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Official Huddle Mock Draft #6 - Performance / 10-Team
July 31, 2006

The following actual draft considered a standard performance scoring of 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 passing yards, 2 point conversion are two fantasy points each participant, all touchdowns are six except passing is four with one point taken away for an interception. Kickers receive the NFL points from their kicks and defenses have one point sacks and turnovers, two point safeties and six point touchdowns. Receptions are worth one point.

Draft considered 10 teams drafting a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX (RB, WR or TE), PK and DEF with no positional limits. This draft was for 18 rounds.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Johnson, Larry 1 WR Johnson, Chad 1 WR Harrison, Marvin 1 WR Chambers, Chris
2 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 2 RB Johnson, Rudi 2 WR Boldin, Anquan 2 RB Bush, Reggie
3 RB Alexander, Shaun 3 RB McGahee, Willis 3 RB Jones, Kevin 3 WR Jackson, Darrell
4 RB Portis, Clinton 4 RB Jordan, Lamont 4 WR Moss, Santana 4 WR Wayne, Reggie
5 RB Barber, Tiki 5 QB Manning, Peyton 5 WR Moss, Randy 5 WR Horn, Joe
6 RB James, Edgerrin 6 RB Westbrook, Brian 6 RB Lewis, Jamal 6 RB Taylor, Chester
7 RB Brown, Ronnie 7 RB Davis, Domanick 7 WR Williams, Roy 7 WR Galloway, Joey
8 RB Jackson, Steven 8 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 8 WR Ward, Hines 8 RB Jones, Julius
9 RB Williams, Carnell 9 WR Owens, Terrell 9 QB Palmer, Carson 9 RB Dunn, Warrick
10 WR Smith, Steve 10 WR Holt, Torry 10 TE Gates, Antonio 10 RB Addai, Joseph
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 QB Brady, Tom 1 RB Bell, Tatum 1 RB Droughns, Reuben 1 QB Warner, Kurt
2 WR Burress, Plaxico 2 TE Cooley, Chris 2 QB Bledsoe, Drew 2 QB Culpepper, Daunte
3 WR Driver, Donald 3 QB McNabb, Donovan 3 WR Robinson, Koren 3 Def Steelers
4 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 4 QB Manning, Eli 4 WR Glenn, Terry 4 TE Crumpler, Alge
5 WR Johnson, Andre 5 TE Gonzalez, Tony 5 RB Dillon, Corey 5 RB Taylor, Fred
6 WR Houshmandzadeh 6 WR Walker, Javon 6 Def Bears 6 WR Porter, Jerry
7 TE Heap, Todd 7 RB Jones, Thomas 7 RB Benson, Cedric 7 WR Evans, Lee
8 TE Shockey, Jeremy 8 QB Bulger, Marc 8 WR Smith, Rod 8 QB Delhomme, Jake
9 WR Branch, Deion 9 RB Foster, De'shaun 9 RB McAllister, Deuce 9 WR Coles, Laveranues
10 RB Parker, Willie 10 WR Mason, Derrick 10 RB Dayne, Ron 10 RB Williams, DeAngelo
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 RB Maroney, Laurence 1 RB White, LenDale 1 Def Panthers 1 WR Bruce, Isaac
2 TE Witten, Jason 2 WR Curtis, Kevin 2 WR Muhammad, M. 2 PK Vanderjagt, Mike
3 RB Gore, Frank 3 PK Rackers, Neil 3 WR Johnson, Keys. 3 TE Smith, L.J.
4 QB Brooks, Aaron 4 RB Barber, Marion 4 RB Green, Ahman 4 WR Burleson, Nate
5 QB Green, Trent 5 WR White, Roddy 5 QB Favre, Brett 5 RB Moore, Mewelde
6 WR Brown, Reggie 6 RB Perry, Chris 6 PK Elam, Jason 6 TE Watson, Ben
7 WR Bennett, Drew 7 PK Brown, Josh 7 QB Vick, Michael 7 WR Bryant, Antonio
8 RB Rhodes, Dominic 8 WR Kennison, Eddie 8 RB Barlow, Kevan 8 WR Clayton, Michael
9 WR Stallworth, Donte' 9 PK Vinatieri, Adam 9 WR Lloyd, Brandon 9 RB Gado, Samkon
10 RB Brown, Chris 10 TE Miller, Heath 10 RB Martin, Curtis 10 QB Brees, Drew
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 WR Jones, Matt 1 TE McMichael, Randy 1 PK Graham, Shayne 1 Def Bengals
2 Def Colts 2 Def Seahawks 2 QB Leinart, Matt 2 RB Pittman, Michael
3 RB Jones, Greg 3 QB Roethlisberger, B. 3 TE Clark, Dallas 3 Def Giants
4 TE Davis, Vernon 4 PK Akers, David 4 WR Edwards, Braylon 4 RB Duckett, T.J.
5 WR Clayton, Mark 5 TE Winslow, Kellen 5 WR McCardell, Keenan 5 RB Houston, Cedric
6 QB Plummer, Jake 6 Def Buccaneers 6 WR Jurevicius, Joe 6 RB Calhoun, Brian
7 WR Wilford, Ernest 7 Def Ravens 7 Def Falcons 7 QB Leftwich, Byron
8 WR Givens, David 8 TE Troupe, Ben 8 PK Feely, Jay 8 Def Cowboys
9 WR Stokley, Brandon 9 QB Carr, David 9 RB Anderson, Mike 9 TE Stevens, Jerramy
10 QB Simms, Chris 10 RB Moats, Ryan 10 WR Jackson, Chad 10 Def Redskins
Round 17 Round 18            
1 RB Norwood, Jerious 1 RB Staley, Duce            
2 PK Longwell, Ryan 2 WR Rogers, Charles            
3 Def Jaguars 3 RB Holmes, Priest            
4 QB Young, Vince 4 RB Jacobs, Brandon            
5 TE Hilton, Zack 5 Def Dolphins            
6 PK Wilkins, Jeff 6 PK Reed, Jeff            
7 WR Williamson, Troy 7 QB Rivers, Philip            
8 RB Haynes, Verron 8 PK Kasay, John            
9 QB McNair, Steve 9 Def Eagles            
10 PK Edinger, Paul 10 WR Moulds, Eric            

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Defenses Placekickers
2.05 Manning, Peyton 3.10 Gates, Antonio 7.06 Bears 10.03 Rackers, Neil
3.09 Palmer, Carson 5.07 Heap, Todd 8.03 Steelers 10.07 Brown, Josh
5.01 Brady, Tom 5.08 Shockey, Jeremy 11.01 Panthers 10.09 Vinatieri, Adam
5.04 Hasselbeck, Matt 6.02 Cooley, Chris 13.02 Colts 11.06 Elam, Jason
6.03 McNabb, Donovan 6.05 Gonzalez, Tony 14.02 Seahawks 12.02 Vanderjagt, Mike
6.04 Manning, Eli 8.04 Crumpler, Alge 14.06 Buccaneers 14.04 Akers, David
6.08 Bulger, Marc 9.02 Witten, Jason 14.07 Ravens 15.01 Graham, Shayne
7.02 Bledsoe, Drew 10.10 Miller, Heath 15.07 Falcons 15.08 Feely, Jay
8.01 Warner, Kurt 12.03 Smith, L.J. 16.01 Bengals 17.02 Longwell, Ryan
8.02 Culpepper, Daunte 12.06 Watson, Ben 16.03 Giants 17.06 Wilkins, Jeff
8.08 Delhomme, Jake 13.04 Davis, Vernon 16.08 Cowboys 17.10 Edinger, Paul
9.04 Brooks, Aaron 14.01 McMichael, Randy 16.10 Redskins 18.06 Reed, Jeff
9.05 Green, Trent 14.05 Winslow, Kellen 17.03 Jaguars 18.08 Kasay, John
11.05 Favre, Brett 14.08 Troupe, Ben 18.05 Dolphins    
11.07 Vick, Michael 15.03 Clark, Dallas 18.09 Eagles    
12.10 Brees, Drew 16.09 Stevens, Jerramy        
13.06 Plummer, Jake 17.05 Hilton, Zack        
13.10 Simms, Chris            
14.03 Roethlisberger, B.            
14.09 Carr, David            
15.02 Leinart, Matt            
16.07 Leftwich, Byron            
17.04 Young, Vince            
17.09 McNair, Steve            
18.07 Rivers, Philip            
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Johnson, Larry 7.09 McAllister, Deuce 1.10 Smith, Steve 8.09 Coles, Laveranues
1.02 Tomlinson, Lad. 7.10 Dayne, Ron 2.01 Johnson, Chad 9.06 Brown, Reggie
1.03 Alexander, Shaun 8.05 Taylor, Fred 2.08 Fitzgerald, Larry 9.07 Bennett, Drew
1.04 Portis, Clinton 8.10 Williams, DeAngelo 2.09 Owens, Terrell 9.09 Stallworth, Donte'
1.05 Barber, Tiki 9.01 Maroney, Laurence 2.10 Holt, Torry 10.02 Curtis, Kevin
1.06 James, Edgerrin 9.03 Gore, Frank 3.01 Harrison, Marvin 10.05 White, Roddy
1.07 Brown, Ronnie 9.08 Rhodes, Dominic 3.02 Boldin, Anquan 10.08 Kennison, Eddie
1.08 Jackson, Steven 9.10 Brown, Chris 3.04 Moss, Santana 11.02 Muhammad, M.
1.09 Williams, Carnell 10.01 White, LenDale 3.05 Moss, Randy 11.03 Johnson, Keys.
2.02 Johnson, Rudi 10.04 Barber, Marion 3.07 Williams, Roy 11.09 Lloyd, Brandon
2.03 McGahee, Willis 10.06 Perry, Chris 3.08 Ward, Hines 12.01 Bruce, Isaac
2.04 Jordan, Lamont 11.04 Green, Ahman 4.01 Chambers, Chris 12.04 Burleson, Nate
2.06 Westbrook, Brian 11.08 Barlow, Kevan 4.03 Jackson, Darrell 12.07 Bryant, Antonio
2.07 Davis, Domanick 11.10 Martin, Curtis 4.04 Wayne, Reggie 12.08 Clayton, Michael
3.03 Jones, Kevin 12.05 Moore, Mewelde 4.05 Horn, Joe 13.01 Jones, Matt
3.06 Lewis, Jamal 12.09 Gado, Samkon 4.07 Galloway, Joey 13.05 Clayton, Mark
4.02 Bush, Reggie 13.03 Jones, Greg 5.02 Burress, Plaxico 13.07 Wilford, Ernest
4.06 Taylor, Chester 14.10 Moats, Ryan 5.03 Driver, Donald 13.08 Givens, David
4.08 Jones, Julius 15.09 Anderson, Mike 5.05 Johnson, Andre 13.09 Stokley, Brandon
4.09 Dunn, Warrick 16.02 Pittman, Michael 5.06 Houshmandzadeh 15.04 Edwards, Braylon
4.10 Addai, Joseph 16.04 Duckett, T.J. 5.09 Branch, Deion 15.05 McCardell, Keenan
5.10 Parker, Willie 16.05 Houston, Cedric 6.06 Walker, Javon 15.06 Jurevicius, Joe
6.01 Bell, Tatum 16.06 Calhoun, Brian 6.10 Mason, Derrick 15.10 Jackson, Chad
6.07 Jones, Thomas 17.01 Norwood, Jerious 7.03 Robinson, Koren 17.07 Williamson, Troy
6.09 Foster, De'shaun 17.08 Haynes, Verron 7.04 Glenn, Terry 18.02 Rogers, Charles
7.01 Droughns, Reuben 18.01 Staley, Duce 7.08 Smith, Rod 18.10 Moulds, Eric
7.05 Dillon, Corey 18.03 Holmes, Priest 8.06 Porter, Jerry    
7.07 Benson, Cedric 18.04 Jacobs, Brandon 8.07 Evans, Lee    

Draft by Team

Evaluating a ten team draft means looking for playmakers - it is just easier to get them than in a larger league. With 18 rounds, this league would still have some depth out on the waiver wire but not much.

Team #1  Team #2
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.01 RB Johnson, Larry 5.01 QB Brady, Tom 1.02 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 7.02 QB Bledsoe, Drew
2.10 WR Holt, Torry 12.10 QB Brees, Drew 2.09 WR Owens, Terrell 14.09 QB Carr, David
3.01 WR Harrison, Marvin 1.01 RB Johnson, Larry 3.02 WR Boldin, Anquan 15.02 QB Leinart, Matt
4.10 RB Addai, Joseph 4.10 RB Addai, Joseph 4.09 RB Dunn, Warrick 1.02 RB Tomlinson, Lad.
5.01 QB Brady, Tom 7.01 RB Droughns, Reuben 5.02 WR Burress, Plaxico 4.09 RB Dunn, Warrick
6.10 WR Mason, Derrick 8.10 RB Williams, DeAngelo 6.09 RB Foster, De'shaun 6.09 RB Foster, De'shaun
7.01 RB Droughns, Reuben 9.01 RB Maroney, Laurence 7.02 QB Bledsoe, Drew 12.09 RB Gado, Samkon
8.10 RB Williams, DeAng. 14.10 RB Moats, Ryan 8.09 WR Coles, Lave. 9.02 TE Witten, Jason
9.01 RB Maroney, Laurence 17.01 RB Norwood, Jerious 9.02 TE Witten, Jason 16.09 TE Stevens, Jerramy
10.10 TE Miller, Heath 10.10 TE Miller, Heath 10.09 PK Vinatieri, Adam 2.09 WR Owens, Terrell
11.01 DEF Panthers 2.10 WR Holt, Torry 11.02 WR Muhammad, M. 3.02 WR Boldin, Anquan
12.10 QB Brees, Drew 3.01 WR Harrison, Marvin 12.09 RB Gado, Samkon 5.02 WR Burress, Plaxico
13.01 WR Jones, Matt 6.10 WR Mason, Derrick 13.02 DEF Colts 8.09 WR Coles, Laveranues
14.10 RB Moats, Ryan 13.01 WR Jones, Matt 14.09 QB Carr, David 11.02 WR Muhammad, M.
15.01 PK Graham, Shayne 18.10 WR Moulds, Eric 15.02 QB Leinart, Matt 13.02 DEF Colts
16.10 DEF Redskins 11.01 DEF Panthers 16.09 TE Stevens, Jerramy 18.09 DEF Eagles
17.01 RB Norwood, Jerious 16.10 DEF Redskins 17.02 PK Longwell, Ryan 10.09 PK Vinatieri, Adam
18.10 WR Moulds, Eric 15.01 PK Graham, Shayne 18.09 DEF Eagles 17.02 PK Longwell, Ryan

Started: RB, WR, WR, RB, QB

The first pick netted Larry Johnson but then really took some calculated risks that could pay off huge or sink this team. Went with double WR with Holt and Harrison and then grabbed Addai as RB2 (but no Rhodes later on). Then found Brady at the 5.01 for a huge start. Top players in each of the three highest scoring positions.

Rookie fell in this mock and getting both DeAngelo Williams and Laurence Maroney in the 8th and 9th rounds gives his almost every rookie RB that matters. With Johnson as RB1, he gets to pick RB2 and RB3 from Addai, Williams and Maroney - bound to find two of the three worth starting. Early pick of Panthers defense helps and while waited until 10th for a TE in Miller, he has upside. This team should be at least competitive and if he has those rookie RBs deliver, he could be almost unbeatable.

Plan Grade: A

Started: RB, WR, WR, RB, WR

Interestingly enough, this team followed much the same plan as team #1 with Tomlinson followed by two top WRs - Owens and Boldin. Then he opted for safer pick of Dunn and the 5.03 went to Plaxico Burress for WR3 before his QB or RB3. That start just looks a bit less effective than team #1 though a solid start to be sure.

Added Foster in the 6th (but no DeAngelo) and finally got a QB in the 7th with Bledsoe. Vinatieri should at least be fine at PK if not stellar. Overall, this build a good team but his QB is weaker and his RB depth has more downside than upside. Solid throughout, this team has less room to grow than team #1 and has to hope nothing develops away from his players.

Plan Grade: B+

Team #3 Team #4
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.03 RB Alexander, Shaun 6.08 QB Bulger, Marc 1.04 RB Portis, Clinton 5.04 QB Hasselbeck, Matt
2.08 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 8.08 QB Delhomme, Jake 2.07 RB Davis, Domanick 9.04 QB Brooks, Aaron
3.03 RB Jones, Kevin 1.03 RB Alexander, Shaun 3.04 WR Moss, Randy 16.07 QB Leftwich, Byron
4.08 RB Jones, Julius 3.03 RB Jones, Kevin 4.07 WR Galloway, Joey 17.04 QB Young, Vince
5.03 WR Driver, Donald 4.08 RB Jones, Julius 5.04 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 18.07 QB Rivers, Philip
6.08 QB Bulger, Marc 9.03 RB Gore, Frank 6.07 RB Jones, Thomas 1.04 RB Portis, Clinton
7.03 WR Robinson, Koren 13.03 RB Jones, Greg 7.04 WR Glenn, Terry 2.07 RB Davis, Domanick
8.08 QB Delhomme, Jake 14.08 TE Troupe, Ben 8.07 WR Evans, Lee 6.07 RB Jones, Thomas
9.03 RB Gore, Frank 15.03 TE Clark, Dallas 9.04 QB Brooks, Aaron 11.04 RB Green, Ahman
10.08 WR Kennison, Eddie 2.08 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 10.07 PK Brown, Josh 13.04 TE Davis, Vernon
11.03 WR Johnson, Keys. 5.03 WR Driver, Donald 11.04 RB Green, Ahman 3.04 WR Moss, Santana
12.08 WR Clayton, Michael 7.03 WR Robinson, Koren 12.07 WR Bryant, Antonio 4.07 WR Galloway, Joey
13.03 RB Jones, Greg 10.08 WR Kennison, Eddie 13.04 TE Davis, Vernon 7.04 WR Glenn, Terry
14.08 TE Troupe, Ben 11.03 WR Johnson, Keys. 14.07 DEF Ravens 8.07 WR Evans, Lee
15.03 TE Clark, Dallas 12.08 WR Clayton, Michael 15.04 WR Edwards, Braylon 12.07 WR Bryant, Antonio
16.08 DEF Cowboys 16.08 DEF Cowboys 16.07 QB Leftwich, Byron 15.04 WR Edwards, Braylon
17.03 DEF Jaguars 17.03 DEF Jaguars 17.04 QB Young, Vince 14.07 DEF Ravens
18.08 PK Kasay, John 18.08 PK Kasay, John 18.07 QB Rivers, Philip 10.07 PK Brown, Josh

Started: RB, WR, RB, RB, WR

After taking the last of the "Big 3", snapped up Fitzgerald for WR1 and then missed out on a top WR2 so wisely went back to RB and grabbed Kevin and Julius Jones who fell shockingly far in this draft. That was a major coup though he later missed out on getting Barber to insure that pick.

Driver should make a decent WR2 and Bulger in the 6th was a nice find for what should be at least an average QB. Waited until the 14th round for his TE and ended up with no advantage there or for DEF or PK though the picks were solid enough. Had great depth at QB and RB which could later be traded for a better WR crew if he wants. Solid team to be sure with all those RB's but in a ten team league, not a lot of playmakers outside that position.

Plan Grade: B

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, QB

Nice start with Portis and Davis at RB and then discovered that the WR's were getting low by the 3.04 - still went for the position and only came away with Randy Moss and Galloway as starters. Hasselbeck in the 5th rounded out the core of players.

Grabbed Thomas Jones for RB3 which is looking weaker every day and then went back after WR yet again with Glenn and Evans. That makes four mildly interesting WR in the first eight rounds and perhaps not a difference maker in the batch. Ended up with Ahman Green as well for RB4 so this team looks like it will get worse as year progresses. By the 16th round, went on a QB spree defying all logic. Must have thought that 2 QB could be started? Makes no real sense here. Overall, this is a weaker team that will likely get worse as the season progresses.

Plan Grade: C

Team #5 Team #6
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.05 RB Barber, Tiki 9.05 QB Green, Trent 1.06 RB James, Edgerrin 2.05 QB Manning, Peyton
2.06 RB Westbrook, Brian 11.05 QB Favre, Brett 2.05 QB Manning, Peyton 13.06 QB Plummer, Jake
3.05 WR Moss, Santana 1.05 RB Barber, Tiki 3.06 RB Lewis, Jamal 1.06 RB James, Edgerrin
4.06 RB Taylor, Chester 2.06 RB Westbrook, Brian 4.05 WR Horn, Joe 3.06 RB Lewis, Jamal
5.05 WR Johnson, Andre 4.06 RB Taylor, Chester 5.06 WR Houshmandzadeh 8.05 RB Taylor, Fred
6.06 WR Walker, Javon 7.05 RB Dillon, Corey 6.05 TE Gonzalez, Tony 12.05 RB Moore, Mewelde
7.05 RB Dillon, Corey 10.06 RB Perry, Chris 7.06 DEF Bears 16.05 RB Houston, Cedric
8.06 WR Porter, Jerry 16.06 RB Calhoun, Brian 8.05 RB Taylor, Fred 6.05 TE Gonzalez, Tony
9.05 QB Green, Trent 12.06 TE Watson, Ben 9.06 WR Brown, Reggie 14.05 TE Winslow, Kellen
10.06 RB Perry, Chris 17.05 TE Hilton, Zack 10.05 WR White, Roddy 4.05 WR Horn, Joe
11.05 QB Favre, Brett 3.05 WR Moss, Randy 11.06 PK Elam, Jason 5.06 WR Houshmandzadeh
12.06 TE Watson, Ben 5.05 WR Johnson, Andre 12.05 RB Moore, Mewelde 9.06 WR Brown, Reggie
13.05 WR Clayton, Mark 6.06 WR Walker, Javon 13.06 QB Plummer, Jake 10.05 WR White, Roddy
14.06 DEF Buccaneers 8.06 WR Porter, Jerry 14.05 TE Winslow, Kellen 15.06 WR Jurevicius, Joe
15.05 WR McCardell, Keenan 13.05 WR Clayton, Mark 15.06 WR Jurevicius, Joe 7.06 DEF Bears
16.06 RB Calhoun, Brian 15.05 WR McCardell, Keenan 16.05 RB Houston, Cedric 18.05 DEF Dolphins
17.05 TE Hilton, Zack 14.06 DEF Buccaneers 17.06 PK Wilkins, Jeff 11.06 PK Elam, Jason
18.06 PK Reed, Jeff 18.06 PK Reed, Jeff 18.05 DEF Dolphins 17.06 PK Wilkins, Jeff

Started: RB, RB, WR, RB, WR

Barber and Westbrook were two very solid picks here, particularly with the reception points, and went with Santana Moss at the 3.05 despite the top tier of WR being gone. Taylor in the 4th should make a nice flex and Andre Johnson as WR2 is about right. Still no QB.

Waited on that position until the 9th round to get Trent Green and Favre in the 11th just in case. Ended up with some decent upside players in Walker and Watson but the bang for the buck is a little lacking in this plan, particularly at QB for a ten team league. After the second round, just followed all the runs and took whatever happened to be there and ended up with a fairly mediocre team that will struggle to just be average.

Plan Grade: C

Started: RB, QB, RB, WR, WR

After securing James as RB1, could not resist Manning at the 2.05 and in a ten team league, perfectly understandable. That left him with Lewis as RB2 and he doubled on WR to get Horn and Houshmandzadeh. Other than Manning, that looks like a below average start in a ten team league.

Liked the Gonzalez pick in the 6th for some punch at TE and then CHI as the DEF in the 7th another "better than average" starter. Overall, ended up with a team much like most with Peyton Manning. It is mainly him and a bevy of average players other then his DEF and perhaps TE (the two lower scoring positions they are). His RB's are weak and could be without even a backup if Taylor gets hurt like usual. This plan did not pan out well other than Manning.

Plan Grade: C

Team #7 Team #8
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.07 RB Brown, Ronnie 6.04 QB Manning, Eli 1.08 RB Jackson, Steven 6.03 QB McNabb, Donovan
2.04 RB Jordan, Lamont 11.07 QB Vick, Michael 2.03 RB McGahee, Willis 14.03 QB Roethlisberger, B.
3.07 WR Williams, Roy 1.07 RB Brown, Ronnie 3.08 WR Ward, Hines 1.08 RB Jackson, Steven
4.04 WR Wayne, Reggie 2.04 RB Jordan, Lamont 4.03 WR Jackson, Darrell 2.03 RB McGahee, Willis
5.07 TE Heap, Todd 7.07 RB Benson, Cedric 5.08 TE Shockey, Jeremy 9.08 RB Rhodes, Dominic
6.04 QB Manning, Eli 10.04 RB Barber, Marion 6.03 QB McNabb, Donovan 11.08 RB Barlow, Kevan
7.07 RB Benson, Cedric 16.04 RB Duckett, T.J. 7.08 WR Smith, Rod 17.08 RB Haynes, Verron
8.04 TE Crumpler, Alge 18.04 RB Jacobs, Brandon 8.03 DEF Steelers 18.03 RB Holmes, Priest
9.07 WR Bennett, Drew 5.07 TE Heap, Todd 9.08 RB Rhodes, Dominic 5.08 TE Shockey, Jeremy
10.04 RB Barber, Marion 8.04 TE Crumpler, Alge 10.03 PK Rackers, Neil 12.03 TE Smith, L.J.
11.07 QB Vick, Michael 3.07 WR Williams, Roy 11.08 RB Barlow, Kevan 3.08 WR Ward, Hines
12.04 WR Burleson, Nate 4.04 WR Wayne, Reggie 12.03 TE Smith, L.J. 4.03 WR Jackson, Darrell
13.07 WR Wilford, Ernest 9.07 WR Bennett, Drew 13.08 WR Givens, David 7.08 WR Smith, Rod
14.04 PK Akers, David 12.04 WR Burleson, Nate 14.03 QB Roethlisberger, B. 13.08 WR Givens, David
15.07 DEF Falcons 13.07 WR Wilford, Ernest 15.08 PK Feely, Jay 8.03 DEF Steelers
16.04 RB Duckett, T.J. 17.07 WR Williamson, Troy 16.03 DEF Giants 16.03 DEF Giants
17.07 WR Williamson, Troy 15.07 DEF Falcons 17.08 RB Haynes, Verron 10.03 PK Rackers, Neil
18.04 RB Jacobs, Brandon 14.04 PK Akers, David 18.03 RB Holmes, Priest 15.08 PK Feely, Jay

Started: RB, RB, WR,WR, TE

This is a pretty standard plan for a mid-round pick in a ten team league but it played out better than normal for this team. Went with Ronnie Brown and Lamont Jordan before scooping up WRs with Roy Williams and Reggie Wayne who surprisingly fell in this actual draft. Still reached Heap with his 5th pick for a very solid start.

Manning in the 6th was a great pick as was Benson in the 7th. Crumpler was a great value pick in the 8th though likely not needed. Waited until late to get PK or DEF so no advantage there. Overall, ended up with a pretty solid team that could grow a bit. It is not a monster team by any means, but drafter made some shrewd picks and has good backups in virtually every position.

Plan Grade: B+

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, TE

Using almost the identical plan to team #7, this produced Steven Jackson and McGahee as starting RBs, and then picked up Hines Ward and Darrell Jackson for the starting WR. Good solid start but decidedly unspectacular. TE Shockey as the 5.08 was a very prudent move that should help.

McNabb at the 6.03 was a needed pick though he could have been Eli Manning or Bulger. Surprisingly went for the aging Rod Smith with his 7th pick and did not get RB3 until the 9th round when he was fortunate enough to still fine Rhodes who had no business still being there. Overall, this plan did much what it did next door except for using that 7th round pick on a RB, he went with WR3 that makes little sense in a league that only mandates 2 starting WR. Got great value picks for much of his depth and the team is solid, just a little less so than team #7.

Plan Grade: B

Team #9 Team #10
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.09 RB Williams, Carnell 3.09 QB Palmer, Carson 1.10 WR Smith, Steve 8.01 QB Warner, Kurt
2.02 RB Johnson, Rudi 8.02 QB Culpepper, Daunte 2.01 WR Johnson, Chad 13.10 QB Simms, Chris
3.09 QB Palmer, Carson 17.09 QB McNair, Steve 3.10 TE Gates, Antonio 5.10 RB Parker, Willie
4.02 RB Bush, Reggie 1.09 RB Williams, Carnell 4.01 WR Chambers, Chris 6.01 RB Bell, Tatum
5.09 WR Branch, Deion 2.02 RB Johnson, Rudi 5.10 RB Parker, Willie 7.10 RB Dayne, Ron
6.02 TE Cooley, Chris 4.02 RB Bush, Reggie 6.01 RB Bell, Tatum 9.10 RB Brown, Chris
7.09 RB McAllister, Deuce 7.09 RB McAllister, Deuce 7.10 RB Dayne, Ron 10.01 RB White, LenDale
8.02 QB Culpepper, Daunte 15.09 RB Anderson, Mike 8.01 QB Warner, Kurt 11.10 RB Martin, Curtis
9.09 WR Stallworth, Donte' 16.02 RB Pittman, Michael 9.10 RB Brown, Chris 18.01 RB Staley, Duce
10.02 WR Curtis, Kevin 6.02 TE Cooley, Chris 10.01 RB White, LenDale 3.10 TE Gates, Antonio
11.09 WR Lloyd, Brandon 5.09 WR Branch, Deion 11.10 RB Martin, Curtis 14.01 TE McMichael, Randy
12.02 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 9.09 WR Stallworth, Donte' 12.01 WR Bruce, Isaac 1.10 WR Smith, Steve
13.09 WR Stokley, Brandon 10.02 WR Curtis, Kevin 13.10 QB Simms, Chris 2.01 WR Johnson, Chad
14.02 DEF Seahawks 11.09 WR Lloyd, Brandon 14.01 TE McMichael, Randy 4.01 WR Chambers, Chris
15.09 RB Anderson, Mike 13.09 WR Stokley, Brandon 15.10 WR Jackson, Chad 12.01 WR Bruce, Isaac
16.02 RB Pittman, Michael 18.02 WR Rogers, Charles 16.01 DEF Bengals 15.10 WR Jackson, Chad
17.09 QB McNair, Steve 14.02 DEF Seahawks 17.10 PK Edinger, Paul 16.01 DEF Bengals
18.02 WR Rogers, Charles 12.02 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 18.01 RB Staley, Duce 17.10 PK Edinger, Paul

Started: RB, RB, QB, RB, WR

This team opted for the RB rich pickings at the end of a ten team league and took Cadillac and Rudi Johnson before going with Carson Palmer at the 3.09 as the second QB taken in the league. That seems a little early for a player still recovering from a bad knee injury but could be a steal if he ends up replicating 2005.

Grabbed Reggie Bush at the 4.02 for a nice flex player but waited on WR so long that his starters are just Branch and Stallworth - pretty weak in a ten team league and with reception points no less. Culpepper with the 8th round pick must have felt good thinking more about 2004 Daunte than the 2006 one. Ended up with a solid team but one that will be devoid of stars unless something unexpected happens. This is really just an average team at best.

Plan Grade: C+

Started: WR, WR, TE, WR, RB

The back-end swing tried valiantly to do something different and it appears to have worked. Went with Steve Smith and Chad Johnson for best in breed at WR, then could not resist Antonio Gates with the 3.10 pick. That awesome start left him scrambling for RBs but he did a nice job filling those in.

Went with Parker at the 5.10 and then reached the bookends of Bell and Dayne, and Brown and White. This team may take a few weeks to clearly unfold, but it could be a major surprise with easily the best WRs and TE in the league and enough RB's that he can likely fill 2 or 3 starters each week and has Chambers as WR3 just in case he wants to go that direction. QB is weaker with Warner and no Leinart but as long as Warner delivers, this could be a good team and maybe even a great team if those RB situations resolve themselves early with a productive runner.

Plan Grade: A-