
5 TE Heap, Todd
13 TE Franks, Bubba
4 WR Wayne, Reggie
6 WR Mason, Derrick
10 WR Jurevicius, Joe
12 WR Bryant, Antonio
11 PK Vinatieri, Adam
15 PK Stover, Matt
9 DEF Panthers
14 DEF Redskins
11 – (Jeff Anderson) 
5 QB Palmer, Carson We were very happy with how the draft turned out based on our position and strategy.  A draft can often be judged on how well you handle the positional runs, if you are at the beginning or starting the run, you are in good shape, if you are playing catch up at the end of a run, you may struggle.  We were on the front end of most of the key positional runs, getting three solid running backs in Rudi Johnson, Brian Westbrook and Warrick Dunn, as well as Carson Palmer in the fifth, which we felt was good value despite his ACL injury.   Our receivers are also strong, as there is a good mix of solid veterans (Terry Glenn, Darrell Jackson) and youth with upside (Jerry Porter, Donte Stallworth).  We also were at the beginning of the defensive run, grabbing the New York Giants, and the kicker run, where we got great value in David Akers in the 14th.
8 QB Bledsoe, Drew
1 RB Westbrook, Brian
2 RB Johnson, Rudi
3 RB Dunn, Warrick
11 RB Staley, Duce
7 TE Stevens, Jerramy
13 TE Putzier, Jeb
4 WR Jackson, Darrell
6 WR Glenn, Terry
9 WR Stallworth, Donte'
10 WR Porter, Jerry
14 PK Akers, David
16 PK Carney, John
12 DEF Giants
15 DEF Chargers
12 - (John Hansen) 
6 QB Bulger, Marc I normally don't view picking last as a death sentence, but in my case in this draft, it might have been. Throughout the draft, I was unable to get good value with my picks, and many of the players I targeted were taken off the board right in front of me. Since this was a points per catch league, I had to pass on RB Rudi Johnson with my second pick, which made my RB corps weak. A few rounds later, however, my draft could have been saved had QB Carson Palmer and TE Todd Heap fell to me, but both players went right in front of me. I did what I could considering the circumstances, but that only netted me a team that, while solid on paper, doesn't have much upside potential and has too much downside. I also feel the fact that there was no flex starter and only 2 WRs required to start -- not to mention the fact that we had to draft backups for PK and DT -- made my situation worse. If there's one silver lining it's that I have pretty good depth, so if this team can work the waiver wire well, it should be in the mix.
12 QB Simms, Chris
1 RB Davis, Domanick
3 RB Bush, Reggie
7 RB Brown, Chris
10 RB Barlow, Kevan
8 TE McMichael, Randy
14 TE Klopfenstein, Joe
2 WR Smith, Steve
4 WR Chambers, Chris
5 WR Horn, Joe
9 WR Bennett, Drew
11 PK Vanderjagt, Mike
15 PK Mare, Olindo
13 DEF Falcons
16 DEF Cardinals