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IDP Top Plays - Week 2
Brent Clement
September 15, 2006


Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Zach Thomas MIA BUF Monster game in week 1, and should be active again this week. 
2 Ray Lewis BAL OAK Ray Ray coming off a strong game last week,  gets the Raiders this week. 
3 London Fletcher BUF MIA Even if you take away the fumble recovery and the TD, Fletcher still has a huge game.
4 Keith Bullock TEN SDC Bullock will lock helmets with LT all afternoon. Expect excellent production.
5 Jonathon Vilma NYJ NEP So much for the 3-4 hurting his stats. Vilma is greatness regardless of scheme.
6 DeMeco Ryans HOU IND What a debut by the rookie. 12 solo tackles is excellent regardless of experience.
7 Will Witherspoon STL SF As predicted, Witherspoon will be a top 10 LB this year in the middle of the St. Louis D.
8 Mike Peterson JAC PIT Peterson was questionable and still had a rock solid afternoon vs the Boys last week. 
9 Antonio Pierce NYG PHI When healthy, there are few better than Pierce at the LB position.
10 Andra Davis CLE CIN Davis shared opportunites with rookie DQwell Jackson, and still had a productive day.
11 Lemar Marshall WAS DAL Expect Marshall to be very active vs the Boys this Sunday night.
12 Ernie Sims DET CHI Another big game for yet another rookie. Sims is already playing like Derrick Brooks.
13 Brian Urlacher CHI DET Urlacher will have better days than he had week 1. This week is the start of those.
14 Nick Barnett GBP NOS As long as Barnett is playing inside, he will continue to excel statistically.
15 Keith Brooking ATL TBB Falcons MLB Hartwell is out again, so Brooking stays inside another week.
16 Derrick Brooks TBB ATL Speaking of Brooks, he continues to get it done. Expect even more this week vs ATL.
17 Gary Brackett IND HOU Brackett was questionable last week and played well, and is questionable again this week.
18 Bart Scott BAL OAK Scott showed even with Ray Ray back in the fold, he is still a force.
19 Kirk Morrison OAK  BAL Morrison disappointed in his first start at MLB. He was blocked out of too many plays.
20 Donnie Edwards SDC TEN Edwards production, or lack there of was more the pass rush getting to the Qb, than him.
21 James Farrior PIT JAC Farrior is productive vs running teams, so he should have another solid game in week 2.
22 Derek Smith SF STL Smith is one of the most under rated LB in the game, even though he puts up strong stats.
23 Jeremiah Trotter PHI NYG Trotter vs the Giants running game, should put up quality tackles stats.
24 Thomas Howard OAK BAL Howard outperformed more heralded MLB Kirk Morrison a week ago. Can he do it again?
25 Lofa Tatupu SEA ARZ Tatupa had a below average game, but he is too talented to knock off the list after 1 game.

Defensive Linemen

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Jason Taylor MIA BUF Taylor gets a much softer OL to abuse this week. Expect solid production.
2 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN SDC Vanden Bosch continues to amaze. Expect him to get to Rivers and knock LT around a bit.
3 Derrick Burgess OAK BAL Burgess was on the field a ton last week, and this looks to be a trend for the Oakland defense.
4 Terrell Suggs BAL OAK Suggs gets his chance to put up Merriman-like production vs the Raiders offense.
5 Julius Peppers CAR MIN Peppers wasn't as active as many hoped last week, but should be better this week.
6 Jared Allen KCC DEN Allen was a monster vs the Bengal's, and could come close to the same results again this week.
7 Aaron Schobel BUF MIA Schobel disappointed those who started him last week. But vs Miami, he should rebound.
8 Michael Strahan NYG PHI Strahan likely won't get many sacks vs McNabb, but will be active vs the run.
9 Will Smith NOS GBP Smith could be in for a monster day vs Favre and that shaky offense.
10 Justin Smith CIN CLE Its hard to imagine another game like last week again, but vs CLE its possible.
11 Osi Umenyiora NYG PHI Osi had a poor day because of the strong Colts OL.  This could be another down week.
12 Adewale Ogunleye CHI DET Adewale should have a breakout game vs the Lions offense.
13 Dwight Freeney IND HOU Freeney is a feast of famine player, and this week he expects to feast.
14 Charles Rogers DET CHI Rogers is one of the best fantasy DT in the game. This week is another good match up for him
15 John Henderson JAC PIT Henderson wasn't as active as some thought vs Dallas, but against the Steelers he should be.
16 Alex Brown CHI DET Brown also gets to feast on the Lions average OL, and weak rushing attack.
17 Aaron Kampman GBP NOS This is the perfect opponent for Kampman to have a huge game.
18 Richard Seymour NEP NYJ Pennington had all day to throw last week, he wont have that vs Seymour and the Pats this week.
19 Tamba Hali KCC DEN Look out for this rookie, playing opposite of Jared Allen for the KC D. 
20 James Hall DET CHI Hall will be active in run support, and should get to Grossman at least once.
21 Leonard Little STL SF Leonard abused the Bronco RBs sent to chip him in pass protection. But that doesnt happen again.
22 Charles Grant NOS GBP Many are waiting for Grant to turn back to 04 form. After last week, we are still waiting.
23 Vonnie Holliday MIA BUF Holliday had a nice day vs the run last week. Buffalo will run right at him  this week.
24 Bryan Young NOS GBP Career Game for the DT, and lining up alongside Grant and Smith could make for a strong year.
25 Robert Geathers CIN CLE Two sacks last week.This week he gets Charlie Fry and the Brownies. 

Defensive Backs

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Adrian Wilson ARZ SEA 5 solo tackles is an off week for Adrian Wilson. Those numbers improve this week.
2 Troy Polamalu PIT JAC Troy is questionable this week, but should play, and play well.
3 Gibril Wilson NYG PHI Gibril spent last week in deep coverage vs the Colts, this week the plays should be in front of him.
4 Roy Williams DAL WAS Roy was fierce in week 1, but not overly productive. Expect both this week vs the hated Redskins.
5 Michael Lewis PHI NYG Lewis is coming off a disappointing game for him statistically.That should change this week.
6 Ronde Barber TBB ATL Barber is the best Cover 2 corner in the game, and will be productive vs ATL in week 2.
7 Charles Tillman CHI DET Tillman picked right up where he left off a year ago. Expect continued success.
8 Donte Whitner BUF MIA Whitner has a chance to be great, and if his first game is any indication, look out.
9 Rodney Harrison NEP NYJ Harrison was solid in his first game since blowing out his knee. Expect a great season if healthy.
10 Terrance Holt DET CHI Holt is coming off a great game in week 1, and could be in for a better game vs the Bears in week 2.
11 Antoine Winfield MIN CAR Winfield should rebound this week vs the Panthers running game, and covering Drew Carter.
12 Chris Hope TEN SDC Hope looks like the real deal in Tennessee. This week he could have a monster game.
13 Nate Clements BUF MIA Another corner who puts up huge tackle numbers. This week should be no exception.
14 Adam Archuleta WAS DAL Archuleta will want to make a big impact, vs the skins biggest rival in week 2.
15 Nick Collins GBP NOS Collins plays FS like Bob Sanders, though he isn't as injury prone.
16 Michael Bouleware SEA ARZ Bouleware will be in coverage more than a week ago, so his numbers could take a dip.
17 Antrel Rolle ARZ SEA Rolle had a breakout game, and will be an elite CB in this league for years to come.
18 Rashean Mathis JAC PIT Mathis led the Jags with 6 tackles and an INT in week 1. This week could be more of the same.
19 Dunta Robinson HOU IND Dunta lacks consistency to be an elite DB, but should put up strong stats this week vs Indy.
20 Terrance McGee BUF MIA McGee had an outstanding 9 solo tackles a week ago. This week he tries to duplicate that.
21 Bob Sanders IND HOU Sanders is questionable, but should play and play well vs the Texans.
22 Shaun Williams CAR MIN Williams will have even more opportunities now that Dan Morgan is shelved for the Panthers.
23 Ike Taylor PIT JAC Ike Taylor is an aggressive corner, who will lend a hand in run support.
24 Oshiomogho Atogwe STL SF Atogwe becomes the top scoring DB in the Rams secondary, now that Archuleta is in Washington.
25 Madieu Williams CIN CLE Williams had 5 solo tackles and an INT last week. This week he welcomes the Browns offense.
26 Ed Reed BAL OAK Reed is a big play DB, who isn't active in run support, and may have a below average scoring week.