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Official Huddle Mock Draft #7 - Performance / 8-Team
August 8, 2006

The following mock draft considered a standard performance scoring of 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 passing yards, 2 point conversion are two fantasy points each participant, all touchdowns are six except passing is four. Kickers receive the NFL points from their kicks and defenses have one point sacks and turnovers, two point safeties and six point touchdowns. Receptions were one point each.

Draft considered 8 teams drafting a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, Flex (RB, WR or TE), PK and DEF with no positional limits. This draft was for 16 rounds.

Draft by Round

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
1 RB Johnson, Larry 1 RB Brown, Ronnie 1 WR Boldin, Anquan 1 RB Davis, Domanick
2 RB Tomlinson, Lad. 2 RB James, Edgerrin 2 WR Fitzgerald, Larry 2 RB Jones, Julius
3 RB Alexander, Shaun 3 WR Johnson, Chad 3 RB Williams, Carnell 3 RB Taylor, Chester
4 RB Portis, Clinton 4 WR Smith, Steve 4 QB Brady, Tom 4 WR Wayne, Reggie
5 RB Barber, Tiki 5 WR Holt, Torry 5 RB Jordan, Lamont 5 RB Dunn, Warrick
6 RB Jackson, Steven 6 WR Owens, Terrell 6 WR Harrison, Marvin 6 RB Jones, Kevin
7 QB Manning, Peyton 7 RB Westbrook, Brian 7 RB Johnson, Rudi 7 WR Driver, Donald
8 TE Gates, Antonio 8 WR Moss, Randy 8 RB McGahee, Willis 8 QB Palmer, Carson
Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
1 WR Williams, Roy 1 WR Burress, Plaxico 1 RB Gore, Frank 1 DF Bears
2 RB Lewis, Jamal 2 WR Mason, Derrick 2 QB Manning, Eli 2 DF Panthers
3 QB Hasselbeck, Matt 3 RB Parker, Willie 3 WR Houshmandzadeh 3 RB Benson, Cedric
4 TE Shockey, Jeremy 4 TE Heap, Todd 4 RB Rhodes, Dominic 4 RB Bush, Reggie
5 WR Chambers, Chris 5 WR Moss, Santana 5 QB Bulger, Marc 5 WR Branch, Deion
6 TE Gonzalez, Tony 6 WR Johnson, Andre 6 QB McNabb, Donovan 6 DF Steelers
7 WR Jackson, Darrell 7 TE Crumpler, Alge 7 TE Witten, Jason 7 RB Dillon, Corey
8 WR Ward, Hines 8 RB Droughns, Reuben 8 WR Horn, Joe 8 RB Bell, Tatum
Round 9 Round 10 Round 11 Round 12
1 RB Dayne, Ron 1 RB Foster, De'shaun 1 WR Jurevicius, Joe 1 WR Walker, Javon
2 WR Coles, Laveranues 2 RB Brown, Chris 2 RB Maroney, Laurence 2 PK Rackers, Neil
3 TE Cooley, Chris 3 PK Feely, Jay 3 QB Brooks, Aaron 3 RB Jones, Thomas
4 WR Stallworth, Donte' 4 WR Evans, Lee 4 QB Green, Trent 4 DF Colts
5 PK Vinatieri, Adam 5 RB Addai, Joseph 5 RB Green, Ahman 5 DF Falcons
6 WR Kennison, Eddie 6 RB Williams, DeAngelo 6 QB Vick, Michael 6 WR Givens, David
7 WR Smith, Rod 7 WR Clayton, Michael 7 WR Brown, Reggie 7 WR Robinson, Koren
8 QB Bledsoe, Drew 8 TE Smith, L.J. 8 QB Delhomme, Jake 8 QB Warner, Kurt
Round 13 Round 14 Round 15 Round 16
1 WR Johnson, Keys. 1 TE McMichael, Randy 1 PK Akers, David 1 RB White, LenDale
2 PK Elam, Jason 2 QB Rivers, Philip 2 DF Seahawks 2 WR Galloway, Joey
3 TE Miller, Heath 3 DF Eagles 3 RB Martin, Curtis 3 WR Bryant, Antonio
4 PK Graham, Shayne 4 TE Davis, Vernon 4 WR Glenn, Terry 4 RB McAllister, Deuce
5 QB Plummer, Jake 5 DF Buccaneers 5 WR Burleson, Nate 5 TE Winslow, Kellen
6 WR Muhammad, M. 6 WR Jones, Matt 6 TE Watson, Ben 6 PK Brown, Josh
7 RB Barber, Marion 7 WR McCardell, Keenan 7 TE Troupe, Ben 7 QB Favre, Brett
8 RB Taylor, Fred 8 WR Bruce, Isaac 8 PK Vanderjagt, Mike 8 DF Cowboys

Draft by Position

Quarterbacks Tight Ends Defenses Placekickers
1.07 Manning,Peyton 1.08 Gates,Antonio 8.01 Bears 9.05 Vinatieri,Adam
3.04 Brady,Tom 5.04 Shockey,Jeremy 8.02 Panthers 10.03 Feely,Jay
4.08 Palmer,Carson 5.06 Gonzalez,Tony 8.06 Steelers 12.02 Rackers,Neil
5.03 Hasselbeck,Matt 6.04 Heap,Todd 12.04 Colts 13.02 Elam,Jason
7.02 Manning,Eli 6.07 Crumpler,Alge 12.05 Falcons 13.04 Graham,Shayne
7.05 Bulger,Marc 7.07 Witten,Jason 14.03 Eagles 15.01 Akers,David
7.06 McNabb,Donovan 9.03 Cooley,Chris 14.05 Buccaneers 15.08 Vanderjagt,Mike
9.08 Bledsoe,Drew 10.08 Smith,L.J. 15.02 Seahawks 16.06 Brown,Josh
11.03 Brooks,Aaron 13.03 Miller,Heath 16.08 Cowboys    
11.04 Green,Trent 14.01 McMichael,Randy        
11.06 Vick,Michael 14.04 Davis,Vernon        
11.08 Delhomme,Jake 15.06 Watson,Ben        
12.08 Warner,Kurt 15.07 Troupe,Ben        
13.05 Plummer,Jake 16.05 Winslow,Kellen        
14.02 Rivers,Philip            
16.07 Favre,Brett            
Running Backs Wide Receivers
1.01 Johnson,Larry 6.08 Droughns,Reuben 2.03 Johnson,Chad 9.02 Coles,Laveranues
1.02 Tomlinson,Ladainian 7.01 Gore,Frank 2.04 Smith,Steve 9.04 Stallworth,Donte'
1.03 Alexander,Shaun 7.04 Rhodes,Dominic 2.05 Holt,Torry 9.06 Kennison,Eddie
1.04 Portis,Clinton 8.03 Benson,Cedric 2.06 Owens,Terrell 9.07 Smith,Rod
1.05 Barber,Tiki 8.04 Bush,Reggie 2.08 Moss,Randy 10.04 Evans,Lee
1.06 Jackson,Steven 8.07 Dillon,Corey 3.01 Boldin,Anquan 10.07 Clayton,Michael
2.01 Brown,Ronnie 8.08 Bell,Tatum 3.02 Fitzgerald,Larry 11.01 Jurevicius,Joe
2.02 James,Edgerrin 9.01 Dayne,Ron 3.06 Harrison,Marvin 11.07 Brown,Reggie
2.07 Westbrook,Brian 10.01 Foster,De'shaun 4.04 Wayne,Reggie 12.01 Walker,Javon
3.03 Williams,Carnell 10.02 Brown,Chris 4.07 Driver,Donald 12.06 Givens,David
3.05 Jordan,Lamont 10.05 Addai,Joseph 5.01 Williams,Roy 12.07 Robinson,Koren
3.07 Johnson,Rudi 10.06 Williams,DeAngelo 5.05 Chambers,Chris 13.01 Johnson,Keyshawn
3.08 McGahee,Willis 11.02 Maroney,Laurence 5.07 Jackson,Darrell 13.06 Muhammad,Muhsin
4.01 Davis,Domanick 11.05 Green,Ahman 5.08 Ward,Hines 14.06 Jones,Matt
4.02 Jones,Julius 12.03 Jones,Thomas 6.01 Burress,Plaxico 14.07 McCardell,Keenan
4.03 Taylor,Chester 13.07 Barber,Marion 6.02 Mason,Derrick 14.08 Bruce,Isaac
4.05 Dunn,Warrick 13.08 Taylor,Fred 6.05 Moss,Santana 15.04 Glenn,Terry
4.06 Jones,Kevin 15.03 Martin,Curtis 6.06 Johnson,Andre 15.05 Burleson,Nate
5.02 Lewis,Jamal 16.01 White,LenDale 7.03 Houshmandzadeh,T.J. 16.02 Galloway,Joey
6.03 Parker,Willie 16.04 McAllister,Deuce 7.08 Horn,Joe 16.03 Bryant,Antonio
        8.05 Branch,Deion    

Draft by Team

Evaluating an eight team draft means looking for studs - Having an average team means mediocrity for sure because there is so much depth on the waiver wire. You need major bang for your buck at every starting position.

Team #1 – Sarge5121976  Team #2 - 3WZ
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.01 RB Johnson,Larry 4.08 QB Palmer,Carson 1.02 RB Tomlinson,Lad. 7.02 QB Manning,Eli
2.08 WR Moss,Randy 12.08 QB Warner,Kurt 2.07 RB Westbrook,Brian 16.07 QB Favre,Brett
3.01 WR Boldin,Anquan 1.01 RB Johnson,Larry 3.02 WR Fitzgerald,Larry 1.02 RB Tomlinson,Ladainian
4.08 QB Palmer,Carson 6.08 RB Droughns,Reuben 4.07 WR Driver,Donald 2.07 RB Westbrook,Brian
5.01 WR Williams,Roy 7.01 RB Gore,Frank 5.02 RB Lewis,Jamal 5.02 RB Lewis,Jamal
6.08 RB Droughns,Reuben 8.08 RB Bell,Tatum 6.07 TE Crumpler,Alge 8.07 RB Dillon,Corey
7.01 RB Gore,Frank 9.01 RB Dayne,Ron 7.02 QB Manning,Eli 11.02 RB Maroney,Laurence
8.08 RB Bell,Tatum 10.08 TE Smith,L.J. 8.07 RB Dillon,Corey 6.07 TE Crumpler,Alge
9.01 RB Dayne,Ron 2.08 WR Moss,Randy 9.02 WR Coles,Laveranues 3.02 WR Fitzgerald,Larry
10.08 TE Smith,L.J. 3.01 WR Boldin,Anquan 10.07 WR Clayton,Michael 4.07 WR Driver,Donald
11.01 WR Jurevicius,Joe 5.01 WR Williams,Roy 11.02 RB Maroney,Laurence 9.02 WR Coles,Laveranues
12.08 QB Warner,Kurt 11.01 WR Jurevicius,Joe 12.07 WR Robinson,Koren 10.07 WR Clayton,Michael
13.01 WR Johnson,Keyshawn 13.01 WR Johnson,Keyshawn 13.02 PK Elam,Jason 12.07 WR Robinson,Koren
14.08 WR Bruce,Isaac 14.08 WR Bruce,Isaac 14.07 WR McCardell,Keenan 14.07 WR McCardell,Keenan
15.01 PK Akers,David 16.08 DF Cowboys 15.02 DF Seahawks 15.02 DF Seahawks
16.08 DF Cowboys 15.01 PK Akers,David 16.07 QB Favre,Brett 13.02 PK Elam,Jason

Started: RB, WR, WR, QB, WR

This plan started out with Larry Johnson and then could not resist grabbing two top wideouts in Randy Moss and Anquan Boldin. Went for more playmakers with Carson Palmer in the 4th and then instead of getting a RB that could have been Jamal Lewis or WIllie Parker, snapped up a 3rd wideout with Roy Williams.

That left Droughns in the sixth which was not a major drop off despite being 14 picks later. Went on a RB streak after that securing Gore and Tatum Bell and Ron Dayne to maybe sew up the Denver backfield. Waited until the tenth to get TE L.J. Smith and left PK and DEF for the end without too much given up.

Certainly a solid team to be sure with some major playmakers. The RB's are not as solid as they could have been obviously which will make the flex a little hard to figure out. While I didn't like the RBs that much, this team got away with delaying the RB's unlike in a larger league.

Plan Grade: B+

Started: RB, RB, WR, WR, RB

Hard to argue much with this plan. Started with the RB's with Tomlinson and Westbrook and then still reached Fitzgerald and then Driver for WR's. Went back for Jamal Lewis in the 5th.

Thanks to the small league size, he still found TE Crumpler and QB Manning on the board for a very nice start. Like team #1, delayed his DEF and PK and yet still reached Elam and Seattle. Nothing wrong with that.

Overall the only playmakers are Tomlinson and perhaps Fitzgerald but it is a strong team throughout as it should be. The plan built a good team that will need some players to emerge to make this a great team in an eight man league.

Plan Grade: B+

Team #3 – TD-a-go-go Team #4 – Crazed
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.03 RB Alexander,Shaun 5.03 QB Hasselbeck,Matt 1.04 RB Portis,Clinton 3.04 QB Brady,Tom
2.06 WR Owens,Terrell 11.03 QB Brooks,Aaron 2.05 WR Holt,Torry 11.04 QB Green,Trent
3.03 RB Williams,Carnell 1.03 RB Alexander,Shaun 3.04 QB Brady,Tom 1.04 RB Portis,Clinton
4.06 RB Jones,Kevin 3.03 RB Williams,Carnell 4.05 RB Dunn,Warrick 4.05 RB Dunn,Warrick
5.03 QB Hasselbeck,Matt 4.06 RB Jones,Kevin 5.04 TE Shockey,Jeremy 7.04 RB Rhodes,Dominic
6.06 WR Johnson,Andre 10.06 RB Williams,DeAngelo 6.05 WR Moss,Santana 10.05 RB Addai,Joseph
7.03 WR Houshmandzadeh 15.03 RB Martin,Curtis 7.04 RB Rhodes,Dominic 5.04 TE Shockey,Jeremy
8.06 DF Steelers 9.03 TE Cooley,Chris 8.05 WR Branch,Deion 16.05 TE Winslow,Kellen
9.03 TE Cooley,Chris 13.03 TE Miller,Heath 9.04 WR Stallworth,Donte' 2.05 WR Holt,Torry
10.06 RB Williams,DeAngelo 2.06 WR Owens,Terrell 10.05 RB Addai,Joseph 6.05 WR Moss,Santana
11.03 QB Brooks,Aaron 6.06 WR Johnson,Andre 11.04 QB Green,Trent 8.05 WR Branch,Deion
12.06 WR Givens,David 7.03 WR Houshmandzadeh,T.J. 12.05 DF Falcons 9.04 WR Stallworth,Donte'
13.03 TE Miller,Heath 12.06 WR Givens,David 13.04 PK Graham,Shayne 15.04 WR Glenn,Terry
14.06 WR Jones,Matt 14.06 WR Jones,Matt 14.05 DF Buccaneers 12.05 DF Falcons
15.03 RB Martin,Curtis 8.06 DF Steelers 15.04 WR Glenn,Terry 14.05 DF Buccaneers
16.06 PK Brown,Josh 16.06 PK Brown,Josh 16.05 TE Winslow,Kellen 13.04 PK Graham,Shayne

Started: RB, WR, RB, RB, QB

Last of the big three went when team selected Shaun Alexander and then that was followed by Terrell Owens. Double dipped on RB next with Cadillac and Kevin Jones. Hasselbeck went in the 5th for a solid start.

Andre Johnson and Houshmandzadeh rounded out the starting wideouts and liked the Steeler pick in the 8th round for a difference maker. Cooley was a little late in the 9th round. While some of the starters have risk around them (Owens, K Jones), the backups are almost all nice upside picks other than Curtis Martin. While starters could be better, I actually liked the depth here which gives the team somewhere to grow.

If he hits on those first five picks, then this team will be very solid but there is a little more risk than desired for such a small league.

Plan Grade: B

Started: RB, WR, QB, RB, TE

Have to like this plan. Started with Portis but then grabbed WR Holt for a top player there. Then Tom Brady gives him a top QB followed by a top TE in Shockey. Sandwiched in Warrick Dunn in the 4th who could have been K Jones or J Lewis.

Pulled off a coup of sorts by getting both Rhodes and Addai which should help the RB's out. Waited on DEF and PK but no major loss here with ATL and Graham.

Overall, would have liked to see more RBs but could be fine with Dunn and the IND backfield. No arguing that Portis, Holt, Brady and Shockey gives him top players in four different positions. While I maybe did not like the back-end of this so much, the first five picks here set this team up to contend.

Plan Grade: A-

Team #5 – blaw23 Team #6 -  Bombers
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.05 RB Barber,Tiki 7.05 QB Bulger,Marc 1.06 RB Jackson,Steven 7.06 QB McNabb,Donovan
2.04 WR Smith,Steve 13.05 QB Plummer,Jake 2.03 WR Johnson,Chad 11.06 QB Vick,Michael
3.05 RB Jordan,Lamont 1.05 RB Barber,Tiki 3.06 WR Harrison,Marvin 1.06 RB Jackson,Steven
4.04 WR Wayne,Reggie 3.05 RB Jordan,Lamont 4.03 RB Taylor,Chester 4.03 RB Taylor,Chester
5.05 WR Chambers,Chris 8.04 RB Bush,Reggie 5.06 TE Gonzalez,Tony 6.03 RB Parker,Willie
6.04 TE Heap,Todd 11.05 RB Green,Ahman 6.03 RB Parker,Willie 8.03 RB Benson,Cedric
7.05 QB Bulger,Marc 16.04 RB McAllister,Deuce 7.06 QB McNabb,Donovan 12.03 RB Jones,Thomas
8.04 RB Bush,Reggie 6.04 TE Heap,Todd 8.03 RB Benson,Cedric 5.06 TE Gonzalez,Tony
9.05 PK Vinatieri,Adam 14.04 TE Davis,Vernon 9.06 WR Kennison,Eddie 15.06 TE Watson,Ben
10.04 WR Evans,Lee 2.04 WR Smith,Steve 10.03 PK Feely,Jay 2.03 WR Johnson,Chad
11.05 RB Green,Ahman 4.04 WR Wayne,Reggie 11.06 QB Vick,Michael 3.06 WR Harrison,Marvin
12.04 DF Colts 5.05 WR Chambers,Chris 12.03 RB Jones,Thomas 9.06 WR Kennison,Eddie
13.05 QB Plummer,Jake 10.04 WR Evans,Lee 13.06 WR Muhammad,M. 13.06 WR Muhammad,M.
14.04 TE Davis,Vernon 15.05 WR Burleson,Nate 14.03 DF Eagles 16.03 WR Bryant,Antonio
15.05 WR Burleson,Nate 12.04 DF Colts 15.06 TE Watson,Ben 14.03 DF Eagles
16.04 RB McAllister,Deuce 9.05 PK Vinatieri,Adam 16.03 WR Bryant,Antonio 10.03 PK Feely,Jay

Started: RB, WR, RB. WR, WR

After betting RB Barber, went with Steve Smith for a difference maker at WR1 and then Jordan rounds out the starting RB's. Doubled on WR then to get Wayne and Chambers for a very nice threesome at wideout without giving up too much at RB.

Heap in the 6th was a playmaker at TE and Bulger in the 7th another very nice value pick in this small league. Even tagged Vinatieri for perhaps the sole high end PK this year and Colts DEF should be at least an average starter.

Overall, liked the depth on this team including the NO backfield with Bush and McAllister. Playmakers of Barber, S Smith, Heap and Vinatieri will help along with those solid WRs. If Bulger can stay healthy, this team will definitly compete.

Plan Grade: A-

Started: RB, WR, WR, RB, TE

Fairly standard approach to perhaps the toughest spot in an 9 man league. Went with Steven jackson and then doubled on top top WR in Chad Johnson and Marvin Harrison - have to love that in a reception point league. Still found Chester Taylor for RB2 and then Gonzalez fills in at TE for at least a better than average player.

QB waited until the 7th round and still reached Donovan McNabb and the depth is solid on this team. Those two WRs will help carry this team and the RB's could be fine here. Most of the other positions will not be difference makers for him but are solid enough.

Plan Grade: B

Team #7 – Shell Shocked Team #8 – The Octagon
By Round Final Roster By Round Final Roster
1.07 QB Manning,Peyton 1.07 QB Manning,Peyton 1.08 TE Gates,Antonio 9.08 QB Bledsoe,Drew
2.02 RB James,Edgerrin 14.02 QB Rivers,Philip 2.01 RB Brown,Ronnie 11.08 QB Delhomme,Jake
3.07 RB Johnson,Rudi 2.02 RB James,Edgerrin 3.08 RB McGahee,Willis 2.01 RB Brown,Ronnie
4.02 RB Jones,Julius 3.07 RB Johnson,Rudi 4.01 RB Davis,Domanick 3.08 RB McGahee,Willis
5.07 WR Jackson,Darrell 4.02 RB Jones,Julius 5.08 WR Ward,Hines 4.01 RB Davis,Domanick
6.02 WR Mason,Derrick 10.02 RB Brown,Chris 6.01 WR Burress,Plaxico 10.01 RB Foster,De'shaun
7.07 TE Witten,Jason 13.07 RB Barber,Marion 7.08 WR Horn,Joe 13.08 RB Taylor,Fred
8.02 DF Panthers 7.07 TE Witten,Jason 8.01 DF Bears 16.01 RB White,LenDale
9.07 WR Smith,Rod 15.07 TE Troupe,Ben 9.08 QB Bledsoe,Drew 1.08 TE Gates,Antonio
10.02 RB Brown,Chris 5.07 WR Jackson,Darrell 10.01 RB Foster,De'shaun 14.01 TE McMichael,Randy
11.07 WR Brown,Reggie 6.02 WR Mason,Derrick 11.08 QB Delhomme,Jake 5.08 WR Ward,Hines
12.02 PK Rackers,Neil 9.07 WR Smith,Rod 12.01 WR Walker,Javon 6.01 WR Burress,Plaxico
13.07 RB Barber,Marion 11.07 WR Brown,Reggie 13.08 RB Taylor,Fred 7.08 WR Horn,Joe
14.02 QB Rivers,Philip 16.02 WR Galloway,Joey 14.01 TE McMichael,Randy 12.01 WR Walker,Javon
15.07 TE Troupe,Ben 8.02 DF Panthers 15.08 PK Vanderjagt,Mike 8.01 DF Bears
16.02 WR Galloway,Joey 12.02 PK Rackers,Neil 16.01 RB White,LenDale 15.08 PK Vanderjagt,Mike

Started: QB, RB, RB, RB, WR

This was especially interesting to see the effect of taking Manning in a eight man league. He was followed by a triple raid on RB that netted Edgerrin James, Rudi Johnson and Julius Jones (who was later backed up with Marion Barber.

Progressed through the starting lineup with D Jackson and then Mason for solid though unspectacular WR's, and then Witten offers a decent value at TE and the Panthers should be a great DEf this year.

Overall, this team will rise and fall on those first four picks but if Manning can repeat 2004 and the RB's all stay healthy and meet expectations, this should be a consistent scoring team every week with a bit of upside in the depth to grow.

Plan Grade: B+

Started: TE, RB, RB, RB, WR

Used almost the same start as next door but took Gates at the 1.08 pick which makes much more sense in a small league to get the star TE. Tripled on RBs to get serious value with R Brown, McGahee and D Davis before tripling on WR to find Ward, Burress and Horn. This looks like a team put together by never deviating from a plan.

CHI defense was nice and the depth is all solid enough. The team will be good with those RB's no doubt and if Gates can meet expectations, then this team will compete but there is a lack of firepower at WR and QB which could hurt.

This looks more like an average team in an eight man league but solid enough that good things could happen.

Plan Grade: B