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Tunnel Vision - Week 5
David Dorey
October 2, 2006
Sunday Salutes
Quarterbacks Yards TD
Mark Brunell 329 3
Marc Bulger 328 3
Byron Leftwich 289 3
Running Backs Yards TD
Larry Johnson 145 2
Laurence Maroney 140 2
Thomas Jones 107 2
Wide Receivers Yards TD
Santana Moss 138 3
Reggie Williams 93 2
Mike Furrey 82 2
Tight Ends Yards TD
Todd Heap 60 1
Ben Troupe 39 1
Daniel Graham 34 1
Placekickers XP FG
Morten Andersen 2 5
Jeff Wilkins 3 4
Robbie Gould 4 3
Defense/Special Teams TDs Sacks TOs
Kansas City 1 5 4
Atlanta 1 4 4
Dallas 1 2 3

Week 4 Bumps, Bruises & Bow-outs

Yet another ultra-light injury weekend. Maybe they are finally all stretching out properly before the game?

Cedric Houston (NYJ) - Knee injury, carted from field
Ben Utecht (IND) - Bruised back
Laveranues Coles (NYJ) - Unknown arm injury

Don't touch that dial

Eight games on Sunday were decided by 7 points or less and five were won by just three points or less. Granted, there were blowouts of the 49ers, Titans and Seahawks but at least fantasy football gave you a reason to keep watching. And at least nine of 13 home teams won and only the Bengals fans could claim to have their expectations crushed.

Way out of bounds

Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was ejected from the game during the third quarter when the Cowboys center Andre Gurode was lying on the ground without his helmet on and Haynesworth raised his right foot up and stomped down on Gurode's face. The cleats raked his forehead missing his eye but requiring 30 stitches to close the wound both on his forehead and below his eye. Gurode laid on his stomach with blood streaming from his head until the trainers reached him.

Gurode said that nothing happened between the two prior to the event and that he would have returned to the game with his stitches but had blurriness in his left eye. Haynesworth was also called for another penalty when he slammed his helmet to the turf after being ejected. The action appalled the Titans head coach Jeff Fisher who made a beeline to Bill Parcells after the game. What the aftermath will be for this won't likely be known for a few days but Fisher promised the Titans would add on to the penalty if it did not seem severe enough. This had nothing to do with the Titans and everything to do with Haynesworth.

While violence is a part of the game, it never involves a defenseless person laying on the ground being "cleated" on the face by a 6'6", 320 pound defensive tackle. The new commissioner Roger Goodell gets to set the tone for his tenure with an appropriate penalty. There's no place in any competition for such a flagrant and senseless act and with every year bringing bigger, badder players with even higher stakes, the NFL must act quickly and decisively on this, even to the point of making it a visible "message" to NFL players. While the NFLPA generally represents players when fines are doled out, in this case it was player versus player. Andre Gurode pays the same dues as Haynesworth.

We're waiting, Roger - what's it gonna be?


The introduction of reception points in fantasy scoring was done to help make running backs be less valuable compared to other positions and thereby mix up drafts so that the first three rounds are not a rundown on all the NFL starting running backs. After four weeks, maybe we need something else to help. Now granted, all this will change over the next 13 weeks but let's take a look at those current top tens as of Sunday, week four. You know - the best guys to have had in this first month.

Rnk Running Backs FF Pts Quarterbacks FF Pts Wide Receivers FF pts Tight Ends FF pts
1  Brian Westbrook 72 Peyton Manning 75  Santana Moss 56  Kellen Winslow 35
2  Frank Gore 64 Charlie Frye 74  Andre Johnson 53  Todd Heap 34
3  Rudi Johnson 64 Michael Vick 69  Marques Colston 52  Desmond Clark 29
4  Clinton Portis 59 Rex Grossman 67  Torry Holt 51  L.J. Smith 25
5  Steven Jackson 59 Byron Leftwich 67  Bernard Berrian 50  Dallas Clark 23
6  Larry Johnson 58 David Carr 65  Darrell Jackson 47  Bo Scaife 22
7  Kevin Jones 56 Donovan McNabb 63  Laveranues Coles 47  Tony Gonzalez 21
8  Ladainian Tomlinson 56 Jon Kitna 63  Jerricho Cotchery 46  Heath Miller 21
9  Laurence Maroney 55 Chad Pennington 62  Roy Williams 44  Daniel Wilcox 20
10  Ronnie Brown 52 Eli Manning 60  Terry Glenn 43  Jeremy Shockey 19

Other than Gore and Maroney exceeding expectations, there is nothing shocking in the running back list and most if not all were drafted by the second round other than Maroney.

For quarterbacks, Manning was a natural first selection in most drafts but exactly how long did Charlie Frye, Rex Grossman, David Carr, Jon Kitna or Chad Pennington last in your draft? Or were they even drafted?

For wide receivers, Torry Holt and possibly Darrell Jackson were top ten in most draft lists. Marques Colston, Bernard Berrian and Jerricho Cotchery?

For tight ends, Dallas Clark, Bo Scaife and Daniel Wilcox?

Again - these rankings are highly skewed by even one great game but when you are drafting next summer, wonder where the most reliable players are? Like maybe draft 12 running backs, take your loss in week one and then trade ten of them away for the rest of your starters? Here's a dirty secret too - as the season grows old, the more the running backs excel and the less the passing game scores. Maybe we should opt for triple reception points next year?

Even RB's have their limits

Thank Maurice Jones-Drew for saving the day. The littlest rookie (okay, make that shortest running back) scored on a 51-yard touchdown pass from Byron Leftwich that was pretty much all Maurice and almost no Leftwich. He only had two more catches for a net of two more yards but he had that touchdown catch.

Ends up it was the only touchdown reception by a tailback for the week. The use of running backs in the passing game has declined the last several years but there's always at least a couple of scoring catches. Week one just had two but the next weeks had three and four respectively. On Sunday? Just Maurice, speeding through the secondary like a bowling ball lost on the back swing.

Huddle Player of the Week

Santana Moss - After a surprisingly good 2005 season that had Moss as miracle player by mid-season who slid most of the rest of the year but still ended up second in receiving yardage, it was only natural that most people shied away from him in drafts since he only had game over 100 yards in his last ten games. He was drafted in most leagues by people who could only recall his red-hot start of 2005. After three weeks this season, Moss only had a total of five catches for 49 yards and no scores. No wonder many benched him against the ferocious Jaguars defense. Ends up that was wrong, if only this week. Moss turned in an NFL leading 138 yards on a mere four catches for three touchdowns including the game winner in over time. His scores came from 55, 8 and 68 yards out. He did have one seven yard catch that was not a score somehow.

Maybe he has another three week stretch of nothingness, but the speedster is deadly when he gets into gear.


Drama 101 - Somebody has to laugh, somebody has to cry

Comedy Lineup Yards TDs Tragedy Lineup Yards TDs
QB Mark Brunell 329 3 QB Kurt Warner 128 0
RB Jerious Norwood 106 1 RB Jamal Lewis 34 0
RB Joseph Addai 99 1 RB Chester Taylor 37 0
WR Reggie Williams 93 2 WR Derrick Mason 37 0
WR Mike Furrey 82 2 WR Anquan Boldin 42 0
WR Marcus Robinson 78 1 WR Randy Moss 5 1
PK Morten Andersen 5 FG 2 XP PK Joe Nedney zip

Huddle Fantasy Points = 136

Huddle Fantasy Points = 25

Sunday's Couch Commentary

MIA 15, HOU 17 The Texans finally get a win for 2006 while the Dolphins have lost every shred of promise many believed they carried into this year. Ron Dayne continues to be the primary ball carrier with just 22 runs for 58 yards and Carr's 230 passing yards went almost entirely to Andre Johnson (9-101, 1 TD) and Eric Moulds (4-76). Carr ran one in himself since that apparently is the only way there will be a rushing score. What's more troubling than another loss for the Fins is that Daunte Culpepper finally faced the worst secondary in the NFL and only had one touchdown in the final two minutes. That score did go to Chambers (3-28) to give him a little fantasy value but the bulk of passes all went to Ronnie Brown (8-62) or Wes Welker (4-55) or even Randy McMichael finally (4-54). CPep is just not connecting with the wideouts and thanks to that, the defenses are loading up against Ronnie Brown who only had 49 yards on 12 carries. Houston pretends for a week that they are okay again. The Fins travel to New England for more of the futility. First overall draft pick Mario Williams had his first NFL sack but it came tackling Culpepper which is hardly a major feat this year.
NO 18, CAR 21 The Panthers finally hand the Saints a loss but it was hardly a certain win until the final gun. Delhomme threw for two scores and even Foster ripped a 43 yard touchdown. DeAngelo Williams had a nice 31 yard run as well but the Saints just would not go away. Marques Colston caught an 86-yard score with 30 seconds left to play and Horn caught the two point conversion to give this game a bit of late drama. Colston ended with 132 yards on five catches thanks to that one play and Reggie Bush had 48 yards on four catches after gaining just 22 yards on 11 carries. He's rarely given the corner on a run but in the open field on a reception he's still earning his keep. The Panthers can feel good about getting another win but these Saints are a far different team from 2005. The defense finally gave up a few long plays that killed them but they stuck with it and made a game of it regardless. The Saints will host the Buccaneers this week so a 4-1 start is not out of the question while the Panthers host the Browns and a very nice chance to finally top .500 on the season.
MIN 12, BUF 17 The Vikings drop their second game of the year when they visited the Bills and both teams are now 2-2 which is appropriate since they are both pretty much average. The Bills defense stepped up this week and held Chester Taylor to only 23 yards on ten carries and he only had three catches for 14 yards. Marcus Robinson (5-78, 1 TD) was the best Vikings receiver in an otherwise lackluster showing. Willis McGahee had 78 yards and a touchdown but needed 28 carries to get there. This game was close to a draw were it not for a few missed tackles that allowed Peerless Price to turn a loss into an 8-yard touchdown. Losman ended with 222 yards and the score but more importantly had no interceptions while Brad Johnson coughed up two of them. Minnesota's offense has yet to take shape under HC Brad Childress and the defense can only do so much. This was a predictably boring game with little scoring and the Vikings made just enough mistakes to lose the game.
SD 13, BAL 16 Outstanding game that could have been Game of The Week had it contained more than two touchdowns. The battle of the unbeatens looked like the Chargers would take the day but McNair's final drive ended with Todd Heap (4-60) holding the football in the endzone with just 34 seconds left to play. McNair only had 158 passing yards and no other receiver turned in more than 37 yards. Jamal Lewis only gained 34 yards on 15 carries. Rivers could only come up with 145 passing yards though and Antonio Gates actually led all receivers with just four catches for 41 yards. The only player in the game with any notable fantasy numbers was Tomlinson had even he only gained 98 yards on 27 carries. This was a big defensive match-up that ended up with the home team thanks to the 60 yard drive by McNair at the end. The Chargers even took a safety instead of punting just to push the Ravens farther back for that final drive. Now the Chargers have to return home to face the Steelers while the Ravens go to Denver for their next big challenge.
ARI 10, ATL 32 Denny Green may have changed his mind about starting Leinart this week but by the second half, he went ahead and did just that after Warner had only 128 yards and one interception. Leinart did not fare much better going 5 of 8 for 49 yards and one interception and both quarterbacks lost a fumble as well. That left Edgerrin James with only 20 carries for 41 yards and the duo of Fitzgerald (3-66) and Boldin (4-42) with a sub-par afternoon. The best player for the Cards ended up Adrian Wilson who returned an interception 99 yards for a score. Otherwise - this was a total rout. While the Falcons were unable to mount any rushing game last week they had 101 yards from Michael Vick and 106 yards from Jerious Norwood thanks to a 78 yard touchdown run. Warrick Dunn only had 55 yards on 19 carries. The amazing part of this game is that there were 42 total points scored but only one offensive touchdown. The Falcons kicked six field goals and also returned an interception. The Cardinals now get to return home to face the Chiefs this week (who just shut out the 49ers 41-0) while already announcing that the Leinart era has begun. The Falcons take their 3-1 record into the bye week.
DAL 45, TEN 14 The Titans tumble yet again in a game that only got worse as it progressed. The debut of Vince Young did not contain much rushing (5 for 3 yards) but all things considered his 14 of 29 for 155 yards and one score was a bit encouraging. He actually did thread the needle on a few throws though he had two interceptions as well. The Titans ever-changing rushing attack made Henry the odd man out this week and used LenDale White (9-39) and Chris Brown (12-33) with mediocre results. Julius Jones gained 122 yards on 23 carries with one score and with the game getting more out of hand as it went, touchdowns were also taken by Marion Barber (9-55) and even Tyson Thompson (5-18). In an effort to shut up the media and stop the cold calls by psychologists, Terrell Owens led the Cowboys with five catches for 88 yards and almost one score while Terry Glenn turned in five catches for 54 yards and two very certain touchdowns. It was a rout, pure and simple and while Vince Young performed reasonably well, it was all overshadowed by the inexcusable and flagrant act by Albert Haynesworth.
SF 0, KC 41 Every week needs at least one blowout and this game shaped up to be exactly that - so much so that it looked like the 49er offense that had been making progress had shifted into reverse and put the pedal to the metal. Alex Smith rekindled 2005 when he had only 92 passing yards and two interceptions. Frank Gore had 65 yards on 14 carries with the obligatory lost fumble and Gore only had two catches for 14 yards to ruin his otherwise stellar start to the season. Everything worked for the Chiefs with Huard throwing for 208 yards and two scores, Larry Johnson gaining 101 rushing yards and 41 receiving yards with two touchdowns and Eddie Kennison turning in 86 yards and a score as well. Tony Gonzalez managed 59 yards on five catches in a game that barely needed any passes thrown. The good news is that the 49ers return home to face the Raiders and a chance to forget this most forgettable performance. The Chiefs flex their muscle in Arizona against the rookie Leinart this week.
IND 31, NYJ 28 This was the Game of the Week until the later games happened though it was never supposed to be an actual game. This had all the markings of a trap game other than there was certainly no looming match-up that the Colts would be worrying about (TEN? the Bye week? The Colts trailed 14-7 in the second quarter and then again 24-28 in the fourth quarter with only two minutes left to play. By halftime, Manning had only thrown for 77 yards and no scores while Rhodes and Addai both had rushing touchdowns and about 40 yards each. By the end Manning posted 217 passing yards with one score thrown and even one run for a touchdown as well just to salvage his fantasy value from every owner about to have a heart attack. It was still a down game for all Colts involved in the passing game and Harrison's 79 yards was tops. Penning had almost the exact same numbers as Manning and Kevan Barlow had two touchdowns while gaining only 35 yards on 13 carries. Coles had 81 yards while Cotchery scored yet again. The Colts took the lead with 2:34 left to play but gave up a kick-off return for a score which made Manning go back in and win the game again. Sort of surreal against expectations but the Jets are surprising.
DET 34, STL 41 This too was the Game of the Week at one point. To celebrate the return of Mike Martz, the Rams put him in the customary situation of having an offense that scored a ton of points and yet the defense lost the game. Kitna threw for 280 yards and two scores while Kevin Jones came tantalizingly close to a 100 yard game when he ended with 19 carries for 93 yards and two touchdowns. The only receivers that mattered for the Lions were Roy Williams (9-139) and Mike Furrey (8-82, 2 TD) as no other Detroit receiver scored or had more than 30 yards. Bulger finally had a big game with 328 yards and three scores that also went mainly to the two primary receivers of Holt (6-102, TD) and Bruce (7-100, TD) with Steven Jackson turning in six catches for 65 yards in addition to his 81 rush yards and one touchdown. This was a WONDERFUL game for the fantasy football world to watch with barely a hint of defense on either side. unfortunately this sends the Lions into Minneapolis this week with a 0-4 record while the Rams go to Green Bay 3-1 and feeling pretty good about their new team.
CLE 24, OAK 21 This should be the Game of the Week if only because both teams scored three touchdowns and if you could forget the first three weeks of the season, you would think this was a match-up of two decent teams which it really wasn't. Andrew Walter only completed 9 of 23 passes for 68 yards though he did actually throw a touchdown to Randy Moss (his only catch). Lamont Jordan owners rejoiced when he turned in 128 rushing yards and one score though he still only had two catches for 13 yards (his first two of the season and more than any other Raider than Ronald Curry's 27 yards).Bottom line is that the Raiders scored 21 first half points and then turned back into the Raiders. Reuben Droughns also ran for 100 yards on 25 carries which should be an indicator of how unrealistic this game truly was. Charlie Frye provided the winning margin by throwing for three touchdowns and 192 passing yards which favored Braylon Edwards (6-75) and Kellen Winslow (3-31, 1 TD). Joe Jurevicius is back and had three catches for 22 yards and one score so look for him to be a waiver wire pick-up in every league this week. The Browns take their 1-3 record to Carolina next week where good tidings may not follow while the Raiders head to San Francisco with a realistic chance to win they likely won't exploit. The Raiders led this game 21-3 at one point and still managed to lose. Not an encouraging sign.
NE 38, CIN 13 This is the "okay, so what the hell was that?" game this week. The Patriots came to town with a banged up secondary to face the Bengals machine and managed to hold Cincy to just one touchdown and two field goals. Meanwhile, on the Patriots side, Laurence Maroney has to be considered the early leader for Rookie of the Year thanks in part to his 15 carries for 125 yards and two scores in this game. Corey Dillon was back in from of the Bengals crowd who booed him even as he was gaining 67 yards and scoring one touchdown. Brady only had 188 yards and two scores because he did not need to throw much with the dominating rushing game. Carson Palmer only came up with 245 passing yards and no scores while Rudi Johnson had 14 runs for 65 yards and the lone Bengals' score. Chad Johnson finally had more than one catch in a game but six catches for 64 yards against a suspect secondary was hardly satisfying or even as good as T.J. Houshmandzadeh (4-95). The Patriots on the road in Cincinnati - what the hell?
JAX 30, WAS 36 OT This too should be game of the week with an overtime win and 66 total points scored. Both Leftwich and Brunell had their best games of the season with three touchdown passes each and Clinton Portis had 112 rushing yards and one touchdown. The Jaguars had almost no rushing with Fred Taylor's 16 yards on seven carries and needed one long reception from Maurice Drew for one touchdown. Reggie Williams (5-93, 2 TD) has never been as effective as he is now that he fills the slot and has no primary role. Matt Jones (2-13) and Ernest Wilford (3-30) were almost invisible in the game. The entire game hinged on Santana Moss who had just four catches for 138 yards and three scores - that is some efficient receiving. Moss scored on passes of 55, 8 and 68 yards. Last year the opponents finally figured out that all they needed to do to beat the Redskins was to smother Moss on every play. Evidently that eluded the Jaguars who never played the Skins last season.
SEA 6, CHI 37 Apparently the Seahawks were just one Shaun Alexander away from an ass-whooping all these years and never realized it. The Bears started scoring early, went to scoring often and eventually just tried to get the game over so they could ge home in time to watch Letterman. Grossman threw for 232 yards and two scores and Bernard Berrian (3-108) scored along with Muhsin Muhammad (5-45). The Bears using wide receivers - someone should have though of this last year .Thomas Jones ran for 98 yards and two scores in the blowout and the spanking was so profound that they even let Cedric Benson carry the ball 11 times for 37 yards (no, really Ced - coach just said you could play. Grab your helmet and get out there, buckaroo!). Hasselbeck somehow threw for 196 yards between getting clobbered and throwing two interceptions and for all the Alexander owners out there that widely grabbed Maurice Morris as insurance just cashed that policy in for a cool 35 yards on 11 carries on Sunday (hint - never take your first start on the road in Chicago if you can avoid it). Now the Bears stay home to greet the Bills this week while the Seahawks return home for their bye so that the entire team can pull up a chair alongside Alexander and take turns asking "so does it feel better now?"


Such a great week in the fantasy football world.

The NFL treated fans to numerous nail-biters this week that may have been a bit short on points but had both teams with a realistic chance to win until the very end. The Colts kept yawning and trotting out onto the field to retake the lead while the Chiefs turned in a big confidence building shutout against the 49ers who may have lost most of their self-esteem. The Patriots rekindled their dynasty years despite using a rookie running back and a smattering of no-name receivers and the Bears just plain sat on the Seahawks for 60 minutes while saying "shut up down there". Ten different teams scored over 30 point sand three topped 40 points. Nine different running backs and wideouts had two touchdowns.

All 13 games from Sunday are written up from above so is there no Game of the Week?

Of course not. But as happens about once a season, this week offered up several which had big points, great fantasy significance and endings that made you cross your legs instead of getting up to go to the bathroom. In the average week, any of these three would likely end up as Game of the Week.

Indianapolis 31, New York Jets 28

Knotted up 14-14 entering the fourth quarter as yet another "what the hell is going on here" game, The Colts drove to the Jets 1-yard line where they could not score on three tries and settled for a field goal and the 17-14 lead.

But the Jets took over on their own 38-yard line with 12:51 to play and marched down for a Barlow touchdown with right at eight minutes to play, The Jets led 21-17,

Manning trotted onto the field and calmly brought the Colts 68 yards down the field to throw a short touchdown to Bryan Fletcher and the 24-21 score with 2:40 left to play. Seemed like a fitting ending. But it wasn't.

On the ensuring kick-off, Justin Miller caught the ball three yards deep in his own endzone but did not stop running for 103 yards until the ever-resilient Jets once again led 28-24.

Manning took over at his own 39-yard line after the kick with 2:15 left to play. After eight passes covered 60 yards, Manning dove over the goal line for a touchdown on his only carry in the game. No wonder they never saw it coming. Colts led 31-28 and while the Jets never scored in the final 47 seconds, they burned up plenty of time on the final play when the "whoop-whoop-whoop" lateral play started. The Jets had nine different passes, laterals and fumbles before the ball finally died on the IND 27-yard line. It was tiring just to watch let alone defend. It was getting close to the play of the year before the Colts finally jumped on a fumble.

Detroit 34, St. Louis 41

What's not to love about a game that had 71 total points - all of them offensive since there were no actual defenses on the field. Both running backs scored a touchdown and Kevin Jones had two. Roy Williams, Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce all topped 100 yards while Mike Furrey had 82 yards and two scores. There was over 600 passing yards in the game and five passing scores. It was like Mike Martz was coaching both teams (which he has at different times).

The Lions led 17-16 at the half but the Rams went up 23-17 on a Holt score in the third quarter. Then a Hanson field goal and a 35-yard touchdown run by Jones gave the lead back to Detroit 27-23. Before the quarter ended, Steven Jackson ran in a score to make it 30-27 in favor of the Rams. A field goal boosted that to 33-27.

Kevin Jones then scored again with 11 minutes left to play to put the Lions up 34-30 and the next drive had Wilkins kicking a 47-yard field goal to draw the Rams to a mere 34-33 deficit with six minutes left to play. After the Lions went three and out, the Rams drove 56 yards where Bulger threw a 5-yard touchdown to Isaac Bruce for a 41-34 lead thanks to a successful two point conversion to Bruce.

The Lions did get as deep as the Rams 37-yard line with nine seconds left to play but Kitna threw an incomplete to end their comeback bid.

Jacksonville 30, Washington 36 (overtime)

Entering the fourth quarter, the Redskins led 20-17 and on their first drive they reached the JAX 8-yard line where Santana Moss caught his second touchdown pass for a 27-17 lead that surely would last, right?

Not so. Starting at his own 18-yard line with 12:17 left to play, Leftwich hit Reggie Williams for a 35 yard gain and then found Marcedes Lewis for a 31 yard reception. On the next play, Leftwich hit Reggie Williams again for a 21-yard touchdown. In the matter of just four plays, the Jaguars covered 82 yards to draw to within 24-27.

The Redskins took the next possession but Brandon Lloyd fumbled the ball which was recovered by Jacksonville on the WAS 33-yard line. Seven plays and just eight yards later, Josh Scobee nailed a 43 yard kick to tie the score at 27-27 with 6:45 left to play.

The Redskins returned the kick to midfield where the Redskins rather leisurely ran the ball six of seven plays to reach the JAX 20-yard line where they took the go ahead field goal for the 30-27 lead with only two minutes left to play.

Not willing to go quietly into that good night, Leftwich then drove the team from his own 33-yard line to the WAS 23-yard line where three straight incompletions led to another Josh Scobee field goal from 41-yards and once again, a tie score at 30-30.

The Skins won the overtime coin toss and starting on their own 20-yard line, ran Portis for 15 yards. Then Portis ran for two yards. Then brunell hit Cooley on a 19 yard pass but it was called back on a penalty. The next play Santana Moss went streaking down the left sideline where Brunell hit him in stride as the safety whiffed and the cornerback lacked the afterburner to catch him. Skins win 36-30 on a 68-yard touchdown pass - the fourth longest in NFL history to end an overtime.

Whew - what a great week with so many big scores - both for NFL teams and fantasy players. The naturally contrite Haynesworth is apologizing to every available microphone while Terrell Owens hopes to spend at least a day away from them before the Philly game hype hits the media to-do list this week. The top players in all those non-running back positions contains a lot of head-scratching names and Santana Moss showed the news of his demise was greatly exaggerated. It's a great sport, a great week and a season that is bound to keep changing. The Bengals showed what happens when you get too big for your britches and while the Bears may have proven that there really is no life after Alexander.

Four down and thirteen more to go. Let's keep going.

Now get back to work...