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IDP Top Plays - Week 5
Brent Clement
October 6, 2006


Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Jonathon Vilma NYJ JAC Vilma is a beast, and in this match up will have a excellent scoring day.
2 London Fletcher BUF CHI Expect the Bills front 7 to see a heavy dose of  RB's Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson.
3 Ray Lewis BAL DEN Baltimore will be in a dog fight with the Bronco's and this game will come down to turnovers.
4 Angelo Crowell BUF CHI Two Bill LB's in the top 5?  Yes when they play a run control team like the Bears
5 Mike Peterson JAC NYJ Peterson has been up and down to date, but is too good not to rebound this week.
6 Brian Urlacher CHI BUF Urlacher will benefit from a Bills team determined to run the ball, and a QB who is turnover prone.
7 Keith Bullock TEN IND The Colts look to have a big lead late on the Titans, which bodes well for mop up stats for Bullock. 
8 Bart Scott BAL DEN Scott is red hot, and that looks to continue vs the strong Bronco's running game.
9 Zach Thomas MIA NEP New England may run the ball 40 times vs the Dolphins this week, and Thomas will sure benefit.
10 Andra Davis CLE CAR Davis moves up this week because of the opponent. He has yet to show any consistency this year.
11 James Farrior PIT SDC Farrior comes off a Bye, and will need another one after this match up with the Bolts.
12 Lance Briggs CHI BUF Briggs, like Urlacher are in for a nice day if the Bills continue to control the ball on the ground.
13 Antonio Pierce NYG WAS The only thing the Skins do well is run Portis, and chunk it deep to Moss. Expect a lot of Portis.
14 Jeremiah Trotter PHI DAL Trotter was one of the few on defense that liked TO.  This week we will see if he still does.
15 Ernie Sims DET MIN Sims got banged up a bit last week, but looks to be a strong start this week vs the Vikings.
16 Derrick Brooks TBB NOS Brooks will have to have a big game to keep his team in contention without QB Chris Simms.
17 Eric Barton NYJ JAC Barton when healthy is a stud. His problem the last 3 years is he cant stay healthy. So far so good in 2006.
18 Gerald Hayes ARZ KCC Hayes may be a top 10 fantasy LB this week with Larry Johnson and Co coming to town. 
19 Will Witherspoon STL GBP Witherspoon drops a bit because Ahman Green is questionable again, and the Pack will be throwing a lot.
20 Kirk Morrison OAK  SF Expect a heavy dose of Frank Gore and the SF rushing attack, which will keep Morrison on the field.
21 Lemar Marshall WAS NYG New York has had two weeks to break down the Skins D. Expect them to play ball control.
22 Cato June IND TEN June falls because the Titans will be forced to throw, to stay in this game. 
23 Derrick Johnson KCC ARZ Johnson will be active in the Cardinals backfield, stopping the run and sacking the young QB.
24 Nick Barnett GBP STL Barnett has been disappointing to date, but vs Steven Jackson, he should have a nice game.
25 Derek Smith SF OAK Smith most likely wont have a huge tackle game vs the Raiders and their young QB.
26 Gary Brackett IND TEN Brackett also slips this week, as the Titans wont be running up the gut much after halftime.

Defensive Linemen

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Julius Peppers CAR CLE Peppers continues to put up Huge numbers regardless of opponent. Expect more of the same this week.
2 Robert Mathis IND TEN Mathis will be able to pad his sack stats this week vs the futile Titans offense.
3 Derrick Burgess OAK SF Burgess should have his way with the 9ers O line, and make plays in their offensive backfield.
4 Jared Allen KCC ARZ Hopefully Allen has put the DUI behind this week, and has a strong game vs the Cards.
5 Ty Warren NEP MIA Warren has been a model of consistency to date. Expect that to continue this week.
6 Osi Umenyiora NYG WAS Expect Osi to have his breakout game of the season, and help turn around the Giants D.
7 Leonard Little STL GBP Little will have a field day vs the Packers young OL, and they better not leave a RB to block him.
8 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN IND Vanden Bosch will continue to benefit statistically, by being stuck on the field more than half the game.
9 Michael Strahan NYG WAS Strahan should abuse the Redskins O Line and have a field day in that offensive backfield.
10 Aaron Kampman GBP STL Kampman continues to impress, and should have a nice day again this week vs the Rams.
11 Terrell Suggs BAL DEN Suggs may not get to Plummer, but he will be heavily involved helping stop the run.
12 Jason Taylor MIA NEP Taylor has been boom or bust  thus far, and its difficult to see him struggle the way he has thus far.
13 Charles Grant NOS TBB Grant will be licking his chops at the chance to get at the new Buc's Qb.
14 Trent Cole PHI DAL Cole is relentless attacking the passer, and runs downhill stopping the run.
15 Kelly Gregg BAL DEN Gregg had a poor opening weekend, then has turned in 3 consecutive stellar performances in a row.
16 Vonnie Holliday MIA NEP Holliday has done the same as Gregg, though his poor game was week 3.
17 Adewale Ogunleye CHI BUF Adewale and the Bears D line will be a huge factor in the outcome of this weeks game.
18 Will Smith NOS TBB Smith will opposite Grant on the assault of the Buc's inexperienced signal caller.
19 Tamba Hali KCC ARZ Hali is full of emotion, as he will see his Mom for the first time in 12 years, when she moves to the US.
20 James Hall DET MIN Hall needs to be active in order for the Lions to stop the Viking balanced offense.
21 Aaron Schobel BUF CHI Schobel continues to struggle, but he is too good to sit, as when you do, he will have a huge game.
22 Richard Seymour NEP MIA Seymour may not get a sack, but he will fill up the stat sheets with tackles, and blocked pass attempts.
23 John Henderson JAC NYJ Henderson will test the interior of the Jets new OL, and should get to Pennington at least once.
24 Alex Brown CHI BUF Brown like Ogunleye will be meeting regularly at the Qb, in the Bills backfield.
25 Shaun Rogers DET MIN Shaun Rogers is one of the best scoring DT in the game. Expect that to continue this week.

Defensive Backs

Rank Player  Team      vs     Comments
1 Chris Hope TEN IND Hope should continue his fantasy dominance at the DB position. This week vs the pass.
2 Adrian Wilson ARZ KCC Wilson will be in the box all afternoon trying to stop the Larry Johnson express.
3 Kerry Rhodes NYJ JAC Rhodes had his first off game of the season in week 4. Expect an improved effort this week.
4 Antoine Winfield MIN DET Winfield has the task of stopping Roy Williams, which wont be easy. But he should score well.
5 Gibril Wilson NYG WAS Expect the Giants to use Wilson to help the LB's stop the run, and then late in coverage.
6 Sean Jones CLE CAR Safety in this defense scores well, and Sean Jones is the Rodney Harrison of the Browns defense.
7 Michael Lewis PHI DAL Lewis will have his hand full with the Boys running game, and trying to double TO down the field.
8 Rodney Harrison NEP MIA Harrison doesn't look 100%, but even an 80 % of Harrison is good enough vs the Dolphins.
9 Jermaine Phillips TBB NOS Phillips has been a pleasant surprise in the Tampa Bay cover 2 defense. 
10 Troy Polamalu PIT SDC Polamalu will leave his mark on this game, and LT better hope its not left on him.
11 Rashean Mathis JAC NYJ Mathis continues to put up strong stats even at the Jags cornerback position. 
12 Roy Williams DAL PHI Roy Williams is looking to turn this game around, as he did in Philly last year, with the INT for a TD.
13 Brian Dawkins PHI DAL You can be sure one thing, the Eagles are going to blitz Drew Bledsoe. That blitzer is Brian Dawkins.
14 Nick Collins GBP STL Collins continues to be a pleasant surprise for fantasy owners, and this week should be no different.
15 Chris Gamble CAR CLE Gamble will be locked up on Braylon Edwards,  and should score well as a result.
16 Adam Archuleta WAS NYG Archuleta will eventually have to move into to the box to stop Tiki and the Giants rushing attack.
17 Oshiomogho Atogwe STL GBP The Rams secondary is its defensive weakest link, but Atogwe is the strength of that secondary.
18 Darrent Williams DEN BAL Expect the Broncos secondary to be very active vs the Ravens passing game.
19 Stuart Schweigert OAK SF Schweigert is slowly but surely returning to last season form. He is the best scoring DB in Oakland.
20 Marquand Manuel GBP STL Manuel continues to be second fiddle in the Packers secondary behind the young Nick Collins.
21 Roman Harper NOS TBB Roman Harper sure isn't playing like a rookie, and is a stud on the rise for future season.
22 Charles Woodson GBP STL Charles Woodson doesn't make big plays like he used to, but is active in run support.
23 Charles Tillman CHI BUF Tillman has fallen considerably from last seasons top 5 finish. Will this slide continue this week?
24 Donte Whitner BUF CHI Whitner is already shedding his rookie skin, and is becoming the playmaker in the Bills secondary.
25 Antrel Rolle ARZ KCC As Rolle continues to improve as a cornerback, his stats will decline.  .Teams will throw his way less
26 Terrance McGee BUF CHI McGee is a hit or miss DB, but his upside it too great not to start in most leagues.