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2006 Player Rankings: IDP
Updated: August 16, 2006
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Defensive Linemen
Rank Player Team Bye Comments
1 Jason Taylor MIA 8 When healthy, the best in the game at DL. Last year he was healthy.
2 Osi Umenyiora NYG 4 Osi has become an elite DL, and will surpass Strahan next season.
3 Michael Strahan NYG 4 Strahan's weight loss may have extended his career. 
4 Aaron Schobel BUF 8 Few know how good Schobel is. He deserves this high ranking.
5 Terrell Suggs BAL 7 Became a force as a pass rusher, and will only get better.
6 Julius Peppers CAR 9 Unexpected down season for Peppers. He will rebound in 06.
7 Charles Grant NOS 7 Grant also should bounce back, from a poor 2005 season.
8 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN 7 Surprise defensive player of the year. Expect another fine season.
9 John Abraham ATL 5 Now in Atlanta with a force like Kerney on the other side.  Look out.
10 Derrick Burgess OAK 3 Burgess was good in Philly, but became great in Oakland.
11 Will Smith NOS 7 Was talented enough for New Orleans to show Darren Howard the door.
12 Bert Berry ARI 9 Dont forget about him just because he was injured last season.
13 Patrick Kerney ATL 5 Will see fewer double teams with Abraham opposite him.
14 Adewale Ogunleye CHI 7 Another player who benefits from playing next to other great DL.
15 Dwight Freeney IND 6 Inconsistent, but talent warrants this spot.
16 Jared Allen KCC 3 Feast or famine player, who racks up huge sack games all at once.
17 John Henderson JAC 6 Top rated fantasy DT, and a tackling machine.
18 Simeon Rice TBB 4 Rice is another feast or famine player, but last year was more famine.
19 Robert Mathis IND 6 Now starting, should elevate Mathis tackle numbers.
20 Orpheus Roye CLE 6 Moving from DT to DE usually means an increase in production.
21 Leonard Little STL 7 Aging, and inconsistent,  but still can get to the QB.
22 Aaron Kampman GBP 6 Virtual unknown, who is good for 10 sacks again. 
23 Kevin Williams MIN 6 Another Tackling machine at the DT position. 
24 Darren Howard PHI 9 Move to Philly means more playing time for Howard.
25 Richard Seymour NEP 6 Hurt early on, but was a stud late in the year.
26 Mario Williams HOU 5 Talented Rookie who will one day be a star in this league. 2006?
27 Alex Brown CHI 7 Continues to benefit from Ogunleye's presence on the other side.
28 Justin Smith CIN 5 Smith is a poor man's Patrick Kerney.
29 Mike Rucker CAR 9 Rucker was once one of the best DE in football. Not anymore.
30 James Hall DET 8 Career year, unlikely to duplicate.
31 Rod Coleman ATL 5 Coleman,  Abraham and Kerney on the same DL. QB's better beware.
32 Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila GBP 6 Needs to be more productive in the running game to move up this list.
33 Cornelius Griffin WAS 8 Injuries hurt Griffin's overall stats, but he was solid early on.
34 Jevon Kearse PHI 9 Doesn't fill the stat sheet. Bascially only good for sacks.
35 Erasmus James MIN 6 James was starting to come into his own, at the end of last season.
36 Anthony Hargrove STL 7 Few know Hargrove, but those that own him, know him very well.
37 Grant Wistrom SEA 5 Non-stop motor, but injuries a concern.
38 Vonnie Holliday MIA 8 Makes this list for now, but  Matt Roth could bump him off. 
39 Monte Reagor IND 6 Another solid DL for the Colts, plenty of sacks to go around.
40 Chike Okeafor ARI 9 Inconsistent, but talented enough to make the list.
41 Bryce Fisher SEA 5 Very deep DL rotation, will allow Fisher to be fresh in the 4th qtr.
42 Shaun Rogers DET 8 A run stuffer, and a inside force rushing the passer. 
43 Luis Castillo SDC 3 One of the best DT in the league last year, best is yet to come.
44 Andre Carter WAS 8 Move to Washington could revitalize his career.
45 Raheem Brock IND 6 Brock will see fewer minutes, but his sacks may increase
46 Robert Bernard SEA 5 Excellent inside at pressuring the QB, and causing havoc.
47 Travis Laboy TEN 7 Expected to start opposite Vanden Bosch.
48 Kenechi Udeze MIN 6 Added Talent around him, should allow him fewer double teams.
49 Trevor Pryce BAL 7 Pryce still has some gas in the tank, but not much.
50 Marques Douglas SFO 7 Douglas has a chance to have a rebound season.


Rank Player Team Bye Comments
1 Keith Bullock TEN 7 Best fantasy linebacker in the game. 
2 Zach Thomas MIA 8 Thomas missed 2 games a year ago, and still finished #2 in overall production. 
3 Ray Lewis BAL 7 When healthy, is second to none. Hasn't been healthy lately. 
4 Mike Peterson JAX 6 Peterson could very well have been #1, but this is a more logical spot. 
5 Jonathon Vilma NYJ 9 The Jets move to the 3-4, could drop Vilma even further down this list. 
6 Brian Urlacher CHI 7 Urlacher, like Lewis is a force when healthy, he just gets dinged too easily. 
7 Donnie Edwards SDC 3 Chargers had him on the trading block during the draft, could still be dealt. 
8 London Fletcher BUF 8 Fletcher is another ageless LB who simply produces.
9 Lofa Tatupu SEA 5 Amazing rookie season. Can he duplicate those stats?
10 Will Witherspoon STL 7 Changed teams from Carolina to St. Louis and positions, WLB to MLB.
11 Antonio Pierce NYG 4 Injuries cut his season short last year, should have a bounce back season.
12 Keith Brooking ATL 5 Rock Solid year in, year out. Moves back to his natural position on the weak side.
13 Andra Davis CLE 6 Impressive season, after ending 2004 on Injured Reserve. Best is yet to come. 
14 Jeremiah Trotter PHI 9 Rookie DT, will help keep Trotter clean, and his stats could improve. 
15 Derrick Brooks TBB 4 Brooks is aging, but has shown no signs of slowing down.
16 Dan Morgan CAR 9 Highly talented, and special when he is healthy, he is just rarely healthy. 
17 Nick Barnett GBP 6 Addition of AJ Hawk could cut into his production, but still a top 20 LB. 
18 Lance Briggs CHI 7 Briggs reached another level last year, and proved he can thrive with Urlacher.
19 Gary Brackett IND 6 Heart of the Indy defense, who put up incredible stats his first year as a starter. 
20 James Farrior PIT 4 Farrior isn't spectacular, but he will put up nice tackle stats each week.
21 AJ Hawk GBP 6 Early favorite for defensive rookie of the year. Starter from day 1.
22 Cato June IND 6 June is a beast in this defensive scheme. Expect another stellar season. 
23 Kirk Morrison OAK  3 Super Soph, is now the main man in Oaktown. 
24 Karlos Dansby ARZ 3 Consider the stats Dansby put up at SLB, now imagine if he is moved to MLB.  Scary.
25 Kawika Mitchell KCC 3 Under rated LB going into last year, became a fixture for years to come in KC.
26 Shelton Quarels TB 4 Another aging LB, on the wrong side of 30, with a youngster eyeing his position.
27 DeMeco Ryan HOU 5 Rookie LB, who could put up nice tackle numbers from day 1
28 Ernie Simms DET 8 Think of a younger Derrick Brooks, in the same defensive scheme.
29 Odell Thurman CIN 5 Out the first 4 games of the season, or would be in the top 4.
30 Derek Smith SF 7 Blue collar player, who worked his way to the top. 
31 Danny Clark OAK  3 The addition of a highly tooted rookie LB, could end Clark's days at inside LB.
32 Al Wilson DEN 4 Gold takes away opportunities, but Wilson underachieved last yr. Will he in 2006?
33 Derrick Johnson KCC 3 Started with a bang, but the long season caught up to him as a rookie. 
34 Takeo Spikes BUF 8 Injury threatened his career. Will he be the same in 06?
35 Bradie James DAL 3 Bradie becomes the main man in Big D. Is he up to the challenge?
36 Ian Gold DEN 4 Gold proved to be a stud again, after returning to Denver.
37 Ed Hartwell ATL 5 Bust signing before he got injured. Will be be motivated this season?
38 Julian Peterson SEA 5 Peterson changes zip codes this off season, and now will be stalking the 49ers.
39 Marcus Washington WAS 8 Mwash is smooth, and one of the few LB's who produce on the strong side.
40 Channing Crowder MIA 8 Great second half to his rookie season, and looks to turn the corner this season.
41 Tedy Bruschi NEP 6 Broken Wrist, or would be ranked higher. Could miss some games.
42 Lemar Marshall WAS 8 Surprise rookie season, but is Washington looking to replace him already?
43 Thomas Davis CAR 9 Fizzled as a rookie at SS, but the move to the SLB doesnt help production. 
44 LaVar Arrington NYG 4 LaVar wont be on the bench in New York, so his stock will rise.
45 Eric Barton NYJ 9 Another player who cant stay healthy, but is productive when he plays.
46 Daryl Smith JAX 6 Smith is an underachieving talent, who should put up better stats, but doesn't.
47 Leroy Hill SEA 5 As a weak side LB, Hill is money, but chances are he moves to the strong side.
48 Akin Ayodele DAL 3 Moving inside the Cowboys 3-4 defense should warrant higher consideration. 
49 Jeff Ulbrich SF 7 Opportunity to put up huge stats, but chances are slim he is healthy for 16 games.
50 Mike Vrabel NEP 6 Spectacular stats in the absence of Bruschi, average after his return.

Defensive Backs

Rank Player Team Bye Comments
1 Adrian Wilson ARI 9 Wilson takes over for Rodney Harrison as the top scoring DB.
2 Gibril Wilson NYG 4 Gibril is on the brink of greatness, and just a notch below Adrian.
3 Troy Polamalu PIT 4 Troy is a big hitter, but isn't involved in enough tackles.
4 Michael Lewis PHI 9 Behind Trotter, Lewis is the best tackler on the Eagles.
5 Roy Williams DAL 3 Another big hitter, but is a liability in pass coverage.
6 Rodney Harrison NEP 6 Harrison was still the best before his injury. He will be back.
7 Ronde Barber TBB 4 The top scoring Cover 2 cornerback, yet again.
8 Ed Reed BAL 7 The loss of Ray Lewis hurt Reed as much as anyone.
9 Brian Dawkins PHI 9 Dawkins continues to improve, and is learning how to stay healthy.
10 Mike Brown CHI 7 When he is healthy, he lights up the score sheet, but he is fragile.
11 Bob Sanders IND 6 Sanders is a thumper, and excellent in run support.
12 Charles Tillman CHI 7 Possible move to safety, but wasn't too shabby at cornerback.
13 Antoine Winfield MIN 6 Great in coverage, even better stepping up in run support.
14 Erik Coleman NYJ 9 Coleman should probably be higher on this list. 
15 Michael Bouleware SEA 5 Bouleware's run stuffing opportunities limited by his teams offense.
16 Nate Clements BUF 8 Clements lights up the score sheets so many ways.
17 Adam Archuleta WAS 8 Change of scenery could be exactly what Archuleta needs. 
18 Madieu Williams CIN 5 Williams looks like a one year wonder to this point in his career.
19 Sean Taylor WAS 8 Taylor avoided jail time, hopefully he take advantage of 2nd chance.
20 Sammy Knight KCC 3 Knight's days of dominance are almost over, but has one year left.
21 Marquand Manuel GBP 6 Manuel played himself into a new contract in Green Bay
22 Kennoy Kennedy DET 8 Kennedy made a nice transition for Denver to Detroit.
23 Tony Parrish SFO 7 Parrish will get plenty of opportunities in the Niner's secondary.
24 Ken Hamlin SEA 5 Returns from off the field Injury, and still a headhunter. 
25 Donte Whitner BUF 8 Whitner has a chance to start at Strong Safety from day 1.
26 Dunta Robinson HOU 5 Dunta turned it on at the end of last year. Expect a better year in 2006
27 Michael Huff OAK 3 Huff will play early, but may not play at the coveted SS position early.
28 Kerry Rhodes NYJ 9 Rhodes will have competition for his job, in New York's secondary.
29 Ike Taylor PIT 4 Taylor became a force at the cornerback position in 2005.
30 Ken Lucas SEA 9 Lucas had a sub par year, but he should rebound next season.
31 Chris Hope TEN 7 Hope is moving from Pittsburgh, and will get more chances in Tennessee.
32 Greg Wesley KCC 3 Wesley is starting to show signs of age. Could this be the end?
33 Cory Chavous STL 7 Chavous has one more solid season, this time in St. Louis.
34 Champ Bailey DEN 4 As great as Bailey is, Qbs throw at him because of the chances he takes.
35 Chris Gamble CAR 9 The better Gamble gets as a player, the lower his fantasy production.
36 Shawntee Spencer SFO 7 Young and dominate,  will be a force for years to come.
37 Marlon McCree SDC 3 McCree is changing teams and positions going from SS to FS.
38 DeAngelo Hall ATL 9 Rookie Jimmy Williams will see more balls, Hall will see fewer.
39 Josh Bullocks NOS 7 Bullocks is the starter of the future, but is that future now or later.
40 Terrence McGee BUF 8 Playmaker, who needs more tackles to help owners.
41 Nick Collins GBP 6 Addition of Manuel should put him in coverage more often this year.
42 Darren Sharper MIN 6 Sharper is declining every year, and this may be his last year on this list.
43 Will Demps NYG 4 Demps will be missed in Baltimore and loved in New York.
44 Terrance Kiel SDC 3 Kiel just disappears in games. His consistency is why he falls this far.
45 Antrel Rolle ARI 9 Rolle was also injured much of last season, but he is talented.
46 Brodney Pool CLE 6 Pool gets a chance early on to show what he can do, will it be enough?
47 Rashean Mathis JAC 6 Mathis is a playmaking corner, who enjoys helping out against the run.
48 Jerametrius Butler STL 7 Butler in 2004,  was one of the top scoring CB's in the league. 
49 CC Brown HOU 5 Brown will be on a short leash in Houston, but should get it done.
50 Anthony Henry DAL 3 Injured much of last season, but put up nice tackles when he played.

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