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Quarterback Watch Report - Week 2
Scott Boyter
September 12, 2006
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s to own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning His numbers didn’t blow anybody away against the Giants, but he’s going to have to have quite a few more mortal games until he gets bumped down this list. Manning owners have to be at least a little concerned about Indy’s running game, but not this week. Look for HUGE numbers at home against Houston.
2 CIN Carson Palmer All right, so he put up a stinker in his first game in what looked like a potential offensive shootout against Kansas City. He should be able to get back on track in his home opener against the Browns, though.
3 NE Tom Brady Another relative disappointment from Week 1, but at least Brady had two TD passes. Like the top two guys, Brady’s done enough in the past to warrant forgiveness for one week. Look for a bump in stats this week against the Jets.
4 NYG Eli Manning Little brother was big against the Giants. He’s nearly established himself as a must-start each week, even when the matchup doesn’t bode well. And this week against the Eagles, it definitely doesn’t bode well.
5 AZ Kurt Warner Absolutely lit up the 49er pass D, but I could have probably done as well against that unit. The line is still a concern, because Warner took too many shots. But you can’t argue with the numbers, so until he gets hurt he’ll remain a Top 5 QB. Beware a tough matchup against Seattle this week, however.
6 PHI Donovan McNabb Welcome back, No. 5. McNabb was fantastic and his play-action fake on the TD pass to Stallworth was a thing of beauty. One more game like Sunday’s and he could not only be Top 5-worthy, but a visit to the Top 3 may be in his near future. We’ll know a lot more after this week’s matchup against the Giants.
7 JAX Byron Leftwich Solid start against what’s supposedly a pretty good Dallas defense, with 237 yards and a TD pass, plus a TD rush. If he does something similar against the Pittsburgh defense, he’ll be a strong Top 10 guy.
8 BAL Steve McNair OK, now we get to the “reach” portion of the list. So many guys were either lousy or got dinged that it’s pretty hard to find 10 good QBs. But give McNair credit for putting up 181 yards and a TD against a very good Tampa Bay D. He looks to have a pretty favorable matchup in the Ravens’ home opener against Oakland.
9 STL Marc Bulger Bulger wasn’t that great against Denver, but he was good enough to stay on the list – barely. His numbers should explode against the porous San Francisco pass D.
10 SEA Matt Hasselbeck A true head-scratcher, Hasselbeck was a fantasy liability in Week 1. But give him another chance and run him out against Arizona. Come on – the Cardinals gave up nearly 300 yards to Alex Smith.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Chad Pennington (NYJ) – Was Pennington that good, or is the Titan pass D that bad? The answer’s probably somewhere in the middle, but Pennington’s 319-yard, two-TD performance was the shocking fantasy performance of the week. Don’t look for a repeat any time soon, especially against the Patriots this week.

Alex Smith (SF) – Give the guy some credit when he’s due, for this could be the only time he gets any the rest of the season. More than likely he’ll come back down to earth against the Rams, even in San Francisco’s home opener.

Rex Grossman (CHI) – You can put to rest any Brian Griese talk for now, at least. Grossman was strong against the Pack, easily doing enough to fend off QB Controversy talk for a week. Detroit should be a stiff test, if their performance against Matt Hasselbeck in Week 1 is any indication.

Sliding Back

Brett Favre (GB) – Wow. It doesn’t get much worse than that. As strange as it is to say, Favre might not do any better against the Saints.

Jake Plummer (DEN) – Putrid, putrid, putrid. Plummer sunk to new depths against St. Louis, throwing three interceptions, fumbling once, and failing to crack the 140-yard mark. Maybe he’ll bounce back against Kansas City in the Broncos’ home opener, but look for another option for your lineup.

Drew Bledsoe (DAL) – How could Bledsoe and the Cowboys make it look so easy in their first drive against Jacksonville, then be so pathetic for the balance of the game? Two brain-dead interceptions spoiled what should have been an excellent performance against the Jaguars. If he doesn’t get back on track against Washington at Texas Stadium, the howls for Tony Romo will begin.

Chris Simms (TB) – The unrivaled, undisputed, king of the downtrodden Week 1 quarterback. Simms was horrible against the Ravens (133 yards, 3 INTs), and that’s not an exaggeration. Think it’ll get that much better on the road against Atlanta? Me, either.

Trent Green (KC) – Green wasn’t doing that great when he was hurt against the Bengals, and the early indication was that he’ll be doubtful against the Broncos.

Aaron Brooks (OAK) – Can Brooks, or the entire Raider offense for that matter, rebound from that pathetic showing on Monday Night Football? Stay away from ANY Oakland player – and that includes Randy Moss and Lamont Jordan – until this offense shows a pulse.