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Official Huddle Mock Draft #2 - Performance / 10-Team
June 15, 2006

The following mock draft considered a standard performance scoring of 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 passing yards, 2 point conversion are two fantasy points each participant, all touchdowns are six except passing is four. Kickers receive the NFL points from their kicks and defenses have one point sacks and turnovers, two point safeties and six point touchdowns.

Draft considered 10 teams drafting a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, PK, DEF and 1 FLEX (RB, WR or TE) with no positional limits. This draft was for 16 rounds.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Alexander, Shaun 1 WR Johnson, Chad 1 WR Chambers, Chris 1 RB Droughns, Reuben
2 RB Johnson, Larry 2 RB Johnson, Rudi 2 TE Gates, Antonio 2 WR Burress, Plaxico
3 RB Tomlinson, Ladainian 3 WR Holt, Torry 3 RB Westbrook, Brian 3 RB Taylor, Chester
4 RB Portis, Clinton 4 WR Owens, Terrell 4 WR Harrison, Marvin 4 WR Ward, Hines
5 RB James, Edgerrin 5 RB Jordan, Lamont 5 RB Davis, Domanick 5 RB Jones, Julius
6 RB Barber, Tiki 6 QB Manning, Peyton 6 WR Wayne, Reggie 6 TE Shockey, Jeremy
7 RB Williams, Carnell 7 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 7 RB McGahee, Willis 7 RB Lewis, Jamal
8 WR Smith, Steve 8 WR Moss, Randy 8 RB Jones, Kevin 8 WR Williams, Roy
9 RB Brown, Ronnie 9 WR Boldin, Anquan 9 WR Jackson, Darrell 9 QB Hasselbeck, Matt
10 RB Jackson, Steven 10 WR Moss, Santana 10 WR Driver, Donald 10 QB Manning, Eli
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 WR Houshmandzadeh, T.J. 1 QB McNabb, Donovan 1 TE Cooley, Chris 1 WR Coles, Laveranues
2 RB Dillon, Corey 2 QB Bulger, Marc 2 WR Branch, Deion 2 WR Evans, Lee
3 TE Gonzalez, Tony 3 WR Johnson, Andre 3 QB Bledsoe, Drew 3 TE Witten, Jason
4 QB Palmer, Carson 4 RB Foster, De'shaun 4 RB Jones, Thomas 4 WR Brown, Reggie
5 RB Bush, Reggie 5 WR Mason, Derrick 5 RB McAllister, Deuce 5 QB Culpepper, Daunte
6 WR Horn, Joe 6 WR Walker, Javon 6 WR Clayton, Michael 6 Def Bears
7 QB Brady, Tom 7 WR Galloway, Joey 7 RB Benson, Cedric 7 RB Addai, Joseph
8 RB Dunn, Warrick 8 RB Parker, Willie 8 WR Smith, Rod 8 WR Stallworth, Donte'
9 TE Heap, Todd 9 RB Bell, Tatum 9 RB Rhodes, Dominic 9 RB Martin, Curtis
10 TE Crumpler, Alge 10 RB Green, Ahman 10 RB Brown, Chris 10 QB Brooks, Aaron
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 RB Anderson, Mike 1 RB Barlow, Kevan 1 PK Vinatieri, Adam 1 WR Bruce, Isaac
2 WR Kennison, Eddie 2 RB Dayne, Ron 2 WR McCardell, Keenan 2 QB Brees, Drew
3 QB Delhomme, Jake 3 QB Plummer, Jake 3 RB Perry, Chris 3 RB Duckett, T.J.
4 TE McMichael, Randy 4 TE Smith, L.J. 4 WR Bennett, Drew 4 Def Colts
5 RB Taylor, Fred 5 RB Williams, DeAngelo 5 WR Porter, Jerry 5 WR Robinson, Koren
6 TE Davis, Vernon 6 QB Vick, Michael 6 QB Warner, Kurt 6 WR Wilford, Ernest
7 WR Burleson, Nate 7 Def Steelers 7 RB Maroney, Laurence 7 TE Winslow, Kellen
8 Def Panthers 8 WR Glenn, Terry 8 RB White, LenDale 8 Def Giants
9 WR Muhammad, Muhsin 9 PK Rackers, Neil 9 Def Ravens 9 RB Holmes, Priest
10 RB Gore, Frank 10 WR Northcutt, Dennis 10 QB Green, Trent 10 Def Redskins
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 RB Barber, Marion 1 PK Graham, Shayne 1 WR Crayton, Patrick 1 Def Chiefs
2 Def Buccaneers 2 WR Jurevicius, Joe 2 QB Kitna, Jon 2 PK Akers, David
3 WR Jones, Matt 3 WR Bryant, Antonio 3 PK Brown, Josh 3 QB McNair, Steve
4 QB Roethlisberger, Ben 4 Def Falcons 4 WR Clayton, Mark 4 QB Simms, Chris
5 WR Moulds, Eric 5 Def Patriots 5 WR Curtis, Kevin 5 PK Kasay, John
6 TE Miller, Heath 6 PK Feely, Jay 6 RB Jacobs, Brandon 6 WR Edwards, Braylon
7 TE Watson, Ben 7 RB Gado, Samkon 7 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 7 PK Wilkins, Jeff
8 PK Elam, Jason 8 RB Moore, Mewelde 8 TE Clark, Dallas 8 Def Jaguars
9 QB Leftwich, Byron 9 TE Stevens, Jerramy 9 RB Jones, Greg 9 WR Stokley, Brandon
10 Def Bengals 10 WR Williams, Reggie 10 WR Johnson, Keyshawn 10 RB Davenport, Najeh

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Defenses Placekickers
2.06 Manning, Peyton 3.02 Gates, Antonio 8.06 Bears 10.09 Rackers, Neil
4.09 Hasselbeck, Matt 4.06 Shockey, Jeremy 9.08 Panthers 11.01 Vinatieri, Adam
4.10 Manning, Eli 5.03 Gonzalez, Tony 10.07 Steelers 13.08 Elam, Jason
5.04 Palmer, Carson 5.09 Heap, Todd 11.09 Ravens 14.01 Graham, Shayne
5.07 Brady, Tom 5.10 Crumpler, Alge 12.04 Colts 14.06 Feely, Jay
6.01 McNabb, Donovan 7.01 Cooley, Chris 12.08 Giants 15.03 Brown, Josh
6.02 Bulger, Marc 8.03 Witten, Jason 12.10 Redskins 15.07 Vanderjagt, Mike
7.03 Bledsoe, Drew 9.04 McMichael, Randy 13.02 Buccaneers 16.02 Akers, David
8.05 Culpepper, Daunte 9.06 Davis, Vernon 13.10 Bengals 16.05 Kasay, John
8.10 Brooks, Aaron 10.04 Smith, L.J. 14.04 Falcons 16.07 Wilkins, Jeff
9.03 Delhomme, Jake 12.07 Winslow, Kellen 14.05 Patriots    
10.03 Plummer, Jake 13.06 Miller, Heath 16.01 Chiefs    
10.06 Vick, Michael 13.07 Watson, Ben 16.08 Jaguars    
11.06 Warner, Kurt 14.09 Stevens, Jerramy        
11.10 Green, Trent 15.08 Clark, Dallas        
12.02 Brees, Drew            
13.04 Roethlisberger, Ben            
13.09 Leftwich, Byron            
15.02 Kitna, Jon            
16.03 McNair, Steve            
16.04 Simms, Chris            
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Alexander, Shaun 7.04 Jones, Thomas 1.08 Smith, Steve 8.02 Evans, Lee
1.02 Johnson, Larry 7.05 McAllister, Deuce 2.01 Johnson, Chad 8.04 Brown, Reggie
1.03 Tomlinson, Lad. 7.07 Benson, Cedric 2.03 Holt, Torry 8.08 Stallworth, Donte'
1.04 Portis, Clinton 7.09 Rhodes, Dominic 2.04 Owens, Terrell 9.02 Kennison, Eddie
1.05 James, Edgerrin 7.10 Brown, Chris 2.07 Fitzgerald, Larry 9.07 Burleson, Nate
1.06 Barber, Tiki 8.07 Addai, Joseph 2.08 Moss, Randy 9.09 Muhammad, Muhsin
1.07 Williams, Carnell 8.09 Martin, Curtis 2.09 Boldin, Anquan 10.08 Glenn, Terry
1.09 Brown, Ronnie 9.01 Anderson, Mike 2.10 Moss, Santana 10.10 Northcutt, Dennis
1.10 Jackson, Steven 9.05 Taylor, Fred 3.01 Chambers, Chris 11.02 McCardell, Keenan
2.02 Johnson, Rudi 9.10 Gore, Frank 3.04 Harrison, Marvin 11.04 Bennett, Drew
2.05 Jordan, Lamont 10.01 Barlow, Kevan 3.06 Wayne, Reggie 11.05 Porter, Jerry
3.03 Westbrook, Brian 10.02 Dayne, Ron 3.09 Jackson, Darrell 12.01 Bruce, Isaac
3.05 Davis, Domanick 10.05 Williams, DeAngelo 3.10 Driver, Donald 12.05 Robinson, Koren
3.07 McGahee, Willis 11.03 Perry, Chris 4.02 Burress, Plaxico 12.06 Wilford, Ernest
3.08 Jones, Kevin 11.07 Maroney, Laurence 4.04 Ward, Hines 13.03 Jones, Matt
4.01 Droughns, Reuben 11.08 White, LenDale 4.08 Williams, Roy 13.05 Moulds, Eric
4.03 Taylor, Chester 12.03 Duckett, T.J. 5.01 Houshmandzadeh, T.J. 14.02 Jurevicius, Joe
4.05 Jones, Julius 12.09 Holmes, Priest 5.06 Horn, Joe 14.03 Bryant, Antonio
4.07 Lewis, Jamal 13.01 Barber, Marion 6.03 Johnson, Andre 14.10 Williams, Reggie
5.02 Dillon, Corey 14.07 Gado, Samkon 6.05 Mason, Derrick 15.01 Crayton, Patrick
5.05 Bush, Reggie 14.08 Moore, Mewelde 6.06 Walker, Javon 15.04 Clayton, Mark
5.08 Dunn, Warrick 15.06 Jacobs, Brandon 6.07 Galloway, Joey 15.05 Curtis, Kevin
6.04 Foster, De'shaun 15.09 Jones, Greg 7.02 Branch, Deion 15.10 Johnson, Keyshawn
6.08 Parker, Willie 16.10 Davenport, Najeh 7.06 Clayton, Michael 16.06 Edwards, Braylon
6.09 Bell, Tatum     7.08 Smith, Rod 16.09 Stokley, Brandon
6.10 Green, Ahman     8.01 Coles, Laveranues    

Draft by Team

Evaluating a ten team draft means looking for playmakers - it is just easier to get them than in a larger league. Depth also becomes a much smaller issue with more players on the waiver wire and in particular when a draft is only 16 rounds such as this one. The added flex position here usually favors teams that can run either three running backs or at least two very top wide receivers. A bit freakish here - 8 WR were drafted in the first 20 picks. One point receptions help but still a big surprise.

Team #1 – Shear Magic  Team #2 - Chargerz
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.01 RB Alexander,Shaun 4.10 QB Manning,Eli 1.02 RB Johnson,Larry 4.09 QB Hasselbeck,Matt
2.10 WR Moss,Santana 8.10 QB Brooks,Aaron 2.09 WR Boldin,Anquan 15.02 QB Kitna,Jon
3.01 WR Chambers,Chris 1.01 RB Alexander,Shaun 3.02 TE Gates,Antonio 1.02 RB Johnson,Larry
4.10 QB Manning,Eli 6.10 RB Green,Ahman 4.09 QB Hasselbeck,Matt 5.02 RB Dillon,Corey
5.01 WR Houshmandzadeh. 9.01 RB Anderson,Mike 5.02 RB Dillon,Corey 6.09 RB Bell,Tatum
6.10 RB Green,Ahman 13.01 RB Barber,Marion 6.09 RB Bell,Tatum 8.09 RB Martin,Curtis
7.01 TE Cooley,Chris 16.10 RB Davenport,Najeh 7.02 WR Branch,Deion 12.09 RB Holmes,Priest
8.10 QB Brooks,Aaron 7.01 TE Cooley,Chris 8.09 RB Martin,Curtis 3.02 TE Gates,Antonio
9.01 RB Anderson,Mike 11.01 PK Vinatieri,Adam 9.02 WR Kennison,Eddie 14.09 TE Stevens,Jerramy
10.10 WR Northcutt,Dennis 2.10 WR Moss,Santana 10.09 PK Rackers,Neil 10.09 PK Rackers,Neil
11.01 PK Vinatieri,Adam 3.01 WR Chambers,Chris 11.02 WR McCardell,Keenan 2.09 WR Boldin,Anquan
12.10 DEF Redskins 5.01 WR Houshmandzadeh 12.09 RB Holmes,Priest 7.02 WR Branch,Deion
13.01 RB Barber,Marion 10.10 WR Northcutt,Dennis 13.02 DEF Buccaneers 9.02 WR Kennison,Eddie
14.10 WR Williams,Reggie 14.10 WR Williams,Reggie 14.09 TE Stevens,Jerramy 11.02 WR McCardell,Keenan
15.01 WR Crayton,Patrick 15.01 WR Crayton,Patrick 15.02 QB Kitna,Jon 16.09 WR Stokley,Brandon
16.10 RB Davenport,Najeh 12.10 DEF Redskins 16.09 WR Stokley,Brandon 13.02 DEF Buccaneers

Started: RB, WR, WR, QB, WR

Started safe enough with Alexander but then seems to have jumped for a wideout despite having seven of them already gone. Meant bypassing TE Gates, all but ten RB's and all but one QB to get a tier 2 WR. Followed that up with yet another WR in Chambers to offer a pretty solid yet unspectacular pair of wideouts at the expense of playmakers at any other position. Manning in the 4th round was a great pick-up and helps but then went back to WR's to gain Houshmandzadeh. Has three of the top 17 WR's but none of the top seven.

Went for RB2 finally in the 6th round with Ahman Green over Thomas Jones and then tagged Cooley for a solid TE. Overall, has a great RB, QB, PK and solid WR's but there's less punch here than possible with the surprise chase of WR's early on at the expense of other positions. Figure could have gone Alexander, Jordan and Gates and still ended up with much of the later roster and would have shored up positions with less risk and better firepower. Appears that the huge run on WR set the team off chasing and that cost him in other positions when the first pick often allows starting runs instead of running after them. Manning was a key pick-up here that helped a lot. Major hole at RB2 will be very hard to fill though.

Plan Grade: B

Started: RB, WR, TE, QB, RB

Started out with Larry Johnson and then scooped up a top tier WR with Boldin before nabbing top TE of Gates. Snapped up Hasselbeck as the second QB taken (could have been Brady or E Manning for that matter). Returned to double scoop on RB and took away Dillon and Bell.

Overall, this team made some solid picks on value as they floated past with LJ, Boldin, Gates and then his QB (though not the one I would have taken). Still reached two starting RB's with Dillon and Bell and even Curtis Martin later. Holmes in the 12th maybe gives him a backup. Ended up with top RB, QB, TE and has plenty of choices for RB2 to select from with three probably starters. Would work even better here with the Flex position. His WR's are a bit softer than desirable but shored up other positions while letting that wait. Could be okay at WR and yet stellar at RB, QB and TE and WR are the easiest guys to find on the waiver wire anyway. Very solid team that made nice use of the slot.

Plan Grade: A

Team #3 – Easy Rhino Team #4 – Judas Rising
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.03 RB Tomlinson,Ladainian 7.03 QB Bledsoe,Drew 1.04 RB Portis,Clinton 5.04 QB Palmer,Carson
2.08 WR Moss,Randy 9.03 QB Delhomme,Jake 2.07 WR Fitzgerald,Larry 13.04 QB Roethlisberger,Ben
3.03 RB Westbrook,Brian 1.03 RB Tomlinson,Ladainian 3.04 WR Harrison,Marvin 1.04 RB Portis,Clinton
4.08 WR Williams,Roy 3.03 RB Westbrook,Brian 4.07 RB Lewis,Jamal 4.07 RB Lewis,Jamal
5.03 TE Gonzalez,Tony 6.08 RB Parker,Willie 5.04 QB Palmer,Carson 7.04 RB Jones,Thomas
6.08 RB Parker,Willie 11.03 RB Perry,Chris 6.07 WR Galloway,Joey 8.07 RB Addai,Joseph
7.03 QB Bledsoe,Drew 14.08 RB Moore,Mewelde 7.04 RB Jones,Thomas 14.07 RB Gado,Samkon
8.08 WR Stallworth,Donte' 5.03 TE Gonzalez,Tony 8.07 RB Addai,Joseph 9.04 TE McMichael,Randy
9.03 QB Delhomme,Jake 15.03 PK Brown,Josh 9.04 TE McMichael,Randy 12.07 TE Winslow,Kellen
10.08 WR Glenn,Terry 2.08 WR Moss,Randy 10.07 DEF Steelers 16.07 PK Wilkins,Jeff
11.03 RB Perry,Chris 4.08 WR Williams,Roy 11.04 WR Bennett,Drew 2.07 WR Fitzgerald,Larry
12.08 DEF Giants 8.08 WR Stallworth,Donte' 12.07 TE Winslow,Kellen 3.04 WR Harrison,Marvin
13.03 WR Jones,Matt 10.08 WR Glenn,Terry 13.04 QB Roethlisberger,Ben 6.07 WR Galloway,Joey
14.08 RB Moore,Mewelde 13.03 WR Jones,Matt 14.07 RB Gado,Samkon 11.04 WR Bennett,Drew
15.03 PK Brown,Josh 12.08 DEF Giants 15.04 WR Clayton,Mark 15.04 WR Clayton,Mark
16.08 DEF Jaguars 16.08 DEF Jaguars 16.07 PK Wilkins,Jeff 10.07 DEF Steelers

Started: RB, WR, RB, WR, TE

Took the natural pick with Tomlinson and then reached Moss even with the WR frenzy that had happened. That allowed him to still get Westbrook in the 3rd and Roy Williams in the 4th. Gonzo should be at least good at TE if not upper tier and WIllie Parker was a nice flex pickup in the 5th round.

Finally grabbed a QB in the 7th with Bledsoe but that was the 8th QB taken and offers no advantage. Back-up him up almost immediately with Delhomme for more non-advantage firepower. Overall, Nice set of RB' and Gonzo and I personally really like the WR's that have Moss and Roy Williams with Glenn, Stallworth and Matt Jones to use for WR3 and even flex if needed. Balanced risky upside (Jones) with Stallworth and Glenn is a nice fallback just in case. DEF and PK no advantage. Missing out on a top QB in a 10 man league hurts more but solid picks otherwise should keep the team competitive despite only having LT and Moss as known stars.

Plan Grade: B+

Started: RB, WR, WR, RB, QB

This was sort of a standard approach for a ten man league and it worked out pretty well. Went with Portis and then reached Fitzgerald and even Harrison who fell to him at the 3.04. Reasonably went for a RB with Lewis and then still landed Palmer who could have been Brady for the more risk adverse.

Nice depth picks with Thomas Jones and Addai and reached McMichael and PIT to ensure TE and DEF would be at least okay. Overall, this plan worked out pretty well. Has three RBs that can start thanks to the flex, two tier one WR's and then a nice mix of Galloway (great last year, likely down now), Bennett (should be around WR3 worthy) and Mark Clayton for a flyer on an upside youngster. Addai is not even needed for a lineup which makes him all the more attractive here. Solid QB with this plan makes this team very good despite missing out on a top 3 RB and not reaching many superstars. Solid as a competitor but will need some unforeseen luck to be a great team.

Plan Grade: B+

Team #5 – Wizards Team #6 -  Whiskey Pimp
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.05 RB James,Edgerrin 2.06 QB Manning,Peyton 1.06 RB Barber,Tiki 8.05 QB Culpepper,Daunte
2.06 QB Manning,Peyton 10.06 QB Vick,Michael 2.05 RB Jordan,Lamont 11.06 QB Warner,Kurt
3.05 RB Davis,Domanick 1.05 RB James,Edgerrin 3.06 WR Wayne,Reggie 1.06 RB Barber,Tiki
4.06 TE Shockey,Jeremy 3.05 RB Davis,Domanick 4.05 RB Jones,Julius 2.05 RB Jordan,Lamont
5.05 RB Bush,Reggie 5.05 RB Bush,Reggie 5.06 WR Horn,Joe 4.05 RB Jones,Julius
6.06 WR Walker,Javon 7.05 RB McAllister,Deuce 6.05 WR Mason,Derrick 10.05 RB Williams,DeAngelo
7.05 RB McAllister,Deuce 9.05 RB Taylor,Fred 7.06 WR Clayton,Michael 15.06 RB Jacobs,Brandon
8.06 DEF Bears 4.06 TE Shockey,Jeremy 8.05 QB Culpepper,Daunte 9.06 TE Davis,Vernon
9.05 RB Taylor,Fred 14.06 PK Feely,Jay 9.06 TE Davis,Vernon 13.06 TE Miller,Heath
10.06 QB Vick,Michael 6.06 WR Walker,Javon 10.05 RB Williams,DeAngelo 16.05 PK Kasay,John
11.05 WR Porter,Jerry 11.05 WR Porter,Jerry 11.06 QB Warner,Kurt 3.06 WR Wayne,Reggie
12.06 WR Wilford,Ernest 12.06 WR Wilford,Ernest 12.05 WR Robinson,Koren 5.06 WR Horn,Joe
13.05 WR Moulds,Eric 13.05 WR Moulds,Eric 13.06 TE Miller,Heath 6.05 WR Mason,Derrick
14.06 PK Feely,Jay 15.05 WR Curtis,Kevin 14.05 DEF Patriots 7.06 WR Clayton,Michael
15.05 WR Curtis,Kevin 16.06 WR Edwards,Braylon 15.06 RB Jacobs,Brandon 12.05 WR Robinson,Koren
16.06 WR Edwards,Braylon 8.06 DEF Bears 16.05 PK Kasay,John 14.05 DEF Patriots

Started: RB, QB, RB, TE, RB

For a a mid-round draft pick, I loved the way this came together and admittedly the player taken helped. Started with James and then took the Manning plunge in the mid-2nd round which hurts much less at that point in a 10 team league. Still reached Domanick Davis for RB2 and then scooped top tier TE of Shockey followed by upside RB of Bush in the fifth.

Great DEF in CHI will help some as will 2005's #1 PK of Feeley. Took McAllister to ensure would have an RB3. Pick of Vick in the 10th seemed a little premature with Robo-Manning on board. His WR crew of Walker, Porter, Wilford, Moulds, Curtis and even Edwards seems excessively deep in a 16 man roster but should be okay if he can figure out which ones to start each week. Top QB, TE, DEF and PK with enough RB and WR to compete. I like this team that can really emerge if Manning returns to 2004 form and Bush or Taylor surprises. Nice plan for the mid-round pick.

Plan Grade: A-

Started: RB, RB, WR, RB, WR

Pretty conventional plan to follow that had Barber and Jordan joined by Wayne and then Julius Jones - that could be a nice trio for RB's. Tripled on WR with Horn, Mason and Clayton before finally tabbing Culpepper.

Personally prefer Miller over Davis at TE though it is a reasonable risk to take if you love Davis' potential. Overall, really like these RB's that included DeAngelo Williams for upside and Jacobs as a backup. Very solid at WR though like team 5 may have to flip some coins to figure out which ones to start. There is some obvious upside with this roster but with that some significant risk since Culpepper and Warner are hard to rely on and the TE's may disappoint to no surprise. The strength of this team lies in the RB's and that is one area you have to love strength and that brings the grade up on the plan while the late dipping on riskier QB's brings it down a bit.

Plan Grade: B+-ish

Team #7 – Moose and Squirrel Team #8 –Keg
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.07 RB Williams,Carnell 5.07 QB Brady,Tom 1.08 WR Smith,Steve 10.03 QB Plummer,Jake
2.04 WR Owens,Terrell 16.04 QB Simms,Chris 2.03 WR Holt,Torry 16.03 QB McNair,Steve
3.07 RB McGahee,Willis 1.07 RB Williams,Carnell 3.08 RB Jones,Kevin 3.08 RB Jones,Kevin
4.04 WR Ward,Hines 3.07 RB McGahee,Willis 4.03 RB Taylor,Chester 4.03 RB Taylor,Chester
5.07 QB Brady,Tom 6.04 RB Foster,De'shaun 5.08 RB Dunn,Warrick 5.08 RB Dunn,Warrick
6.04 RB Foster,De'shaun 7.07 RB Benson,Cedric 6.03 WR Johnson,Andre 11.08 RB White,LenDale
7.07 RB Benson,Cedric 11.07 RB Maroney,Laurence 7.08 WR Smith,Rod 12.03 RB Duckett,T.J.
8.04 WR Brown,Reggie 10.04 TE Smith,L.J. 8.03 TE Witten,Jason 8.03 TE Witten,Jason
9.07 WR Burleson,Nate 13.07 TE Watson,Ben 9.08 DEF Panthers 15.08 TE Clark,Dallas
10.04 TE Smith,L.J. 15.07 PK Vanderjagt,Mike 10.03 QB Plummer,Jake 13.08 PK Elam,Jason
11.07 RB Maroney,Laurence 2.04 WR Owens,Terrell 11.08 RB White,LenDale 1.08 WR Smith,Steve
12.04 DEF Colts 4.04 WR Ward,Hines 12.03 RB Duckett,T.J. 2.03 WR Holt,Torry
13.07 TE Watson,Ben 8.04 WR Brown,Reggie 13.08 PK Elam,Jason 6.03 WR Johnson,Andre
14.04 DEF Falcons 9.07 WR Burleson,Nate 14.03 WR Bryant,Antonio 7.08 WR Smith,Rod
15.07 PK Vanderjagt,Mike 12.04 DEF Colts 15.08 TE Clark,Dallas 14.03 WR Bryant,Antonio
16.04 QB Simms,Chris 14.04 DEF Falcons 16.03 QB McNair,Steve 9.08 DEF Panthers

Started: RB. WR, RB, WR, QB

In a ten team league not on either end of the rounds, this is likely the most prudent plan and it had nice results. Went with Cadillac and then Owens, with McGahee and then Ward rounding out the core. Still reached Brady at QB with the 5.07. Arguably as strong a start as this slot could produce. Doubled on RB with Foster and Benson though would have made more sense with Jones/Benson or Foster/Williams.

Overall, nice team. Top QB, and solid core with Caddy, McGahee and either Benson or Maroney to emerge. TE Smith is a personal favorite though in a ten man league much less an advantage but Watson is another up-and-comer and should fill the position well enough between the two. This team has some firepower with Brady, Owens, and Cadillac and upside picks in Benson, Maroney, Watson, Smith, R Brown and even Burleson. This was a safe route to take and produced a solid team. RB depth could be either terrific or non-existent so a little more risk than desired. Still, the plan works.

Plan Grade: B+

Started: WR, WR, RB, RB, RB,

And so enters the contrarian that set off the whole WR frenzy. Began with Steve Smith and Holt before tripling on RB with K Jones, Taylor and Dunn. That's two great WR's and three average backs. Surprisingly went for two more WR with Andre Johnson and Rod Smith when already had two mega-stars at WR apparently because QB and TE had been stripped while he was playing catch-up on RB.

Waited until 10th and 16th rounds to get a QB to ensure average numbers at best though Witten at TE in the 8th was a fortuitous find. Early jump on CAR defense helps out and Elam always solid at PK. Liked the later pick of LenDale White and even Bryant for yet more WR depth. Overall, will probably suck at QB in a ten man league and will compete based on the performance of his two top WRs and gaggle of RBs. This is certainly a risky plan to follow and having tried this personally last year I can sadly state it fails pretty spectacularly when one of those top WR's get injured (I had both go down). With luck, this could be a great team and without it, it could swirl downward pretty fast.

Plan Grade: B- (most people), A- (adrenalin junkies)

Team #9 – Smithtk Team #10 -  Sigalf03
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.09 RB Brown,Ronnie 6.02 QB Bulger,Marc 1.10 RB Jackson,Steven 6.01 QB McNabb,Donovan
2.02 RB Johnson,Rudi 12.02 QB Brees,Drew 2.01 WR Johnson,Chad 11.10 QB Green,Trent
3.09 WR Jackson,Darrell 13.09 QB Leftwich,Byron 3.10 WR Driver,Donald 1.10 RB Jackson,Steven
4.02 WR Burress,Plaxico 1.09 RB Brown,Ronnie 4.01 RB Droughns,Reuben 4.01 RB Droughns,Reuben
5.09 TE Heap,Todd 2.02 RB Johnson,Rudi 5.10 TE Crumpler,Alge 7.10 RB Brown,Chris
6.02 QB Bulger,Marc 7.09 RB Rhodes,Dominic 6.01 QB McNabb,Donovan 9.10 RB Gore,Frank
7.09 RB Rhodes,Dominic 10.02 RB Dayne,Ron 7.10 RB Brown,Chris 10.01 RB Barlow,Kevan
8.02 WR Evans,Lee 15.09 RB Jones,Greg 8.01 WR Coles,Laveranues 5.10 TE Crumpler,Alge
9.09 WR Muhammad,Muhsin 5.09 TE Heap,Todd 9.10 RB Gore,Frank 14.01 PK Graham,Shayne
10.02 RB Dayne,Ron 16.02 PK Akers,David 10.01 RB Barlow,Kevan 2.01 WR Johnson,Chad
11.09 DEF Ravens 3.09 WR Jackson,Darrell 11.10 QB Green,Trent 3.10 WR Driver,Donald
12.02 QB Brees,Drew 4.02 WR Burress,Plaxico 12.01 WR Bruce,Isaac 8.01 WR Coles,Laveranues
13.09 QB Leftwich,Byron 8.02 WR Evans,Lee 13.10 DEF Bengals 12.01 WR Bruce,Isaac
14.02 WR Jurevicius,Joe 9.09 WR Muhammad,Muhsin 14.01 PK Graham,Shayne 15.10 WR Johnson,Keyshawn
15.09 RB Jones,Greg 14.02 WR Jurevicius,Joe 15.10 WR Johnson,Keyshawn 13.10 DEF Bengals
16.02 PK Akers,David 11.09 DEF Ravens 16.01 DEF Chiefs 16.01 DEF Chiefs

Started: RB RB, WR, WR, TE,

Easily the safest plan at the end and one that often works better when there has not been an odd feeding frenzy on WR in the second round. Went with Ronnie Brown and Rudi Johnson for solid start and then grabbed D Jackson and Burress for decent WR picks after the run had started. Still reached Heap at the 5.09 which then forced QB at 6.02 that still produced Bulger. A bit safe but pretty nice overall.

Rhodes and Dayne could end up as nice additions and Evans, Muhammad and Jurevicius will easily provide a nice WR3 and even flex each week. There is no real major firepower here since every pick went for best value after runs were well underway but it built a solid team. By no means the worst team in the league but will have trouble coming up with big weeks to become a top team with a lack of big playmakers. Solid often means .500 in a ten man league. Nice job at value picks, but no player a particular standout.

Plan Grade: B

Started: RB, WR, WR, RB, TE

Very nice start with Jackson and then Chad Johnson and then snapped up Driver and then Droughns. The RB2 pick was well justified and Driver should be very solid at a minimum but with so many picks left before his next, only found Crumpler and then McNabb. Nothing wrong with Crumpler or McNabb in particular, but by his fifth pick was grabbing best remaining value at unfilled positions.

Overall, decent RB depth by adding C Brown, Gore and Barlow and Coles, Bruce and Keyshawn solid for WR3 if not flex as well. McNabb has a lot more risk this year and could have been Bulger were it me. Late wait on PK and DEF means below average points there though the difference inside those positions are far smaller than any other. Ended up with a team much like #11. Solid enough with some nice value picks but no known studs on the team and hard to see which player could really step up and make a difference in a smaller sized league.

Plan Grade: B