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IDP Sleeper Report - Week 2
Darin Tietgen
September 13, 2006

Week 2 Recommendations


Going to assume that Simmons and Ryans are obvious choices here, and most likely off your league’s wire.  Let’s look at a few others with nice Week 2 matchups that performed admirably in Week 1.

Scott Fujita (NO):  Looks like Fujita may be the best Saint LB option.  Fujita and the rest of the Saint LBs should be tackling Packer RB Ahman Green all day. 

Orlando Huff and Gerald Hayes (ARI):  Looks like even if Cardinal LB Karlos Dansby is ready to go Week 2, he may not start and/or be effective.  Hayes started for Dansby in the middle and scored 15 fp.  But Huff managed 14 fp of his own, and would not be splitting time with anyone else.  Hayes may lose PT to the returning Dansby.  The Cards face the high-flying Seahawks Week 2, and the LBs will be busy tackling RB Shaun Alexander.

Adam Seward and Thomas Davis (CAR):  Seward may be filling in for the injured Dan Morgan (concussion yet again) and scored 13 fp last week.  Davis put up 12, and could be the better long-term option.  The Panthers’ D will be hungry to make up for an embarrassing Week 1 loss against the average Viking offense. 

Others to Consider:  Joey Porter (PIT) and Akin Ayodele (DAL)

Defensive Linemen

As stated earlier, DL could be a pretty shallow position this season, especially for weekly sleeper recommendations.  Philip Daniels will remain a general recommendation week to week, unless further notified.  As for a few more:

Trent Cole (PHI):  Both Cole and last week’s recommended young Eagle, Mike Patterson, looked good in the opener.  Of course, they were playing the Texans.  The young guys will have to be solid again against their division rival Giants in Week 2.

Bryan Young (NO):  Young had a whopping 18 fp last week (including 3 sacks) and with ends Charles Grant and Will Smith performing well, Young may have some value in leagues that require you start DTs.  Look for him to get to Packer QB Brett Favre once this week.

Tyler Brayton (OAK):  So it looks like the Oakland defense may be on the field quite a bit this season.  Their offense looks horrendous, and their defense gives up chunks of yards.  Derrick Burgess is certainly gone in your league, but the other Raider DE is probably out there.  If you are looking for some DE depth, Brayton could be your guy.  Starting him against the aging Raven QB Steve McNair wouldn’t be too horrible.

Others to Consider:  Andre Carter (WAS) and Bryan Robinson (CIN)

Defensive Backs

Again, DBs are pretty deep yet again this season.  But there are some solid recommendations for Week 2 and beyond.  Let’s take a look.

Terrence Holt (DET):  I was recommending Holt in the pre-season with the Lions’ switch the the Cover-2.  Holt fits the scheme well, and responded with a 10-tackle effort in Week 1.  He’s a nice long-term option, especially if he can follow up with a solid Week 2 against the Bears.

Walt Harris (SF):  Harris had a huge opening week, totaling 5 solo tackles, 1 assist, a sack (from the CB spot), 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery and 2 passes defensed.  Looks like Shantae Spencer’s hamstring won’t be limiting him in Week 2 and beyond, so Harris will be the sleeper DB for the Niners, not Spencer.  The Niners face the aerial attack of the Rams in Week 2, so it could be another nice outing for Harris.

Josh Bullocks (NO):  We’ll put the young Saint DB on the list for a second week in a row.  The Saint defensive situation is still in flux, as stated earlier, but it looks like Bullocks is the best Saint DB by far.  He’s a solid sleeper play against the INT-prone Brett Favre in Week 2.

Others to Consider:  Shaun Williams (CAR) and Kevin Mathis (ATL)

Week 1 Report Card


Brian Simmons (CIN):  7 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle (15 fantasy points).  As expected, Simmons had a decent game starting in the middle for the Bengals.  If you were snakebit by drafting Odell Thurman, his points could have helped. Recommendation:  If he’s still on the wire, go ahead and grab him for the next 3 games (CLE, @PIT, NE) that Thurman is suspended for.  Heck, Simmons may even keep Thurman on the bench if the Bengals coaching staff wants to make a “statement”.
DeMeco Ryans (HOU):  12 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle (25 fp).  If by chance he was on your league’s waiver wire, he certainly won’t be much longer.  He was putting up numbers from the opening snap and didn’t stop.  Recommendation:  As if I need to tell you, go submit your claim now.
Shaun Phillips (SD):  3 solo tackles, 1.5 sacks, 2 passes defended (10 fp).  The floodgates opened on the Oakland line and the Chargers amassed 9 sacks.  Philips may have had even more tackles if the Raiders were actually able to move the ball.  Recommendation:  Could be a solid fantasy backup.  Perhaps wait a week before grabbing him. 
Scott Shanle (NO):  4 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (10 fp).  Considering the Saints didn’t have to tackle much, this is a decent outing as Shanle started on the weak side.  Recommendation:  Don’t go running to pick him up, but continue to keep an eye on the Saint LB situation. 
Junior Seau (NE):  5 solo tackles, 3 assisted tackles (13 fp).  Maybe the old man has a little gas left in the tank.  Recommendation:  Like the offense, the Patriot defense spreads out the fantasy scoring, so Seau’s not that big of a pick-up.  Keep an eye on this situation though. 
Warrick Holdman (WAS):  4 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (10 fp).  Lemar Marshall was the tackling stud this week, but Holdman’s 10 points could have helped you if you were struggling to find a 3rd LB in a big league.  Recommendation:  Hard to recommend Holdman for a long-term option with Marshall and Marcus Washington there. 

Defensive Linemen

Philip Daniels (WAS):  2 solo tackles (4 fp).  Daniels just missed a sack and looked rather active against the Vikes.  Recommendation:  With the talent pool for DL about as shallow as a kiddie pool, Daniels will continue to look like a weekly sleeper option, so perhaps you pick him up if you have the room. 
Ty Warren (NE):  2 solo tackles, 4 assisted tackles, 1 sack (10 fp).  Double digit points from a waiver wire special would have been nice if you had no other options.  Recommendation:  Don’t expect games like this every week.  Leave him be, but watch to see how he performs. 
Mike Patterson (PHI):  4 solo tackles, 1 pass defensed (9.5 fp).  Patterson had the third-most solo tackles on the team – not bad for an interior lineman – and even got his paw on a David Carr pass attempt.  Recommendation:  He’s young and talented and the Eagles defense looks solid, so keep an eye on the guy. 
Travis LaBoy (TEN):  1 solo tackle, 1 assisted tackle (3 fp).  Can’t win ‘em all.  Recommendation:  Leave him be.

Defensive Backs

Will Demps (NYG):  3 solo tackles, 2 assisted tackles (8 fp).  Expected a bit more here with the Colts airing it out.  Recommendation:  DB is pretty deep, so you can probably let Demps stew on the waiver wire another week, but be quick to grab him if he starts putting up numbers. 
Derrick Gibson (OAK):  1 solo tackle (2 fp).  Just after press time of last week’s column, the Raiders announced rookie Michael Huff would start at safety.  Recommendation:  The Raiders defense looked somewhat clueless, but unfortunately it looks like Huff is going to stay the starter for now. 
Quentin Jammer (SD):  3 solo tackles (6 fp).  Not bad considering the Raiders could not move the ball.  Recommendation:  This was a matchup-based recommendation, so you can probably let Jammer be.
Ty Law (KC):  4 solo tackles (8 fp).  With the Bengals up for the majority of this one, Law and Co. did not have the opportunity to defend as many passes or make downfield tackles.  Recommendation:  If your league requires you to start CBs, Law will make a nice weekly option or bench filler with the Chief offense expected to stink now with QB Trent Green out.
Jordan Babineaux (SEA):  Nothing (0 fp).  Expecting the Lions to run 3+ WR sets, I figured the nickel back would be worth more than a ball of lint.  No such luck.  Recommendation:  As long as he’s nothing more than a nickel back, he’s just waiver wire fodder. 
Omar Stoutmire and Josh Bullocks (NO):  Nothing (0 fp) for Stoutmire and 5 solo tackles, 1 assisted tackle, 1 INT and 1 pass defensed (15.5 fp).  Roman Harper got the start at safety and thus, Stoutmire held no value this week.  But Bullocks was terrific, leading his team in tackles and grabbing a late pick.   Recommendation:  I’d track this situation closely, as the Saint defense starts to jell.